Natural Organization Principles for Healing Planetary Civilization


"The world is a cosmic struggle for the soul of mankind
and that struggle is reaching a climax."


Four Principles Re: The Nature of Universal LOVE


“Entire planetary systems must also adapt to natural laws
 -- universal laws of natural order –
or they naturally self-destruct. 
There are consequences for endless war insanity
that destabilizes the natural order of things.” 

-------- article follows:


The Natural Order and “Ordering Process”
that Follows Natural-Universal Principles


By Christopher Rudy, U.S. citizen but global Netizen first

                                    Author, Blueprint For A Golden Age
                                    Director, The Legacy Project
                                    Co-creator, LOVE The Foundation                                  


Natural organization is the Law and Language of Nature.  It is the natural order of Creation -- the laws of energy that define a "unified field theory" for all energy fields within fields.  There are three basic energy fields that are integrated in the creation of all matter. For a graphic depiction of these “right dynamic” (), “round magnetic” () and “radiant” ( ) energy principles framing the natural organization of all nature – as "holistically integrated" () via an early 1973 version of The Model – see .


What's interesting about these universal laws of energy field manifestation is that they are holographic in nature and are recreated throughout all creation, providing the blueprint for DNA and the functions of consciousness itself. It's been said that the "laws of God are written in our inward parts" and they are written "holistically" (holographically) in the organization of all our body systems and the brain's organization of the processes of consciousness.


There are many examples of this such as iridology, Oriental face diagnosis, reflexology and other "body maps" that reflect the inner workings of the whole body.  Perhaps the most significant of these "whole system" maps is the human brain.  Modern mapping techniques have discovered that the human brain provides a holographic field of bio-energetics that, indeed, are a function of "maps of consciousness" based on the same , , and principles referenced above.


These four core universal laws of natural organization are not only the operant principles for encoding DNA for the optimal health of living organisms.  They are also the blueprint coordinates for imprinting cultural DNA within the collective conscience of our social organizations and the morphegenic grids morphing the health of all planetary life including the Earth “body” itself.

Consider “DNA” as an acronym for “Defining Natural Ascent” --  the evolutionary ascent of self and civilization.  To the extent we “love Nature” – the nature of universal love -- we naturally evolve with those natural laws that govern the natural ascent of the "soul matrix" for self and civilization.


The blueprint for universal law is – by Nature – a simple yet profound universal language.  It frames the constitution of natural phenomena with four simple yet profound principles outlined by pure geometry – The LOVE Model.  This “Geometrically Ordered Divinity” (G.O.D. as ) is the “Universal Law of the Angles” that frames the “Natural Language of the Angels” (divine love) between the lines.


Common sense of, by and for this natural law language is, in fact, the “high ground” of natural morality that cultures “the angels of our better nature”.  That is an expression used by Thomas Paine in his treatise COMMON SENSE – the most successful political pamphlet in history – that sparked the American Revolution and gave the world a working model of the Constitution for self-governance.  Abraham Lincoln is often quoted using that expression without credit to its source.


Resurrecting Common Sense is to finish globally what U.S. Founders began.  The big difference today is the need for a Space Age "instant-everywhere" (Internet) upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system.  The governing system in the U.S. has been infiltrated by a collusion of giant corporate monopolies that serve their profit and power at the expense of government's core purpose.  In other words, the best interests of the public -- indeed ALL humanity in our global village -- are being challenged by out-of-control special interests with a vested interest in keeping power and control FROM the people rather that "of, by and for the people".  Core freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution have suffered as a result.

Restoring the Constitution with a Space Age upgrade requires “Freedom of the Press” as Net neutrality.  Likewise, “Freedom of Assembly” requires Net neutrality“Freedom of Speech” also requires Net neutrality.  And without the golden rule/law language of LOVE at the heart of Net neutrality -- representing "Freedom of Religion"-- the heart of the Constitution is not well represented.


I can’t emphasize the importance of Net neutrality enough.  "Freedom and Opportunity" –  global civility's soul mate "twins" – require Net neutrality. The common carrier of intelligence -- print, radio and TV -- is now the Internet.  And the heart and soul of common ground for this common carrier is the Common Sense of natural organization principles.


The higher the natural law concept for Common Sense
-- the LOVE-centric Net Neutrality this is holistically
 defined, refined and combined (applied) for Net reality --
the greater the results that will shine for the world in the
Spirit of Freedom and Opportunity for ALL mankind.


Statue of Liberty Picture

Lady Liberty is the archetype of freedom, holding the torch that lights the way to freedom and opportunity while cradling the Book of the “Law” under her arm.  This is ultimately cosmic law, universal law, the law of G.O.D.~LOVE as can now define, refine and combine (synergize) our God-given gifts and talents, providing a global electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system and Bill of Rights… so that the holy Spirit of collective LOVE-in-action can once again shine for the world. “The meek shall inherit the Earth” when a government of Law honors greater LOVE in the public SPHERE as a divine RIGHT (ordained power of love) that “orders” (organizes) checks & balances on the inordinate love of power.



Love of the Constitution – the heart of freedom in a global village-- is best served
 when Net neutrality is honored and encouraged in the way
that reflects and perfects the Constitution of


If you witness the great drama of endless war profiteers challenging core freedoms under the Constitution, the test of conscience is to either curse the darkness or turn on the light.  "Sunshine" (enlightened conscience) is the best disinfectant.  Likewise, the cause and core "initiation" (test) of enlightened intelligence is affirmation, confirmation, determination and “integration” (application) of those core Constitutional principles at the heart of the new “common carrier” for conscientious common sense.


In short, if global civilization is to survive and thrive, it must embrace the nature of truly universal organization principles that geometrize all Creation, frame the Constitution, and provide the cultural DNA for mediating global intelligence with the gold standard for intelligence:

 – Freedom of Press as Net neutrality -- an open Internet as the common carrier of "network intelligence" (print, radio and TV);
         (the divine-sovereign
RIGHT of networked intelligence that speaks Truth to POWER -- the etter of the aw of divine order)
 – Freedom of Assembly whereby global Netizens can connect freely and openly to "assemble" (network) intelligence;
WISDOM that recycles intelligence in the public SPHERE -- the "spherical" spirit of global neness)
 – Freedom of Speech via interactive capabilities that synergize the capabilities of net neutrality () and network assembly ();

         (the origination/E-valuation "recycling" of intelligence via response ability -- "info ecology" via CHECKS & BALANCES of )
  – Freedom of Religion that centers and connects all the above via the Spirit of LOVE at the heart of natural law rulership;
           (the virtue of
Net worth that cultures the whol- spirit of -in-action that is greater than the sum of the holographic parts)


If you agree that we are ALL connected as never before in the history of Earth, it naturally follows that the connection to “natural order” -- the natural organization of the universe, and universal law of natural organization processes -- is the best hope for humanity.  a system that will check, balance or otherwise heal the fabric of civilization that is unraveling due to the onslaught of unnatural war with nature and freedom itself.


This is the LEGACY PROJECT:  to finish worldwide what U.S. Founders began.  It is a grass-roots global DECENTRALIZED movement to bring natural law and order checks and balances to the highly CENTRALIZED collusion of big business with big government as characterizes Big Brother tyranny infiltrating our social, political and economic institutions.  Heaven knows that the Constitution of LOVE -- the heart of REAL intelligence -- will provide the cultural DNA of a "golden rule" with more honor and integrity than "He who has the gold makes the rules."


What enlightened Netizens worldwide are waiting for is a new-improved version of Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE that will catalyze, crystalize and otherwise "geometrize" natural law and order in the "United States of Earth".


Freedom without divine order is anarchy.
Law and order without freedom is tyranny.
The holy spirit of
LOVE-in-action is wisdom
whose 1st gift is discernment and first fruit is
restraints on both anarchy and tyranny.


Since the LOVE Model is truly "universal" in its pure geometry framework of Natural Law, it represents the "whole Law" -- holistic "holographic" principles that frame the processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance.  Applied to "Net reality" it will naturally harmonize and heal the information environment that shapes our conscience, social networks and cultural institutions.

Understanding this holographic "holism" is the beginning of discernment
distinguished by the wisdom of greater
LOVE for all mankind:

” as “Linear” conditional love delineated by the “Left-brain Logic” of  .
 This is the “rectilinear” (dynamic) framework of the energetic laws of Nature.
       When “exalted” (true LOVE) it is the principle of “polarity” (two-in-one) whereby
       differences are “complimentary” (win/win) and diversity is loved.  Without this
LOVE, polarity degenerates to “duality” (divisions) whereby natural
       virtue is compromised by supremacist values and “win/lose” (divide-to-conquer)
       wars with nature and the natural “Rights of Mankind” (to live as kind men).


”as “non-linear” unconditional love of a “spherical” (right-brain)  spirit.
       This is the “round” (magnetic) energy of cohesion at the heart of the four
       geometrized principles of natural law.  It is the Law of the
ne whereby
       the connection in the web of life compels love of, by and for Nature – the
       nature of
.  Without greater LOVE, lesser loves value things above
       people and loves power – for ownership and control of things and people --
       above the first principle of
LOVE for Nature – ALL sentient beings.


” as the “synergy” that combines the best of both worlds of “” (Letter of the
Law of
), and “” (Spirit of the Language of LOVE), creating a
        “radiant” (co-creative) energy that is greater than the sum of
+  parts.
        This is the Law of “three-in-
ne” whereby the “Great Spirit” (Language of the
) co-creates with higher mental discernment of the “mind of G.O.D.”
Law of the Angles).  Without this thr
ne of G.O.D.-LOVE” (three-in-ne
         of the holy trinity), our “Geometrically Ordained Divinity” (divine direction)
         is misdirected in “unwhole” (unholy) or otherwise "disconnected" ways.


” as the “whol-E” (holy-holistic) integration of the ,  and  archetypes in all
 dimensions of the “soul matrix” (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical).
        This holistic integration of Spirit in matter -- with the balance of left-right brain
         processes -- corresponds to E-valuation criteria for “whol-
” (holographic)
         Net reality defined through corresponding natural organization “soul matrix”
         coordinates of “E-governance” (spiritually), “E-learning” (mentally), “E-care”
         (holistic health) and “E-commerce” (financially).  Indeed,
LOVE rules when
         the Golden Rule-Law Language for a Golden Age is the sovereign rule.


It’s not rocket science folks.  Our global village of “spacecraft Earth” is crying out, “We’ve got a problem Houston”.   The system of big government in the U.S. – in collusion with big business special interests – has hit the wall of The Peter Principle – rising to its level of incompetence.  Our core institutions have been infiltrated and corrupted by self-serving forces that do not serve the purpose for which our institutions were created.


Corporate law serves shareholders first – not the public at large.  When government “of, by and for the people” is hijacked by corporate interests profiting from terror, war, disease, death and hell on earth guess who profits?  Not the people of America nor the people of Earth.  Global civilization is destroyed by that nefarious plot out of hell.


Where’s the love?  How do we reboot global civilization with a love of natural  LOVE-centric virtue as common sense law and universal language?


Common sense would say we have a choice.  We can either reboot Net reality with the global LOVE Network that cultures the Net worth of a LOVE-centric Constitution.  Or, by default, we can get along by going along with self-destructive war insanity until earth is a nuclear ash heap ravaged by mass plagues engineered by the war profiteers.  There are other scenarios for the destruction of planetary civilization, but I’ll spare the consequences for defaulting to self-destruct insanity.


Dying or Thriving – Oblivion or Utopia


Speaking for Common Sense, I’d like to propose a full-blown strategy of “do or die for Light and  LOVE”.  Something that every pro-life-for-their-life Netizen of planet Earth can champion by networking far and wide.  By the grace of this movement -- the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action – sacred honor of, by and for honor of the sacred will naturally chain-react in the collective conscience of humanity to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  


Want to see what that movement will look like? 

If enough good people do enough to make it so, this holy Spirit of pure intent for worldwide LOVE will naturally heal the fabric of civilization.  It will institute the universal Constitution of “checks and balances” that make government accountable to the purpose it is sworn to serve. To good to be true? 


What is the alternative?  We’re either busy dying or busy being reborn.


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
 We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


If enough good people fail to do enough to turn things around  – by default of sufficient “pure intent” –  organized greed and corruption will do what it has always done and get what it has always got.  In this case, the destruction of global life and liberty in the name of “saving it”; that should be obvious by now.  We can't take freedom for granted any longer.  Betrayal by "domestic enemies" of freedom are clearly using tyranny tactics that will destroy what they profess to protect if they are not checked.


The only hope in this default failure alternative is that the natural destruction of Earth – perhaps from massive cataclysmic Earth changes rather than global war – will leave a remnant who will turn back to natural living in harmony with natural law as the platform for evolutionary ascent of the soul matrix of all sentient life.


That is not an acceptable choice for enlightened humanity. There is a way to quickly “matriculate the soul matrix” of planetary civilization and reverse the self-destruct spiral NOW.  And you can do it yourself!  A grass-roots Net movement whereby chain-reacted Networking for Net worth champions self-evident truth.


"Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks,
and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."
--Thomas Paine


Don’t count on "powers that be" running a corrupt system to self-correct.  Corporate corruption of the representation process is entrenched.  Our elected “leaders” won’t see the light until they feel the heat of a global revolution in Common Sense.


Common Sense would say that re-alignment with the first principles of natural law for natural rEVOLUTION – emphasizing 90% of the word – will reestablish natural order in a LOVE-centric way.  That would be a self-evident truth if common sense was not so foreign to the corrupt electioneering  process.


Are you ready for the Big Shift of the global evolution revolution?


It’s time for bold action folks.  When the truth of planetary “self-elevation” (salvation) is whole enough, bold enough and told enough, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  There’s a way to do that in a simple yet profound way.


Call it “linking the light”… “networking for Net worth”
or energizing blueprint coordinates for the
Worldwide LOVE Foundation


That is a compelling strategy when you see how it works. Up to this point, I’ve addressed that strategy metaphorically, practicing restraint since most people could not hear a compelling global solution because they didn’t see a compelling global problem.  But that has changed folks.  Time and cycles have changed. 


World history shows that 19 of the 21 great world civilizations were destroyed from within -- systemic corruption -- and without a global revolution in LOVE-centric principles restoring the golden rule/law language at the heart of decentralized Net reality, highly centralized war profiteers will continue to resort to unwarranted war powers with 9-11 type provocateur terror and tyranny tactics.


The world is facing global devolution and destruction
for lack of will for global evolution and healing.


The solution that is most likely to insure our safety and happiness is NOT reliance on highly centralized institutions of power that no longer serve the purpose for which they were created.  To do what we've always done -- expecting self-correction from corrupt institutions that deny accountability for 9-11 truth -- is complicity with this tyrannical insanity.  The solution is decentralized truth and sanity that demands Net reality along more enlightened "lines" of LOVE-centric civility.


Enough good people are now ready and willing to do better when they know better.




If you are ready for that “S.O.S.” strategy now – to Save Our Society – click on the link immediately above.  Then if you prefer more background context for the perfect timing of this movement, read these summary points.


The Great Experiment of self-governmening freedom and opportunity -- of by and for ALL people – has been co-opted, taken over or otherwise hijacked by special interests who have a vested interest in destruction of what common sense would say is best for all.  Common Sense is kept uncommon by the MSM (Main Stream Media) or people would not put up with this self-destruct course of civilization.


This is indeed a global issue that has naturally followed the three waves of the computer-Internet revolution from “hardware” (corporate "mainframe" dominance) and “software” (small business "desktop" dominance) to “netware” (computer "network" dominance).  Now the Big Shift that the whole world is waiting for is from the 3rd Wave of “the computer is the network” to the 4th wave of “the network is conscious with a heart” (heartware/LOVE Model).

Conscious computing with a universal interface for evolutionary ascent of our collective conscience is not just possible now, it’s a “do or die” imperative. It’s that critical folks.  Freedom and Opportunity for ALL life on earth depends on natural organization principles and process that are most likely to insure our safety and happiness in the “nervous system” of Net reality.  Without
LOVE at the heart of it, where is the love?


The WHOLE WORLD is watching America very closely right now.  Everything that America once stood for is wanted by the WHOLE WORLD.  Indeed, the WHOLE ISSUE that a WHOLE WORLD is crying for is a WHOLE SYSTEM for shifting the paradigm paralysis of war profiteering policies.  A WHOLE SYSTEM that restores checks and balances to public service above all.  A WHOLE SYSTEM that naturally evolves and heals global divisions and dysfunction with natural law-based “grass-roots” (Net) activism. 


And what will that look like when Net reality becomes LOVE-centric?  You will see whole communities, "network communities" and the world community come together in growing expressions of greater love in the face of tragedy. 


For example, consider the full story following the recent tragedy when 10 young Amish girls where bound and shot by their deranged milkman for their one-room school.  Are you aware that more people from the Amish community turned out for the funeral of the gunman than were present from the gunman’s own family? 

This is the profound implication of the natural order of things when REAL community – a love-centric people close to natural order -- is unified with a standard of love and forgiveness that transcends the divisions between victim and perpetrator. The victim of this tragedy was considered the perpetrator’s family as well the children. Love went both ways.  


You may consider this just a weird anomaly in “civilized” society, but the ability to  say, I’m sorry, I love you is the core nature of civility.  It’s the time-proven standard of healthy tribes and tribal confederations throughout recorded history. When there is ONE LOVE, there are no victims or perpetrators.


Universal LOVE of, by and for “One Earth, One People”; The Family of Man.  Either we embrace that standard in the global village reality of Net-centric civilization, or we forfeit our humanity, and default to inhumanity that wars with man and nature.


If you look at the indigenous peoples of Earth that survived for thousands of years, you will find a natural order to their self-governing sense of honor that holds the virtue of love and forgiveness in the highest esteem.


Love of Nature and the nature of real LOVE go together.  It goes "both ways".


From the Australian Aboriginal Writer, Burnum Burnum, we read of this same nature of love by those who love Nature.  The event he wrote about happened at a time when Australia was being colonized, largely by convicts from England:


“Europeans caught a glimpse of Aboriginal personality.  Governor Philllip had decided to set an example by punishing a convict thief who stole some fishing implements belonging to an Aboriginal person.  In the presence of both the British and Aboriginal People, the thief was bound and flogged.  So distressed were the Aboriginal People that they attacked the flogger, took the whip from him and cried for the thief.”


This level of empathy for those who suffer is indeed the hallmark of civilized society.  Those Hopi, Tibetan and indigenous cultures that survived thousand of years did so because they never lost their sense of the sacred natural order of things.


So how do we best say, “I’m sorry, I love you to the perpetrators and victims of 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon? 


How do we take the war whip out of the hands
of the war perpetrators
 as we cry for the victims of war?


As global Net reality moves to the Fourth Wave of the computer/Internet revolution, the love of Nature cultured by the “Nature of LOVE” will restore the sacred order of natural organization in the fabric of civilization.


The healing will begin, knitting the holes in the fabric of humanity’s soul matrix.  One Earth with universal appreciation of the self-correcting, self-governing, self-elevation standard of, by and for an all-pervasive, all-embracing LOVE NATURE.

In the Grand Scheme of Things, the Love of Truth prevails
with the Constitution of


"The truth is a tsunami.  We surf it or we die." 

- Dr. David Hawkins


All Ways ,


- Christopher



"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 -- “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi

”As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

- Carl Jung

Why LOVE?  To empower the “Angels of our better nature”
- from Tom Paine’s COMMON SENSE, used by Abe Lincoln also

 "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. 
  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal
 controls on government would be necessary."

 - James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

 Federalist no. 51


You are receiving GeoNotes News:
metrizing Net reality
along more enlightened lines framed by the "LOVE Model"
that centers the universal “Language of the Angels”
          (frequency of holy compassion)
at the heart of the universal “Law of the Angles”
           (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)

Network GeoNotes for the Net worth of Net reality. Why?
With the golden rule/law language
at the heart of global
  LOVE rules. 


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Networking the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
  that frames the "Language of the Angels of LOVE" (Spirit of the Law)

Profit without principle is piracy.
Law without freedom is tyranny.
The one leads to the other just as surely as
freedom without law is anarchy.
Only wisdom in the power of Love
will check and balance the love of power
that denies compassion in action.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.