Chapter 11
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age




Self-governing, Self-learning, Self-healing & Self-mastery for
“Self-elevation” (Salvation) as a Self-fulfilling Prophecy;
 the Heart of a POWER SHIFT in Quantum Energy
Defining, Refining, Combining & Shining
the Nature of Our Gifts and Talents
along the Enlightened Lines
that Frame a Process
of Evolutionary
ascent via

Look to SEE...   Know to BE... Geometrically Ordered Divinity

THE MOVEMENT... Evolving (Ascending)
From the inordinate love of power
To the ordained Power of

Moving FROM: The Lock-step Linear Letter of the Law that Lacks Love
                        (“BS” (B
elief Systems) that Foster the Abuse of Power)
                    The extremist love of power that has a terror~tyranny agenda
                        to sustain the currency of corruption that creates and manages
                     dis-ease, dysfunction, destruction and death with the dialectic
                    of crisis~reaction~”solution” as a self-serving ploy for seizing
                     control of the physical and human resources of the world, and
                    for the power-preserving perks of pride, profit and “profanity”
                    that betrays those core love virtues held sacred by humanity.

Moving WITH:  A Framework for the Constitution of Universal "Cosmic Law"
             To Reboot Love's Law at the Heart of the Constitution

The aw of LOVE frames                                          
the order of the universe... 
information in formation... 
holographically holistic in
           an all-connected sense of      
     "" ~ aw                
natural-universal principles                                          
-universal law language-
that "squares" our perceptions with the currency of
via the "fire in the middle" (pyra~mid)
holistically evolving the spiritual, mental, emotional
and physical components to the capstone in order
to define, refine, combine-synergize and "shine" the
the whole~healthy~holistic~holographic~holy spirit
at the heart of the "
ogos" (ogic~aw) of LOVE.

Moving THROUGH:  The Non-linear Spherical Wisdom Centered in Love;
The MEDIATION to "O-point" on the 2012 Timeline

love for networking
a web of light -- all lightworkers
through one interactive "
" interface for
TeLeComm-unity that involves
and evolves our individual and collective
with those principles and processes of, by and for the
 unity-in-diversity that is most likely to culture our safety

and happiness  in  the  evolutionary  ascent of souls
as we 
link  the light  of conscientious  common
sense  --
Effective Sensory Perception  --
with  the  language of  the angels of
our  better  loving  nature  at
the  heart  of  each

Moving TO:  Pure Intention of Focused Attention for Global Ascension;
The "Trinity" as the
Three-in-One (Throne) of G.O.D.~


The emerging power of LOVE with a peace~freedom agenda
that creates the currency of conscience at the heart of a
”New World” (global village) of instant-everywhere
and interactive LOVE-in-action to represent
angels of our better nature at the heart of
the Big Shift to the Net Reality that
empowers our personal and
planetary evolution with
Higher Power in


ESTABLISHING:  The Purpose and Plan the Ascended Masters Know and Serve;
                   Building the Kingdom Conscience on Earth as in Heaven

, looking down on the "pyramid" of
self and civilization, is the 2-D cross-referencing
of the "3-fold flame" (
++) in all 4 quadrant
sides of the pyramid.  This plan (design) is also
a universal symbol as "model and metaphor" for
what Christian mysticism refers to as "the plan"
for the "City 4-square" (4-square gospel) and as
depicted in Hopi and Tibetan sand painting as a
mandalic visualization of the timeless archetypes
that the father of modern psychology, Carl Jung,
conceived as the 4 universal frames of reference
that qualify the key processes of consciousness.
This "plan" (conceptual construct) is also a view
 of the 3-D "cosmic cube" that references the 4-D
 centered~connected synchronicity (in time) as the
  "capstone" (whol
ness) geometrizing 5-D vision.





The Change We Want To Conceive, Believe & Achieve

Pay Attention with Pure Intention for the Ascension


by Christos Lightweaver, Metaphysician
BBS Radio Host of Cosmic LOVE

Planetary rEVOLUTION – emphasizing 90% of the word --has naturally cultured a new currency of conscience that is accelerating rapidly due to both celestial and terrestrial influences.  As the quantum electromagnetics shift, we approach the “0-point energies” of 2012 – the end of time “as we know it”. 


According to the “cosmogenesis clock” (cosmic cycles) – as foreseen thousands of years ago via ancient Tibetan, Hindu and Mayan calendar systems -- we will see time and space increasingly “eliminated”.  As the veil of “3-D” (physical) illusion thins, the predominance of materialism is naturally superseded by the dimensional “shift” (progression) to a more enlightened “Net reality”.  Not just the 4-D and 5D via LOVE-centric Effective Sensory Perception on the inner (inner sense as innocence), but also, the full implications of a global village with an instant-everywhere-interactive Internet interface for LOVE on the outer.

“Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow
in only one direction, and the future exists
simultaneously with the past.”
- Albert Einstein


There is a collective “mass judgment” in process for all humanity.  You won't hear about it on the boob-tube – more likely on YouTube (see: SHIFT HAPPENS).  The reasons for this are both celestial and terrestrial – as above, so below.
Astrophysicists have revealed the full entry of our solar system into “the Photon Belt, a spectacular band of multi-dimensional light that St. Germain has called the ‘Golden Nebula’.” – Michael Harrington, from his book, “Touched by the Dragon’s Breath”
Indeed, the quantum light of the Photon Belt is reflexing energetically in our consciousness -- the impulse of the golden rule/law language of enlightened Net reality.  You can see this as the global Internet’s evolution of virtual “omnipresence” (instant-everywhere), “omniscience” (all knowledge) and “omnipotence” (knowledge power). 
Think about that – the “omni-significance” of this massive change in our Net reality as a global village.  It’s reaching critical mass as our perception of time and space reach “Zero point” – the Omni-directional “spherical consciousness” of the infinite and eternal here and now.  I know, it is a conventional "mind-blower”, but the winds of change are taking us there:

The Aquarian Dispensation of Universal LOVE.


The new "Net reality" of the Internet is now
defining, refining, combining, and shining
the light of our individual and collective
gifts and talents that, at heart, is the
potential of our humanity and our
conscientious common sense
as will involve and evolve
universal law-language
in the Circle of our
Eness and

This mass awakening process is driving the status quo power elite crazy for several reasons.  People are waking up with the Net reality of power elite powertrips behind 9-11, endless terror war, suppression of technologies for free-energy and holistic healing, etc.  Guess who fears this and tries to dodge their karma for suppressing mass awakening by foisting endless terror war upon us… as though it were our choice!?
Out of the closet are so many unthinkable subjects of criminal government policies – from a global CIA managed drug trade to the UFO cover-up and secret underground elite preparations for Planet X.  Whether such cover-ups are to prevent panic, public outrage, or premature government collapse, it all goes back to a CONTROL agenda like “Homeland Security” that has more to do with securing the elite from a public up-rising as would turn the tide on the downward spiral of our core social institutions. 
So on one hand you have a police state agenda for Martial law – to prevent all hell from breaking loose – and on the other hand you've got a mass awakening process whereby all heaven is breaking loose with a New Enlightenment.  And both terrify the be-Jesus out of a control-freak power elite whose time is short through 2012.  But awakening to our divine destiny calls for rEVOLUTION, not devolution.
That process will soon look back at recent history in the same way we look back at the Dark Ages “BC” (Before Computers).  That may seem extreme, but denial is darkest before the dawn.  The hunger for spiritual awakening and social justice is increasing dramatically – an earthquake in slow motion that is leveling the praying field.  And as the lights come on, prevailing "stupidity" (willful ignorance) becomes obsolete.
Judgment IS what discernment DOES, both individually and collectively.  Each soul -- or social network of souls – to their own soul “contracts”; what we came to do as great spirits having a temporal earth-bound experience.  This is the “test that’s best”.  It doesn't get any better than this dense octave of incarnation for learning the “Spirit that matters” – how the universal power of love is greater than the dark-side love of power.
The full implications of the rEVOLUTION is that a new Net reality is matriculating the matrix of a new Earth with cosmic/cosmogenesis energies that are awakening our new ALL-connected status.  Quantum energies from the Photon Belt are re-aligning our atoms, DNA, consciousness and magnetic poles of Earth. 
There is no stopping this Big Shift.  The veil is indeed thinning, and our perception of ALL THAT IS in the process. The left and right lobes of the brain are being morphed on the inner with reflex on the “outer” (morphegenic Earth grids and the Internet).
A new equilibrium and global hemispheric homeostasis is emerging for global Netizens not unlike the breakthrough of U.S. Founders in the face of former Church/State “BS” (Belief Systems) emerging from the Dark Ages of tyranny by popes, kings and power elite potentates. 


Each and all will JUDGE... with a new currency of conscience.

Nationalism has historically been a good thing for Americans, but from the beginning it has been challenged by powerful special interests with a vested interest in co-opting the wealth which liberated virtue generates.  Much has been written on this love of power that has attempted to subjugate the “power of love” (God government) that U.S. Founders pioneered with pure intention.
Psychologists have written great books on intention... which is inseparable from attention.  Intention precedes attention like spirit supersedes cognition.  When we are in good spirits – with pure intent -- we obviously think clearer.  When we are in a bad spirit of malintent, thoughts are predictably more negative and hurtful.
One thing that quantum physics has taught us is that everything in one's world is connected to the attention that follows intention.  Not just motion as “e-motion”, but also motion on a subatomic level that affects the quantum-morphic field of energies in our auras, chakras, genetics, and global consciousness.


“Subatomic particles - electrons, for example - move around inside atoms in totally surprising and
   mysterious ways, and best of all, those tiny particles actually respond to people who study them!
In fact, you can't observe anything in the subatomic world without changing it -
 proving there are no observers in life, only participants.”
--  Dr. Natalie Reid, Author of Five Steps to a Quantum Life


Global Netizens embrace a new Net reality that is ready for a Constitution which reflects and perfects the same Five Core Freedoms for “God government” that U.S. Founders championed.  Some things never change.  Just new ways to reboot eternal principles.

The business of evolution -- personal or planetary -- is the upward-mobile process of ascension that follows attention with pure intention.  One's belief system -- as an intentional process -- determines how we pay attention to "All That Is".  The choice we make is either pure intention of a Godly nature or with the sense of "only human" separation from the "Spirit that matters".  All suffering is caused by disconnect from pure intention.

Where we put our intention is virtually where one's "god" or "God" is...  with the virtue of the upper-case "God" a function of the pure intention at the heart of one's attention.  A strong moral center of a spiritual nature is needed not just on the home front but as a Net-roots social movement. That is what's happening with thousands of on-line social networks seeking a new unity of truth and justice worldwide.

Indeed, the most difficult thing in the world is to remain non-attached to worldly thought, feelings and habits that are less than divine.  To be in the world but not of the world is an ancient affirmation of all things spiritual.


All social problems are symptoms of a deeper psychological crisis.
All geopolitical problems are, at their core, poverty consciousness.
Our global economic crisis is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness.
Faith in our divine destiny is sabotaged by doomsday fears of death.
False-flag fears - terror tactics of tyrants - hijack higher conscience.
Since perception is reality, we must pay attention with pure intention.
To safely navigate fear on the outer, we must mature on the inner.
As we become aware of how we are conscious, conscience rules.
With LOVE as the rule for conscientious evolution, LOVE rules!


The greatest power that we have is the power to make a choice.  Paying attention with pure intention creates a “prayer field” of expectation and anticipation of, by and for that which we pray for.  The “elect” are those who “elect” or otherwise CHOOSE more LOVE in the quantum web of life that shapes our Net reality, BEING and world.


The evolution of global "Net reality" now requires
a global upgrade of core freedoms whereby
self-governing co-creation for all people
honors the principle of common law
with the common "language" of
 "light" and "universal law"
as will resurrect the
heart, mind and
holy "spirit"
in the


The "bottom line" for the Quantum Shift is this spiritual synthesis -- the synergy of our God-given light for the purpose of full-spectrum LOVE...  establishing this foundation for social conscience in our social networks.  This is a process of "Community Building" as modeled with reference to universal archetypes of consciousness-raising in the book by Dr. Scott Peck, "A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN - Civility Rediscovered".  This is the GOAL of public involvement with the Emerging Blueprint For A Golden Age.


If you are to BE the change you want to SEE,
consider how you can wholly jump-start
your own ascension process with
 a process of networking for
the Net worth of one
 truly universal


(Empowering the currency of conscience)
(Enlightened use of our Five Core Freedoms)
(Enabling the Net worth of inspired social networks)
(pure intention with attention to ascension)


For the Upward-Mobile rEVOLUTION of the Divine in 2009,


-- above all -- is for giving.


"Let us experiment with laws and customs, with money systems and governments,
until we chart the one true course - until we find the majesty of our proper orbit as
the planets above have found theirs.  And then at last we shall move all together
 in the harmony of our sphere under the great impulse of a single creation
 - one unity, one system, one design."

-Roger Bacon, pioneer of the Scientific Method


"Those who are truly FREE in their spirit and soul
appreciate how true love of the Constitution
- ensconced in our five core freedoms -
is framed by the Constitution of
simple pure geometry forms
that represent the laws
of first principles
in universal
- CR -



"In the beginning, God geometrized"
- ancient wisdom of Cosmic Law

"In the end, we become what we geometrize"
- modern GeoNotes wisdom of LOVE

"The beginning of a global village of light and LOVE is
the end of the world as we have known it."
- common sense for "self-elevation" (salvation)

-- Continued at Chapter Twelve:



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