INSPIRATION:  Monotheism In the Middle East / One God at Heart

This is a call to action. Global peace follows LOVE-in-action.
Network freely for the Net worth of LOVE-centric Net reality.
Benefits are Self-evident when LOVE is the change agent.



As it was in the beginning with the Prophets who inspired Islam, Judaism and Christianity,
so it is now as the monotheism of "One God" (universal Love) networks our global village
with the instant-everywhere-interactive common sense of Net reality with a heart.

In response to media special interests profiting from endless war, 
people worldwide are awakening to the natural evolution process in civilization
whereby the global Internet can provide an electronic upgrade of core freedoms
of the press, speech, assembly, petition and the Spirit that matters.

The core message of the Prophets of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is
the golden rule/law language at the heart of
and the foundation of every Golden Age civilization.

It's time to culture the obvious solution to "dis-ease" created by centralized war powers.
It is the decentralized Spirit of LOVE in the heart, mind and soul of "We, All People"
  that will raise the standard of instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality with

The resolution of global problems is global LOVE at the heart of the Mother of all networks.
The birth of a millennial Aquarian Age is easier with the nurturing Spirit of LOVE
Those who have it -- the grace of conscience -- will care enough to bring Light to dark places.

Common sense tells us that the
conscience of LOVE is needed to check and balance
the spiritual, mental, emotional "toxins" being eliminated in our global healing crisis.
Network freely for the Net worth of Net reality -- Net
conscience for the victory of
the LOVE Network.
Do it while you can... because you can...
in full conscience.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people
of good
conscience to remain silent"
- Thomas Jefferson

by Christopher Rudy
Emerging Blueprint For A Golden Age
The Legacy Project


The Monotheistic belief in one God of universal Love was the message of the Prophets that founded the three mainstream Religious movements in the Middle East nexus of global power struggles.  The heart of those religions -- Islam, Judaism and Christianity -- are unanimous in their core tenets of universal Love to raise mankind as kind men.


Conversely, the power politics in the Middle East is a desperate "end game" strategy of elitists on the world stage who think they can profit by "spin-doctoring" division -- the denial of universal Love -- to gain power through provocateur war powers that replace fearless faith with faithless fear. This cabal of dark forces has a long history of orchestrating wars of all kinds to consolidate power through crisis -- fomenting fanaticism, terror, dis-ease, death and hell on earth with endless "eye for an eye" vengeance that makes the whole world blind.


The vision of common sense in the Spirit of the Prophets naturally heals endless war blindness. True Spirituality -- the common sense of the Golden Rule -- is what unites all true Monotheistic religions. Or as "Mahatma" (great soul) Gandhi said, "If a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he has reached the heart of all religions.


The natural aristocracy of higher conscience -- virtue and talent at the heart of it -- is aware of both the problem and solution. The virtue of hindsight knows that the history of civilization is accountable to the gold standard of civility - the Golden Rule . Wisdom from this hindsight provides the virtue of foresight that knows, without doubt, that the future of civilization will be as good as the rule of law through the Law of the Prophets of Love.


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


This may sound simplistic to intellectual sophisticates, but intellectual pride is just as deadly for the evolution of the soul as spiritual pride. Intellect lacks intelligence without the wisdom of love... just as power lacks intelligence when blind to the wisdom of love. Intellect or power -- without the gold standard for real intelligence -- is like pseudo-religion without the gold standard for Spirituality. Both spiritual pride and intellectual pride set themselves up for the fall when love is lacking.


The whole world is waking up to the nature of the current crisis as unchecked neocons go ahead with Iran attack plans that could explode Mid East tensions and trigger WWIII. A prideful power elite and arrogant intellectual elite have denied the core message of the three great western monotheistic religions.  Mostly it is the Internet world that is waking up.  Why?  Because 97.5% of the mainstream media is owned and controlled by a the same elite who profit from mockery of the prophets and contention among the brethren.


Instead of brotherhood in the Middle East, there are "dark forces" provoking fratricide - the killing of one's own brother or sister -- so that unaccountable, love-challenged "Money Powers" can divide to conquer. This is the unmasked agenda of power without principle, commerce without conscience, values without virtues, etc.  This is the dark force that promotes endless war power struggles, the clash of cultures, the chaos of conscience and values of security without the virtue of freedom. That is NOT the love of the Law of the Prophets.


How many people realize that both Jews and Muslims are Semites who descended from the seed of Abraham? Why is it that they let their own scriptures be twisted?  You have to wonder why people let themselves be lured like lemmings over a cliff by the pied-piper media elite who secretly sabotage peace with an endless war agenda.  Pro-war forces obviously have an anti-Love agenda. Greater LOVE is needed.


To be wise is to see through these plots out of hell. To be loving is to champion the virtue of the Golden Rule.  It is this wisdom with love that will transforms the grids of global CONSCIENCE at the dawn of a New World.  Darkness in the twilight -- the end of the old world -- requires the vigilance of those who love freedom.


 "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression.
In both instances, there is a twilight.
    And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware
of change in the air -- however slight -- 
lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.
    -- William O. Douglas, 1939-75, US Supreme Court Justice


Obviously, when everyone is united in a standard for universal LOVE , tyranny has no foothold. This is the common sense that is uncommon when the most powerful corporate interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping common sense uncommon. The threat to the "consent of the governed" in America by Money Powers has defined the contest of freedom since the founding of the United States. As Thomas Jefferson said so clearly,


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,
[as in the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank], first by inflation and then by deflation,
the corporations that will grow up around the banks
will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered."
-Thomas Jefferson


Early in the 20th Century, the law of the land in the Unites States was dramatically changed by the Money Powers. A cabal of international elite bankers took over the currency of the U.S -- the Fed -- and a sinister precedent was set when Henry Ford intended to lower the price of the model "T" Ford for the common man, but the stockholders sued him and won. This "Red Lion Decision" was that, "The interests of the stockholders come before those of the public when profits are at stake".  This precedence has since become the law of the giant corporations that profit from war in collusion with corrupt government.


When the bottom line is profit at the expense of the public -- without accountability  -- the moral high ground is lost.  And without the high road, we betray the Law of the Prophets.  The "gospel Truth" is betrayed, evil is called "good", and the Constitution, as Bush said, becomes just a "goddamned piece of paper".


That, my dear reader, is a sure formula for the destruction of everything a spiritual people hold sacred.  We're all accountable to a Higher Power - a higher Truth -- the Law of LOVE


"The truth will come out when powerful people
no longer wish to suppress it."
- Lord Acton


Without a currency based on the gold standard -- the Golden Rule -- banksters make a killing on the creation and management of war, profiting from the financing of both sides of conflict. When the mainstream media is likewise owned and controlled by military-industrial war profiteers, truth is betrayed - the first victim of an "anti-Love" (war) mindset.  When governments representing "We the People" are infiltrated by neocons who represent bankster plutocrats and their bureaucrats, mediacrats and other war profiteers, endless war consumes Constitutional virtues in the body of Freedom like an aggressive cancer.


The self-evident healing process needed for this "healing crisis" is not rocket science.  It's merely the common sense that is kept uncommon by sinister forces that profit from the inversion, subversion and perversion of Truth and Love. Raise the standard of conscientious common sense "Net reality" with the gold standard for civility and guess what happens? The terror-tyranny tactics that love power are checked and balanced by the power of Love.  LOVE is the heart of Higher Power.


"Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It heals pain and fear.
Pain and fear is what motivates the darkness to conceive and execute
their heinous crimes to create pain and fear in other souls.
Light -- the other side of the coin -- is the cure for
hatred, prejudice, revenge, oppression, killing."
- Matthew, via Suzanne Ward


Apathetic people may sit back in proud judgment, saying that emotional outrage and mindless violence is a sign of mental infirmity, but a passionate people with moral conviction are more reactionary.  Muslims boil with a righteous rage at the hypocrisy and double-standard that gives the European press the freedom to insult Islam while protecting Judaism.  You'll go to jail in Europe if you use the media to deny the supreme de facto religion of the Jewish holocaust "horribilization" -- used to garner sympathy for the ascendancy of Jewish power. Guess who created those laws?  Western Christians of the evangelical neocon variety echoes these sentiments of "Israel 'rUS. But in a global village -- the Family of Man -- the Muslims 'rUS too!


True religion would kindle in our hearts an equal contempt for all prejudice and injustice.  Remember that Jewish activist, Jesus, turning the tables of the money-changers in the temple?  Who profits from media attacks on Muslims and war in the Middle East?  Who owns and controls the mainstream media?  Who wants to further their "Greater Israel" agenda in the Mid East?  Are we so weak-minded and love-challenged to be duped by media machinations of the war profiteers who put their power and profit above peace, public and the Prophets?


 "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue,
deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments
by controlling the money and its issuance."
James Madison (1751-1836), Chief Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President


Better than righteous anger is righteous love.  Jesus Christ wasn't perfect but he was one of the best Jewish Prophets of perfect love in recorded history.  Mohammed was right up there too.  What's been done in their name is the real shame. But shame, guilt and self-blame is off base - not the whole answer.


"To stress this guilt on the part of the masses of people, to hold them
solely responsible, means to take them seriously.
On the other hand, to commiserate masses of people as victims,
means to treat them as small, helpless children.

 The former is the attitude held by genuine freedom fighters;
the latter is that attitude held by power-thirsty politicians."
- Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism


It is sad but true that the bulwark of support for Bush's mass murder overseas has been from those who claim their Judeo-Christian heritage with the great pride of ethical infants.  Those who are Gospel-literate may recall that Jesus constantly took to task the Israelites for their empty racial pride.  Such pride always went before the fall of the Israelites and there is no future for "all that IS REAL" without wisdom from that hindsight.  Global civilization can evolve the hard way or the loving way.


Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
 It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline
 and possible destruction.  This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.

-from Jesus Speaks Love Without End by Glenda Green


What's even more amazing to me is how both Internet and mainstream medias get suckered into the "shock and awe" (emotional tyranny) of race baiting, attaching blame to the victims with prejudice.  Muslims are branded as fanatics in passionate response to cartoons that mock their beliefs. Jews are branded as elitists for believing they are the superior race with the right to own and control banking, government, media, medicine... whatever.  Christians are branded as hypocrites for acting like sheep as their country is bankrupted by "deficit spending" that results from the "deficit conscience" that goes along with endless war insanity.


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."
- Edward R. Morrow


The blame game misses the point -- lack of love.  In fact, it is part of the core problem that conditions a culture of "victim dictum" that plays on guilt, self-condemnation and fear at the expense of LOVE-centric faith. It only serves the purpose of the divide-to-conquer power-mongers -- the real "evil-doers" -- who make Monotheistic religions look wrong to perpetuate their crisis management power grabs with provocateur 9-11 tactics that hijack "war powers", overriding "checks and balances", undermining the Constitution and destroying civility in the name of saving civilization.  That's how dark anti-Love forces see their "right"... to profit through the abuse of power at the expense of the Prophets of Love.


How many otherwise intelligent people fall into the trap of criticism, condemnation and judgment of any or all of these keynote Monotheistic religions in the Mid East?  How many on this list understand the "3-fold flame" of divine power-wisdom-love represented by these three Monotheistic religions? Are you aware that the U.S. Constitution was framed with the high ideal of checks and balances between the Executive (power), Judicial (wisdom) and Legislative (love) branches of government?


Consider how the pure intent of these three trinity components were meant to define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine the whole-holy Spirit of divine LOVE-in-action. Realize how those divine principles at the heart of divine "God government" have been unbalanced and inverted to 'government god" (Big Brother Orwellian tyranny) due to unchecked Executive powers that value corporate profits above the virtue of the Prophets.


Restoring divine rights with the pure intent of God government begins with restoration of checks and balances -- the Law of LOVE --at the heart of the representation process.  Since that process of representation "of, by and for the people" has been corrupted in the U.S. government by highly centralized big business collusion with big government power agendas, the self-evident global solution needed must come from the decentralized Net reality of global Netizens via the global networks of CONSCIENCE that makes government accountable to the purpose for which they serve -- consent of the governed.


This is the COMMON SENSE that, by Love's grace, will jump-start a global revolution in higher conscience, emphasizing 90% of the word "rEVOLUTION".  Global humanity will be stuck in endless war until "Love without end" becomes the self-regulating standard of a self-governing network of CONSCIENCE.  And there is a simple yet profound way the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action can quickly transform the representation process that champions the Law of the Prophets above the law of self-serving corporate profits.


Consider how a balanced 3-fold flame of divine power, wisdom and love can transform the global Internet -- the Mother of all networks -- to a network of CONSCIENCE that is nurtured and raised through a process of checks and balances designed into the interactive interface for that network. The system is the solution when the spiritual Gold of higher conscience rules at the heart of it.


It's time to honor the Prophets, not dishonor their legacy for humanity. Likewise, it is time to honor the pure intent of U.S. Founders by finishing what they began -- the Legacy Project -- through a worldwide "LOVE Network"; this will reboot Net worth based on the "currency of Net reality -- the real gold standard --  NOT the "golden calf" of Wall Street profits. Call it "cyberethics" or "heartware" or the "LOVE Model".  The Law of LOVE is what it does.


There is holiness in the Middle East.  There is "wholeness" in the combined love qualities of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. There is a synergy when the Higher Power of Enlightened Wisdom in Divine Love creates a "holy whole" that is greater than the sum of the parts. It's time that the core precepts of these great Western religions are honored in balance and solidarity with Eastern religions that uphold the same universal LOVE standard.


From a religious perspective on this process, consider how the dominant three Monotheistic religions in the Middle East represent the three trinity components of the holy Spirit.  Realize how their respective strengths and balanced synergy can be represented in the collective CONSCIENCE of global LOVE. I'm generalizing here, but a balanced "3-fold flame" is the pure intent:


Islam -- the Emotion of Love: A distinctive nature of Arab Muslims is their inherent emotional nature that is very devotional with prayers and the principle of honorable living. When afflicted by cartoon insults as the final straw after the occupation of their land and encroachment of their sovereignty since 9-11, Muslims naturally respond emotionally out of a sense of moral outrage. The divine right to own their own lives has been dishonored while the natural resources of their country are stolen, Depleted Uranium mutates their offspring, and Bush tells them they are better off even while growing unemployment, inflation, instability and frustration tells them otherwise. Naturally, the more emotionally unstable we become, the less reasonable we are.


Christianity - the Intelligence of Love:  A distinctive nature of western Christians in particular is their inherent intellectual nature that takes pride in their religious beliefs as underpinned the Constitution's original intent for fairness and justice.  When afflicted by the unchristian hypocrisy of violent intervention of others with preemptive doctrines of their own government, many U.S. Christians naturally respond with intellectual rationalizations in the name of the revolutionary heritage of this Christian-founded nation -- freedom and democracy for all.  The betrayal of their own Constitution since 9-11 has left many Christians demoralized and others in denial that their religious convictions of Christ-like love has been subverted and co-opted with high-sounding words of "God and Country" while a virtually anti-Christ war agenda is promoted. Naturally, the more intellectually compartmentalized we become with proud "BS" (Belief Systems), the less emotionally compassionate we are for the suffering of others.


Judaism - The power of Love: A distinctive nature of Jews in general is their inherent will to power that has naturally risen to powerful positions of ownership and control in banking, media, government, medicine, legal profession, etc.  When afflicted by the sense of superiority that self-justifies power as a self-serving value above principle, Jews naturally respond with power-blind contempt for the rights of non-Jews. Moral relativism that values self-serving power above their Prophets will rationalize Machiavellian tactics that create and manage crisis and war as a means to expand influence and power to further a "Greater Israel" agenda in the Middle East.  Naturally, the more we "worth-ship" the love of power for personal profit, the less we honor the power of Love with regard to others.  The "sin" of power and profit without love of the Prophets has always destroyed culture. Or a the great soul, Mahatma Gandhi said, "Commerce without morality is a sin."


Note that the three Monotheistic powers of divine Love, Wisdom and Power are not well represented under the afflicted conditions of the Mid East war.  What is being represented is their collective "dark side" where the Power of Wisdom with Love is unnaturally inverted, subverted and perverted.  War powers only profit when the Prophets of Peace are dishonored, de-moralized and disempowered. What needs to be honored and empowered is the universal "Language of Light" for higher CONSCIENCE at the heart of the Law of LOVE -- the heart of the LOVE Network.


Keep in mind how the living grace of LOVE-in-action can center and connect the instant-everywhere-interactive networks of CONSCIENCE that restores the common sense of unity in the Family of Man. It's time that the ideals of world peace are honored, realized and empowered. The natural consequence is the evolutionary ascent of civilization.


It's all about checks and balance at a higher level of holistic synergy and "wholEness" for healing of our social, political and economic institutions. Most people know that powerful corporate special interests have hijacked our core institutions with a vested interest in the ownership and control of the physical and human resources of not just America, but also, the Middle East as the geopolitical power center of the world at large.


People of Love don't have inordinate will to power and are too often victimized by those who do.  People of Wisdom can see through the fork-tongued, two-faced words of those who love power above all.  People of virtue-centric power realize that the war-mongers' fruits don't match their words of peace and liberty for all.  The Iraqi people are almost unanimous in saying they are worst off than under Sadaam. Enlightened people know this, and that we all suffer the pathology of out-of-control power.


It's important to understand the dynamics behind love of the world - the love of power, prestige and the perks of proud privilege -- that has always been enmity with a God of Love.  The power of Love is inversely proportional to the love of power. Or as the Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Jung, said, "The one is the shadow of the other."


The sinister intent of dark forces -- that profit by subverting the Law of the Prophets -- has always inverted and perverted the Law of Love.  Consider how the Money Powers in Europe invited Muslims into their nations for purposes of cheap labor just as the Money Powers in Americans have opened their borders to Mexicans for slave wages that serve the corporate bottom line.  Not only have Muslims been used by a profits-before-people immorality, but they naturally feel abused when insults from those same Money Powers try use the media for race-baiting to provoke a violent response used to rationalize continued intervention in a Mid East affairs.  This is the scapegoating of Muslims as the Jews were scapegoated by Nazis during WWII.  Christians get suckered into this contention to fight the war for Jewish banksters and their allied war profiteers.


The solution to this mess is self-evident to people of CONSCIENCE.  Love is for-giving, NOT for-getting.  Create a media environment where the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action CONSCIENCE thrives, and civilization will rise with checks and balances on the use and abuse of power.  Bring that standard of "holi-conscience" (cyberethics) to the worldwide web of Net reality and guess what happens?  The rEVOLUTION of higher conscience will honor theLaw of the Prophets. With the Golden Rule at the heart of it, LOVE rules!


That is the "Common Sense" that will finish -- worldwide -- what the American Revolution began. It is the same appeal to self-governing freedom and self-correcting opportunity featured in the most successful political pamphlet in history -- COMMON SENSE -- that sparked the flame of freedom in early America.  This Spirit of Freedom and Opportunity was the heart of the American Revolution. With the same fiery determination, we need to "set brush fires in people's minds" as revolutionary firebrand, Sam Adams, was fond of saying.  This revolution in the fiery Spirit of LOVE is transforming the global grids of conscience and blessing Mother Earth herself.


"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set
brush fires in people's minds"
- Sam Adams, Spirit of '76


It's time to upgrade the horse-and-buggy Constitution with the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet. The Legacy Project explains how that can be achieved.  The virtue in the Constitution has always been the constitution of universal laws representing natural virtues that governing the conscientious common sense needed at the heart of consent of the governed.  There is a better way to represent the virtue of CONSCIENCE in the collective consciousness... a better way than rigged voting machines that hacked the last two presidential elections.


Call it "cyberethics" or "heartware" or just "LOVE-centric mass communications" -- this gold standard for a global village golden age is waiting in the wings of Aquarius. It's waiting for your CONSCIENCE of it, for it and through it.  It's waiting for "angel investors" who care enough to share their love, resources and sacred honor to "make it so".  It's waiting for the angels of our better nature to conceive and believe how we can achieve this healing process for the "healing crisis" this sick world faces.


Consider how all monotheistic religion, God government, holistic healing and an economics of abundance all naturally follows from a global standard for universal LOVE at the interactive interface "heart" of the instant-everywhere-interactive communications that define and refine our CONSCIENCE.  True communication -- like "true religion" (without "BS" Belief Systems)  -- is a two-way process with the "whol-E" (holy) Spirit at the heart of it. 


Without the Spirit of "We are One" -- the "E. PLURIBUS UNUM" (Out of Many, One) on the Great Seal of the U.S. -- communications become the one-way programming of "top-down values" (love of power) without "upward-mobile virtues" (power of love).  Unchecked Executive War Powers that put corporate profits above the Law of the Prophets is the epitome of power without principle and the very definition of betrayal and tyranny over the pure intentions of Legislative Love and Judicial Wisdom. That ungodly spirit is behind the decline of civilization and LOVE-in-action is the turn-around strategy.


Heaven knows that LOVE is the best mediator "as above, so below"... top-down as bottom-up... checks and balance on Earth as in Heaven. We go to the "Presence" of God through the mediator of LOVE - the angels of our better nature.


"If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men,
neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."
-- James Madison, 
Federalist no. 51.


As simple as the core concepts actually are, realize the profound implications when the "Language of the Angels of Love" of is framed by the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)... and this LOVE Model is represented as the interactive interface of Net reality in our interdependent global village. The self-evident truth of "salvation" as "self-elevation out of this mess" requires a higher standard for self-governing self-correction as "mediator" at the heart of the instant-everywhere-interactive media that shapes our personal and planetary CONSCIENCE.  Public consent via "common sense" requires it.


"Public opinion sets bounds to every government,
and is the real sovereign in every free one."
--James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution
and 4th U.S. President


The ultimate meaning, value and purpose of "common sense" naturally follows the sense of common meaning, value and purpose we center in our individual and collective CONSCIENCE. Holistic healing of "war in the members" will naturally follow this vision of virtue for the victory of civilization through the Presence of the Prophets - their "2nd coming" in our CONSCIENCE through the Law of LOVE in our Net reality. 


Mature adults understand this if they have the wisdom of CONSCIENCE -- the discernment of wisdom -- to know when the power of love is needed to check and balance power's abuse. Indeed, the core Spirit of Monotheism is what unites all people with a CONSCIENCE of Higher Power in universal Love.  World peace follows from that understanding.  World war is the consequence for willful ignorance in this regard.


"War against a foreign country only happens
when the moneyed classes think they are going to
profit from it." 
-George Orwell


There is a natural evolution in process that is responding to the natural confrontation of deeply entrenched paradigms of profit and self-contradictory win/lose "values of scarcity" (scarcity economics) whose gross defects now obscure actual gains. Ultimate scarcity of the "we lose" kind is what we now see with endless war values that have virtually bankrupted the treasury and conscience of the U.S. government.  The solution is to end the bankrupt currency with a personal and planetary "win/lose" through an economics of abundance based on the abundant Spirit of conscientious COMMON SENSE.


The new "Next Economy" will be centered and connected through abundant LOVE.  The golden rule/law language for a golden age is what will define the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION from "hardware (machines), and "software" (information) to "netware" (connection) and now "heartware" (CONSCIENCE).  It's naturally moving in this direction: from "the computer is the network" (netware) to "the network is conscious with a heart" (heartware).  Net reality will network the Net worth of LOVE Networks to the extent we make it so.


The vision alone -- networking for Net worth -- is the priceless virtue of a self-fulfilling prophecy that global Netizens champion as patriots of the Constitution and partisans of the Prophets.  The virtue in the Constitution has always been the constitution of virtue championed by true patriots who honor the Prophets and Patriarchs - U.S. Founding Fathers.


In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
- Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904


The "kingdom of heaven" is neither material nor merely intellectual; it is a spiritual relationship between God and man. The building of God's kingdom -- the outpicturing of God government -- is a natural function of God-Love CONSCIENCE of, by and for the spiritual relationship between God and man. An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their divine Love CONSCIENCE.  Culture that CONSCIENCE and civilization will survive, rise and shine with golden threads that weave the tapestry of a Golden Age.


It can happen very fast in the cosmic scheme of "instant-interactive" Internet time. If ever there was a chain-letter worthy of chain-reacting, this is it. Network for the Net worth of The LOVE Network.  E-mail to everyone you love, which would be everyone you can.  If everyone does that, the power of Love CONSCIENCE reaches a critical mass unto self-fulfilling prophecy SOONER rather than later. 


Who profits?  Who wants greater Love CONSCIENCE and the healing of this mess on Earth?  There's a way to do this - culturing the mass media's mass CONSCIENCE that raises mankind as kind men. Someone has to do this - raising the standard of CONSCIENCE. Personally, I can't think of anything better to do. I hope you feel the same way.




Let me put it short and sweet.  Light enlightens darkness. LOVE - as constitutional vision - checks and balances war insanity with conscientious virtue and the Spirit of victory. We're winning from the beginning of the global rEVOLUTION to the extent we hold fast to these first principles of faith.


That's the nice way to put it. But some want the truth "lean and mean"... like "either we jump-start mass sanity or mass insanity will destroy us".  That would say it better than "we're all going to hell on earth if we don't get the angels of our better nature in gear".  Even though it's true, it's a fear-provoking threat, and people are sick of such threats in this warring world.


Choose the "light side". Link the Light of those who love the Law of BEING.  Give LOVE a chance - network freely.  LOVE changes everything - faith replaces fear.  It brings intelligence to intellect, heart to the heartless, and healing to this sick world.  Who would have a problem with that?  Who doesn't want more Light, Wisdom and Love in this world? And if they just don't "get it" - what is that to thee?  Follow the Law of your BEING.  BE the Law of the Prophets - the Law of "BE-IN-G" (BE IN God's love). Net worth is what networkers do to create the Net reality of LOVE in their world. You've got the response ability. BE responsible. Use it. Network for Net worth.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

As I said, this ain't rocket science. The way follows the will to LOVE.  Fulfill LOVE's calling: network this as though the life of Love-on-earth depends on you.  Someone has to do it. It's in your hands now.  Network for the Net worth of LOVE for the Net reality of "The LOVE Network" in the heart and mind and soul of global CONSCIENCE.


In summary, a global rEVOLUTION in higher CONSCIENCE and real "community" -- local and global -- begins with common sense of the golden rule/law language of LOVE that governs the upward-mobile evolutionary ascent of humanity.  This is a non-profit movement but is highly profitable for the enlightened self-interest that loves freedom and the promise of the Prophets.


May it begin with U.S. - United Sovereigns in the United State of LOVE.


- Christos

The best way to predict the future is to create it."
~ Peter Drucker

"Governments arise either out of the people or over the people."
~ Thomas Paine, "The Rights of Man", 1791

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government
  owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."

~ Theodore Roosevelt

"Greed is shredding America right before our eyes
and ruining the future for most of us."
 ~ excerpt from America Is At A Crossroads

"By this means [Federal Reserve Bank]
government may secretly and unobserved,
confiscate the wealth of the people,
and not one man in a million will detect the theft."
~ John Maynard Keynes (the father of 'Keynesian Economics' which our nation now endures)

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government,
so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution
so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
~ Thomas Jefferson 

It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men
unfit to be trusted with unlimited power.
John Adams

"We are at a crossroads in America and depending on which way we go
we will either prosper or be forever recorded in history
as a parasitic scourge on the face of this planet."
 - excerpt from America Is At A Crossroads

Civilization does not have to perish.
    The brutes are winning only by default.
~ Ayn Rand


"The belief in a God All Powerful wise and good, is so essential
to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man,
that arguments which enforce it cannot be drawn from too many
sources nor adapted with too much solicitude to the different
characters and capacities impressed with it."

~ James Madison


Half the solution is knowing what that solution is.
Now that you know better, do better.
Network far and wide so that

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little."
-- Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Where we focus our attention is what we "worth-ship".
Pay attention to the Gold Standard; attention pays.
 Network with the
CAN DO Spirit for Net worth.
[Computer Assisted Networking of Definitive Opportunity
Contribute to the Net reality of LOVE-centric civilization.

With Heartware (Love Model) as the rule
- the InnerNet
heart of the global Internet -
LOVE rules!

CopyRound 2005
Worldwide LOVE Foundation
 all rights well-rounded

the heart & mind of
High touch
HEART of high tech
With a higher understanding of LOVE
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via Net Standards
For a New Economy based on
LOVE-centric Net Worth.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.