THE PHOTON BELT a.k.a. "Golden Nebula"



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The real story of "cosmogenesis" is extremely controversial because it impacts geopolitics in profound ways.  I've studied this from numerous credible sources for many years and convinced that the core premise here is correct.  I've explained previously to my GeoNotes News list that that Earth orbits the galaxy in a "figure eight" pattern through the Photon Belt approx. every 10-12 thousand years, "repolarizing" the energies of Earth and "rebooting" the consciousness of mankind in profound ways, so it is important to understand our galaxy's "Whirlpool parts."
If this is understood, it explains why the power elite have orchestrated terror for war powers while stripping the economy of trillions of dollars for their own massive preparations.


The truth is that the power elite have built hundreds of underground cities for themselves with equally massive cover-up of ET technology 's and something "inbound" behind dramatic changes in the solar system and exponential increase in geophysical Earth changes.  They just don't get it -- how their love of power has blinded them to the power of love, the Higher Power that we are ALL increasingly accountable to on the 2012 timeline.

For those who want an in-depth understanding of the quantum science of the Photon Belt and Earth resonance in alignment with converging Galactic cycles through 2012, I highly recommend the recent book by Barbara Hand Clow, ALCHEMY OF NINE DIMENSIONS.


Mark my words, the dimensional shift and '2011 pole shift portents' will be so huge that our "only human" concept of transformation is an understatement.  A new 'Co-Creation' (as above, so below) is the only way to thrive at this 'end of time as we have known it'


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By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

By means of satellite instrumentation, astronomers in 1961 discovered what appeared to be an unusual nebula. We normally understand the nebula phenomenon as a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. However, this one appeared to have anomalous properties and was named the Golden Nebula. The public's attention was not drawn to this unusual revelation until much later, presumably when it was realized that this nebula's location was coincident with the projected orbit of our solar system. Around the early 1980s a radio announcement in the U.S. was made (heard by the author) that our solar system was, in fact, going to collide with an "electromagnetic cloud" in the not too distant future.

However, this incredibly important statement of astronomical and historical significance was expressed in the usual casual and indifferent manner as though of little consequence -- just as was, about that time, the announcement that the FDIC (bank-depositor's insurance) was penniless! Follow-up data was then suppressed and
another government cover-up was contrived. 

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs?  Its more universal designation is "photon belt", consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as of great import.

Let us outline the mechanics of this anticipated encounter of our solar system with the photon belt. The whole universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy--with their associated electromagnetic fields--like whirlpools on water, within larger whirlpools (this is the machinery behind Einstein's spacetime topology of general relativity).

These spiralling energies give rise to natural spacetime orbits: satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centers, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years [26,000 years].There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion (just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun).

The Pleiades, about 400 light years from us is part of this system and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone; the photon belt encircles the Pleiades system. In fact it consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 24,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a toroid or doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. This is the photon belt, or a photon band. This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years).

When will this occur? Scientists around the globe in 1992 predicted that the encounter would occur within months to a year; with significant disagreements. However, a particular source of Pleiadian extraterrestrials indicated that it would not occur until just after 2010 and that it was difficult to predict since the belt was oscillating randomly. There are in fact huge discrepancies in channeled material regarding the date of this revelatory occurrence, ranging from 1987 to 'definitely before the end of this century' to 2003 and finally about 2011-2012.


Other Pleiadians tell us that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in 1987, then over a week in the following year, and then the Sun went in fully in 1998. However, the information indicates that Earth does not enter fully until 2012. At the present time we are being informed that the Earth is in the belt (for the period December, 1998 and June, 1999).

What does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on the life on our planet, positive or negative? Also what is its purpose, if any? The radio announcement used the term "electromagnetic" to describe the phenomenon -- this is the same as photon, which is a particle of light or electromagnetic radiation.

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of "dangerous" radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet. Nevertheless it appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience--but this really depends on man. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the high-frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there will be a natural spiritual selection.

This interaction with the photon belt has been referred to in channeling as the
Christus. Moreover, the event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity.

Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, are expected as our Sun system moves into the belt. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the Sun and behind in its linear translation towards the belt. Consequently, either the Sun or our planet may enter first. It is impossible to predict which, since, as stated, the photon belt is expanding and contracting randomly. If the Sun reaches the photon cloud before Earth it has been channelled that darkness will ensue for about three to five days (obviously this didn't occur if we have been entering and exiting the belt since 1987). It will be expected to be pitch dark with probable cancellation of electrical power sources. However, if Earth goes in first then the darkness is avoided.

We were told by one source of ETs that as our planet enters the bands, which will be at a relatively high velocity, we will experience an immediate electric shock, lasting about one tenth of a second, but not dangerous. But of greater concern are said to be the effects of the intense photon activity on the radiation belt around Earth and the sudden compression of the atmosphere and expansion, which is expected to be such that the radiation belt could "ignite". This intense light is expected to last three days. Another spectacular feature will be the effect of the intense photon activity on matter. High excitation of atoms will occur, causing fluorescence of all objects, and as a result there will be no normal night time for 2000 years.

In 1992, many people were purchasing dark goggles; what was this all about? After the original announcement on the radio of the oncoming electromagnetic cloud collision, further information was withheld by the government,
then disinformation took over.
As mentioned, scientists in different parts of the world were predicting the moment of full encounter with the belt in around 1992--there were discrepancies but all were within months or about a year of one another.


According to the Phoenix Liberator (now called 'Contact')--a small but very significant newspaper protected by the Pleiadian group -- the One-World Government planned to ignite the radiation belt and blame it on the natural event, the Earth/photon-belt collision. Special weapons were developed, but all efforts to achieve this heinous act failed. The purpose? The usual one: to create sufficient havoc, introduce martial law and establish the New World Order.

Published in the Phoenix Liberator was an article sent in by a teenager unknown to his parents who worked for the secret government on these weapons (and who subscribed to the newspaper). The youngster knew about the photon belt and the threat of blindness, and his parents made him carry at all times the protective goggles and keep them by his bedside when asleep.

The photon-belt encounter will play a significant role in the (biblical) Transformation of man. The term
"Christus" apparently expresses the Second Coming of Christ. (Christ is a state of being/consciousness--some ETs refer to it as the "Christ office". Jesus was the Christ in that he could attune to this state.) There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a 3rd density (frequency density) Earth and a 4th density Earth. This will not be perceived physically; the planets will be in different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative to the other.

(Note that serious books on physics cover parallel-universe theories -- there is nothing particular weird or new about this. It has been channelled that we sometimes move into parallel-universe planes and back, which are usually virtually identical. A further example is that an advanced civilization exists in the center of the Earth but this particular civilization is in a parallel plane which is reached by entering "electromagnetic" corridors near the openings at the poles and certain other regions.) Possibly the only sad event will be that some families will be split up by
the natural spiritual selection of the photon-belt encounter. Some individuals will go with the more evolved Earth, referred to as 4th density, and others with the 3rd density Earth, which could permanently separate their evolution by several thousands of years (in rare instances one person taking the more evolved path may suspend progress to wait for the other).

Now the photon-belt cycle is synchronised with the end of a number of greater cycles, for example, 225 million year Great Cycle of our galaxy through the universe, the 26,000 year cycle of our solar system through the galaxy, and 104,000 years (a prominent evolutionary peak of four cycles of 26,000 years), culminating in
a harmonic convergence at about the time of the encounter, 2012. It is also recognized that this point in time coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion. Synchronization of such nodes would be expected to open up the dimensional strata for the influx of new energy and the subsequent changes. [See "2010-2012 Big Shift Unveiled" - CR]

The photon cloud has a high density of electrons and positrons (positive, anti-electrons). When an electron and a positron collide they are annihilated and the mass is converted into energy radiation--photons. However, the presence of these positrons have been predicted to interfere with electricity, which is due to the flow of electrons. It has been indicated that before this event occurs it would be possible to redesign the present polarity system, giving a reversal of our polarity to compensate for this problem (we haven't noticed any effect yet!).

However, the photon energy as a result of the collision of electrons and positrons will become a major source of free energy (and at this time the NWO will be unable to suppress its use).
Psychological characteristics of entering the belt are the effect of uprooting hidden, secret, or withheld material, bringing it to the surface for transmutation. This means psychological and physical disease patterns will be forced to the surface, that is, the conscious mind. This will give tremendous opportunity to make advancements but also where there is too much to handle will cause illness, depressions, disease and death.

According to channelled information, the Galactic Federation will be aiding our transition during this photon-belt event. It is stated that they altered (years ago) the basic polarity of the Sun to allow it to maintain the integrity of the Sun's planetary system. However, at a later time NASA's space probe Ulysses detected that the magnetic field of the Sun now no longer has a north and south pole! The Sun's magnetic field was found to have changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. No scientific explanation was given, and of course it has been withheld from the public. Furthermore, the SOHO satellite more recently revealed that the Sun responded abnormally to the impact of cosmic bodies causing an eruption of some 30 to 35 solar flares, which is unprecedented.

The photon-belt encounter is intended to be a positive experience, but only man with sufficient discipline to improve and elevate his consciousness can ensure that the anticipated Golden Age will manifest.




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