The as a 'Three-in-One' frame of reference (ThrOne of G.O.D~)
which is one of the core processes of consciousness defined at
"3-fold Trinity"


The 'Synergized' Heart, Mind & Soul
Power of the

The 'Co-Creation' process ( + = ) for 
synergistic Movement towards WholEness
  with the 3-fold flame
of the
"whol-E" (holy)


The best of both linear~ "logical" and nonlinear~ "intuitive" processes
that are "combined" (synergized) via co-creation~

Synergy as a 3-fold whole that is greater than the sum of the parts;

The pattern recognition capabilities of left and right brain hemispheres
working together -- with checks and balances -- to provide
perspective on respective ~ strengths;

The process of conscientious cognitive health that connects the dots
or otherwise co-creates along more enlightened "lines" that
frame any context with the whol-
E spirit of

This is the technique/technology of HEARTwise processing
whereby Heartlink and HEARTware qualify (objectify)
any "realtime" or "replay" (chat, video or print) content
with the
heart of compassion and mind of