Conscious Evolution Series
Heartcom Network
Networking for the Net worth of a
 more enlightened Net reality.

The Emerging Economics of Abundance

Sept. 5, 2013 / Up-graded June 5, 2014

by Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic LOVE

The higher the concept of one universal

Private RIGHTS     Public SPHERE     Co-Creation BALANCE     Unity CONSCIENCE

...the greater the systemic ‘global’ results
  with 5 ‘spheres’ of unified field influence
  as heart coherence in all pure geometry
   ‘dimensions’ of movement to wholEness’
    representing our individual and collective
    co-Creation with the Law of the Angles of
G.O.D. (Geometric Ordered Divinity) and
     the ‘
Language of the Angels’… of .

An abundance of unifying principles
along more enlightened lines will
naturally unify us along those
lines framing the universal
Constitution of

Global conscious evolution with the computer/Internet revolution
 has brought us to this point, the whole point of conscious ascent
along more enlightened lines that frame unity in global diversity.

We now live in an instant-everywhere and interactive global village

in principle...
and an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm must
represent the highest and best interests of the Family of Man
 as will provide a frame of reference for 'unifying principles':
-defining, -refining, -combining and -shining with
-hardware, -software, -netware and -heartware
in practice.

 In the larger scheme of conscious evolution,
there is nothing more valuable than a
vision of virtue and valor for the
victory of universal

for the abundant life.

 The Abundant Life naturally follows
conscientious energy focus via:
intention attention retention
(3-fold 'flame' of --)
for conscious
in a
dimension where
ness rules
 naturally rule.

in the 4 quads of BEING

You are what you believe
          having empowered what you believed.

   Attention: You are what you think
         having empowered what you thought.

  Retention: You are what you feel
having empowered what you felt.

Ascension: You are what you DO
having empowered what you

 Culturing Conscientious Common Sense
Heart Coherence
and Mind Congruence
with Effective Sensory Perception at the
Heart of Interactive Global TeLeComm:

    1- Law of the ne: All Connected Unified Field
2- Law of the Two-in-
ne: Polarity Principle

3- Law of the Three-in-
ne: Trinity Synergy

    4- Law of the Four-in-
ne: Pyramid Capstone


1- THE VISION: Universal Law Language of atNEment...
     One Earth with one
of, by and for our
    instant-everywhere-interactive global village.

Keep your eye on the ‘ball’, the 'home game'
 for the all-connected Family of Man.

Or as Thomas Paine said in 'Common Sense' that
sparked the spirit of the American Revolution:
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way...
We have the power to begin 
the world over again."

2- THE VIRTUE: Polarity as the Two-in-ne Spirit that Matters...
  Balancing divisive degenerate 'duality' dysfunction
and the suffering sinner/saint separation syndrome.
Beyond duality is the polarity whereby pleasure and
pain, loss and gain, fame and shame are all the same;
two sides of the same "coin" (Currency of Conscience).

Spirit - Alpha Thrust: (Heartcom Services)
Matters - Omega Return: (Universal Self Care)

Co-Creation Synergy in the Three-in-
ne Trinity...

  The creative learning and healing process is an
ongoing 'Co-Creation' process as
inear ogic
is centered with n
n-linear heart-coherence to synergize a new whole that is greater than the sum of the inear and nn-linear parts.

THE VICTORY: Integration in the Four-in-ne 'CAPstone'...

   The "Creative Ascent Process" (CAPstone) whereby
the golden rule/law language for every golden age
centers and connects the first principles of virtue, vision and valor for the victory of evolutionary ascent
along more enlightened lines that frame wholEness.

   - Seize the Vision
        - Embrace the Virtue
 - Vow with Valor
     - Claim the Victory


Sponsoring message for "The Abundant Life":

Your wholeness and health is your true wealth.

BE the healing change you want to see.

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