Timeline Codemap - Maps - for Decoding
"Time Compression" (Acceleration) on the
Millennial Timeline Spiral to 'O-Point'

Mapping Personal and Planetary Transformation and
Navigating the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet.


by Christopher Rudy, Publisher
Heartcom Network

To get ahead in life, get ahead of the trends, see where they are going, and catch, define, refine and then ride the trend-wave as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The vision of ultimate virtue for the victory of self and civilization is thereby fulfilled by the trend-fitting of a "frame of reference" most appropriate to the Age in which one lives.  Now is always the best time to be on trend (on time).

Since language is technology - a technique for communicating - and since all our social, political and economic problems are, at heart, problems of "communication" (come-into-unity problems), the trending of language and technology in the four archetypal (Jung) quadrants charted below holistically reference the multi-dimensional holographic universe in "as above, so below" terms that code the "Law of the Angles" and "Language of the Angels" at the heart of the G.O.D.
~ Model (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  

It is in the trending of the computer/Internet revolution which clearly show what the visionary Marshall McLuhan meant by, "The media is the message"; we see how the elimination of time and space via the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet media will naturally evolve with a 'universal interface' (holographic maps of consciousness ) to navigate the 'neural networks' of the global 'brain'.  

Global Power Shift... and the 4th Wave of the Computer/Internet rEVOLUTION

Global consciousness is now poised to conceive, believe and achieve a quantum leap via this vision -- how the divine prime directive of, by and for cosmic law language can frame mass-to-mass TeLeComm with this unique ; it is these quintessential maps of consciousness that organize all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened pure geometry lines that frame "cultural DNA" (blueprint for conscious evolution) with the whole, holistic or otherwise holy spirit of interactive
-in-action (Heartware

It is this heartware that has set the stage for a standard of cyberEthics as "high touch TLC" (The Language of Conscience) at the heart of the next big thing in the computer/Internet Revolution after hardware, software and netware.

The Revolution in Higher Consciousness is destined to take Earth's evolutions to a higher resonant frequency of divine love.  All the gifts of the holy spirit we've seen with Indigo Children will become the prevailing "Effective Sensory Perception" (true ESP) -- beyond technology to techniques -- for those who are ready and willing to embrace the evolutionary ascent process with full-spectrum Conscience.

HEARTware™ will provide a living/interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm as will involve and evolve the language of consciousness with the Constitution of Conscience. The potential is to check, balance or otherwise harmonize the accelerated transitioning to Aquarian FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY "between our ears"; the holy spirit of -in-action will crystallize, catalyze and otherwise geometrize divine order, beauty and harmony as an organic function of the natural intelligence it so archetypally represents.

NOTE:  The following chart is derived from a 2-22-1989 vision to Elizabeth Clare Prophet from the Four Cosmic Beings referred to in Revelations as the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.  It refers to the graduated spiraling of "karmic return" over the last 2000 year Piscean Age coming due from the previous eleven 2000 year Ages of the Great Cycle (procession of the equinoxes).  According to cosmic lore (E.C.P.), this graduated release (like clockwork) was granted by cosmic dispensation (Karmic Board) due to the fulfillment of the mission of the Piscean Master (J.C.) and commitment of heavenly hosts stepping through the veil during these cycles to assist the balancing of karma accrued by the many lifestreams returning to the world stage during this "final testing". The overlay writing on this chart is to note the amazing "holographic" correspondence to cosmic law in the actual manifestations of tech/language trendings within the collective consciousness of planetary civilization.  More on this correspondence at the bottom of the page.
~ CR


Keynote:  With time and space eliminated via the Net,
"geography" has become a "geomap" for higher consciousness,
geometrized along more enlightened "lines" of

Note the Law of correspondence to universal law/language maps™ in the 4 Ages
and the quadrants that holographically (holistically) correspond to the PowerShift Chart:

Agricultural Age
         Industrial Age        Information Age        TeLeCom Age
Etheric "Blueprint"             Mental Cognition           E-motional Change         "TLC" Fulfillment

Spherical "" Consc.                Linear "" Consc.                    Crelative Consc.         Integrated Consc.
(1 dimensional "O"-point)                (2-D analysis)                              (3-D synergy)                     (4-D wholEness)     
    Law of the One                      Law of Polarity (2-in-1)              Law of the Trinity (3-in-1)       Law of the Pyramid (4-in-1)
Universal Monotheism         Unity-in-Diversity Monopolarity           Trinity as a Synergy             Integrity as Integration

Audio (right brain) "Language"      Print (left brain) "Law"           A-V (right/left brain) tech       Capstone (whole brain) tech
 TeLeComm-union                    TeLeCoordinates                 TeLeConferencing                     TeLeConscience

   spiritual / inclusive;                compartmentalized / exclusive;          creative / synergistic;            integrative / holographic;
   spirit of love "RAM"              mechanized brainware "ROM"        connection netware "OS"
      Net worth HEARTware

Keep in mind that...
...the beginning of a Golden Age of Greater Light and Love
  is the end of the world of bi-polar dis-order as we have known it.


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Universal LOVE -- in principle, form and frequency -- is, at heart,
the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
whereby the "Language of the Angels" is framed by
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that mediates
the mass media’s collective conscience
with the golden rule-law language
as the interactive interface
heart of Net-centric
of, by & for

the heart & mind of
high touch HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
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for a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth
and the Abundant Life culturing the
"KINGdom" Conscience
with "all" (om) as K.IN.G with Keys to the INner sense of G.O.D.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your sovereign neighbor in our Global Village as thyself

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