Conclusion of the "What if you knew..." series



Linking the Light of Truth and  


by Christopher Rudy


There is a simple yet profound way that the Family of Man is uniting as never before in history.  The "All Present" (instant-everywhere-interactive) Internet has connected all humanity in profound “global village” (community conscious) ways.


If you have studied community building under leaders in this field such as Dr. Scott Peck, you are aware that the community building process is typically met with chaos and confusion before the final stage of real community is realized.  This process has proven true in community building workshops for geographical communities as well religious, governmental, educational, medical and business communities that meet physically or “virtually” (on-line) to “get it all together”.


“Community is an adventure. We can never predict
 what will happen exactly  when a group of people
becomes authentic and open to the Spirit.
 It’s full of surprises. 
Thank God, because while the outcomes are
usually quite different from what we imagined,
 they are often far better  than we could have dreamed.”

- Dr. Scott Peck, M.D.


Replace the word “community” immediately above with the word “Net freedom”… and you will see the purpose of the LOVE Network.  Indeed, we’re seeing that final stage before the collective conscience of global community becomes authentic and open to the spirit of genuine freedom in our all-connected global village. 


Net freedom is indeed “an adventure” that is “full of surprises”
like finding out what is REALLY going on in the world.


As it is now, the global “Internetwork of networks” (Net) is weaving the fabric of global conscience with virtually all the information in the world at our keyboard finger tips.  Every global Netizen can use search engines for virtual “omniscience” (all knowledge), virtual “omnipotence” (knowledge power) and interactive “omnipresence” (all connected).  ALL together, this has been the greatest challenge to mindless ignorance, abusive powers and heartless disconnects with higher conscience in the history of mankind.


The REAL war we see in the final stage of global freedom is -- at core -- the age-old power struggles between freedom and tyranny. The core freedoms promised by the global Internet have hit the wall of entrenched corruption that has done violence to the sovereign rights of other nations while attacking the core Constitutional freedoms of Americans.


The truth of right versus might which championed freedom for all in early America has now risen to a level of gross incompetence where might versus right.  The truth of this eternal struggle between genuine freedom and empire tyranny is today as contentious as it was when American colonists fought the Revolutionary War against the empire tyranny of their day. 


 The abundance of choices for information speaks to the success of the Internet.  Freedom can be messy like that – with mind-numbing information overload and future shock from the accelerated rate of change – but what is the alternative to freedom?  Life is always a test of sorts, but it sure beats the alternative.


“Give me liberty or give me death” were fighting words during the American Revolution.  Those words are timeless for those who love freedom.  They are as important to global freedom today as they were when the Great Experiment of representative self-government was founded. 


As goes the Internet, so goes global freedom


As with the American Revolution, the natural evolution of Net freedom has already created a grassroots consciousness-raising revolution unlike any movement in history.  Time and space have been eliminated and the mysteries of God in our global village have been unveiled as a quantum universe of “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”. 


Since “God” as a values banner has been so severely abused for war profiteering by corrupt influences in Church and State, an equal standard of uncompromised moral imperative is needed to address global solidarity with a less contentious standard for upholding the Constitution of Net freedom worldwide. 


 “Religion is indeed a principal thing, but too much is worse than none at
all. The world abounds with knaves and villains, but of all knaves, the
religious knave is the worst; and villainies acted under the cloak of
religion are the most despicable."

- Benjamin Franklin


Religious freedom is only as good as the spirit of divine love at the heart of it.  The heart of the Constitution is indeed the Constitution of divine love, without which, self-government doesn’t work well.  Improve the standard for LOVE at the heart of our Net interactions and ALL of the Natural Rights of Man are blessed by the holy spirit of interactive LOVE-in-action.  Or as that “great soul” (Mahatma) Gandhi said so well, “If a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he has reached the heart of all religions.”


Unfortunately, the common sense of a Gandhi is lacking in the political cesspools of corrupt leadership, and Net freedom is incessantly challenged by politically correctness that is morally wrong.

“So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent,
 and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods,
religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men."
 -Voltarine de Cleyre

Gandhi also said,
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."  His non-violent approach was successful in liberating India from the same dominant empire mentality that George Washington fought against to liberate the American Colonies.  Gandhi seized the moral high ground and never let go, fasting to near death until Independence was assured. 

This is the “do or die” moral high ground that must be seized now by Netizens worldwide.  There is a window of freedom still open with the Internet, but that window may soon close if enough good Netizens don’t do enough, and soon. 

"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression.
In both instances, there is a twilight.
    And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware
of change in the air -- however slight -- 
lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.
    -- William O. Douglas, 1939-75, US Supreme Court Justice

Mark my words, the eternal vigilance needed to secure global freedom has now reaching heightened alert status.  The enemy is at the gates, wanting to make a “toll both” out of free speech on the Internet.  They naturally want to restrict the freedom and truth that makes them accountable for corruption, treachery and tyranny over the hearts and minds of man.

As Thomas Paine said (full quote at bottom) in COMMON SENSE: “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."  The Declaration of Independence went further stating that, “…all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

The info war waged by the corrupt mainstream media is largely psychological and spiritual at this point, but it is going emotional (terror) and physical (tyranny) way too fast to deny the design to reduce humanity to absolute despotism.

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition,
it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures,
until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens
 and creates a country where everyone lives in fear"
- former President, Harry S. Truman

Common Sense, United Consensus and Coordinated Action


The global Internet movement is defining a fearless faith in a new COMMON SENSE.  This cause for genuine freedom is, as Thomas Paine said, “the cause of all mankind”.  In this critical hour of Earth’s evolution, it is a rally cry to a united concensus for Net freedom.  And it is asking, indeed begging, the moral sense of freedom fighters who are uncompromised in their stand for Net freedom.


The rate of change has indeed been accelerating due to the instant knowledge availability of Net freedom.  Within this context of change in general, the only other permanent condition is the natural order of the universe and those universal laws that frame all creation.  As understanding of this natural order of things is "centered and connected" at the interactive interface "heart" of the Internet, we will see wisdom "matriculate the matrix" of Net reality.  The rate of change will be "normalized" with the natural wisdom that knows when to "thrust with power" or "cohere with love".


This is the Big Shift in process -- the wisdom-centric shift from the third wave Net paradigm of "the computer is the Internet" to the Fourth Wave of "the network is conscious with a heart".  Net reality is meeting quantum reality.  And the defining moment -- the "miracle moment" -- is when individuals and organizations discover how the "LOVE thing" will check, balance or otherwise harmonize the accelerated rate of change that is morphing our individual and collective conscience. 


This unifying principle for "cohesion" -- amidst disintegration of old paradigms -- is the "heart and smart" of the evolutionary ascent process for individuals, organizations and entire planetary systems.  The "heart" part is, in fact, the language of the angels of love -- the frequency of holy compassion that speaks to the "angels of our better nature" as Thomas Paine referred to our humanity in Common Sense.  The "smart part" is actually the "Effective Sensory Perception" that operates on the Constitution of  as the universal "law of the angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  Indeed, there's nothing "extra" about "ESP" when you have G.O.D.~ LOVE Consciousness.


If someone forwarded this link to you – and you haven’t got a clue what this LOVE thing is about, I suggest that you at least read the article “LOVE NATURE”.  You might say that this article is an introduction to an "interactive book – The Living Book of  --  that is previewed at .


This article you are reading now is the PREFACE of that Living Book.  It's a primer for all who would pursue the opportunity to right the wrongs that challenge life and liberty in our global village.  The emphasis is on those "enlightened self interest" principles that will chain-react the vision of global LOVE for higher conscience, holistic healing and extraordinary non-profit service to humanity that is highly profitable for those networking this vision.


Networking for Net worth


Without the Net reality of Common Sense in the global community networks defining the CONSCIENCE of humanity, the sense of common meaning, virtue and purpose championed by Constitutional freedoms will continue to be subverted by powerful corporate special interests that have seized war powers at the expense of the Constitution itself.  Not just the U.S. Constitution, but also the natural Constitution of "Net worth" – the currency of the real “gold standard” for healthy community networks.

It was Common Sense that sparked the American Revolution and it is Common Sense that will finish GLOBALLY what U.S. Founders began.  Common Sense today would say that genuine global freedom must follow the natural evolution of intelligence with open freedoms of press, assembly, speech and religion that the instant-everywhere-interactive Net Media has naturally cultured.


I pray, dear reader, that you will have the patience and fortitude to “seize the moment”, see the and network this vision of the LOVE Network for the Net worth of global civility. 

“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.
He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

Heaven knows that the world situation is critical.  It's time for an "Urgent Appeal" to global humanity... for divine nature to meet human nature at the level of "the angels of our better nature".  Indeed, a higher organizational level for all humanity.  To forfeit responsibility for the global reality of our "Net connection" (Net reality) is to surrender response ability -- the unique capability of interactive Net freedom.

The medium of communications is indeed the message.  The Internet is participatory, interactive, decentralized “grass-roots” and therefore intrinsically democratic in nature.  Conversely, the mainstream broadcast media is one-way, highly centralized “top down” with little regard for decentralized representation of, by and for all people.

The ALL-connected Internet is decentralized, grass-roots, instant-everywhere
and interactive in a "bottom-up way" (direct interaction by ALL Netizens)
that aspires to open-free communication cooperation
in the Spirit of what is best for the networks of humanity.
Unity in diversity is cultured through the power of love for all.
The highly centralized government-regulated media is highly "scripted" (closed)
and "one-way" (their way) in a "top-down way" (ownership and control)
that supports war powers for command and control by a self-serving elite
in the spirit of "entitlement" (supremacist pride) to profit through power.
Divide to conquer is dictated by the love of power through war.

Net responsibility requires interactive response ability.  Without a free and open Internet, the ability to respond or otherwise self-correct with truth, wisdom and informed choice is compromised.  This was the concern of decentralized State rights vs. centralized government rights when the Constitution was forged.  

Now that balance of powers is threatened by giant multinational corporations that have infiltrated a giant top-down government bureaucracy in collusion with giant media conglomerates who want control of the media sphere.  Whereas the public gets to "vote" via a corrupted electoral process every few years, corporate lobbyists are meeting with our representatives every day. 

The "representation system" is out of balance and our reps in Congress won't see the light until they feel the heat.

It is the corporate-government collusion and corruption that is stealing the Rights of Man.  The Corporate state of affairs is a soulless beast that is legally mandated to put profits before people.  This “bottom line” is antithesis to highest and best purpose of representative government – what’s best for all.  That bottom line worships the gods of war to consolidate power and profits.  It harbors discrimination and inequity rather than egalitarian freedom and liberty.  It has resulted in a corrupt form of monopoly capitalism that creates captive markets with political authorization and military force.  It promised that globalization would narrow the gap between rich and poor but instead, the gap has widened. The 356 richest families on the planet enjoy a combined wealth that now exceeds the annual income of 40% of the 6.5 billion people on Earth.


The whole world of Internet-enlightened Netizens are well aware of the Rothchild, Rockefeller, Clinton and Bush family representation of super-rich interests profiting in everything from the global trade in illegal drugs to the cabal of war industries and banksters underwriting endless war for profit and population reduction.  It's a lousy agenda.  There is indeed a better way.  It's a little sophisticated, but so is the global intelligence of enlightened Netizens.


I've been back to the drawing board a thousand times the last 36 years to bring this LOVE-centric opportunity to fruition in “community building” terms that could now optimize Net freedom.  There’s a history here that has been “in the trenches” -- fighting for Common Sense – for a long time.


Lighting a fire to the feet of Congress -- Linking the light of truth and

The real warfare "behind the scenes" has always been dark forces -- call them principalities of sinister intent -- that have no respect for the natural rights of humanity nor God, Nature, Common Sense or the Constitution of natural-universal law itself.   The most powerful special interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping Common Sense uncommon.  Otherwise they could not survive, much less thrive on the mass stupidity of endless war for peace.

The real "Star Wars" throughout universal history has always been against this "dark side of the force".  The real "light side of the force" has always been most effective for neutralizing dark forces challenging Net freedom.  It's time to lock and load those thought forms and organizational principles and processes that culture "more light".  This light force in the web of life and consciousness on Earth is naturally "framed" by the principles and processes outlined by the Constitution of universal LOVE as natural law and universal language.

That may be a challenge to lock-step fundamentalist dogma or the "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) of war-crazed "BS" (Belief System), but if we can't agree on the Constitution of core freedoms upgraded for Net reality, where's the love of freedom championed in the freedom of, by and for LOVE?

If left to itself, the dark force of “win/lose” – organized corruption vs. the spirit of freedom – will continue to war with man and nature, sabotaging freedom in the name of security until we have neither freedom nor security.  Conversely, the light force of “win/win” – cultured by “the LOVE  thing” at the heart of Net reality – will naturally neutralize dark forces like sunshine at the dawn of day.

Networking for LOVE is Networking for Freedom

Soaring on the wings of angels -- the angels of our better nature -- is the process of natural evolutionary ascent for the soul of individuals, community networks, and planetary civilization at large.  This process is the product of true wealth measured by the Golden Rule/Law standard that has provided the cultural DNA for every Golden Age.  This wealth is the source of the natural "abundant life" (currency) that underwrites the New Economy for Net reality.  Naturally, it is LOVE-centric.  And naturally, it will reboot the infrastructure of Net reality along more enlightened lines that geometrize a LOVE-centric plan for e-governance, e-learning, e-care (health) and e-commerce... all representative of the Abundant Life that follows from abundant LOVE.

It ain't rocket science. Take if from the top at .  Or jump to the "Networking Plan" below.

It's not one's aptitude - but rather attitude -- that determines "altitude"; whether we soar on the wings of angels or scratch with the turkeys.

Black gold (oil) is a poor substitute for the REAL gold standard, especially when black gold is used by black hearts to justify global hegemony via Mid-East power grabs.  Enlightened global Netizens now know that clean, virtually free energy technologies have existed for decades but have been suppressed by oil monopolists and their protection racket in Congress. 

There's no love for Nature or mankind in that.  There's just more global warming, poisoning of the air, food and water... plus more depleted uranium from DU war munitions exploded in the Mid-East and circulating deadly radiation particulates across Europe and worldwide.  That's insane - a bad agenda by power elite giants who are ethical infants destroying Earth as a life-support system.  Enough is enough.

Who is responsible?  We the People... ALL people in our global village.  We're all connected in this.  If we don't network a self-evident solution for our own survival, WHO WILL?  Who will use the Internet to culture global community, networking a LOVE-centric vision for the Net worth of genuine freedom while the Internet is still relatively free and open?

What other choice for real-connected “COMM~UNITY” (with unity) does enlightened humanity have?  As Dr. Scott Peck said above, “…while the outcomes are usually quite different from what we imagined, they are often far better than we could have dreamed.”

What do you think will happen when the global “Net worth” economy is abundant “LOVE-based” (win/win) rather than based on prevailing scarcity economics, the oxymoronic win/lose “value of scarcity” whereby the superrich win by suppressing the abundant life for all? 

What good is material abundance if it denies the abundant life freedoms – for others – that blessed our own bounty?  That’s not just hypocrisy of the worst self-contradictory nature.  It is betrayal of the blessings of freedom that self-destructs the freedom of those once blessed.  According to the famous historian Arnold Toynbee, 19 of the 21 great world civilizations have self-destructed for that reason.

As goes Net freedom, so goes global civilization

Consider what Net freedom will look like for the abundant life of all mankind. Consider how natural order, harmony and peace can be restored with natural healing that occurs in all our social, political and economic institutions.

The natural evolution of global freedom must be in alignment and harmony with natural laws.  I higher order of global freedom requires checks and balance on the abuse of power in public institutions that have been co-opted by monopoly powers with little regard for public service.  Freedom will be lost globally if it is not protected and nurtured by the natural order of LOVE-centric networks governing our conscience and local/global communities.

Launch of LOVE Network as the Mother of all Networks

The Internet has been called the network of networks -- the “Mother of all networks”.  Although the principle of the “Divine Mother” as unconditional love is foreign to power elite giants who act like ethical infants on war steroids, it is still the principle of win/win cooperation that heals the divisions caused by win/lose competition over money, power and the resources of Mother Earth.

It is the spirit of unconditional love that says, “We are One – all connected as the Family of Man”.  This is the spirit of Net neutrality that embraces Net freedom of a LOVE-centric nature.  Rather than forced control of Internet content, it empowers the freedom of every sovereign Netizen with natural self-correcting principles and processes at the quintessential foundation of self-governing conscience.

Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with a treatise on Common Sense that ended with a call to war with reference to the armaments needed to secure American freedoms.  Today his Common Sense would address the “info-war” that threatens all humanity.  Now he would say we need to “lock and load” those archetypal organizational thoughtforms and informational processes needed to secure peace and freedom for all mankind.

Obviously that begins “between the ears” of freedom-loving Netizens.  Global freedom requires a “check up from the neck up”.  If we don’t get our heads together in the spirit of real community – with pure intent for Net freedom – there’s little hope for global freedom nor security.

Getting organized is another matter.  The joke is that the devil would let people do their evil stuff to each other until they organized for good at which time he would turn them against each other.  Indeed, the “dark side” forces are well organized in secrecy that the light of public awareness would never allow.  Look how public dissent over 9-11 truth is increasingly threatened as being “anti-government” or “pro-terrorist”.

The very idea of “organizing” Net freedom is fraught with self-contradictions that are intrinsically difficult. The “devil” is in the details.  Legislating morality has always been difficult as the evolution of the U.S. Founders legacy has historically proven.  Obviously, public checks and balances on the use of power have suffered horrendous abuse since power has concentrated in the Executive branch following 9-11 seizure of war powers.  Martial law has been replacing Constitutional law while Net freedoms have been trying to “hold the balance”.

The organization needed for Net freedom must fit Net neutrality principles.  In fact it must represent the FIVE CORE FREEDOMS that people worldwide have always admired in the U.S. Constitution.  And to make it work, it must champion the core virtues of “enlightened self interest” that profits from the public’s interest in freedom moreso than giant privatized corporate monopolies that challenge public well-being.

The systemic corruption of the U.S. government is the result of the corporate monopoly profiteers that have infiltrated the halls of Congress and virtually bankrupted America with unprecedented deficit spending for a false-flag war and the largest bureaucratic growth in U.S. history.  While supposedly standing for limited government and fiscal conservatism, the Republican Party dominating Capitol Hill has fronted for giant corporations with a massive tax through these deficits that must be paid by all American alive and unborn.  It is fiscal insanity that future generations will have to pay for.  The expense to freedom and security is incalculable. 

Without the Net worth of Net freedom holding the balance, the net worth of Americans – and global freedom in general – has little hope of recovery.  That may sound extreme, but the systemic infiltration of government by private corporate special interests has virtually hijacked the purpose for which the U.S. government was originally created.

Indeed the net worth of American freedom has little hope for recovery if Net freedom is not protected, nurtured and otherwise cultured by the “cultural DNA” of universal LOVE virtues.  Common sense would say that the only way global Net freedom will survive and thrive is if it is able to fulfill the mandate of U.S. Founders with justice and liberty for all.

That’s the plan folks.  Network this vision for global “self-elevation” (salvation) as though the future of freedom depends on it.  At least in spirit, it does.

This plan for Net freedom is a multi-phase networking process that includes individuals and "community networks" (organizations).

It is a non-profit plan that is highly profitable for Net freedom.  The system is the solution -- a self-evident vehicle for a self-fulfilling prophecy of more LOVE.  See for yourself.  Consider how you can network for free, for more love in your world, for personal and planetary enlightenment, or for holistic healing of our bodies and the planet.  When this "LOVE thing" catches on, the profit is extraordinary, even the non-profit "incentive plan" that pays back what is paid in… with interest in terms of Net freedom and greater LOVE.

Networking for Net worth – the Heart of Wisdom
Pay Attention because Attention Pays

In an instant-everywhere-interactive global village
that is knowledge-rich but wisdom-poor,
there is no commodity of greater value than the virtue of
quality attention – qualified via
LOVE – at the heart
the interactive communications networks as will culture
Net reality with the "cultural DNA" that is most likely
to heal our individual and collective conscience.

Quality LOVE-centric attention
 is the heart of wisdom.


That’s the virtue-centric value of the LOVE Network.  Always has been on “the inner”.  Always will be given the “inner sense” at the heart of true innocence.  That begins with the pure intent for greater LOVE.  Wisdom follows naturally.


So how does that “gold standard” translate to dollars and “sense”… as in common sense at the heart of a global rEVOLUTION in higher conscience?

For those entirely selfless in an unconditional philanthropic way, you can network this article introducing the Love Network (link at top) to other individuals, your lists or entire newsgroups.  Use netiquette - take the high ground.  Do it to feed the soul; the holy spirit of "LOVE-in-action" is its own reward.  If everyone made it a habit, the “frequency” of holy compassion -- as in “frequently” -- will center and connect Net reality with it's own reward.

What is our product-process “message”?

It you think about it, the holy spirit of active LOVE is its own gift whose first fruits are
discernment, wisdom and grace.  “Discernment” on the “brightness scale” (from enlightened to dimwits)… “wisdom” on the “color scale” (from full spectrum conscience to a limited spectrum of intelligence)… and grace as the attitude of gratitude whereby LOVE is for giving.


These are the three dimensions of the universal “Language of Light” whose 4th dimension is conscious awareness of HOW you are conscious.  Once you can self-correct in this fully conscious regard, you quickly learn what the evolution revolution is all about – self-governing, self-elevating enlightenment as a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Now imagine that consciousness-raising language as the defining nature of a universal interface for navigating the Internet. 


4 Steps to Understand “The Product” as “A Process”


1. Consider how a LOVE-centric interactive interface for Net freedom defines the next big thing in the computer/Internet revolution;

2.  Refine that gift to higher conscience with the understanding of interactive capabilities that culture the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action;

3.  Combine these breakthrough benefits for involving and evolving our individual and collective CONSCIENCE with the “divine order” (Law of the Angles of G.O.D.) and “divine frequency” (Language of the Angels of Love) – as in frequently;

4.  Shine this vision of virtue for the victory of LOVE-in-action as will generate profits in unprecedented ways both personally and for the Net reality of global healing. 

Here's how you benefit when you "pay attention":

The best hope for global humanity at this critical point of Earth's evolution is a global revolution in higher consciousness. The natural course of the computer/Internet revolution has brought us to this point. The next phase will naturally culture conscience (virtue) within the neural-networked global "brain" of sovereign Netizens connected in a worldwide web of enlightened self-governance. Catching the wave of this growing movement will translate to $'s and "sense" (Net worth with LOVE) for those who "pay attention".

This is huge wave of opportunity for genuine freedom worldwide.

The accelerated awakening of humanity the last decade is the result of knowledge power and instant-everywhere-interactive
Net reality. Time and space have been eliminated. The mysteries of eternal Truth are being unveiled.  The huge opportunity in our new connection – Net freedom in our global village – is the potential for healing the dis-ease, divisions and dysfunction in the Family of Man.

There are huge benefits for those who catch the wave now.

It's time for massive networking of a compelling vision for global "mediation" -- a Net-centric upgrade of the U.S. Founders' legacy.  A critical mass of awakening -- from global crisis to resolution -- will finish what the Founders began in the New World of America. The New World of our instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality requires it. Consider it a natural process for evolving the Spirit of wholeness and healing at the heart of a new reformation and enlightenment for humanity.

Catching this wave begins with understanding the nature of it.

Just as the Dark Ages ended with the printing press that enlightened humanity with the power to think and know for themselves, so has the modern "printing press" (Internet) enlightened all mankind as the common carrier for print, radio and TV media.  A global revolution in higher consciousness has naturally evolved with the Internet’s new interactive "all connection" (omnipresence) capabilities in combination synergy with the new reservoir of “all knowledge" (omniscience), and consequent “omnipotence” (knowledge power).  ALL together, this has been the greatest challenge to mindless ignorance, abusive powers and heartless disconnects with higher conscience in the history of mankind.

Riding this wave requires "keeping one's balance".

The world is shifting from the imbalances of the "masculine principle" (conditional love of power) back into balance with the "feminine principle" (unconditional power of love).  The ultimate meaning of "Constitutional checks and balances" is framed by the Constitution of in form and "frequency" (as in "often").  Understanding this Constitution – the Nature of LOVE – is to cultivate the wisdom that knows when to thrust with power or cohere with love.

It begins with a VISION -- the “product” -- that is a LOVE-centric
PROCESS of natural checks and balances in the "web of conscience".  Or as the wisdom of Chief Seattle put it:

"This we know. The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth...
Man does not weave
the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to
the web, he does to himself."

Building this wave requires the holy spirit of -in-action.

With greater understanding of this Movement -- the natural evolution of "mediation" in our global village - conscientious COMMON SENSE of a higher divine order is naturally cultured in the Net reality of mankind.  As this wave reaches "critical mass" of self-evident truth, the virtue in the vision of LOVE-centric freedom becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; a higher standard for cyberethics chain-reacts into a virtual "2nd coming" of “Christic” (higher conscience) cognition, and the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action will naturally culture personal and planetary compassion in the web of life.

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves,
the tides and gravity, we shall harness the
power of love.
Then, for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
- Pierre Theilhard de Chardin


This global "Power Shift" wave is the  Fourth Wave paradigm shift
that is naturally evolved by the ”cultural DNA”
provided by the

The great need of the hour is for the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that does what love-challenged "lackeys" (who lack love) -- and lugubrious "laggards" (who just don't get it) -- are not able or willing to do. In short, doing that which will evolve LOVE-centric cyberethics at the heart of "Net worth" in our instant-everywhere-interactive Net-connected world.

Culturing Net reality with a -centric infrastructure
will raise the standard of self-governing public conscience
with cyberethics that optimize Net freedom and global healing.

"Public opinion sets bounds to every government, and is the real
sovereign in every free one."
--James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution and 4th U.S. President


Here are ways you can support the Legacy Project and Network:

1-  Free or paid subscriptions:  

Anyone can affiliate with the LOVE Network for free, getting on "GeoNotes lite" mailing list merely by asking.  Please care enough to share GeoNotes; your social network can’t give what it doesn’t get – the opportunity to “pay it forward” with our LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER.


Membership at each paid level of the LOVE Network is “free” when two paid members are referred in your name.  Freely giving results in freely receiving the "currency" in both dollars and "sense" – greater LOVE.  Either way, subscribers benefit "in the loop" of LOVE-valuation for Net Freedom.


What goes around comes around.  The LOVE Network becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to the extent everyone pays attention.  In other words, "pay it forward" (network freely) so others can "take stock" (pay attention) to nurture the cultural DNA provided by the LOVE Network.


Note: The LOVE Network is non-profit under the common law Trust called "In We".  This Trust has open books with a charter defined by the Worldwide LOVE Foundation. There's a 100% payout of income to our network each year - an open system that serves the purpose of "more LOVE, easier and faster". Attention pays in the non-profit way that honors the gold standard for Net worth.  According to the inexorable Law of LOVE, the greater one's LOVE network, the greater one's Net worth.  This reflects the wisdom of business guru, Tom Peters, in his best seller, LIBERATION MANAGEMENT where he said. "If you want to own your own life, create your own network".


2-  "Net worth" contributions (Networking for Net worth).  Whether you are a free or paid subscriber, you can network the Spirit (freely given) that matters (gives back). Others may contribute in ways you can't. It's a blessing to give to the cause of Net freedom, and the blessing is yours when others contribute through your selfless networking.  Refer others to the LOVE Network by forwarding GeoNotes, links to the Legacy Project or your own website “gateway” page. 

For serious networkers, we have a "value-added" subscription for $330 dollars with "strong meat" regarding Net worth advantages with techniques and strategies for more effective networking. It's "free" (pays back $330) when you refer two "infoprenueurs" who subscribe at this $330 level of our affiliate program.  Details at “Organization Model”.


For business and technology leaders interested in licensing HEARTware™ for their organization's intranet infrastructure – for optimal organizational development -- or for their Internet interface as will optimize customer relationship management… there is a $3,300 subscription service for consultation, development and application of HEARTcom Services.

3-  "Idea capital" contributions:  A lot of work is going into development of the LOVE Network and the 12 projects that follow from The Living Book of LOVE.  Writers, editors, web designers and programmers are needed to help construct an "open system" that reflects and perfects the pure intent of this project. As always your prayers and comments, questions, quotes, content ideas, etc. are welcome. Contact via .


-- above all -- is for giving.

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Editor, GeoNotes News Service
Geometrizing the News with LOVE

Founder, Worldwide LOVE Foundation
Cultural DNA for Global Community

Director of HEARTcom Services

high touch high tech at the heart of Net worth

PS - The greater the commitment to the spirit that matters, the greater the payback. It’s the “law” the natural order of things at the heart of the “LOVE thing”.

 It’s all a matter of the Spirit that matters for mind over matter.
 Given the pure intent of the Great Spirit, higher mind follows.
   Given higher mind, holistic health of Spirit-Mind-Body follows.
Given that holistic health, the abundant life naturally follows.
   Given the abundant life, the attitude of gratitude is networked.
       Given this Net reality, the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action spreads.
   LOVE is the given when
for giving; MORE naturally follows.

That’s all a “given” to the extent that you “get it”.  You can’t give what you don’t already have.  If you get the value of the gold standard for global LOVE, you can give it – pay it forward -- in the way that comes back with interest for more. Freedom is not free.  Either we “pay if forward” with Light and Love, or by default, we lose the light of love itself.  Greater LOVE is the heart and soul of greater freedom.


Global freedom – an idea whose time has come.  Please support the LOVE Network with our LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER. -CR



"So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods,
religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men."

-Voltarine de Cleyre


"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
- Thomas Paine

"We have had our last chance.
If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system,
Armageddon will be at our door. The problem is basically theological
and involves a spiritual renewal and improvement of human character.
It must be of the spirit, if we are to save the flesh."
--Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who understood the ultimate
solution to wars and the defeat of evil



Framing Net Reality -- in TIME -- for Net Freedom

Universal LOVE -- in principle, form and frequency -- is, at heart,
the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
whereby the "Language of the Angels" is framed by
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that mediates
the mass media’s collective conscience
with the golden rule-law language
as the interactive interface
heart of Net-centric
of, by & for
the heart & mind of
high touch HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
defining ~ refining ~ combining and shining
our God-given gifts & talents via Net Standards
for a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth
and the Abundant Life culturing the
"KINGdom" Conscience
with "all" (om) as K.IN.G with Keys to the INner sense of G.O.D.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your sovereign neighbor in our Global Village as thyself