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The Emerging Economics of Abundance

Sept. 5, 2013 / Upgraded Dec 31 2022

by Christopher L. Rudy,
Cosmic Show/Podcast
(14th year)

The higher the concept of a universal
 standard for global self governance...

Private           Public        Co-Creation           Unity 

... the greater the systemic holistic results.

   Note the 5 spheres of unified field influence
(heart coherence) in all the pure geometry
 frames of reference for the 1st principles of
 Cosmic Law… for culturing conscience by
representing our individual and collective
co-Creation with the 
Law of the Angles of
G.O.D. (Geometric Ordered Divinity) and
Language of the Angels with more heart.

An abundance of unifying principles
along more enlightened lines will
naturally unify us along those
lines framing the universal
currency of conscience
 for the abundant life

Global conscious evolution with the computer/Internet revolution
 has brought us to this point - the whole point of conscious ascent
along more enlightened lines that frame unity in global diversity:

We now live in an instant-everywhere and interactive
'global village'
in principle...
and an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm must
represent the highest and best interests of the Family of Man
 as will provide a frame of reference for 'unifying principles':
-defining, -refining, -combining and -shining with
-hardware, -software, -netware and -heartware
in practice.

 In the larger scheme of conscious evolution,
there is nothing more valuable than a
vision of virtue and valor for the
victory of Universal LOVE
for the abundant life.

  The Abundant Life naturally follows
conscientious energy focus via:
intention attention retention
(3-fold 'flame' of --)
 for conscious
in a 
dimension where
ness rules.


 as the Prime Directive.

       Intention: You are what you believe
          having empowered what you believed.

   Attention: You are what you think
         having empowered what you thought.

  Retention: You are what you feel
having empowered what you felt.

     Ascension: You are what you DO
  having empowered what you 

  Culturing Conscientious Common Sense
  Heart Coherence 
and Mind Congruence
with Effective Sensory Perception at the
Heart of Interactive Global TeLeComm:

    1- Law of the  ne: All Connected Unified Field
   2- Law of the Two-in-ne: Polarity Principle
  3- Law of the Three-in-ne: Trinity Synergy

     4- Law of the Four-in-
ne: Pyramid Capstone


1- THE VISION: Universal Law Language of atNEment...
     One Earth with one
of, by and for our
    instant-everywhere-interactive global village.

Keep your eye on the ‘ball’, the 'home game'
 for the all-connected Family of Man.

Or as Thomas Paine said in 'Common Sense' that
sparked the spirit of the American Revolution:
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way...
We have the power to begin 
the world over again."

2- THE VIRTUE: Polarity as the Two-in-ne Spirit that Matters...
  Balancing divisive degenerate 'duality' dysfunction
and the suffering sinner/saint separation syndrome.
Beyond duality is the polarity whereby pleasure and
pain, loss and gain, fame and shame are all the same;
two sides of the same "coin" (Currency of Conscience).

Spirit - Alpha Thrust: Heartcom.org (Heartcom Services)
Matters - Omega Return: UnitedSelfCare.com (Universal Self Care)

Co-Creation Synergy in the Three-in-
ne Trinity...

  The creative learning and healing process is an
ongoing 'Co-Creation' process as
inear ogic
is centered with n
n-linear heart-coherence to synergize a new whole that is greater than the sum of the inear and nn-linear parts.

THE VICTORY: Integration in the Four-in-ne 'CAPstone'...

   The "Creative Ascent Process" (CAPstone) whereby
the golden rule/law language for every golden age
centers and connects the first principles of virtue, vision and valor for the victory of evolutionary ascent
along more enlightened lines that frame wholEness.

   - Seize the Vision
        - Embrace the Virtue
- Vow with Valor
    - Claim the Victory


Sponsoring message for "The Abundant Life":

Your wholeness and health is your true wealth.

BE the healing change you want to see.

Bring healing energy - more 'light'
 to your body, mind and spirit
with 'SPX Royal Jelly".