The Big Picture of Planetary and Human Evolution

Most people don't understand what's going on with the energetic shift of our solar system as it fully enters the Photon Belt in the galactic spiral "nexus".  The 25,800 year orbit of our solar system through the galaxy -- the "procession of the equinoxes" -- is actually more like a figure-eight spiral with the Photon Belt  in the nexus of that unique orbit.  The last time Earth's evolutionary platform for souls passed through this "Great Testing" approximately 12,000 years ago (Atlantis) the collective evil was so great that the Great Flood resulted before an even greater evil warped the souls of humanity.

 The Great Flood that wiped out the desecration of the sacred is
a preview of what the coming Earth changes will bring
if enough good people in the Law of the One
don't prevail in turning around the
downward spiral of life
for lack of resolve

by Christopher Rudy

Part I -- Cosmogenesis and the Genesis Effect

"O" Point Convergence to Global "O"neness on the 2012 Timeline

Human evolution is now approaching the "O-point" (“O"-ness of Oneness) as did the ancient civilization of Atlantis when it began it's millennial Golden Age sojourn through the same Photon Belt our Solar System has now entered. 

The test is the same for all global civilizations that begin a Golden Age... how to best  "get it all together" and heal our planetary system.

There’s nothing new under the Sun said Solomon the wise. Just new ways or reframing universal truths.  This is THE Truth that is morphing the Morphegenic grids of consciousness and the Earth body itself.  It is the THE standard for Truth itself – an expression of higher intelligence, higher conscience and a Higher Power; the Spirit that matters..

Call it "Common Sense" in the Spirit of the most successful political pamphlet in history that sparked the American Revolution.  Call it "heartware" or ”cyberethics" as will mediate the Net reality of humanity with the frequency of compassion and the mind of "G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity). 

Or simply call it call it the Law of LOVE that frames the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." with the "Language of the Angels of Love" between the lines. Whatever you call it, realize the profound implications when the angels of our better nature are represented in the Net reality of our global village - the Family of Man.

The Big Shift to "Spherical" (wholEness) Conscience
Fully Present in the Instant-Everywhere Here & Now

This is the challenge through 2012 as global civilization faces a "perceptual adjustment" to the virtual elimination of time and space -- a paradigm shift -- in response to instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality.

Earth has now fully entered the Photon Belt under the influence of Aquarius where energies of Divine Love provide the intelligence coordinates for our “self-elevation” (salvation) along more enlightened “lines” that frame universal laws of consciousness and sovereignty “between the lines”.

A wholly new Spirit of greater
LOVE is matriculating the matrix of matter in non-linear terms framed in the Spirit of holy compassion at the HEART of Geometrically Ordered Divinity --  -- that provides quintessential "pure geometry" thoughtforms for the expansion of consciousness.

Heaven knows there has always been divine harmony at the heart of the divine order that frames the universe and all creation.  Harnessing that divinity -- in frequency and form -- is really the heart of the matter that involves and evolves higher mind over matter... the Spirit that matters... the security in purity... the pure intent for sovereignty... the nature of genuine freedom.


From the ""-linear frames of reference that -- in extreme -- cause lockstep "BS" (Belief Systems);
 (doctrine and dogma rule with extremes of "BS" of a Left-brain dominant nature)
     To the
-point of nonlinear time/space “compression” (transparency) of "spherical" consc.;
              (transcending emotional tyranny when in extremes of "
" right-brain dominance;
    Via the
"- synergy of personal/cultural "DNA" harmonics-of-balance between "" & "" consc.;
              (balancing the extremes by synergizing the best of both "worlds" of hemispheric consc.)
     In the
"- integration of all -- principles in the 4 archetypal dimension of, by and for wholness.
           (the integrity of wholEness that cultures the
MOVEMENT towards Golden Age culture)

is the framework for a process that reflects and perfects
universal law language at the heart of the
LOVE Network.

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometrically Ordered Divinity.
is the Key.

Most people don't understand what's going on with the energetic shift of our solar system as it fully enters the photon belt in the galactic "nexus".  New science has revealed that the 25,800 year orbit of our solar system through the galaxy -- the "procession of the equinoxes" -- is actually more like a figure-eight flow with the photon belt in the nexus of that unique orbit.  The last time Earth's evolutionary platform for souls passed through this "Great Testing", the collective evil was so great that the Great Flood resulted before an even greater evil warped the souls of humanity.

As you read this, you'll appreciate the obvious reasons why politically correct science -- challenged at the threshold of THE FOURTH WAVE of planetary evolution -- is reluctant to acknowledge the quantum realities of an energetic universe, galactic energy shifts, dramatic solar system changes, quantum-energetic Earth changes. and the implications of all this for the natural evolution of humanity.

This is THE MOVEMENT CONSCIOUSNESS is dramatically changing due to the instant, everywhere, and interactive (Net-connected) nature of Net reality.  There is a new consciousness of ALL-connection with ALL that IS REAL in the Family of Man on "Spaceshift Earth" -- our new global village.

Are we so arrogant to think that the Big Shift in global civilization is separate from what's happening in the galaxy-at-large?  That there is not a divine order to the natural evolution of things?

 The Photon Belt energies
(more "Light")
Energies of Aquarius
(more “Love”),
+ Cultural DNA for Net Reality (Geometrically Ordered Divinity / G.O.D. conscience)
= Evolutionary ascent of Self and Civilization

The sector of the Galaxy our solar system has entered into -- known as the 2000+ year Age of Aquarius -- has from ancient times been known to represent the "God quality" of divine Love.  Add to that the influence on consciousness of the Photon Belt -- the energies of "more light" -- and you have more consciousness with more Love. Add to that the influence on the "web of consciousness" as the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet integrates more LOVE into the evolutionary change process.

Connect the dots to realize how the convergence of all time, space and history will be harmonized with checks and balances through the Language of Light and the Law of LOVE. This is the pure intent of the LOVE Network.

A new world of LOVE-centric Net reality will represent all people through the informed choice, wise dominion and the gold standard for cyberethics at the heart of it.  The vision of this process – how the holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action as a FREQUENCY (holy compassion) -- will naturally compel enlightened Netizens to embrace this holistic healing process as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If mankind doesn't use available technology to magnify and qualify this FREQUENCY (as in “frequently”) at the heart of the personal DNA and "cultural DNA" shaping our consciousness, BEING and world... we're toast. Technology without a heart is like power without principle, values without virtue, or government "god" that betrays the first principles of God-Love government.

This is the evolutionary process in the collective consciousness as it naturally evolves towards the 2012 "
0"-point convergence of energies through the "nonlinear time compression" that is thinning the veil of our lockstep-linear frames of reference for organizing information, intelligence and global civilization.

This is a critical time-line through 2012 as global civilization is now facing a final test of "Higher Power" through greater LOVE.  Ancient history and Net reality has revealed plenty of evidence that Atlantis was a Golden Age civilization of about 2000 years approximately 12,000 years ago when Earth entered the Photon Belt at the Galactic Nexus. More important is understanding the consciousness transformation phenomena behind the "testing" of those civilizations. 

Now that we are going through the same "testing", it's a good time to get congruent with this final test for easier birthing of a golden age.  This has everything to do with the "Gold Standard" for virtue at the nexus of
CONSCIENCE… and the conscientious COMMON SENSE that will “make it so”.

This is what's happening - the Big Shift in process-- whether we grasp it's full meaning or not.  And a positive attitude warrants that the natural evolution of Net reality at this point of planetary evolution is worthy of the highest and best "divine order" at the
heart of it all. Your heart.  It's your life - your world, and we're all connected in this great drama.

We perfect what we "reflect". Get
REAL... and help "gather the tribes" of ALL that "IS REAL" (LOVE Network). Seek first the "KINGDOM of God" (conscience of LOVE) whereby "ALL" (om) are sovereign "KING" with the "Keys to the INner sense of God"  Everything else follows from this quintessential CONSCIENCE for the wholeness and healing of civilization with this rEVOLUTIONARY COMMON SENSE.

This ain't rocket science folks.  It's the ultimate meaning of survival via the survival of the ultimate meaning of "
God is Love"... and is for-giving.  An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their conscientious common sense of this "inner sense" (innocence). There's no security without this purity. What IS REAL (above all) is a place in our hearts.  Endless "war for peace" insanity is the anti-Christ antithesis of the Prince of Peace.

The "
Kingdom of God" is the Conscience of LOVE. The higher the understanding of the "Language of the Angels of Love" (holy compassion), the greater the results through the angels of our better nature. The higher the understanding of the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity) the greater the results for G.O.D.-LOVE CONSCIENCE.

The Lessons from Atlantis - Facing the Same Test

Cosmic history tells us that advanced civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis evolve and thrive for millennia before getting "rebooted" approximately every 12,500 years. More important is understanding the energetic "photon" phenomena behind the "testing" of those civilizations.  Now that we are beginning our own millennial Golden Age -- with the great "purging" of the dark side in process -- it's a critical time to get congruent with this "final test" for the sovereignty of each one's soul and the soul of civilization.

The "sleeping prophet", Edgar Cayce, is well known for his ability to access the holographic field of "source", including "future memory" with uncanny predications on the coming earth changes.  Since that time-line is affected by man's free will, it is not etched in stone nor foreordained. Hopefully, mankind will learn from the past and is thereby not condemned to repeat it.

What happens during the coming Earth changes
is an interdependent function of what happens
in the collective consciousness of humanity...
the morphic energy in our collective energies
connected to the Morphegenic Earth grids.

Cayce's readings are well-documented and astounding in their clairvoyant accuracy. He pioneered holistic health practices in America with many of his unorthodox but effective cures that were dictated while in a trance state. He also provided some extraordinary readings on the destruction of the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

According to Cayce, the advanced civilization of Atlantis had polarized into a core split between the Brothers of "Belial" (Be lie all) and the Brothers of the Law of the One. To understand the former, read the book by Dr. Scott Peck, "PEOPLE OF THE LIE". The by-line for this book is "
The Hope For Healing Human Evil".

The "Great Flood" that wiped out the desecration of the sacred is
a preview of what the coming Earth changes will bring
if enough good people in the Law of the One
don't prevail in turning around the
downward spiral of life
for lack of resolve
for global

The "Law of the One" is the law of our "connection" -- how we are connected to each other.  Everyone, of course, has their own reality which, too often, is at odds with the reality of others.  It's one thing to be different, and quite another thing to be disconnected from the reality of soul integrity that embraces universal law - the Law of the One.

Human evolution is now approaching the "O-point" (Oneness) test as did Atlantis when the dogs of war were unleashed without the restraining power of Love. The test today is the same... whether we resolve the bi-polar disconnect of leaders that thrive on war, disease and chaos... or join the multiplying mass extinction of species on our world. Our capability, technologically, has reached a point where we will either survive and thrive with a new Net reality of greater LOVE, or succumb to the inordinate powertrips of a corrupt power elite.

Understanding the Heart of the "clockwise" POWERSHIFT
on the "cosmic clock" of cosmic energies manifesting

As I detailed in "Pay It Forward", there are prevailing "3rd wave" (Info-Age) forces with residual mechanistic Industrial Age values of "ownership and control". It's the old "captains of industry" paradigm that is holding back a 4th wave rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness.

There is an extraordinary abundance of energy, spirituality, intelligence, compassion and evolutionary growth potential that is ready and willing at the cusp of Aquarius. That divine potential IS what we make it... as in REALLY "make out" with a higher understanding of the powershift to 4th Wave LOVE-centric Net reality.

The old economics of scarcity based on "scarcity's value" -- an oxymoron if there ever was one - has resulted in the scarcity of everything people really want, especially the "abundant consciousness" (higher intelligence) that would claim our divine rights as a sovereign people worldwide. Realize that the new 4th Wave Paradigm is the natural evolution of humanity in this global movement towards "
-point" where timeless virtue is honored universally through the first principle for all Sovereign planets... that information and people want to be free".

This is the core dynamic at work as I explained at "Urgent Appeal". It is the movement from the ambiguities of web 2.0 to web 3.0 standards whereby a definitive model of heartware cyberethics defines, refines, combines (synergizes) and shines our virtues and talents. 

This is the pure intent  for culturing the first principles and processes of, by and for  sovereignty.  Personal sovereignty.  Planetary Sovereignty. The "light side" of the force.

For God's sake, call it what it is -- what U.S. Founders called it -- the power of freedom based on Christ-like virtue. NOT the farce of the sinister "dark force" that inverts, subverts and perverts all that mankind holds sacred. NOT the fork-tongued, two-faced betrayal of freedom with godless-as-hell "holy war" insanity that makes a mockery of everything U.S. Founders stood for. NOT the desecration of sacred honor with political correctness that is morally WRONG.

"Observe good faith and justice towards all Nations.
  Cultivate peace and harmony with all."
 - George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 Sept. 1796)

List members over this last year are well aware of the "sovereignty model" (Legacy Project) I'm talking about.   This is the Legacy of U.S. Founders -- to finish what they began -- with a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness of "Higher Power" in LOVE at the interactive interface HEART of the global powershift.

Understanding the Big Shift of Energies and the quantum "Connection" - the

It's one thing to know that the Internet web of Net reality has eliminated time and space with instant-everywhere interaction.  It's another thing to understand the full implications for "
O-point" (atonement) of, by and for the Family of Man in a global village. Clearly, there is a global rEVOLUTION going on. It's the natural course of humanity in the grand scheme of "O-point" convergence.

All knowledge of all history has empowered the best and worst of humanity. It's all on the "surface" now - vying for power in our connection.  To understand the core dynamics -- and those frames of reference needed for homeostasis in this healing crisis -- is the first step in holistic healing that checks and balances the abuse of power - man's inhumanity to man.

The healing progresses to the extent we culture the science of the soul -- the natural laws and language of Light and LOVE. An individual or civilization can rise no higher than this understanding.

Perhaps the simplest way to understand the natural evolution of social transformation at the cusp of Aquarius is to look at the pattern of trends as would the good pilot of a ship or driver of a car.  As we drive into the future, we can't have our eyes glued to the rear-view mirror. It we don't see what's coming, it's a sure formula for disaster. Pay attention - you're driving!

There is one big trend -- a megatrend -- that is accelerating the rate of change on Earth. It's not just the shifting cosmic energies that shape this megatrend -- nor just the shifting-drifting collective conscience that is like a ship without rudder.  Where you can clearly see the trends is the evolving "nervous system" of civilization as the computer/Internet revolution shapes this megatrend for all who have eyes to connect the dots.

Connecting the dots for the big picture - the process for global healing

Healing the current crisis in global "dis-ease" (divisions) is not unlike holistic healing of disease divisions within the "4 lower bodies" (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) of humans.  As a practitioner of natural healing with three holistic health centers, I learned that emotional "dis-ease" is behind physical disease... mental "dis-ease" is behind emotional disease... and spiritual "dis-ease" is behind mental disease.  Treating the symptoms lower in the "dis-ease chain" may be all that a client wants, but it won't cure the cause and core disease at a higher level.

It's the same with the holistic health of civilization as a Net whole. Dis-information, dysfunction and "dis-ease" is systemic in the collective consciousness of mankind trying to live as kind men. Endless "warring in the members" -- the clash of civilizations -- is making the "nervous system" very nervous with many family members in our global village very sick if not dying.

Communication systems are the "nervous system" of civilization. In the last few decades, that nervous system has evolved from a primitive "one-way" system of broadcast networks to an interactive instant-everywhere Internet system. The neural-networking of the global "brain" has created global village Net reality, but the brain still lacks a heart - call it
-- as a self-governing whole.

Cognitive dissonance and division between competing networks with different agendas has created serious "dis-ease" -- bipolar "dis-order" --in our collective consciousness. Sovereignty under siege. Paradigm paralysis - stinking thinking -- with a "New World Odor" stench. There is rotten "necrotic tissue" in the body politic of humanity.

As a "metaphysician", I'm a staunch believer that the best way to keep the finger on the pulse of the body politic is to monitor the Net reality of the collective consciousness.  Sometimes I use my "stethoscope" for Net reality -- scanning e-mail postings, blogs, web sites and other news services from enlightened Netizen journalists. I see a lot of well-intended people cussing and discussing the symptoms of the global healing crisis, but few addressing the core issue for healing the crisis.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Let's get REAL -- this is the "big test" of civilization right now!  Better to live free and intelligent via higher CONSCIENCE rather than suffer in hypnotic stupor as virtual slaves to Machiavellian forces that would have us die stupid!


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Holy Spirit as -in-action -- The Atitude of Gratitude

"It's not aptitude, but rather attitude, that determines one's altitude;
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or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge."
~ Christos Lightweaver


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"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
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then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
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