Without the Holy Spirit of Love-in-action,
Our Worst Fears Come Upon Us

by Christopher Rudy

Tension is extremely high for the ramping up of global terror, war and high tech hell-on-earth.

As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." If we are to survive, we must learn to live together and to love one another.

What if I could show you an information and communication process whereby all the knowledge in the world could be "recycled" to distill the wisdom for solving all our social, political and economic problems?  I introduced such a model to 10 agencies of the Federal Government on Capital Hill back in 1974 and have been tweaking it since then.  with a special high touch/high tech " Model"

Back then, cable TV was wiring the nation with satellite downlinks to CATV public access studios for an electronic upgrade of our freedoms of speech and assembly. Now that "studio" is becoming desktop video and anyone can be a virtual broadcaster over the Internet. The interactive neural-networking of the global "brain" is now ready for a real-time "operating system" for conscientious common sense.

Unfortunately, all the bureaucrats, mediacrats, educrats, medicrats, sociocrats, plutocrats, etc. have a serious problem with "common sense". It's the judgment on compartmentalized "in the box" thinking... the "departmentalized" left brain of linear, logical, lock-step, letter of the law that "killeth" the right brain of spherical (non-linear) spirit of the law (of ).

You might say that the ultimate meaning of "survival" is the survival of ultimate meaning... of common sense of, by and for the law of "BEING" (BE-IN-God) LOVE.

The "whole systems" genius, Buckminster Fuller, often quoted research by biologists and anthropologists who discovered how all species and nations that became extinct did so because of overspecialization and underadaptability to common sense of the "whole system" they lived in. That's what we're seeing today with the high tech war tools of "advanced civilization" poised for global war.

Common sense is uncommon and the most powerful military-industrial special interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping it that way... to "make a killing". Failing scarcity-based economies have historically turned to war to command and control resources and populations.

But now we have a choice. Global interactive TLC-centric TeLeComm could provide an extraordinary abundance of common sense integrating information "in formation" along more enlightened lines... the " Model".

With enlightened common sense, the healing begins the healing of all disease with holistic standards for building health and preventing disease; the healing of the economies with free energy technologies now available; the healing of all separate scientific disciplines via synergistic integration with understanding of the holographic universe; the healing of the minds and hearts of young and old worldwide with synchronicity gifts of the holy spirit; the healing of self-regulating cybernetic systems (self-government) at all levels of self and civilization.

It’s really not rocket science… how our God-given gifts and talents can be involved to evolve our individual and collective wholeness and health unto the "Abundant Life". It’s just the common sense that "in-the-box" thinking has made uncommon.

Fact is, the Internet's new tools and technology infrastructure makes an abundance of "heartwise information's ecology" possible. The Internet provided the abundance of knowledge-power that sustained the economic boom of the 90's... until it hit the wall of "scarcity's value" that inadvertently sabotaged the extraordinary abundance that the "New Economy" promised.


A wholly new economy could follow a vision of instant-everywhere-interactive TeLeCom that involves and evolves higher consciousness of abundance-centric values.

After hardware, software and netware, there was supposed to be HEARTware™. It's the masterkey to idea capital and relationship capital at the "TLC" heart of global TeLeCom and the Next Economy (http//

All social, political and economic problems are ultimately "communication" (come-into-unity) problems... how to arrive with common sense. One way or the other, the global economy requires more enlightened global governance because the Internet and global connectivity requires global unity standards for our connection and comm-unity. New rules for the new (next) economy framed by the constitution of pure geometry (LOVE Model).

Without VISION ( ) of ultimate TeLeCom values for the victory of self and civilization, our human fears and sense of separation from a God of Love prevails at the expense of faith, hope and charitable LOVE-in-action; the people perish.

A special "" is the key. It's the VISION of a great hope based on the " Model" - The abundant life, even a Golden Age of Love on Earth, can follow the chain-reaction of this vision... if only enough good people care enough and PASS THIS ON.

Otherwise, as wise old Ben Franklin said at the onset of the Revolution that gave birth to the U.S., "Either we all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately." By default, class warfare and the divide-to-conquer tactics like terrorism will be used by powers-that-be to maintain the "Berlin Walls" in the mind that separate rich from poor, black from white, Muslim from Christian, etc. to create and manage crisis, terror and war and to consolidate power and control of people worldwide ( ).

It's quite simple really. The love of power of old order scarcity-based economic powers are contrary to the power of love at heart of an abundance-centric Next Economy. Or as the Father of modern psychology, puts it, "Where love rules there is no will to power. And where power pre-dominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Gustav Jung

Back in 1974, I introduced the new "TLC" rules for global TeLeComm to ten agencies of the federal government on Capital Hill. *PICTURE at http//  See blueprint abstract for the this paradigm "powershift" at (for clarity of the blue quadrant, see

The old order, based on scarcity economics, limits the abundant life for the many to maintain the scarcity that keeps prices, profits and power-to-control high for the few. It's the natural effect of corporate law that dictates shareholder interests come before public interest when profits are at stake. This is the cause and core driving force behind class-warfare, race wars, gender wars, etc. that polarizes complimentary diversity into conflicting division. The rich get richer and disenfranchised masses worldwide become victims of manipulation and genocide.

The love of power of a surperrich power elite sets divisive global policies at the expense of the love of a God-of-Love of people worldwide, causing a hatred of everything American. Fact is, the international power elite has no allegiance to anything American. They've been behind the scenes creating and managing every major war of the century as well as the international drug trade and a wide range of corporate tyranny that puts profits before people.

This self-serving anti-love order is crumbling under it's own oxymoronic "value of scarcity" momentums. It’s also crumbling thanks to the abundance of Net info available to the masses that empowers us to know better and do better. (

War is ultimate scarcity for ultimate control of powers that would keep governing controls FROM the people rather than of, by and for the people. It's the ultimate threat to the Abundant Life and a LOVE-centric economics of abundance. Since there has NOT YET been a revolution in higher consciousness of the Golden Rule/Law Language of as will set the matrix for a Golden Age ( ... by default, the technology of global connectivity is being used to program the mass mind with war/hate/retaliation justification... ramping up the terrorism with a Machiavellian population reduction and control agenda that will bring our worst fears upon us... like sheeple to the slaughter as prophesied by George Washington "3rd peril" vision at Valley Forge (

Prophecy is merely a warning. By the Great Law of , mankind has free will to choose good or evil, love or war. We get what we "ask for" whether we know it or like it or not. The greatest power we have is the power of choice... to empower the New Rules for the Next Economy via the Golden Rule/Law Language of ... or to embrace the "e-vil" (energy veil) that separates our thought, feelings and actions from Greater Love ( ).

Is America about to reap the whirlwind of terror it has sown in the Middle East with decades of murderous foreign policy intervention)?

Or will an alliance of servant leaders unite to jump-start the Next Economy with the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution (

Always Victory When We Love Enough,

Founder-Director of HEARTcom Services
High touch high tech at the heart of Net worth

Christopher Rudy is author of the online interactive book, Blueprint For A Golden Age, at <> He appreciates enlightened feedback at


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