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HEARTcom Services

Framing cultural DNA
the heart of
web 3.0
for high touch
at the heart of
high tech



Culturing social conscience in social networks with an interactive interface
for simultaneous mass-to-mass interaction that is framed by
a unique model of the Constitution of Conscience
at the interactive
heart of learning,
emphasizing '
TLC' with

HEARTcom Services provides the systems, software and seminars that define web 3.0 and  the paradigm shift to social Conscience at the heart of our ubiquitous social networks.

Centering and connecting all dimensions of 'TLC' as components to the "5-D CAPstone"
Creative Ascension Process for the United Sovereigns of Earth)

- pure intention as will
- focus attention with
- love's retention for
  - evolutionary ascension into the
- 5th Dimension (Unity Conscience)

  TeLeComm:  pure intention for culturing social Conscience in our
                                   instant-everywhere and interactive social networks;

 TeLeConscience: focused attention with the currency of conscience
wise dominion and 'up-rising' (conscious evolution);

  TeLeCommunity love's retention with the frequency of -in-action
                                           at the interactive interface
heart of Heartware.

 TeLeCare: evolutionary ascension for healing our core social, political and
                              economic institutions through the integrated synergy and real-time
                               synchronicity of
's intention, attention, and retention.

  Unity Conscience: the 5th Dimension via the Constitution of Conscience
                                                  which assembles the four directions of a moral compass
                                                  with archetypal
components to the 'Capstone':
Enlightened Full-Spectrum Unity Conscience.

HEARTcom Services
is an Internet application service for culturing “high touch” rules for the emerging (4th wave) economy based on the "currency of conscience".   New standards create new industry, and HEARTcom Services frame highly personalized information IN FORMATION along more enlightened "lines" -- the Model -- as naturally defines, refines, combines and shines more "Light' (Common Sense as Unity Conscience).

The product is the process -- a simple yet profound method for defining the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution -- after hardware emphasis (IBM), and software emphasis (Microsoft), to netware emphasis (Netscape) is Heartware emphasis... from the computer is the network (web 2.0 'brain') to the network has a heart (web 3.0 social Conscience).

This five dimensional process involves and evolves our individual and collective consciousness in a holographic way -- the way the brain works as a unified field of "3-D energies" (upper-to-
lower brain, left-to-right brain, and 'forebrain' (foresight) to 'rear-brain' (hindsight). The '4th dimension' (in time) is now possible with
Heartware, i.e. real-time mass-to-mass interactivity as integrates the "mind of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity as the 'Law of the Angles') with the "heart of " (the frequency of holy compassion as the 'Language of the Angels'). 

This self-correcting cybernetic process is the integrated application of biofeedback and psyche-feedback in order to upgrade web 2.0 social networks with web 3.0 cyberethics as will naturally culture social Conscience of a '5th dimensional" (Unity Conscience) nature.

In the process, social networks will 'up-wise', 'up-rise' and thus up-grade our Net reality with abundant Net worth... emphasizing the currency of Conscience for the common wealth.

Worldwide as the foundation for
The Next Economy

The more information you have, the greater is the need to get it all in order. With information overload as the primary stress dis-ease of the Internet Age, there's nothing more valuable than
a vision for "information's ecology" (recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom)...
with a heart.

The MISSION of HEARTcom™ Services is to provide a definitive process for evolving high touch high tech.  The VISION that frames this process involves the language of consciousness at the interactive interface (heartware) heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm (emphasizing the TLC). The pure intention is to involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness along more enlightened "lines" framing the Model --  as will define, refine, "combine" (synergize) and shine more "light" (Conscience) of a full-spectrum nature in our social networks. 

Obviously, the more truly "universal" is the golden rule/law language for
 mass-to-mass interaction, the greater the results for unity in diversity
 at the heart of social
Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks,
  our global village's instant-everywhere communication communities.

The natural consequence of such a process is for 'up-wising' and 'up-rising' as will upgrade social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.  The framing process is the "product" (TeLeComm Heartware), a unique proprietary framework of pure geometry archetypes (Jung) that outline universal law/language coordinates.  This is the master('s) key to reflecting and perfecting humanity's common sense of most valued virtues at the heart of global TeLeComm-unications that transcend 'virtual' or 'pseudo' community with real TeLeComm~unity.

The full implication is a reboot of our social networks with an interactive process for culturing the come-into-unity process at the heart of self-correcting, self-learning, self-healing and self-governing self-elevation of an upward-mobile consciousness-raising "salvation" nature... the 'CAPstone' of global civility (Creative Ascension Process) for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

This process will fulfill the pure intention of U.S. Founders -- "The Legacy Project"
with an electronic upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms in our global village.

This will raise the standard of info-infrastructure processes that nurture idea capital and relationship capital at the heart of self-governing E-valuation criteria for Net worth within
any network community.  Growth and development is thus optimized along highly personalized (high touch) interactive lines - the
-centric E-valuation criteria for the "TLC Conneion" (cyberEthics).

As Net-centric organizations evolve with more advanced Net reality solutions, HEARTcom Services provides a new 4th wave standard for organizing information that creates wholly new industries.  HEARTware™ is a software and information infrastructure model with rules for the New Economy that will re-define our core cultural institutions with Net-centric virtues for team collaboration, conflict management, content creation and over-all systems management with an emphasis on the cyberEthics criteria (cultural DNA) for the business of conscious evolution...
Creative Ascent Process.

The leaders of the future will be Enlightened communicators who master the E-valuation criteria for cyberEthics in the process framed by HEARTware.  As thus, the ideas of Golden Age rulers will be the ruling ideas with the Golden Rule/Law Language of the heart; he who has that "gold", makes the rules that establish cultural DNA that rules at the heart of civility and Golden Age civilization.

The next phase of business development in America will incorporate Net-centric processes that culture the evolution of business with the business of conscious evolution -- the 4th wave business practices which likewise reposition management, media, mentoring, medical and marketing 'Megatrend Models'.

Information available per request re: a portfolio of numerous HEARTcom™-centric business models whereby infopreneurs can catch, define and build the next big wave in the computer-Internet rEVOLUTION.


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All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom
"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern 'GeoNotes' (
G.O.D.~ ) Wisdom

        To love with all your mind ~ , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
                               and all your heart ~
 , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
             and all your strength ~
 , balanced brain of a synergy nature,
and your Netizen neighbor ~ 
in our Global Village (whole brain)
                              as thyself ~ 
, interdependent TLC Co-Creation.

 Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
the Full Spectrum of Light as Conscience

Connect the Conscience ~ Link the Light:
Network for the Net worth of Net reality with

Universal LOVE -- in principle, form and frequency -- is, at heart,
the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
whereby the "Language of the Angels" is framed by
the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that mediates
the mass media’s collective conscience
with the golden rule-law language
as the interactive interface
heart of Net-centric
of, by & for
the heart & mind of
high touch HEART of high tech
with a higher understanding of LOVE
defining ~ refining ~ combining and shining
our God-given gifts & talents via Net Standards
for a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth
and the Abundant Life culturing the
"KINGdom" Conscience
with "all" (om) as K.IN.G with Keys to the INner sense of G.O.D.