Hero with a Thousand Faces
rEVOLUTION Series 909

Testing... Testing... Testing

The Test That's Best for All Souls

"These are the times that try men's souls..."
~ Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE, preceding the First American rEVOLUTION

Christos Lightweaver aka Christopher Rudy;
Bicentennial self portrait 33 years ago
(a little ahead of my time)

If you want to get ahead, it's important to keep your head, especially when so many sensitive souls seem to be losing theirs.  This is especially true now.  As the rate of change accelerates with the thinning of the veil on the 2012 timeline, the Family of Man is connecting as never before with the Law of Consequences – how we ultimately get what we ask for in the cosmic scheme of things. 

As the Big Shift accelerates on the 2011-2012 Timeline
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
the full spectrum
of universal

The Quantum Shift of global energies and consciousness at this propitious time heralds a new understanding of the Law of Consequences for our individual and collective beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions. 

There are indeed consequences for interfering with the Prime Directive for evolutionary ascent of consciousness, civility and global self governance. Call it the law of cause and effect, action/reaction, stimulus/response or simply that we reap what we sow. This is the one inexorable reality that will not budge.

The more things change, the more the law of consequences governs results. We continue to go to where we're coming from.  The world you want out there is evermore tied to the power in the wisdom and joy of the LOVE within you.

You don’t have to be perfect to understand that perfect LOVE costs nothing but heals all… all ways.  In other words, it’s not your aptitude as much your attitude that determines your “altitude” – whether you soar with the eagles above the fray or scratch with the turkeys stuck in mass negativity.

Life's a hoot, and then you re-boot

There’s a joke about the Law of Consequences whereby a moron committed suicide only to reincarnate as himself, returning to the same tests he tried to run away from before.  That’s a sick joke in context of the unprecedented number of people committing suicide worldwide.  Humor may take the edge off, but a person of conscience still feels responsibility for this sick world in a healing crisis. 

It’s even harder to laugh at the way entire nations are committing suicide by privatizing core public institutions for corporate profit while socializing corporate losses with public taxes.  

People worldwide saw that happen with the bailout of American banks, by the banks and for the private corporate “Federal Reserve” banksters who are neither federal nor have any reserves

Now we’re seeing an instant replay of the same ploy with health care reform.  Highly organized corporate greed and selfishness is banking on reform that milks the masses -- mandatory insurance -- subsidized by more government debt which ends up as more taxes.

Mass terror appears to be the tactic for railroading reform, as we saw after 9-11 and the economic meltdown.

Now we see a new form of domestic terror emerging at the height of health care reform. (See “Depopulation by Inoculation”).

The same medical monopoly that pushes drugs for whatever ails you has now begun the mass inoculation of the public with live genetically engineered H1N1 viruses and vaccines laced with toxic mercury that kills brain cells and toxic squalene that creates life-long pathologies which profit Big Pharma.  That’s a domestic terror plot out of hell that is no less nefarious than 9-11.  It only serves disease care for profit and depopulation, not public health care.

Once again, we see fear tactics of mass negativity driving public policy to reform public institutions for privatized corporate profit and power at the lowest criminal  level – giant interlocked corporations owned and controlled by the same privatized “FED” owners, i.e. Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big War profiteers.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung


The world is a cosmic struggle for the soul of mankind
and that struggle is reaching a climax.
~ from: “Global Healing Crisis

One’s soul is sensitive to things of the spirit just as an enlightened mind seeks to see the divine order of things.  The more information you have, the greater is the need to get it all in order.  Ultimately, that would be divine order – the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.. Likewise, the more love you have, the greater is the need to share it with others – the Language of the Angels of LOVE (our better nature).

"Love is Energy" ...  3 minutes long, MUST SEE!
Love energized heals all.  Always has, all ways.

The pure intention of every soul is evolutionary ascension - to come up higher.  The soul finds no solace in doing what it has always done.  The consequence for that is getting what it has always got.  To do the same thing over and over -- while expecting different results -- makes the soul retreat, as in, "I'm outa here!" , because it doesn't abide with foolishness.  That has a lot of people "checking out" these days... withdrawing from craziness, fasting from mainstream media, and focusing on the inner sense of inner LOVE archetypes that frame up-wising and uprising along more enlightened lines.

The testing of souls is accelerating on the 2012 timeline.  It's important to understand this -- a planetary "Consciousness Shift".

From that which is the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, that which is Halcyon in the Pleiadian system, at that moment of the alignment of the 7 planetary gateways represented by the planets and star-suns, there will be an alignment, a corridor directly from that which is the central sun to the planet earth. Earth is already moving forward towards this moment of alignment by adjusting and advancing many levels of consciousness, both in its own planetary consciousness as well as many of those Light Workers, Light Weavers and Light Bearers who exist on the earthly plane, and who have chosen to come onto the planet at this time to assist this process.

Remember that all souls go to where they are coming from and will ultimately get what they are asking for via one's prevailing beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.  If your momentum of prevailing awareness is in 3D, you will experience the Galactic Alignment with 3D physicality reality -- a materialistic frame of reference that sees "health" primarily in terms of physical symptoms. 

If your momentum of prevailing awareness is 4D, you will experience the Galactic Alignment with a higher mental grasp of the all-connected Law of Consequences that sees the cause and effect of health, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

If your prevailing awareness is 5D, you will experience the Galactic Alignment with
a holistic integrated sense of health in terms of the spirit that matters
for mastery of order and harmony with
Cosmic LOVE...
the VISION that assembles the dimensional
"components to the capstone" of

The quantum reality we will experience is the self-fulfilling prophecy we manifest. To the extent that we pay attention with pure intention to our evolutionary ascension, our self-governing self-correction and self-healing will define, refine, combine and shine our highest and best gifts, talents and resources for up-wising and uprising of a self-elevation (salvation) nature. 

The Next Economy will reflect, direct and perfect this process for an economics of abundance.

All sensitive souls naturally learn to avoid too much resonance with the pain of this world, just as a baby learns to walk without obsessing about the fear of falling.  Human potential is divine potential.  The test -- like learning to walk -- is to maintain a balance with sufficient sensitivity to the natural order of the universe -- Geometrically Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.) in the Model.

The Four Directions of Dimensional Integration;
a Holographic Codemap to
 Global Powershift

~ To intuitively know what divine potential with a moral compass naturally directs;
  inear, ogical eft-brain ogos~aw as a Constitutional frame of reference
       for the 1st principles of the prime directive... the law of
BEING (BE IN God~Love).

~ To consciously focus attention with pure intention in ne's prevailing awareness;
nonlinear spherical~ right-brain conscience as a Constitutional frame of reference
         for the holistic, whole, healthy or otherwise holy spirit in the holographic universe.

~ To keep the balance of mind and heart in thought and feeling with LOVE-in-action;
    + synergy~ that is greater than the sum of the parts in all quads of the
    Inner LOVE Archetypes
framing the Constitution of All That IS REAL in G.O.D.

   ~ To integrate the Inner LOVE Archetypes at the interactive heart of the Constitution;
 the key to integrity is integration of all the keys to the KINGDOM conscience whereby
KING" is an anagram for "Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D." ().

The self-fulfilling prophecies of those stuck in the 3D material world (unspiritual) will manifest as an experience of what they created in 3D for lack of love.  What goes around comes around, and those who "get it" -- how LOVE is for giving -- will naturally experience the rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness of 4D and 5D integration. It's "THE LAW"... governing souls, civilizations and star systems... worlds without end.

With as the Golden Rule/Law Language for a Golden Age,


 Note: Major updates at "The LOVE Model" and "HEARTcom Network".



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"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon