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Know Thy Self and 'The Global Mind'

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of
Cosmic LOVE

June 7, 2014 / Upgraded July 14, 2017

Socrates is famous for saying, "Know thyself. The unexamined life is not worth living.  To find yourself, think for yourself.  Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.  Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people."

The same applies for global civilization, now emerging with surging social conscience in our instant-everywhere and interactive global social networks.  This larger 'Self' -- The Global Mind -- is worth knowing, and strong minds will kindle that flame as cultured by the 'Language of the Angels' (heart coherence) at the heart of the 'Law of the Angles' (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

A Univeral Law-Language Frame of Reference for Global Holistic Healing
As you can hear at 'Cosmic LOVE ' (for June 28, 2014), I interviewed Dr. Carl Calleman regarding his prescient book, The Global Mind and The Rise of Civilization. See also, Chapter 12 of Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age for more on 'THE GLOBAL MIND'.

There are some very enlightened and compelling ideas in Dr. Calleman recent books.

"The first novel idea about the rise of civilization in many decades."
~ James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

Social science historian Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975) is famous for showing how 19 of the 21 great world civilizations self-destructed for lack of the spirit that matters, a united social conscience that holds the fabric of civility together.  It was Toynbee who showed how civilizations rise with abundant spirituality that creates abundant prosperity which leads to materialism, corruption and their demise.

The Bible, The Book of Mormon, Bhaghavad Gita, The Tao, and other Great World Teachings document the same pattern of historical cycles that follow the rise and fall of morality and civility.

'The Global Mind' by Dr. Calleman gives new insight into the cosmic cycles and quantum field resonance in our DNA. Could it be that this morphic field is the cause of morphogenetic mutation of our DNA that affects consciousness and civilization?

The rise of global civilization now and hope for the future is served well by your understanding of the dynamics shaping global conscious evolution.


  The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
Language of the Angels, the heart of a sage.
 The Law of the Angles thus frames a new page
  to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension
The kind man of love sees love in all mankind.
  With this inner sense of loving kind innocence,
     the power of love makes
love of power obsolete.

Consider how prisons are closing in Scandinavian countries
because they have a high level of social conscience
and thus a low level of criminals.

It's quite the opposite in the U.S. which has the highest prisoner
population of any major country in the civilized world.


This reality may be disturbing to many Americans as are the portents of global economic reset and war on a global scale. But the systemic problem has made the systemic solution urgent as well as 'Self' evident to the higher ‘Self’.

It is the higher 'Self' that cultures higher 'Civilization'.  Higher 'Conscience' of the higher 'Self' has fearless faith that naturally neutralizes the 'fear matrix', making our worst fears obsolete. 

The pure intent of 'United Sovereigns' is therefore to balance the negative doomsday predictions with positive golden age solutions.

The timely test that's best for global civilization is to get past the fearsome 'dweller on the threshold of Self and Civilization'. We don't unlock the GLOBAL TREASURY without the key to the KINGdom Conscience where ALL are sovereign 'K.IN.G.' with the "Keys to the INner Sense of G.O.D.~ ... the INnernet at the heart of the Internet.
It's been said that where we put our attention is what we 'worth ship' - where our 'god' or '
G.O.D.' is.  And whether one's intention and attention is with retention of just a 'little love' or 'BIG LOVE', the intent is prelude to ascent.

A global village of universal RIGHTS- in the public SPHERE- will honor a process of CO-CREATION- wherein the 4-5D wholness of rules social network communities with communications that culture interactive multi-dimensional unity-in-diversity:

Unveiling the universal gold standard; heart coherence with
congruent for valuation of the 'global treasury'...

Revealing the 1st principle of 'atONEment' whereby
personal and planetary
is for giving... 

Integrating Divine Direction of the "CAPstone"
Creative Ascent Process) at the heart of the
'5D Shift'
for both 'Self' and 'Civilization'...

Centering and connecting our highest and best gifts,
talents, and
 “Source Resource” (5D Conscience)...
Fulfilling the Great Law of Spirit that Matters; what goes around
comes around from beginning to end and new beginnings.

Cosmic is a work in progress of, by and for all our US - United Sovereigns with Universal Solidarity --a Unity State -- of vision, virtue and valor that vows for the victory of more ... easier and sooner than later.
It's like the eye of the hurricane. When you are centered and connected with the spirit that matters, there is relative calm and discernment of spirits, whether negative or positive.  But when we lose that cool, calm and collected center within, we get caught up in the swirl of faithless fear that negates fearless faith.

So Think for Yourself, Keep the Faith and Co-Create
with Divine Order at the Heart of 'The Global Mind'.

All Ways , Always...
~ Christopher

 "To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to
know the nature of love itself.
To truly know love is to know and understand God;
and to know God is to understand love."
~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Raising Consciousness from Separation to Oneness - a 'United State'