Geometrizing the Consciousness of Universal
as Common Law and Light Language

by Christopher Rudy

There are several important dimensions of the GENESIS EFFECT that I'll cover here:


Anyone who has studied the science of fractals understands how all creation has been geometrized with resonant frequencies and mathematical patterns that repeat themselves like the Golden Ratio in sea shells and leaf patterns. This principle of geometrized harmonics is behind the GENESIS EFFECT as is given dramatic context in the STAR TREK movie in which a dead planet is regenerated with a fractal-geometrized "terra forming" process. Fact is that there are universal laws of order that govern all energy field manifestations, and ancient Hermetic wisdom teaches that "In the beginning, God geometrized". Indeed, "Geometrically Ordered Divinity" (G.O.D.) is a good acronym for divine order.  Likewise can the Higher Power of G.O.D. Consciousness chain-react into the higher consciousness of a planetary people - the "Genesis Effect"  How this process works becomes self evident as the Geometry Of Divine order is better understood as the Nature of LOVE and the following "maps of consciousness".


Some of the most brilliant minds on the planet have studied crop circle designs and have studied the progression of crop circles from simple geometric forms in the 70's to recent ones coded with sophisticated 5th dimensional Euclidean mathematics. As with the ancient Hindu Sri Yantra Mandala that is the actual geometric waveform of the sound of "OM" when put through an oscilloscope (wave form generator), so has it been discovered that crop circle designs are a coded version of the root language BEHIND the ancient Sanskrit which is considered the source of modern languages. Dan Winter ( has shown the original wave form fractal patterns that are the source of all the original characters of the alphabet and numerology. Dr. Len Horowitz ( has further corroborated the secret mathematical code (Pythagorean skein) within this original alphabet as relates to the harmonic frequencies for healing with light and sound. And Edgar Cayce provided the "code to the codes" with a series of readings on the universal language within three basic geometric forms behind all the numerological and astrological glyphs.


Modern physics has confirmed that all energy fields within fields are a combination of the integration of these three geometrized energies -- round magnetic energy fields (circular)...right-dynamic energy fields (rectilinear), and radiant energy fields (trines) -- as graphically represented at  The order of the holographic universe is outpictured through the interaction of these 3-fold energies as corresponds to the three dimensions of consciousness in the "Cosmic Cube": Right-brain "non-linear" consciousness (spherical/spiritual at-one-ment)... Left-brain "linear" consciousness (compartmentalized divisions)... Left-Right brain "full spectrum" consciousness... and upper-to-lower brain consciousness of either and intutive proactive or reptilian reactive nature. These three-fold universal law/language coordinates within the circle, square and triangle are the quintessential components to the "capstone", the 4th dimension of G.O.D. Vision in the geometric thoughtform of the pyramid (overview plan) with the cross-referencing of the 4 corners, forming 4 triangles and "squaring of the circle" with the whole point being the spherical "capstone" synergy of all 4 dimensions of cognition as corresponds to the 4 Jungian archetypes within all ancient and modern maps of consciousness.


Quantum physics has taken science to the realms of understanding that we live in a sea of energy and are ourselves energy beings of swirling electrons and atom clusters. It's amazing to consider, yet true, that the spaces between atoms in our bodies are analogous to the spaces between planets in our solar system... and that the bioenergetic laws of G.O.D. governing the microcosmic universe within our own bodies is the same universal law/language governing the macrocosmic universe "out there". The ancient Oriental teaching on this order of the universe (kingdom of heaven) within us is that the whole evolution of mankind from a single cell is repeated in the creation of each of us in the bionergetic forcefield of the Mother's womb. That forcefield is actually created via subtle bioenergetic harmonics behind the cell divisions from a single fertilized egg into 2, 4, 16, 32, 64 etc. parts... with the 12 lower vertebrae in the mother's back acting as 12 step-down resonators for the 12 star constellations around our planetary system. In other words, we are each created in the image and likeness of G.O.D. as the Geometry Of Divine order WITHIN US... that sets our biological "clocks" in synch with universal law and order... which begins "ticking" with our first "fire breath" at birth. And just as we are bound by the genetic predisposition of our bodies, so are we bound by the bionergetic predisposition of the astrologic to our psychology. And it's the logic of the logos (law) of G.O.D. that ordains how the correct use of free-will, in alignment with the will of G.O.D. can over-ride what is fore-ordained in our bio-energetic blueprints. Divine destiny is indeed a function of divine law-in-action.


Divine laws of the holographic universe can be clearly seen in the photomechanical process (photography) as relates to the perceptual process. The way the brain processes "light" as information is closely analogous to the process behind image making and "mind control" in general. From black and white photography for "pattern recognition" to color photography for the subtle colorations of consciousness with different frequencies of light, this LANGUAGE OF LIGHT will become the universal language of choice for all world Netizens who believe in raising consciousness with higher standards for enlightened learning of the laws and language of consciousness. Whereas symbol-based languages like English are twice removed from the truth (symbol "words" made up of symbol "characters"), we will soon see desk-top video eclipse desk-top publishing as the medium of choice. A global electronic upgrade of the U.S. Constitutions horse-and-buggy representation system will take the Bill of Rights to the next level that the Founding Fathers would require, considering the instant/everywhere Internet technology. The key to this ascendency of global/local consciousness, global/local communications, and global/local community is simply the universal LANGUAGE OF LIGHT as framed by the Laws of G.O.D. and centered in the frequency of compassion; the mind of G.O.D. and heart of LOVE at the interactive interface for global/local TeLeComm (TLC-centric).


The law of correspondence, as above, so below, is true for macrocosm and microcosm... on earth as in heaven. The more simple yet profound this unified field law and language, the less likely it is misunderstood, or the easier to self-correct along the lines that frame higher consciousness and the sprit of divine love "between the lines". All peoples of Earth can understand the concept of one God, common to all peoples, as the spirit of divine love. God as Love. It's an easy step for the child of God to learn of the perfect order of everything seen in geometrized principles replicated like pieces of one giant holograph throughout all dimensions of the universe. This is where the more mature Son or Daughter of God can appreciate the Geometry Of Divinity as the law of G.O.D.'s perfect law and order. That universal law and order is the genesis of the LOVE Model  that in itself is the archetype of all ancient and modern maps of consciousness; simplified in pure geometric thoughtforms, the LOVE Model cross-correlates the most valued values within governmental constitutions, religious ritual structures, cultural norms, and the purpose for which our social, political and economic institutions have vowed to serve. The evolution of this model over the last 33 years has paralleled the computer/Internet revolution, and now defines the next big thing, after hardware, software and netware, as HEARTware™. With the world reduced to a global village of instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality capabilities, the most critical "map" for navigating the Net is the language of, by and for higher consciousness at the interactive nexus of all communications; the heart of our individual and collective network communities.

THIS VISION ALONE... properly positioned, packaged and promoted, 
whole enough and
bold enough that when told


"There's nothing new under the sun" said Solomon the Wise;
just new ways of reframing (geometrizing) universal truths.
"As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be"
translates to different ways of knowing God for different
times within different cultures, different languages, etc.

As thus is the birth of a New Earth merely
 a shift to true unity in our diversity.

"Can one generation bind another
and all others in succession forever?
I think not.
The Creator has made the Earth
for the living, not the dead.
A generation may bind itself
as long as its majority continues in life;
when that has disappeared,
another majority is in place,
holding all the powers
their predecessors once held,
and may change their laws and institutions
to suit themselves.
Nothing then is unchangeable
but the inherent and inalienable
rights of man."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1781

The Power Shift to a new generation for a new millennial age on Earth requires
a paradigm shift to a higher consciousness of divine love as law and language;
Mankind's concept of "God is Love" determines our relationships as kind men.
An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of
the "word of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity / Law of the Angles)
as the "Language of LOVE" (LOVE Model / Language of the Angels).
The Geometry Of Divinity is a frame of reference for "the word of G.O.D."

"In the beginning was the word, and the word
was with God, and the word was God."
-Book of St. John 1:1

A "New Order of the Ages" begins with a more enlightened "Order"
along more enlightened lines that geometrize all information IN FORMATION.
By our fruits - the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action at the heart of divine order -
the ultimate meaning of survival encourages the survival of ultimate meaning of

"God is Love"
... and is "for giving".

"In the beginning, God geometrized."

- Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
- Modern GeoNotes Wisdom


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Worldwide LOVE Foundation
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Understanding the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
That frames the "Language of the Angels of LOVE" (Spirit of the Law)

 - Positioning E-Valuation Criteria -- HEARTware -- along more Enlightened Lines
- Networking the Vision of Spiritual Virtues for the Victory of Global and Local Civility
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