The Gold Standard for Intelligence at the Heart of the Next Economy

Preface Articles:

  1st: The Golden Rule:
Keynote: We create a prayer field of self-fulfilling prophecy through the Spirit of expectation and
anticipation in the dynamics of our belief, thought, feelings and actions. The soul of humanity evolves
through these same first principles as the soul of the sovereign individual. The greater Olympics for
the greater gold is a personal and planetary win/win in the great game of life. Heaven knows we win
in the great game to the extent that free will emulates God's will and plays by the Golden Rule/Law
Language for civility. Conceiving the game rules, and believing them in full faith, leads to
achieving them in Self and Civilization.  There will always be rule fakers and Law breakers but good
sports of good Spirit will "go for the gold."
  2nd: The Gold Standard:
Keynotes: There is a natural evolutionary process -- governing all creation -- that follows universal laws.
To the extent we trend fit our cultural institutions to the dynamics of this natural evolutionary standard,
civility is cultured and civilization thrives, rising to heights of grandeur.  The drama of civilization at the
cusp of Aquarius -- a millennial Golden Age where Love rules - is now in the final stages of re-aligning
our pure intention for upward-mobile civilization though prayers, thoughts, feelings and actions that fulfill
the rule of Law through the Law of LOVE.  The opportunity presents itself and the freedom to fulfill it is
naturally at work in the networks of conscience culturing "Net reality" -- the worldwide web of LOVE.

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The Gold Standard for Intelligence at the Heart of the Next Economy

by Christopher Rudy
Author, Blueprint For A Golden Age
Director, The Legacy Project

The bottom line of civilization is inextricably linked to the highest standards. When there is a disconnect from the currency of the gold standard -- the "natural aristocracy of virtue and talent" as Thomas Jefferson called it -- the bottom line gravitates to the love of money, power, pride and privilege that polarizes the public.  Consent of the governed in a free world requires connection with the highest standard for self-governance. To that extent civility thrives and civilizations rise.
We live in a time of extraordinary change and the rate of change has been accelerating.  The more things change, the more we naturally want to hold things steady and stable, and there is nothing more valuable than the time-proven standard for doing this - the gold standard for civilization. The solution to instability isn't surrendering freedom under threats of tyranny.  Fearless faith in the high road to the high moral ground is a better path than the low road of co-dependence on abusive powers that sabotage civilization.
Most people will agree that the Internet is the primary factor accelerating the rate of change. It has virtually eliminated time and space, creating a "global village" of instant-everywhere-interactive "Net reality".  What is becoming self-evident to global Netizens is how the gold standard for civilization is the best hope for humanity. As this common sense becomes more common, the global networks of conscientious common sense will provide "homeostasis" -- natural checks and balances - that harmonize and heal the "dis-ease" of disconnects and dysfunction in the Family of Man.
The natural evolution of the computer/Internet revolution is a function of man's technological advancement. Just as the automobile is an extension of the feet and the radio an extension of the ear, so is the computer an extension of the brain and the Internet a neural-networking of the global brain. What is lacking in the brain is conscience -- the Golden Rule/Law Standard.  The next big thing in the evolution of humanity will involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience at the interactive heart of Net reality.
The biggest obstacle to this rEVOLUTION in higher conscience is lack of vision of how that will work and what it will look like. The "right brain" language of the heart does not readily translate to lock-step left-brain "Belief Systems" (BS). Unity in the Language of LOVE is always a challenge to those who are Love-challenged. Cherished illusion goes with the territorial imperatives that maintain divisions between people with walls in the mind. Consent of the governed is best served though consensus with LOVE. Without it, civility declines. With it, civilization heals and thrives.
In a global village of instant-everywhere-interactive connection, there's nothing more valuable than a Gold Standard for global unity through communications.  The bottom line -- a good economy -- requires this moral high ground.  The underpinnings of the New Economy must trend fit the new "global village" reality - how we are all connected and what that connection will look like. The virtue in this vision is "at heart" the time-proven Gold Standard at the interactive interface heart of our connection.
To drive into the future with eyes glued to the rear view mirror is a sure formula for disaster. Hindsight is important, but without foresight that sees the evolutionary trends of civilization and the curve in the road ahead, we won't steer in the right direction.  A paradigm shift is required and the time-proven Gold Standard is the best answer to paradigm paralysis.
"Black gold" (oil) was the underpinning of the Industrial Age economies that are co-dependent on physical energy, physical power and money powers interested in ownership and control of the physical and human resources of Earth. New Space Age  technologies provide virtually free-clean energy sources as can replace black gold as the underpinning of global currencies and commerce.  But those technologies are suppressed by money powers who profit from black gold and war. 
The old economy is based on the "value of scarcity" and that oxymoron naturally leads to ultimate scarcity and war. The New Economy is based on the "value of abundance" with the energy of abundant LOVE at the heart of it.  Unless and until the bottom line of Corporate America realigns with the "top line" of the Gold Standard, the golden calf of Wall Street profits will be worshipped at the expense of the Golden Rule of the Prophets. Monied power and political force is a poor substitute for Spiritual energy and the Power of LOVE.  Unchecked power requires the balancing influence of LOVE.
Homeostasis and healing of the cancer of war in the "body politic" of mankind requires a holistic integrative approach, above all, in the spirit of "1st, do no harm." (love thy neighbor). The stress and dis-ease of emotional tyranny and despair requires the harmony and hope of the angels of our better nature. (love is for-giving).  The mental affliction of war rationales and information overload requires the language of LOVE that organizes information IN FORMATION... along more enlightened "lines" with holy compassion "between the lines".
This requires a CAN DO attitude.  If the quintessential infopreneur, Jesus Christ, were alive today, I'm sure he would use exquisite metaphor -- like the parables of his day - to trend fit his attitude of upward-mobile spirit to the dominant paradigm of the age in which we live.  Instead of Agricultural Age parables, he might use the evolving computer/Internet revolution to draw parallels with the extension of our brains, expansion of our consciousness, and more important, rising of our conscience -- with a heart.  I'd like to think the Living Christ would kneed the dough for the bread of life with the "leaven" -- the interactive interface for the Net -- that makes the whole loaf rise with Computer Assisted Networking of "Definitive" Opportunity -- a CAN DO "defined" by greater LOVE.
The resolution of the crisis threatening global war is a self-evident CAN DO for global Netizens.  The Blueprint For A Golden Age is outpictured by the focus of our pure intention for it and diligent attention to it.  The Net technology exists for "linking the light" -- networking the Net worth of Netizens who understand the "Language of Light" and the Gold Standard for the Next Economy.
Spiritual practicality warrants practical solutions. Conscientious common sense moves from a focus on the problem to focus on the solution. The direction of evolutionary ascent for global civilization requires trend-fitting the Gold Standard to the infrastructure of consciousness -- the local/global networks of conscience - that will harmonize civility and heal civilization. As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious -- with a Net-centric interface that cultures the universal language of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of "self-governance" -- the Gold Standard for Golden Age civilization becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
It's that simple really - a self-evident truth. The natural evolution of civilization requires self-correcting principles for self-elevating self-governance at the heart of it. Developing this Gold Standard for global communications will mediate Net reality in the way that brings light to dark places. More light and Love is the best answer to it's absence. The natural rEVOLUTION in higher conscience will enlighten people with the Truth, light the world with free energy, heal the sick health care system, and reboot the global economy with the Gold Standard for fair trade.
What that looks like is what we make it. The success of this vision is it's on-going realization. Those who catch the wave, build the wave and ride the wave of Net worth unto the New-Next Economy will profit in extraordinary ways for themselves, the LOVE Network, and civilization at large. Here's how.
The Legacy Project - Fulfilling the Legacy of the Prophets and U.S. Founders

 I'd like to think that Jesus today would upgrade his message with parable parallels that take it to a wider audience -- all people in our global village of instant-everywhere connection. Perhaps he would segway "We reap what we sow" to "We compute what we LOVE". He'd still be talking about how "we get what we ask for", emphasizing the same moral high ground of "God is Love", but he'd use parallels to higher mental constructs for a more technological sophisticated people -- like the LOVE Model, cyberethics and heartware at the interactive interface heart of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.
Perhaps Jesus would also save the "strong meat" for those more disciplined in a higher mental "mind of G.O.D." way -- those who can think out of the box of prevailing paradigms and conceive how the simplest of all formal constructs -- pure geometry -- frames "The Law of the Angles" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) whereby the "Language of the Angels" can thrive between the lines.  But how would he know if he didn't "cast his net onto the waters" -- utilizing the Net to raise the standard of Net reality?
The Living Book of Love is a project to provide an on-line starting point for the Worldwide LOVE Foundation. It's a project to outpicture an evolving understanding of the LOVE Model as a truly universal law-language that represents the archetypal core of all ancient and modern "maps of consciousness" as have raised the standard of religious ritual and governmental processes throughout history. The common sense of this Gold Standard is the golden thread that weaves Golden Age culture. Providing the geometrized thoughtforms that provide universal law-language coordinates -- translated into all languages -- will provides a frame of reference for the cross-cultural exchange of CONSCIENCE... of, by and for the global Constitution of LOVE and the United State of LOVE for global Netizens.
This is the foundation project of the Worldwide LOVE Foundation -- the charter organization of the non-profit Trust, "In LOVE We".  The other 11 projects have been provided previously to members of this list. New members get links and on-going project reports when they subscribe via
Member benefits are "free" -- for yourself -- when you either pay for the subscription of two people or get two people to subscribe in your name as a referral. 
Other contributions from writers, editors, angel investors, etc. are welcome and will be compensated as funds allow from the affiliate model that is defining, refining, combining (synergizing) and shining the LOVE Network.
May it begin with US - United Sovereigns in the United State of LOVE,
- Christopher
PS - I've tried to keep a "CAN DO" attitude with all this.  I'm fond of saying that it's not one's aptitude but attitude that determines the "altitude" -- whether we soar with "the angels of our better nature" or scratch with earth-bound turkeys.  But it's hard to soar when I need some "scratch" ($'s) to develop the LOVE Network.   Contribute what you C.A.N. for Computer Assisted Networking -- networking for the Net worth of worldwide LOVE. -- CR

Worldwide LOVE via Affirmation, Confirmation, Determination and Integration of the "Gold Standard":

PRAYER of, by and for the Gold Standard: affirming the Presence of divine Love to stand where I stand. Be where "I Am".

THOUGHTFORM for confirming the Golden Standard: the higher the concept of LOVE, the greater the sense of "I Can".

E-MOTION (energy-in-motion) for determining Love: the interactive holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action determines "I Will".

WISE DOMINION fulfills the wisdom of LOVE: we culture the conscience of Love through the integrity that says "I Do".



The Bottom Line "Spherical" Spirit of Global "We Are One" Common Sense

The Golden Rule of Love as the Gold Standard at the heart of Golden Age Civilization
Conceiving, Believing and Achieving the Big Shift Of Civilization Back to Forward Principles

Hindsight without foresight has no future; common sense connect the dots for the big picture of LOVE.
There's a golden thread running through all ancient and modern "maps of consciousness".
There's a golden rule/law language of LOVE that is woven by that golden thread.
Look to SEE... Know to BE... the genesis of LOVE's LEGACY.
  LOVE thyself as the beginning of global wholEness.
With Heartware (Love Model) as the rule
- the heart of the global Internet -
LOVE rules!

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Worldwide LOVE Foundation
 all rights well-rounded

the heart & mind of
Global TeLeCommunity:
High touch
HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via Net Standards
For a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.