Understanding the computer/Internet revolution... where it's going

First Wave: Hardware-driven "product" empowers corporate computing
Second Wave:
Software-driven "process" empowers personal computing
Third Wave:
The computer becomes the Network of computers worldwide
Fourth Wave:
Higher conscience cultures cyberethics in global Networks

There's extraordinary opportunity here for those tech leaders who would
qualify the trend towards
"OPEN SYSTEMS" along more enlightened "lines"
that frame the constitution of universal law and the language of consciousness
at the heart of a process that involves and evolves a worldwide standard for


"The cause and core solution to endless war insanity is ultimately in
 our relationships of relevance and core reverence of, by and for the

first principles
framing cultural DNA at the
heart of our Net reality,
a universal law/language interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm
 (global TLC as the Worldwide
LOVE Foundation)."

- Christos Lightweaver

And with HEARTware at the Heart of it...
LOVE Rules!


HEARTware Vision

Since its 9-9-99 inception, a singular vision - The Network is Conscious - has advanced the 33 year trendfitting of a universal law model of cyberethics (HEARTware) as will define, refine and combine (synergize) the hardware, software and netware infrastructure of our global village... raising the standard for "Net worth" through an interactive interface that cultures the frequency and form of cyberethics -- the web of conscience -- at the heart of the TeLeComm processes that shape our consciousness and and community... qualifying "open systems" with real-time biofeedback, psychefeedback and self-regulating checks and balances in all four archetypal "POWERSHIFT" dimensions of learning organizations.



LOVE-centric VISION frames 4th Wave POWERSHIFT and Next Big Thing

An entirely new paradigm in search engines is preparing to take on google
as the definitive tool for finding and organizing information. Based on a
frame of reference that utilizes pure geometry and Jungian archetypes,
"HEARTware" defines and refines the laws and language of consciousness
with a process called "information's ecology" recycling general knowledge
in the way that "geometrizes" specific wisdom. Utilizing exquisite metaphor
for the most valued virtues at the heart of universal maps of consciousness
that provide coordinates for "global" searches, HEARTware will involve and
evolve our individual and collective consciousness along enlightened "lines"
that frame context and meaning within any communications community.
According to its developer, HEARTcom Services Director, Christopher Rudy,
the "Next Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution will integrate the core
hardware, software and netware infrastructure of the global "neural-net brain"
with the heartware that qualifies whol-E spirit at the heart of that brainware.
The result is not only a higher standard for E-Commerce "Net worth", but also
E-Medicine (heal-thy self), E-Learning (higher conscience) and E-Governance
(universal law/language). According to Rudy, "Earth is at a key turning point,
that transformative stage where local/global dissonance and division needs
to be harmonized and healed with an interactive 'TeLeComm' (TLC) interface
that integrates the mind of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity) with the heart of
compassion. This gateway portal from cyberspace to innerspace will empower
transitioning from the economics of scarcity to an economics of LOVE-centric
abundance that integrates divine order with divine love at the heart of the
communication processes that shapes our consciousness and community."
Rudy is now offering a free course for technology leaders and "lightworkers"
interested in this new paradigm of
"Networking for Net worth."
(News Release / HEARTcom Services, May 1, 2003)


Bottom line

The greatest need in this Information Age of "info-overload" is a process for organizing all information IN FORMATION... along more enlightened "lines" that frame e-valuation criteria for "heart-centric" Net worth; computing with a heart (high touch high tech). The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order... in the spirit of the "law" of OPEN SYSTEMS. I'll share with you an in-depth, chain-reaction (idea virus) masterplan that is the masterkey to OPENING all our social, political and economic institutions to 4th Wave virtues. There's a story here that is whole enough and bold enough that when told enough... you can define, refine and combine (synergize) the expectation and anticipation of a wholly new industry at the heart of the computer/Internet revolution. If you don't take response ability -- now that you have the ability to respond -- who will? Pay attention cause attention pays here. Indeed, higher conscious attention is the core currency at the heart of the Next Economy... you'll see. It's the law of free will in practical spirituality... that where we focus our attention is where our "worth-ship" and valuation is... the core commodity of commeasurement with value... that in ultimate terms is ultimate virtue of, by and for divine love... God. So realize that the ultimate product is thus a process that takes e-valuation to the highest level of conscious awareness of God-Love in frequency and higher mental form. So as I said... "Pay attention. Attention pays." New standards for a wholly new "Next Economy". The Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution. If you connect the dots, common sense would say so. But common sense is uncommon.

There's extraordinary opportunity here for those tech leaders who would qualify the trend towards "OPEN SYSTEMS" along more enlightened "lines" that frame the constitution of universal law and the language of consciousness at the heart of a process that involves and evolves a worldwide standard for cyberethics.


CopyRound 2006,
HEARTcom Services
- all rights well-rounded -

High Touch
HEART of High Tech
With a Higher Understanding of
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via
Net Standards
For a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net Worth.

 - Positioning E-Valuation Criteria -- HEARTware -- along more Enlightened Lines
- Networking the Vision of Spiritual Virtues for the Victory of Global and Local Civility
     - Framing Personalized Gateways from Cyberspace to Innerspace with HEARTware   
- Centering & Connecting a Higher Standard of
Cyberethics at the Heart of Net Worth
- Involving & Evolving Spherical~Spiritual "high touch" TeLeComputing with a Heart

Seize the Vision (L), Embrace the Virtue (O), Make the Vow (V) and Claim the Victory (E)


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