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This heartware window is where the left brain's linear "logic" (etter of the aw~) centers and connects with spherical conscience () in a process of synthesis and synergy () in all 4-sided archetypal dimensions () that "geometrize" the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometrically Ordered Divinity);  .

These universal geometrized laws can be seen in mathematics, physics and all the physical sciences as well as the archetypal patterns (maps) of consciousness that define modern psychology (Jung).  This Law of the Angles (pure geometry) frames a standard for "G.O.D." along more enlightened "lines" (*) where science meets religion and ancient wisdom (astrology, alchemy, divination) meets modern HEARTcom TeLeCommunications technology.  Indeed, it is "between the lines" of the Law of the Angles of * where abides the Language of the Angels of higher "divine love" consciousness.

In other words, the * model is modern day parable for the masses that parallels the golden thread of ancient and modern maps, myths and metaphors of consciousness. This left-brain *-mapping frame of reference provides a unified-field model of consciousness whereby all knowledge is "centered and connected"... creating an environmental frame of reference in which higher consciousness of the Spirit of the Law can thrive.

Creating an environment in which morality can thrive

It's true that morality cannot be legislated. The best we can do is create an information environment - a process - in which it can thrive.  Common sense would say that the more aligned with Universal Law/Language is this process, then the more likely is it to succeed.  In that regard, it doesn't get any better than the * model.

 Higher mental cognition of HEARTwareas a model for universal law/language requires a centered/connected "spherical" consciousness, note that each of the 4 geometrized symbols composing * have a  circle as part of them (the   is supposed to have a very small circle at the nexus of the cross, denoting that even the left brain's has the capacity for non-linear, spiritual alignment).  

Truly, the more one conceives and believes the archetypes of spherical-connected wholeness at the heart of universal law (as in Jungian psychology) the more one achieves archetypal spiritual vision... as in the ultimate meaning of "survival" as the survival of ultimate meaning, value and purpose of "God is Love" and is "for~giving".  

Indeed, an individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of "God".  And * takes it to the highest "simple yet profound" level, integrating ancient and modern maps of consciousness with a framework of pure geometry that is the simplest of all formal constructs for the "Law of the One"~"" (unity-in-diversity), Law of the Two-in-One~""(polarity vs. duality), and Law of the Three-in-One~"" (trinity vs. the dialectic) as are all integrated and synergized in the Law of the Four-in-One ~"" (4-square archetypal (Jung) 'Pyramid Plan' of Self and Civilization). 

How that works as a "frame of reference" for objectifying consciousness in three dimensions (as qualifies the 4th) was presented to 10 Agencies of the Federal Government who were looking at ways to celebrate the Bicentennial of Revolution at a futures summit on Capital Hill back in 1974. More on that at" 'Capital Hill'.
These three dimensions correspond to the checks and balances of the
executive, judicial and legislative branches of self-governance... as the 3-fold nature of
power, wisdom and love that -- in balance -- knows when to thrust with power or cohere (heart coherence) with love.  The fourth dimension (in time) is the holistic integration of these first three dimensions -- higher (G.O.D.~) consciousness -- in all archetypal (Jung) dimensions of Self and Civilization. See CAPstone Conscience.

Which brings us back to the interactive interface window
  at the lower right of your screen

Here's how it works: 

The floating 3-D "cosmic cube" graphic in the window at the bottom right corner of our HEARTcom Interface has three interactive dimensions that are qualified (e-Valuation)  by 3 sequenced numbers (numeric keypad) to the right of most computer keyboards.  By punching in 3 numbers in sequence, activated by the "enter" key, a dot is positioned in the 3-D axis of the cube. 

The 3-D Language of Light-as-Consciousness:

These three coordinates for vertical, horizontal and depth dimensions correspond to three scales that link the photomechanical process to the processes of consciousness - the light of consciousness or light as consciousness.  This is the 3-D interface between "image-making tools" (ranging from desk-top publishing to desk-top video) and our self-image/identification with media messages as they impact our awareness. 

The modern day parable/parallel between science and religion is the understanding that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and the more we come into alignment with the e-valuation criteria for image-making (of, by and for GOD-LOVE), the greater the Self-image and identification with practical spirituality... on earth as in "heaven" (cosmos-at-large).

By becoming more conscious of how we are conscious with this language of light/consciousness, we can conscientiously involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness.  Indeed, the vision alone of how this TLC Process works can be the catalyst for a Revolution in Higher Consciousness. (more on this later)

On the three scales, 10 is the balance point in the middle (numeric zero used as a single digit to denote completeness), and 1's are on the end of the scale with 5's half way to the center.

1st-verticle dimension: Your first impression as you e-valuate any multi-media event (3rd top-central window) is a pattern-recognition response analogous to a black and white graphic image or symbol that can be relegated to "above you" (too sophisticated or authoritative) or "below you" (too simplistic or childlike).  It's like the "down-to-earth" farmer who may not get the best ideas but follows through with them with his "feet on the ground".  Likewise we have the "head-in-the-clouds" idealist who is a rather scatter-brained when out of his element. As in black and white photography, if you overexpose or underdevelop an image, you wash-out details in the highlights and the shadow areas.  And if the origination/evaluation (presentation/perception) at any one moment is unbalanced in this dimension, detail specifics of context and meaning (2nd and 3rd dimensions) are lost.  

2nd-horizontal dimension The science of perception shows that we "think" in images and symbols of associative feeling.  The left brain is moreso a visual cortex imaging experience and right brain moreso an auditory/feeling phenomena.  By objectifying this perceptual dimension with e-valuation criteria that parallels the "Universal Laws of Light" with the color spectrum running from "blue" (intellectual/left-brain) at the left of the scale to "red" (emotional/right-brain) at the right of the scale, the more we become conscious of how we are conscious.  Truly the more emotional one becomes, the less reasonable they tend to be.  And we all know examples of the the mad scientist or intellectual idiot who can rationalize anything with his logic.  In pop culture we have the StarTrek movie archetypes with the extreme logic of Spock and emotion of Scottie and the balanced Captain Kirk in the middle.  Indeed the brightest of colors perceptually (yellow) and the most harmonizing of colors (green) both are found in nature to assimilate the most sunlight in photosynthesis... and both are balanced exactly in the middle of the color spectrum's angstrom units. 

3rd-depth dimension: The patterning of light and color form a picture that has an over-all "depth" of meaning, value and purpose; the holistic relationship to relevance and ultimate reverence; the holy whole that is greater than the 3-D parts.

4th dimension in "real time" (moment-to-moment): The 'illusion' of time is like the illusion of 'motion pictures' that make a movie from multiple pictures in rapid sequence. At any one moment of a video's time sequence, response with 3 #'s in sequence can objectify this 3-D e-valuation criteria with 'Four Ways of Perceiving Time' for 'cross-referencing' context with 'Capstone Conscience' and 5D meaning with the light language of consciousness for culturing more light within one's personal and social network holodeck.

5th dimension of synergistic integration: see '5-D Conscience' and 'The 3D Shift to 4D and 5D+'.

For complimentary explanations, see also:
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