Chapter 33

As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
(Fake News Exposed)
 And 5-D Conscience Integrates
(Whole Truth Disclosed)

Understanding the 3D & 4D to 5D+ Paradigm Shift
for Personal & Planetary Wholeness & Healing


July 8, 2017
Full Moon In Capricorn
(Kaypacha video)
"It's time to change the system,
Come up with a whole new plan,
That starts with me being able to see,
Into the future of man."

    The health of one’s self and civilization at large
    is either evolving and ascending to a state of
   integral physical, mental and social well-being
      or it is devolving and descending to decadent
   social disease as profits only social parasites.
  That’s a loaded statement I’ll be unwrapping.
This is the Big Shift to a global village.
Either we evolve or we devolve.
We ascend or we descend.
 We get our act together with common sense
as the United Sovereigns of Earth… or
division and ‘dis-ease’ afflicts us.

~ The MetaPhysician

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Consider how this true story provides a
 ‘parallel reality’ (parable) that speaks to
today’s global healing paradigm shift.

There was a Native American Cherokee boy who grew up in the American Midwest at a time when his tribe was being isolated by surrounding towns of Americans.  Sequoyah was a ‘dreamer’ who believed he could invent a way for Cherokees to talk on paper, even though his friends and family thought the idea was ridiculous. But around 1809, Sequoyah began creating a system of writing the Cherokee language – a sign/symbol language that preserved their culture in print as the civilized Americans were doing. He did it, but the tribe couldn’t see anything good coming from someone they knew as a ‘half-breed’ dreamer whose father was German but was raised by his mother. After years of rejection, some Cherokee leaders saw the value and championed it’s use with the first printing presses of the Cherokee nation – the first widely published Native language in the Americas. Details at

And the moral to this story…
Shift happens. First it is ignored.
Then it is typically resisted.
Finally it bears fruit.

Consider how the Internet has created a global village in principle – our instant-everywhere-interactive capability – that is ‘surrounding’ every family, tribe, community and independent sovereign Netizen worldwide. This is the personal and planetary Big Shift from 3D suffering separation syndrome to 5D+ unity in global diversity.

This is the ‘Quickening’ – A Process that is
Happening Quickly Worldwide

The Family of Mankind as a whole has been rapidly waking up and wising up to the opportunity for rising up with an emerging identity of common cause with billions of global Netizens who are yearning to breathe free from 3D paradigm paralysis. New sign/symbol language for this purpose is quickening as the Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.

Health is not merely the absence of
disease & infirmity. Above all, it’s a
Unity State’ of ‘Universal Solidarity
  for the optimal physical, mental and
spiritual well-being of all of ‘
US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth.

  This is the Movement Without a Name

The Family of Mankind is emerging as a 5D+ global village - a process known as 'Dimensional Shift'. Instant translation capabilities already exist between the major languages of the world on Facebook alone – two billion interactive Netizens - with about 2 billion on other social networks. That's more than half the humans on Earth.

A new Net reality is rapidly integrating the common sense of Universal Rights in the Global Sphere – a Bill of Rights for The Alliance of United Sovereigns.

We’re ALL in this together.

The pure intention of kindness that best defines 'mankind' is the heart of this movement. This is the gold standard for civility at the heart of every golden age; peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

True ‘patriots’ who are devotees of this movement have pure intention to ‘get it all together’ – a process of general enlightenment with the conscientious common sense of one for all and all for atONEment.

One Earth with Universal Rights in the
Global Communication ‘Commons’

The global paradigm shift is now poised for the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution after prior emphasis on hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Web 1.0). Heartware is emerging, and as with the Cherokee parable above, this involves a new sign/symbol language for real-time mass-to-mass interaction as defines and refines social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

Codemap for Heartware Sovereignty Coordinates:

Universal Rights- in the Public Sphere-
 with Well-Informed Choice for
(+) Co-Creation-
Integrated in '
4D' of
5D Direction

All global problems are at heart communication problems - how we come into unity for healthy community. Culturing health in our all-connected social network communities comes back to this – how to organize information IN FORMATION to provide global Netizens with well-informed CHOICE to own our own lives.

Optimizing Common Sense

Common sense as global unity in diversity is naturally maturing with evolution of the Internet itself. The global Internet has optimized freedom to know better and opportunity to do better as no other technology in modern history.

Some of us are old enough to remember when one’s desk-top computer evolved into the network of computers – the Internet; Web 1.0. Then we saw how social network ‘platforms’ like Facebook evolved; Web 2.0. And now we’re on the threshold of Web 3.0 with interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm for culturing conscientious common sense with the sign-symbol language - the TLC factor - at the heart of interactive social networks.

This TLC is common to two free-online ‘sovereignty models’ that represent the TLC language, tech-tools and info-processes for upgrading, optimizing and otherwise culturing personal and planetary health.

Global TeLeComm and Global TeLeCare
TLC coordinates for empowering wisdom
in form and frequency

Global TeLeComm is an Internet Web 3.0 platform for culturing social conscience in social networks. Global TeLeCare is a Web 3.0 platform for highly personalized self care that is customized to one’s unique body type, learning style, current symptom profile, and a 'crowd-healing' results-oriented database showing which diet, health modalities and holistic protocols work best for one’s unique health condition.

‘Heal thy Self’ for a ‘Healthy Self’

The first step in the process of “Heal thy Self” – to “Be Thou Made Whole” – is to take inventory of information that best serves optimal personal health and social conscience with our new TeLeCare and TeLeComm capabilities.

The whole world has awakened with unprecedented holistic healing capabilities. Billions of global Netizens are now connecting with a new Net reality in the spirit of caring to share what they’ve learned will do the most good for the most people.

Upgrading Core Internet Freedoms

This process is following a natural trajectory from Internet to ‘Inner Net – from cyberspace to inner space. As the world wide web links the light of lightworkers ascultural creatives(video), the language of light (as consciousness) is maturing with a universal ‘sign language’ for simultaneous mass communication of a dozen or thousands of people – real time ‘voting’ of one’s conscience – to represent a unified field of conscience for an objective perspective of ‘common sense’ with both 3-D and 5-D evaluation criteria – the best of both worlds of ‘smart’ and ‘heart’.

Co-Creating the World We Want

Co-Creation is a co-operative win/win process - a 5D attribute that cultures REAL community through a higher common sense of unity-in-diversity communications. Conversely, 3D conflict through divisive win/lose coercion is destructive to healthy civility. It has laid waste to the Middle East with millions of innocent civilians killed and displaced. That 3-D divide-to-conquer model of eye for an eye hate creation makes the whole world blind.

Only the 5-D Power of Love can empower the wisdom that neutralizes 3-D psychopathy as perpetuates war and disease for the profit of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

The abundant life begins with abundant light as wisdom, and love as heart coherent connection to all sentient life. That's a world where the personal and planetary potential of a golden age is conceived, believed and achieved in the linear 3-D 'Global Mind' - on Earth - even as it already exists in nonlinear 5-D heaven - a coherent heart connection to the 1st principles of Cosmic in the continuum-at-large.

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE ~ 5D REALITY
(real eyes to realize)

It helps to understand 4D time as the bridge from 3D space to 5D intuition of an Effective Sensory Perception nature. Mastery of the illusion of space and time is a process of mastering the direction of perception from conception to Self correction.
If you cant see in 5-D - what that even means - you're stuck in 3D that is more 'worldly' than 'otherworldly'. Worldly values are more self-serving for survival of the ego which will do anything for personal self-preservation. Otherworldly virtues are more common with mature adults who serve others for both personal and collective thrival.
This is the difference between 3D 'self' and 5D 'Self' - one's "little me" (ego) and one's "Big Me" (selfless Self). Just as every child eventually learns that THE WORLD IS NOT YOU (July 10th article by Jon Rappoport), mature youth must likewise learn that fear and anger is like praying for what you don't want because thoughts have wings, and pure intention of a 5D nature upgrades ones connection with others while 3D is Stuck In Negativity, the 'SIN' against the holy spirit of TLC-in-action.
We can see the inversion, subversion and perversion of authentic TLC in a 3D self-serving medical-industrial complex that has privatized disease treatment for profit from disease - not its prevention. 

  This makes public health assurance uncommon,
 driving up the cost of sickness care insurance,
 because the sick system profits from sickness
NOT holistic health that prevents sick profits.

I'm referring to the institutionalized 3D paradigm paralysis that is stuck in the mechanistic 'chemistry-of-disease' paradigm that resists and resents 5D paradigm shift to the quantum 'energies-of-health' for holistic healing with light and sound as well as hundreds of proven healing modalities that have been suppressed along with clean free-energy technologies.

A classic example of the 3D profits-before-people paradigm is the $200 billion per year cancer industry that drips chemo poison into one's whole body with the idea of killing cancer in part of it. That modality has a 3% cure rate which will go down in history like blood-letting to remove evil spirits. But I digress.

Claim the Victory of 5-D Ascension

You are either busy being born with more 5D atonement for laggard 3D ‘stinking thinking’, or you are busy dying to the opportunity. This is the ‘Ascension Judgment’ – to affirm your highest and best service to others… or not so much.

In the larger scheme of soul evolution, the ‘Judgment’ we come from is the ‘Judgment’ we go to – a process like separating the 5D wheat from the 3D chaff. Every lifetime in 3-D is an opportunity to transcend self-serving survival with others-serving thrival. To the extent that we serve others for their thrival, the rise of 5-D floats all boats:

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counter-balance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels." ~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in "POWER VS. FORCE - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

5-D “Real Time” (Now Time)
Is “Out of the Linear Box”
Nonlinear Perception).

When we are taught HOW to think rather than WHAT to think in public school, we will KNOW that left-brain dominant ‘thinking’ is more linear, logical and letter of the law limited – with masculine attributes – whereas right brain dominant ‘feeling’ is more nonlinear, intuitive and spirit of the law oriented with feminine attributes.

Past Time Becomes Future Time
In ‘Real Time’

The future has already happened in the continuum. The vision of where it’s going hasn’t caught on yet. But just as surely as the Internet caught on worldwide, heartware will define and refine a Universal Interface for Web 3.0 - a TLC healing process based on the language of light and universal .

As the Family of Mankind embraces the Prime Directive – to do no harm in the process of personal and planetary healing – we will begin to assimilate 5-D wholEness principles and processes of ‘public service first’ that naturally begins to eliminate the pathological parasitic problem of a 3-D patriarchal power elite intent on ownership and control for their ‘self-serving profit first’.

The End of the 3D World as We’ve Known It
As the Parasitic ‘Matrix’ Consumes Itself.

The old 3D paradigm system called ‘the matrix’ has become parasitic and is consuming itself. The military-industrial complex and the Mideast debacle comes to mind when the parasitic problem is examined. That pathological system has become dependent on creating and managing endless terror, war, death and hell on Earth to feed the parasite.
A far more nefarious parasite is the medical-industrial complex that masks as ‘health care’ yet feeds off disease – not health. That pathological parasitic system makes a killing, literally, by profiting from the increase in public sickness – not its prevention.

Perhaps the most insidious parasite in the brain and body of the 3D matrix is the ‘banksters’ who create an environment in which all the other parasites can thrive, fouling the 3-D matrix terrain with their “debt” (excrement). All parasites poop in their host, but the bankster parasites are the worst because they help the war and disease parasites thrive on the demise of the host, milking the masses of their health, security and economic vitality.

But this too shall pass.

The bankrupt policies of parasitic pathology that profits from debt, war and disease will dissipate as the opportunity for holistic healing of self and civilization integrates with recognition of 5D TLC capabilities and deployment of Five Core Internet Freedoms.

The conscientious evolutionary ascent process is not a mystery when known. Universal laws govern global evolution. G.O.D.~~Source has methods. The spirit of the Language of the Angels governs the Law of the Angles’. This is why heart coherence determines mind congruence, the heart of ‘smart ’:

  – To Seize the Vision color-coded 5D Light Language;
AFFIRMATION of light as a ‘Universal Language’.

  Embrace the Virtue – wisdom with language;
CONFIRMATION of 5 Global Freedoms Upgraded.

Make the Vow – co-Creation with ‘Light’ and ;
DETERMINATION for common Language of Angels.
  Commit with Valor – sovereignty in service to others;
    INTEGRATION of holy spirit as -in-action.

      Claim theCapstone Victory for Ascension

And keep in mind:

 “Pure intention focuses attention on love’s retention
 for conscious ascension in multiple dimensions
 of enlightened full-spectrum comprehension
 without contention or 3D reprehension.”
~ Aquarian Mandate

Culturing Sovereignty Conscience
to Own Our Own Lives with
Holistic Healing

Enlightened Full Spectrum Healing
With Freedom and Opportunity for
US as United Sovereigns of Earth

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