Lessons from Atlantis - Facing the Same Test

by Christopher Rudy

There was a "tremor in the force" on this e-list when I recently posted a piece on Earth Changes.  There was a lot of response and I could "feel" the anxiety;  this subject is difficult to deal with.  Incarnation through the veil of forgetting has even greater soul amnesia for those who experienced the Atlantis cataclysm.  And mark my words, we're condemned to repeat that tragedy if we don't prepare now.

To answer many of the questions I received in response to the Earth Changes post, let me first say that I have seriously studied this subject, reading numerous books on the subject, and interacting with some of the authors.  I've attended numerous lectures and a national seminar on the subject with presentations ranging from astrophysicists to the leading scholar on Edgar Cayce.

Those who have ever read the magazine "Atlantis Rising" are well aware of the existence of highly advanced ancient civilizations that disappeared in cycles of global cataclysm.  Perhaps historical revisionists deny both their existence and their cataclysmic end for reasons of "collective amnesia".   If people can't "go there" -- a terror that souls prefer not to access -- such history is denied no matter what lessons they may provide.

Let me add some key points from an article I did about a year ago on cosmogenesis that I have updated.  Here are some excerpts:

 The Big Picture of Planetary and Soul Evolution

There are dramatic environmental changes on all the planets in our solar system as it fully enters the Photon Belt.  The symptom of this drama is a healing crisis as the consciousness of all the peoples of Earth is impacted by both terrestrial and celestial forces as detailed at EARTH CHANGES.

Most people don't understand what's going on with the energetic shift of our solar system as it fully enters the photon belt in the galactic "nexus".  New science has revealed that the 25,800 year orbit of our solar system through the galaxy -- the "precession of the equinoxes" -- is actually more like a figure-eight flow with the photon belt in the nexus of that unique orbit.  The last time Earth's evolutionary platform for souls passed through this "Great Testing", the collective evil was so great that the Great Flood resulted before an even greater evil warped the souls of humanity.

The Lessons from Atlantis - Facing the Same Test

Cosmic history tells us that advanced civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis evolve and thrive for millennia before getting "rebooted" approximately every 12,000 years. More important is understanding the energetic "Photon Belt" phenomena behind the "testing" of those civilizations.  Now that we are beginning our own millennial Golden Age -- with the photon awakening of chakras and "purging" of the dark side -- it's an important time to get congruent with this "final test" for soul lessons and growth.

The "sleeping prophet", Edgar Cayce, is well known for his ability to access the holographic field of "source", including "future memory" with uncanny predications on the coming earth changes.  Since that time-line is affected by man's free will, it is not etched in stone nor foreordained. Hopefully, mankind will learn from the past and mitigate the habit of repeating it.

What happens during the coming Earth changes
is an interdependent function of what happens
in the collective consciousness of humanity...
the morphic energy in our collective energies
connected to the Morphegenic Earth grids.
Cayce's readings are well-documented and astounding in their clairvoyant accuracy. He pioneered holistic health practices in America with many of his unorthodox but effective cures that were dictated while in a trance state. He also provided some extraordinary readings on the destruction of the ancient civilization of Atlantis 12,500 years ago.

According to Cayce, the advanced civilization of Atlantis had polarized into a core split between the Brothers of "Belial" (Be lie all) and the Brothers of the Law of the One. To understand the former, read "PEOPLE OF THE LIE" by best-selling author Dr. Scott Peck, . The by-line for this book is "The Hope For Healing Human Evil".
The Great Flood that wiped out the desecration of the sacred is
a preview of what the coming Earth changes may bring
if enough good people in the Law of the One
don't prevail in turning around the
downward spiral of e-veil
for lack of resolve
to embrace
The "Law of the One" is the law of our "connection" -- how we are connected to each other.  Everyone, of course, has their own reality which, too often, is at odds with the reality of others.  It's one thing to be different, and quite another thing to be disconnected from the reality of soul integrity that embraces universal law - the Law of the One.

Human evolution is now approaching the "O-point" ("O"-ness of Oneness) test as did Atlantis when the dogs of war were unleashed without the restraining power of Love. The test today is the same... whether we resolve the bi-polar disconnect of leaders that thrive on war, disease and chaos... or join the multiplying mass extinction of species in our world.  Our capability, technologically, has reached a point where we will either survive and thrive with a new Net reality of greater LOVE, or "magnetize" the type of global cataclysm worthy of systemic evil.

That may sound harsh, but there is a point where the genetic material of humanity is becoming crap due to genetic engineering and toxic genetic poisons pumped into the food chain by unaccountable corporations.  The healthy chalice for incarnating souls is being destroyed as is the environmental "life support system" for all life on Earth. 
Is it the mercy of the "Great Law" to purge the Earth as at the time of the Great Flood?

The test is the same for all global civilizations that begin a Golden Age... how to best "get it all together" and heal our planetary system.  An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their alignment with the Law of the One-Universal Love.

There's nothing new under the Sun said Solomon the wise. Just new ways or reframing universal truths.  This is THE Truth that is morphing the Morphegenic grids of consciousness and the Earth body itself.  It is the THE standard for Truth itself - an expression of higher intelligence, higher conscience and a Higher Power then that which wars with nature and ourselves.

Call it "Common Sense" in the Spirit of the most successful political pamphlet in history that sparked the American Revolution.  Call it "heartware" or "cyberethics" as will mediate the Net reality of humanity with the cultural DNA that qualifies the frequency of compassion and the mind of "G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).

Or simply call it call it the Law of LOVE that frames the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." with the "Language of the Angels of Love" between the lines. Whatever you call it, realize the profound implications when the angels of our better nature are represented in the Net reality of our global village - the Conscience of Humanity.

The Big Shift to "Spherical" ("O"-point) Conscience on the 2012 timeline

This is the challenge through 2012 as global civilization faces a "perceptual adjustment" to the virtual elimination of time and space -- a paradigm shift -- in response to instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality as it reflexes with energies of the Galactic Shift.

Are we so arrogant to think that the Big Shift in global civilization is separate from what's happening in the galaxy-at-large?  Or that there is not a divine celestial order to the natural evolution of things on Earth?

Earth has now entered the sector of the Galaxy
known as the 2000+ year Age of Aquarius that, since ancient times, has been known to represent the "God quality" of divine Love.  Add to that the influence on consciousness of the Photon Belt -- the energies of "more light" -- and you have more consciousness with more Love. Add to that the influence on the "web of consciousness" as the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet integrates more LOVE into the evolutionary change process.

The synergistic effect of these influences is greater than the sum of the parts and translates to
The Global PowerShift Equation:

Photon Belt energies (more "Light"), stimulating the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy,
enlightening consciousness of the golden rule/law language at the heart of every Golden Age...

+ (plus)
 Energies of Aquarius
(more "Love"), harmonizing the Morphic grids of consciousness and the Earth body with
pure intention of the frequency of holy compassion at the heart of the Aquarian Dispensation...

+ (plus)
Cultural DNA for Net Reality (
), framing core Constitutional freedoms with the angles/angels of G.O.D.~LOVE
at the interactive gateway from cyberspace to innerspace; the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet...

     = (equals)

 A Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience on the 2012 Timeline to "
the "spherical-
" conscience that represents the "Law of ne" at the heart of the spiritual Dispensation of Aquarius.

A wholly new Spirit of greater LOVE is matriculating the matrix of matter in non-linear "spherical terms" ("O"-point spiritual) that empowers holy compassion at the HEART of divine order.  This is the "Geometrically Ordered Divinity" (LOVE Model) that provides quintessential "pure geometry" thoughtforms for the expansion of consciousness.

Heaven knows there has always been divine harmony at the heart of the divine order that frames the universe and all creation.  Harnessing that divinity -- in frequency and form -- is really the heart of the matter that involves and evolves higher mind over matter... the Spirit that matters... the security in purity... the pure intent for sovereignty... the Law of the One... the nature of soul integrity.

In summary...

Soul integrity and DNA integrity go together.  If one is so sick and tired of being sick and tired -- having adapted to low levels of vitality yet thinking you are "healthy" because you're not in pain -- one has less resistance to the dissonance, disinformation and "dis-ease" that is pumped into the collective consciousness by corrupt corporate media.  It's well known that such dissonance has a corrupting influence on DNA as well as one's "full conscience". 

We are indeed ALL-connected in the web of life. Healthy DNA is in symbiotic energetic communication with the healthy DNA of all sentient life.  And the Earth body itself.  For an in-depth report on this, read "The Conscience Connection".

"This we know.  The earth does not belong to man;  man belongs to the earth ... 
Man did not weave
the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. 
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

Chief Seattle

It's been well documented by Gregg Braden that feelings effect DNA.  And Dr. Diamo has demonstrated the amazing effect of emotions on the geometry of water crystals and the body.  Geometrized harmonics in spiritual throughtforms and uplifting music can have a profound healing effect for genetic/DNA repair.

Keep the Faith and Hold the Vision to
Awaken Again in 2010!



 The prudent will prepare for come what may.
The signs of the times compel discernment and decision.

None of us can predict who will survive, but aside from pure chance or luck,
those who are best prepared are those with the best promise of survival.

Prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Are you prepared with emergency supplies yet?
Stock up now -- while supplies last.
(food and water basics)

"Spiritual life is no longer limited to the quiet seclusion of mystics or seekers living in isolation from society.
Now more than ever, we need leaders who truly combine the deep inner work of the heart with active
outer service in the world. (...) The choice between an outer life of activism and an inner life of contemplation
 has become a false dichotomy.
Activism without spirituality is blind, and spirituality without activism is lame.
What we need now is a new form of "spiritual activism" that combines both spiritual and social transformation.
Nothing less can marry the heart's longing to the world's need, and give birth to a truly compassionate society."
- Will Keepin - Taken from http://www.satyana.org/pdf/lws-2002-2003.pdf