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 where live or stored streaming AV media,
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is viewed for
-valuation feedback with
Ethics; the heartware connection.

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top central "" = The VISION "" all archetypal 4-quadrant 
("") dimensions of
(personal/local) and Civilization (planetary/global)
... to assemble the components to the "
CAPstone" as the
Creative Ascent Process for our conscious evolution.

Within this "window of opportunity", the unfettered (open) mind can conceive and believe how this  Golden Rule/Law Language framed by can achieve higher consciousness through interactive TeLeCom - our TLC Process™- whereby  HeartLink™ and HEARTware™are synergized via the spherical (whol-e') spirit of integrated -in-action in HEARTcom's Top-Central HeartWise™ window. 

Take heart!  is  what does;
   the process empowers the perfecting of love.

This is a self-perfecting process of information's ecology that "recycles" general knowledge in the way that empowers (frames) specific wisdom... with .  This is the TLC Process™ at the heart of HEARTcom's interactive interface window to any media program (real-time or playback).  And it's this process that can check, balance and otherwise synergize the BEST OF BOTH ( & ) WORLDS with the mind of and heart of compassion engaged in the process (heart-mail™, heart-chat™, heart-tv™, etc.).  

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is".  We are what we think, having become what we thought.  And the qualification of human thought and feeling with divine love coordinates can elevate computer applications to the highest standard of high touch personalized thought and feeling that is centered and connected with the first principles of universal law that frames a universal language where the spirit of the law is fulfilled. 

     Indeed, computing with ~HEARTware™ is the natural evolution of technologies ephemeralization (etherialization) whereby less is becoming more as we move from HARDware and SOFTware to NETware whereby time and space is transcended and the computer becomes the network (of computers).  The individual "cell" of the global "brain" have been connecting via the Net.  Now we have HEARTware™ to qualify consciousness in that "brain"; "the computer" now becomes the law/language (technology) of consciousness that qualifies the neural networked "brain" as a web of light and love.

     This is how the Golden Rule/Law Language of G.O.D~ can truly set the matrix (define the process) for a Golden Age of God-Love.  Indeed, it is the language of self-fulfilling prophecy whereby we fulfill the universal laws we live at heart.  

Empowering the Wisdom of ...
 at the heart of a Golden Age of global TeLeCom
that raises the standard of
at the heart of global interactive social networks.

     These principles frame the constitution of processes at the heart of the learning process, the creative process and the processes of consciousness at the very foundation of "self government".  Indeed, this universal law and language frames the Constitution of principles and processes for the self-governance of global netizens who no longer have an excuse for delaying an electronic space-age upgrade of our horse-and-buggy legislative system and Bill of Rights.  (For background "rest of the story" on the founding of our system of government, click here

The VISION foreground...
  where the Internet Revolution is going

     I'll quote here from the recent August issue of WIRED that has an article by John Seely Brown at Xerox PARC which  is the R&D lab from which much of the huge developments of the computer revolution have sprung.  They invented the graphical user interface and the first true personal computer, the Alto... and then virtually gave them to two upstarts named Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. "Perhaps the most stunning example of indirection in innovation ever".   

This is the best example I know of doing the thing right (technically) but doing the wrong thing (strategically). The licensing rights, royalties, etc, could have made billions of dollars for PARC (if not trillions).  Much of digital revolution and economic boom is built on the core infrastructure technologies they gave birth to... but didn't realize what they had!

     On page 206, top left, of that WIRED issue, John Seely Brown says something which very clearly gives the current direction of the Internet revolution.  Considering how stunning has been their insight on the tech end of things, his vision warrants our attention.  And as for the strategic end of things, note how his vision positions our HEARTcom™ services perfectly.  In Brown's words,

"Point-and-click browsers are an extension of the desk-top metaphor -- a very disorienting metaphor as you surf the world. How do we stay oriented with the world, so the user gets centered? The best example is the hyperbolic tree browser we built and spun out in a company called Inxight. That's just scratching the surface of the subtle shift from user-centric design to user-centering design."

     Let me emphasize this "subtle shift from user-centric design to user-centering design." ... those are the key words. It's what the HEARTware™/ HeartLink™/ HeartWise™ (HEARTcom™) potential is all about... for those who have eyes to see it.


    Any company that is dependent on maintaining a competitive edge in the fast-changing marketplace MUST catch the wave of cutting-edge trends and opportunities.  For to drive into the future with eyes glued to the rear-view mirror is a sure formula for crack-up.  So where is the NEXT BIG CURVE in the Information "superhighway"?

     It's all about taking the browser model of the "interactive interface" to the next level, connecting and centering the consciousness of users in the way it takes them from cyberspace to "innerspace"... computing with heart... the high touch key to high tech.  

    Why don't people "get it"?  Same reason PARC didn't "get it".  Their paradigm of the way things are and will be didn't fit the implications of the way things could and would be.  It's kind of like having the "Keys to the Kingdom" as the original gold standard from which all true wealth follows...  and not realizing it!  

     Open your mind to this analogy whereby the ultimate value in the New Economy is the "golden idea" ("idea capital") or what is referred to as "relationship capital".   Consider how the criteria for wealth in modern history has shifted from land and gold (Agricultural Age) to machines and industrial capital (Industrial Age)... and now to the idea capital of the Information Age.

     As we shifted into the Info Age with IBM (hardware) peaking in influence about 1969, consider how they didn't "get it" as the personal computer and Microsoft (software) shifted paradigms and power to the desktop from the mainframe.   Now consider how Microsoft didn't "get it" when Netscape (netware) shifted paradigms and power to the global interconnected network of computers.  Fact is, Netscape didn't "get it" when they virtually gave away their portal rights to YAHOO, creating a billion $ phenomena they could have bought for peanuts. 

     Now there's a huge shift going on as women, who were a small minority on-line just a few years ago, are now the the majority on line making the most purchasing decisions.  In short, the entire paradigm of INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is shifting from patriarchal male-practice (love of power), that values ownership-and-control, to more feminine values (power of love) that embrace relationships of cooperation and collaboration.  The new gold is thus becoming customer-centric relationship capital.  

     McCluhan told us how the "Media is the Message" but how many people really understood what that meant?  Think about how the printing press ushered in not only the Industrial Age but also left-brain dominant symbol-word interpretation whose "message" was compartmentalized thinking.  It should be clear by now how the specialization of information "divides and conquers" common sense spherical consciousness.

     As the media/message changes in emphasis from hardware (movable type/printing press), to software (personal desk-top publishing), to netware (global desk-top video)... consider how "audio-video" is the natural language of the eyes and ears (left-brain and right-brain) WITHOUT the left-brain, letter-of-the-law (logic) dominance of symbol interpretation required by print technology.

     Indeed, the New e-Media "global" message is moving the collective consciousness towards spherical/spiritual wholeness where relationships with heart  transcend the self-serving (selfish) provincialism that is fixated (stuck) in old paradigm "lock-step" left-brain "walls in the mind" that justify self-interest without concern or compassion for what is otherwise (heartwise) fair, just and "best for all"

     Our HEARTcom™ Services provide extraordinary incentive for Corporate America to massage this message of "Media with a heart".  And our Angel Fund Network™ likewise provides an unprecedented home-business opportunity for Net worth simply by Net working (sharing) this New Media message of compassion-in-action.  Never in history has there been the technology and means to Own Your Own Life by creating your own New Media network as part of the Angel Fund's "I C" (Informed Choice) services for raising the standard of self-reliant living in all dimensions of the Abundant Life

New Government as TeLeCommunity™ via TeLeCom Conneions™    
  (user-directed self governance for optimal win/win)

New Education as TeLeConscience™ via TeLeCom Learning Centers™
(user-configured TLC2's for accelerated learning)

New Health Care as holistic TeLeCare™ via Informed Choice Services     
          (user-factored self-perfecting database for whole health)

New Economy as TeLeCommerce™ via HEARTcom™ Services           
   (user-centering HEARTwise
™ applications)           

     Too "all inclusive" some will say.  But think about it.  How could the Next Big Thing in the progression of the computer/Internet revolution be less than "all inclusive" in its transformative impact on all our social, political and economic institutions?  If we're talking about a paradigm shift to higher "Christic" (Christ-like) consciousness, would not the self-limiting "stinking thinking" of scarcity's value be transcended in the old order of things?  Can you think of anything better to do?

     Those who have open minds and are flexible with "mobility consciousness" will see such change as a good thing.  But the "Archie Bunkers" who are stuck in paradigm paralysis with a comfort zone of doing what they've always done and thinking what they've always thought will get what they've always got.  Stinking thinking that resists change.  

     Fact is, some will and some won't.  The early adaptors and trend analysts will see the fit here and "get it" for all the "enlightened self interest" that win/win begets.  And as their lives are transformed for the better, they will be the example that converts the laggards.

     Of course those with a vested interest in scarcity's "value" will resist.  Many people have replaced creative thought "outside the box" with habitualized, compartmentalized thinking within the "walls in the mind".  Even savvy investors typically don't see new paradigm opportunities and "get it" until it is too late.  

     Do you realize the fortunes that will be made by those who get "in the loop" early with this TeLeComm model for the New Economy?  And the fortunes that will be lost because they missed the 4th wave

     There's a clear pattern here to show that the media is shifting once again to global/spherical consciousness.  Common sense may be uncommon now but not for long.  The VISION alone of HeartLink
™ and HEARTware™ synergized in HEARTcom Services™ can be the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy. 

     The message will be clear to anyone who can extrapolate the trendings of media change in its evolution from "hard" to "soft" to the "Net" and now to the criteria for conscious e-valuation at the very heart of Net worth.  Our waking awareness can truly be raised to a higher state compared to which the former was no more than sleep.   

     We're talking the holy grail here folks... the gold chalice that bestows higher consciousness to those who drink thereof.  For the more information we have, the greater is the value of one's attention and the need to get everything centered and connected (in order).  And where you give your attention is where your worth-ship and god is.  But if that focal-point interface for navigating all the information in the world on the Net is not centering and connecting to or through the highest vision of highest values, then by default the "false gods" of our attention becomes "fools gold".

     The higher the Vision of "idea capital", the greater the value.  And if the idea at heart is in fact the language of the heart for educating the heart and raising standard of relationships... were talking the new gold standard at the heart of not just the New Economy, but also, A GOLDEN AGE! 

     Yet don't be surprised if most men just don't "get it"... the relationship thing.  They're more left brain (visual cortex) where seeing is believing and "relationships" is more about being in touch with feelings - not their forte.  Men however are better at conceptual abstracts and will understand and appreciate HEARTware™ moreso while women will see the priceless value of HeartLink™ for hooking up with partners who are only in their minds and not in their heart (compassion).  

     Common sense would say that all the knowledge in the world on the Internet is worthless without heart ... and qualifying heart and mind and spirit -- the "Kingdom Consciousness" -- is virtually a gold mine if only you mind it... realizing how the Angel Fund Network creates "mindshare" through the "mind of " (HEARTware™) and the "heart of compassion" (HeartLink™).

     Think outside the box, connect the dots and read between the lines of this unique model and you'll see the next generation of information management applications... the new standard in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that transforms the core datamining product into a masterminding process.  Instead of customers becoming merchandise to be manipulated by mass marketeers, they are empowered to connect their gifts and God-given talents with others.  That's the power of wisdom with .

     The standardized Internet browser as a user-centric design is like an ego-centric child who thinks the whole world revolves around their needs and wants... me and mine... selfish taking rather than selfless giving.  You get the point.

     Clearly, the THE NEXT BIG THING after hardware, software and netware will be the "InnerNet-centric" user-centering design that frames the quintessential e-valuation criteria for "idea capital" and higher consciousness personally just as it qualifies the criteria for "relationship capital" and real community collectively.  

     In summary, the ephemeralization of technology and etherialization of consciousness is moving Earth's evolutions to the Effective Sensory Perception (ESP) where less (technology) is more (consciousness).  This is where it's going... a place in the heart where we are all centered and connected with a response ability that encourages responsibility for your consciousness, being and world.  Each one can make a difference if not the difference by networking, outpicturing or otherwise supporting this Vision of ultimate Value for the Victory of civility at the heart of civilization. 

     The time for a true awakening of higher Christ-like consciousness, communication and community has come.  May it begin with "US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

It's your life, your world; TAKE COMMAND!


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