Heartcom Network
Networking for the Net worth of a
 more enlightened Net reality.


Universal  / Global Evolution
and the ‘
TeLeComm’ infrastructure


(updated 10-4-2013)

Continued from the article:

A Whole Systems Upgrade

Preface: The Business Concept

Executive Summary

“Build it, and they will come.”
~ Field of Dreams 

 Global reality has matured as the
 computer/Internet revolution has
rapidly evolved from a personal
 use of hardware and software to
 global all-connected emphasis
 via netware and now heartware.

 The emphasis now on culturing
 collective social
Conscience in
 our ubiquitous social networks
 has arrived with public interest
 in creation of the infrastructure
- tools and processes -
 for culturing communications
and building community with
unity as our ‘common sense’
 most likely to fulfill the safety
 and thrival of all life on Earth.

This business model is based on
 an unprecedented incentive plan
that is both free and “non-profit”
(the services on the front end)
yet with extraordinary benefits
for users of these services…
+ “Net worth” (on the back end)
for those who invest a little or
  for larger scale developments.

 Take stock – pay attention:
 attention pays it forward
networking for Net worth.

 The ‘Big Picture’ – Vision Statement
 is the advent of ‘quantum computing’
whereby the universal quantum field
of the instant-everywhere-interactive
   InnerNet (
Effective Sense Perception)
     goes mainstream with our omnipresent
     instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.

The full implications of heartware as
cultural DNA’ for mass TeLeComm,
 and the full implication of healthware
for ‘Universal Self Care’ are as well-
     known as the Internet in the early 90’s,
but look at the amazing potential for
    planetary conscious evolution now: 

1- The ‘Family of Man’ in a ‘Global Village’ of
  instant-everywhere and interactive ability to
culture a ‘Whole Systems Upgrade’ along
more enlightened ‘lines’ that represent the
natural order of the ‘holographic universe’.

 2- The evolution of mankind as kind men will
 naturally make warlike madness obsolete.
 The foundation for worldwide
prosper at the heart of the abundant life.

This is the standard for abundant results.

 3- Uniting hearts and minds for global civility
is the purpose and plan for global ascent
with ‘synergy’ in the combination of both
heart coherence and mental congruence
governing ‘co-Creation’ of our Net reality.

 4- This will liberate an abundance of human
and physical resources for ‘atONEment
 as the conscientious common sense that
 will involve and evolve our individual and
united social
Conscience of ‘best for all’.

 5- The vision of ‘United Sovereigns of Earth’
will underwrite the business of evolution
 with the currency of Conscience that will
   invest intention, attention and retention of
     the gold standard for conscious ascension.

  The free not-for-profit organization of this
business model is structured as the
a common law trust.

 The ‘for profit’ subsidiary of ww
is organized as
Heartcom Services’,
known as ‘HeartServe’ for short.

50% of income from HeartServe investments
 will go for the infrastructure developments of
projects for the ww
Foundation, with
100% yearly payout for our
ascent purpose.

The other 50% of income from HeartServe
will go back to investors via a bonus pool
that is divided each quarter according to
respective contributions per agreement.

     As infrastructure developments upgrade
  with personal on-line back-office access,
 “Affiliate benefits
(Founder’s Program)
and investor payments will be paid out
  in monthly and then weekly increments.

Enlightened Self Interest

 By networking this vision of Net worth to others,
you are building a platform for social currency,
social Conscience as the new standard for the
Next Economy.

To the extent you share this vision with others, and
others do the same with ‘enlightened self interest’,
 to that extent will global Net reality quickly ascend.

what that looks like and how that works,
is the transformative catalyst, and
there’s nothing more valuable
for Earth’s ‘ascent’ now
and YOUR ‘ascent’.

As global humanity wakes up, ‘wises up’ and rises up,
 evolutionary ascent becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is Earth’s divine destiny…
to unite our hearts and minds
 along more enlightened 'lines'
converging at the '0-point' of
heart coherence.

Imagine what will happen when enough good people
mainstream the message of our conscious evolution:

 Networking for the Net worth of a
more enlightened Net reality.

Conscience currency is the ultimate source of
both holistic health and authentic wealth.

When we know better, in good Conscience,
we naturally do better; upgrades happen:
'global civilization 2.0'.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property"
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

May the Founders' vision be fulfilled for
 the Family of Man in our Global Village.

Here’s to our conscientious
evolutionary ascent.


Founder/CEO of HEARTcom Services
The High Touch HEART of High Tech

Culturing social Conscience as social currency with Heartware
a universal interface - cultural DNA - for ‘universal co-Creation’
 through a process of
mass-to-mass TeLeCommframed via
the language of consciousness as involves and evolves
conscientious common sense -- Unity Conscience --
'Effective Sensory Perception'; cyberEthics
E-valuation criteria via heartware/

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin