The Language of Light-as-Consciousness

The cure for full-spectrum disorder has always been
full-spectrum order.

By Christos Lightweaver

Light Language 101

Previous introduction HERE

For a better full spectrum understanding of light language,
see the dimensional coordinates at 'Source Code' and at:
'Full Spectrum Conscience'.

Note the color coding for “languaging” of "full spectrum meaning" re: "dimensionality"
for the functionality of "heartware" that empowers mass-to-mass TeLeComm
with a universal interactive interface that centers and connects our
individual and collective
Conscience with the discipline of
conscientious attention via pure intention of, by
and for evolutionary ascension of our 
social networks with wisdom
that embraces more

The  Model is a pure geometry frame of reference
for "universal archetypes" (Jung) of conscious processes
representing the multi-dimensional holographic nature of
 the universe; first principles framed by pure geometry
Geometrically Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.~ ) -
 and the fractal order of the unified field at the heart of
natural law as common law for common sense with
'Currency of Conscience' that underwrites the
emerging Next Economy for Common Wealth.

These pure geometrized frames of reference (thoughtforms) outline (frame)
the laws and language of 
light as the core processes of consciousness 
-- and metaphorically, 
our five core freedoms --
that are upgraded with heartware to regenerate or otherwise 'reboot'
 full spectrum 
Conscience in our social networks... in order to organize 
information IN FORMATION along more enlightened lines (
that engages the process of consciousness in the interactive way that
 will involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience with the
Law of the Angles and the
Language of the Angels (heart coherence)
  at the
heart of a golden rule/law standard for global mass TeLeComm.

It is for you to "connect the dots" to "get the picture" of this universal law language 
as a holographic or otherwise holistic model that represents the first principles of
the 'unified field of consciousness'.  The 
 Model thus geometrizes the
 five dimensional nature of 
full spectrum Conscience

 A simplistic "pure geometry" introduction is at "The Law of LOVE". A more sophisticated graphic 
framing of the holographic principles can be seen in the "Power Shift Chart".  Once you "get it" 
- the all-connected "holistic" (holographic) principles involved with the 'currency of conscience' -
you'll appreciate how our 'The Constitution of Conscience' can reflect and perfect this 5-D 
wholeness for holistic healing of our social 
Conscience, and thereby, all our core institutions.

These 1st principles framed by the  Model geometrize the archetypal constitution of processes 
that provide the quintessential checks and balances along the 3-fold "dimensions" (branches)
 of self-correcting self-governance in the quantum field of the holographic universe
as generalized in the on-line movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know!?".
More specifically, these 1st principles represent the fractal
 of all energy fields within fields as was
introduced in the 1973 rendition of the
early graphic version of the

This "3-fold flame" of balanced power, wisdom and love corresponds to the 
cognitive processes at the balanced foundation of self-governance
as naturally leads to
4-D real time conscious evolution
into 5-D wholness as ‘Unity Conscience’:

real time TeLeComm,
5-D “Unity Conscience.

Representing the biological model of brain functions in terms of:

LEFT BRAIN (linear logical consc.), 
 (spherical / non-linear intuitive consc.) 
 ("3rd eye" co-ordination)
WHOLE BRAIN (in ‘real time’)

   In other words, FAITH in the first principles for application of "universal law language"
(heartware cyberethics), 
begins with comprehension of what that will look like in the brain's 'holodeck'
"between our ears". 

 This is actually the “prime’ directive; to define, refine, combine and shine
light of Conscience in our social networks… to “raise the bar" 
(Cultural DNA) for culturing the conscientious common sense of
social Conscience for the Family of Man in a global village.

More light as Conscience raises the standard for civility to the "intuitive-knowing"
capability of one’s whole brain… and for
Unity Conscience in our global village…
synergizing the best of both the left and right brain in East/West hemispheres. 

It's all connected in the hemispheres of the brain and of the Earth.
This is why the Eastern mind, that is "right brain dominant"
(reading right to left with their pictograph calligraphy)
is inscrutable to Western "left-brain dominance"
(reading left to write with letters & words).

A common language of consciousness will thus serve a
more transparent process for conscious evolution.

The intended capstone vision, the archetypal processes involved,
 assembles the ~~components to the "capstone" (
) for
culturing our social Conscience...

Civilization will self-correct (balance of POWER) along more enlightened 'lines' which
naturally frame higher consciousness 
(WISDOM) "between the lines" to the extent it
"takes heart" - the Spirit of LOVE-in-action; the Genesis Effect with

This is the e Conscious MOVEMENT of, by and for Universal Co-Creation
  whereby the "Law of the Angles of 
G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
frames, outlines or otherwise geometrizes conscious evolution processes
representing the "Language of the Angels of 
LOVE" (heart coherence).

The first three geometrized principles framing the language of light correspond to the 
three dimensions (processes) of consciousness at work within our own brains, and in
the holographic universe corresponding to the "Morphegenic grid" (matrix) of our all-
connected collective consciousness.  These coordinates within the "Cosmic Cube"
the 3-D "
" framed via Geometric Ordered Divinity frame of reference),
provide an "outline" of the operations manual for the personal and social network
"holodeck" (Net reality) that is transparent with an easy to comprehend process
for involving~evolving our individual and collective social network Conscience.

Consider how these "3 dimensions" (an x, y & z coordinate axis via 3 numbers in sequence),
positions a point within this "cosmic cube" (heartware~holodeck model) as depicts a 3-D
interface for real-time 4D interaction as cultures 5-D social Conscience by upgrading

"electronic town hall meetings" 
(mass-to-mass TeLeComm) as explained at:
"Web 3.0".  

The "white light" of pure intention for the mind and heart of G.O.D.~LOVE
descends into the physical "prism" of here and now 
(1st dimension).

When there is mastery of the laws and language governing full spectrum "light",
then the "
white light" of infinite and eternal pure intention in the 1st dimension
refracts into the full spectrum of here and now attention (
2nd dimension)
giving "depth" of over-all meaning, value and retention 
(3rd dimension)
  which cultures self-mastery as one's ascension in time 
(4th dimension)
and at the highest level 
CO-CREATES (informed choices) with a 
fifth dimensional understanding of 'Higher Power' and 'Wisdom'
whereby the holy spirit of LOVE
-in-action gives "discernment"
Effective Sensory Perception for Conscious Evolution.

For better understanding of the
dimensional coordinates for
Light Language 102