Christ Mass 106

Masters Program for "CAPstone Vision"
Creative Ascent Process)



Master Level Understanding of 'Cultural DNA' for 'The Blessing'.

The integration of hardware, software and netware via “heartware
will define e-valuation criteria (cyber
Ethics) for real-time
social networking with
social Conscience.


Social networking, team collaboration and community building will be optimized by heartware – a computer interface for mass interaction that is made possible with a model of “cyberEthics” (e-valuation criteria) that frames the universal laws and language of consciousness.  The conceptual framework topology that defines cyberEthics is a geometrized model of universal archetypes in our collective conscience (Jung), that involve and evolve the language of consciousness as the quintessential foundation for "cultural DNA" (conscience).  This is the criteria that will qualify the evolution of the worldwide web from the computer as a network (analogous to global "brain cells") to the network has a Conscience (analogous to the full-spectrum of enlightened intelligence).


The 'Currency of Conscience' cultured by heartware cyberEthics
will naturally involve and evolve humanity's evolutionary ascent
through homeostasis and healing in our social networks with
a social conscience that embraces what is best for all.


By utilizing a simple biofeedback loop that shows when one is in the actual frequency of compassion, as pioneered by Dan Winter's heart coherence biofeedback breakthroughs, and by integrating heartware's unique frame of reference for universal archetypes defining typology in the holographic field of heart-centered conscience, on-line social networks will have the tools and processes that involve and evolve the conscientious common sense of most valued virtues – the heart of authentic prosperity, social civility and real community. 


The constitution of heartware is actually the creative learning processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governing conscience. As the chief architect of the U.S. Constitution said, “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.” ~ James Madison.  The real gold standard for golden age civilization is this 'Conscience Currency' that heartware cyberEthics will culture at the heart of core Constitutional freedoms in our new global village Net reality, fulfilling globally what U.S. Founders began locally. 


Heartware has the capability of catalyzing the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution with a web 3.0 model that defines, refines, combines-synergizes and “shines” (enlightens) our individual and collective conscience at the heart of social networked content, qualifying context and meaning in the way that organizes all information IN FORMATION; TeLeComm with a heart” (TeLeConferencing, TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare, TeLeCommerce), with emphasis on “TLC” (The Blessing)


New standards create new industries with the five major organizational model applications of heartware being the “M-5 Megatrend Model” (5-D integration) for the Management, Mentoring, Medical, Marketing and Media megatrends that “flesh out” the body of heartware as a whole systems upgrade model of, by and for 'Cultural DNA'.


The evolution of business is, at heart, the business of human evolution, and education of the heart-mind connection for enlightened evolution of our social networks is the primary benefit of heartware.  Since an individual or civilization can rise no higher than the currency of Conscience at the heart of social 'TLC Conscience', heartware provides an interactive interface for 'Conscience Currency' at the heart of all 'TLC' dimensions for 'The Blessing'.


Care for our holistic health will thus heal all with 'TeLeCare' (free on-line Universal Self Care) whereby a heartware-centric model for self-assessment profiling can link to a “self-perfecting” (results-based) database of holistic options for the analysis, prevention and treatment of “dis-ease” (stress) caused by disconnect from conscious awareness of the mind-body links behind much of the causative factors for disease symptoms. 

TeLeCommunity 'Management' (self-governance) is another field in which interactive capabilities of heartware can define the most enlightened ideas of community consensus -- social Conscience -- for community self-governing self correction of a "self elevation" (salvation) nature in our communication networks.


The natural evolution of "community" in the spirit of "come-into-unity"
is the evolution of social networks -- our communication networks --
with a more enlightened
social Conscience.


It is the all-connected nature of each and all in our global village that benefits most from an upgrade of civility with this gold standard for interactive TeLeConnection with a heart.  Global civilization naturally evolves with the languaging of civility, and the higher the concept of universal law language at the heart of civil interaction, the greater the results.  The unique nature of heartware is the way it frames universal law language with 'Source Code' principles governing the "operating system" for the personal planetary 'holodeck'.  The way heartware involves and evolves conscientious common sense is a natural function of Nature’s Law governing the principles of “holism” (whole systems) for a 'Whole Systems Upgrade' with holistic healing through “homeostasis” (checks and balances) operating on all levels of the holy whole ranging from the morphic energy grids of the Earth to the brain holodeck between one's ears.


The vision alone – what heartware is and how it works – can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.  A working model of the heartware interface has been years in development, and about three billion global Netizens now have a platform for a 'TLC Connection' through their smartphones, tablets, lap-tops and desk-top computers.

Videos with web links will qualify the vision with self-evident value, demonstrating the simple operation of the interface with emphasis on the profound implications for personal and collective “up-wising” (Conscience Currency) for the Next Economy.   I’ve scripted the videos while developing dozens of preliminary websites.  Financing will enable rapid deployment with a team of experts I’ve successfully worked with on numerous projects regarding the “M5” categories for building network communities – the Management, Mentoring, Medical, Marketing and Media megatrend models as optimized by heartware. 


Heartware provides intrinsic measurement metrics for cyberethics that define, refine, combine-synergize and shine (enlighten) individual and collective consciousness, while maintaining privacy rights in the public sphere.  The self-evident value of that will be clearly demonstrated by the working model, videos and interactive websites.  Licensing to M5 social networks, the CRM industry, computer vendors, the new generation of cell phones and a variety of other applications will provide another practical metric that recognizes heartware’s definitive model of standards for web 3.0.


The LOVE Model is my preliminary organizational model for introducing pure geometry archetypes that frame the concept of heartware.  Between the lines, this website reflects the holographic nature of first principles for organizational development at the heart of 'Cultural DNA' for a global evolution revolution in social Conscience.




This is just one of many ideas that will reboot our global Operating System.  The "masters" who get it -- the pure intention of this open university "Master's Program" -- will care enough to share it with others; the 'TLC' connection at the heart of the HEARTcom Network.  These are those who will herald the dawn of a New Enlightenment in our all-connected social conscience.  That’s how light language will "link the light" that establishes the Worldwide  Foundation -- in form and frequency -- at the interactive heartware interface for global cyberEthics.


So take heart!  Get the vision. Spread the word: the genesis of freedom with the Law of Love at the heart of our global village social networks.  It’s called “networking for the Net worth of
Net reality”
Christ Mass Conscience) via the angels of our better nature, your better nature, and the better nature of a Golden Age birthing in the humble manger of our heart of hearts.


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