2013 Foresight

by Christos Lightweaver, Metaphysician

You are among a select Group of souls
who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time!
   The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the
     unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.

This is a time to remember.”

Dr. Christine Page


 Full Spectrum Conscience
The Co-Creation Opportunity 

All bands of the perceptual spectrum co-create
  with a holy whole that is synergistically greater
than the sum of the separate bands of light.
 That whole is the
white light as a full-spectrum
   conscience of a Christ-like, Buddhic or otherwise

enlightened nature.

Shift Happens

To appreciate this shift, understand light language
as the five dimensional components to the

whereby G.O.D.~ Consciousness
frames the frequency of holy compassion
with the Geometrically Ordered Divinity
that represents individual and collective
G.O.D. governance via the full spectrum
cultural DNA at the heart of conscious
co-creation rEVOLUTION.

Executive Blue

The decisive prime directive of pure intention
that frames conscientious coordinates
for manifesting a Golden Age via
 the Golden Rule Law blueprint

Judicial Gold

Wise dominion that appreciates how
our frames of reference for divine
law and order will focus attention

on the best co-creation process

Lovely Pink

The frequency of holy compassion that honors
 both the Father and the S☼n as in
 frequently, synergizing
+   with
a co-creative whole-holy spirit (

Healing Green
(blue + gold, with subtle
pink highlights)

The emerald green band of the color spectrum
that centers conscientious common sense
 with a balanced 3-fold synergy of
+ + as an integrated

High Frequency Violet

The 5th Dimension as the fulfillment of
the form and frequency of the
universal-cosmic Law of the Angles
and the holy Language of the Angels

whereby the full spectrum order of

5D Vision



2013 Foresight

The gifts of 2013 have been many – all things considered.  To count one’s blessings is to reflect on highlights of the past as will illumine encouraging opportunities for 'The Blessing'.  It is an attitude of gratitude in the present that gifts the future by releasing the emotional charge latent in past fears. 

 “The original, literal meaning of “apocalypse” (Greek) is not destruction but "lifting of the veil" or "revelation”, the disclosure of secrets hidden from the majority of humanity”
~ Dr. Stan Grof, revolutionary psychiatrist with more than fifty years experience researching the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, one of the founders and chief theoreticians of Transpersonal Psychology

A new dawn at the cusp of Aquarius is rapidly initiating a revelation revolution in the consciousness of global humanity.  Luminaries worldwide are waking from the former prevailing paradigm paralysis as though from the dark night of the soul.  See what the world's leading experts on the Mayan calendar have to say regarding "THIS TIME".

Expectation and anticipation of more light to come
is not seldom the prelude of that revelation,
especially when it is ordained by the
reason for the Aquarian Age

season of Freedom
in Universal

The future is what we make it, and the greater one’s prevailing awareness of a future that we all aspire to, the more likely that such a future will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

 End Times?  Or New Beginning?

The Great Cycles converging now my well portend the end of the world as we have known it, a world dominated by violence, greed and corrupt institutions whose love of power eclipses the power of love. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the prophecy may refer to death and rebirth as a mass inner transformation that resurrects the power of love in the prevailing conscience of the Family of Man.

Metamorphosis... Phoenix Rising... Shift Happens

Most people have change blindness,  a proven psychological phenomena as that short video link reveals.  They don’t realize how the shift to a new consciousness is accelerating through to Winter Solstice of 2011, when a Great Cycle will culminate five 5,125-year cycles.  Those dates, given to the Mayans about 25 centuries ago, speak of this time when our solar system spirals into the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way, a unique alignment with the Galactic Field, a Field that like a beam radiates forth from the Great Central Sun at the heart of our galaxy.

This is not a battlefield; it’s a unified field of enlightened Conscience
  that has previously existed beyond our limited sense of ultimate reality.
  The pure intention of a new currency of conscience for Net reality is the
   the universal urge to connect with the
gold standard for Conscience.

Prepare the field

"Be ready for love when it does come.
Prepare the field and be ready to nourish love.
Be loving, and you will be lovable.
Be open and receptive to love."

~ Louise L. Hay

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field, and l'll meet you there.

~ Rumi, the poet of love

This new dimensional shift will translate to different unified field experiences for different souls, but it has certain initiations or “testings” that will be common to all souls.  The business of evolution is about to take a quantum leap with this new currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy.

   Earth is getting charged with a “light” that is
truly galactic in scale, intelligent in nature
and challenging in its repolarizing effect
   on the ego’s prevailing paradigm paralysis.

Mass awakening changes everything.  There’s no going back to conscience-challenged support of institutionalized ignorance and the organized greed that profits from war and disease.  That’s insanely retro.  Who with a well-rounded conscience would want that!

We have a choice now.

That choice was gifted in 2013 if you were paying attention. If you haven’t unwrapped that gift yet, pay intention with pure intention.  There will be no security for any of us without pure intention of, by and for ALL of us – an unprecedented win/win that has one singular characteristic:

   Linking the light of global Netizens – world citizens -- in a new
   ALL-connected instant-everywhere and interactive "InnerNet"
  at the heart of our DNA... a wholly new web of light changing
the fabric of space-time and our consciousness thereof.

Those who don't connect the dots to the big picture of the Big Shift -- the majority with change blindness -- will not see the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution to the InnerNet rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness until it goes mainstream in our social networks. For them, it will be like trying to understand someone's explanation of the Internet before the Internet. 

In this case, the dynamics of conscious evolution are
shape shifting our DNA with frequencies of a
divine harmony and a divine order that
will pioneer the last frontier of
cyberspace which is

Enlightened souls understand that there is no good reason for self-destruction of global civility.  A civilization that continues to create and manage war and disease for profit – while expecting different results -- is suffering from collective insanity.  But that too shall pass... and SOON.

Collective sanity and mass healing is our divine destiny.
The evolutionary ascent of the Family of Man is
on the threshold of a systemic global
rEVOLUTION in conscience

Those who are conscientious in their pure intention to pay attention to the future ordained for this unprecedented time will be empowered to make a difference with the power of choice... to help establish the emerging blueprint for a golden age.

The greatest power we have is in optimal free-will choice.
Power of Love derives from an ethics of Love.
The gifting of Christ-like mass awakening
is for giving, not forgetting.

As our Solar System moves into this new Field of the Galactic Plane, a cosmic intelligence of a Higher Power is matriculating the matrix of energies for conscious awakening to the full portents of Cosmic LOVE in ways that our primitive sciences have yet to grasp.

In the collective unconscious of humanity,
a Higher Power is geometizing the
fractal nature of our DNA with the
“G.O.D.” codes – the Source codes to
Geometrically Ordered Divinity”
(fractal laws framing divine order)

Science has revealed that 90% of what was once called “junk DNA” is actually like tuning fork transceivers that receive subtle energies from cosmos which resonate into the DNA blueprint of the whole body. 

The DNA is the blueprint for every cell of the body,
setting the matrix for resonance with life processes.
We shape our DNA with our emotions, and then,
our DNA shapes our physiology and health.


The evolution of life and consciousness on Earth has naturally evolved with the resonant frequencies of cosmic intelligence as can be well understood in the series of short YouTube videos -- a profound lecture --beginning with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEyZFbkvJjw .  God has methods:)

 In the collective subconscious of humanity,
a Higher Power is providing the divine spark
that transcends the ego’s fear of death that has
preferred fear-abased ignorance and selfishness
at the expense of kind men among mankind.

This has been another huge revelation “highlight” of the year 2013… that the highly decentralized nature of the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet is culturing a new social conscience that is challenging the collective ego in highly centralized self-serving institutions as never before.  That collective ego has co-opted core social institutions for profit and control by a relative few at the expense of the social purpose for which our social institutions were created. 

In the prevailing conscious awareness of humanity,
a Higher Wisdom is magnifying pure intention for our
focused attention on the business of evolutionary
ascension along more enlightened lines that
frame the emerging blueprint for global civility.

Netizens worldwide have been experiencing the virtual omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotent power to know better and do better, and a new prevailing conscience is breaking through the breakdown in core institutions.  Self-evident solutions are gaining traction, reaching a critical mass that sees the full potential of our new all-connected global village.

In the collective superconscious of humanity,
a greater LOVE is culturing the perfect blueprint
with great anticipation for our divine destiny in a
redeeming series of events that gets past the past
by looking forward to a revelation rEVOLUTION
that makes self-serving corruption obsolete.

A new Common Sense of social cooperation and altruism is obviously a challenge to those love-challenged momentums that profit from war and disease.  Stock market metrics indicating a good economy based on the promise of future wars and disease are banrupt. No soul will escape the “Judgment” as a final "life review" whereby one’s choices become one’s own final judgment.

Souls will either choose to unite for the purpose ordained,
and take stock in the moral imperative for civil society,
or they will be sorted out to further experience the “
that their souls have inadvertently asked for. It’s “the Law”.

Yes beloved, there are laws that we are all accountable for.  Get over it – over the top.  Political correctness won’t save you.  Paper money won’t save you.  Disease care insurance won’t save you.  And spin-doctored corporate media won’t save you.

Only the full Presence of Great L O V E in
your heart, mind and soul will empower
 wisdom at the heart of soul purpose
on the path of evolutionary ascent
beginning with your vow of, by
and for the vision, virtue and
victory of your LOVE as a
model for cultural DNA
that resonates with
the purpose and
ordained plan
 of Cosmic

The Power of LOVE becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in your world to the extent that you make choices that are self-correcting for self-elevation of a salvation nature. 

Self-governing sovereignty for global Netizens
will naturally follow the
web 3.0 cyberEthics
that culture mass-to-mass TeLeComm
unity for our conscious evolution as
the Next Big Phase of a global
transformation in the image
and likeness of cosmic
LOVE that shapes
our Net reality
of what is

What we all aspire to at the heart of the emerging blueprint for a golden age is TLC of a global nature.  An ethical standard for cyberEthics with “TLC” is becoming the prevailing awareness of global Netizens who also see the path to TeLeComm for TeLeConscience at the heart of social networked TeLeCommunities, TeLeCommerce and TeLeCare – free-online universal self care that provides self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease. 

The power of TLC as an ethical standard for global TeLeComm
will naturally reboot our DNA and social networked conscience
that is the divine destiny of planetary rEVOLUTION.

When  is the rule – the cosmic law blueprint for a global golden age – it is no longer a mystery how a more enlightened concept of G.O.D. government will upgrade core Constitutional freedoms that frame our consciousness, cultural DNA and world at large.

What goes around, comes around.
Free will embraces the opportunity.
God’s will optimizes the potential.

The last frontier of freedom for global Netizens is the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet, the gateway “portal” from cyberspace to innerspace.  This is the interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm that nurtures cultural DNA with the Holy Spirit of -in-action.

As the veil thins on the accelerated 2013 timeline,
solutions for global freedom-in-
LOVE will become
self-evident, and then a self-fulfilling prophecy, as
power of love in the Net reality of humanity
fulfills the pure intention of our divine destiny

Culturing the frequency of the holy spirit of Cosmic LOVE, as in frequently, is the natural consequence of an interactive web 3.0 interface for culturing social conscience at the heart of current web 2.0 social networks. 

It is the currency of conscience that provides
the leaven for the bread of higher conscience;
the Next Economy based on abundant

My appeal to all Lightbearers, Lightweavers and LOVEmakers is to link the light of Lightworkers who share this vision of the emerging blueprint for a golden age.

The best way to transform and transcend
    the love-challenged egos of the status quo

  is to link the light at the heart of this vision
for defining, refining, combining & shining
  more light,
the language of conscience,
in a global rEVOLUTION of pure intention
      and focused attention on our conscientious

ascension of, by and for our divine destiny.

Within the context of accelerating change, the only permanent condition for each soul is the intelligence at the heart of eternal progression.  This is the intelligence of the Aquarian Dispensation – mass awakening as smart with a heart

The great LOVE of Aquarius is bringing freedom to
 the multitudes who have forgotten how to dream,
to dance and to sing from the heart.

Take heart.  We go to where we are coming from.  We are what we conceive, having become what we conceived.  We are what we believe, having become what we believed.  And we are what we achieve, having become what we achieved.

Consider the full portents of this opportunity with
your vision of virtue for the victory of your vow
for the ascent of your soul and all souls.
Do what you can because you can.

Unwrap the gifts of Christ-like mass awakeningRe-member or otherwise become one with the core message of the Piscean Dispensation – that LOVE is for giving… not forgetting.  And get with the program – the Aquarian Dispensation of freedom in LOVE.

   Seize the Vision -- pure intention for Unity Conscience.
Embrace the Virtue – focused attention on One Love
Make the Vow – evolutionary ascension with Heartware.
Claim the Victory -- our unity in diversity;
LOVE heals all.

In the cosmic scheme of personal and planetary evolution, this is an unprecedented time with extraordinary opportunity for all souls to win stripes for their ascension.  Make it so!

~ Christos

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CopyRound © 2013
All Rights well-Rounded


-- above all -- is for giving.

The higher the concept of LOVE in form and frequency, the greater the results

We are
what we think,
having become what
we thought - the habit of our
prevailing conscious intention and
attention in a net or web of global love;
a golden pink light that weaves the fabric of
global space/time with the relative spirit that matters
as the angels of our best nature find enough willing hearts
for evolutionary ascension of Net reality on Earth as in Cosmos.
 The veil of separation is rapidly thinning on the 2012 timeline.
The illusory sense that materialism is more real than the
spirit that matters is rapidly loosing traction globally.
The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
has now succeeded to the point where the
power of love in our social networks is
culturing a new social conscience
that knows the meaning of a
unity in community and
with greater

Thoughtform for the Turning of Cycles, 2010--2011

Christ-like Mass Conscience is Going Global

Divine LOVE is more than just a feeling.
It's a choice for a new Conscience
at the heart of the Family of Man.
The new currency of conscience
 is more about faith with new eyes
   rather than seeing with old beliefs.

The world as we've known it has changed profoundly, but who among us knows
just what the New World will look like when we finally wake to realize that
we are all responsible for the change we have all been waiting for?
If we put our heads together with enlightened self interest,
we can define, refine, combine-synergize and shine
our gifts and talents by linking the light of a
higher conscience of Higher Power
at the heart of the Net reality
empowering wisdom
with Aquarian