Modern History Meets Galactic Alignment:
It's ALL Connected

You may want to know about the 2011 energy shift of Earth's 'unified field'
- the quantum shift of planetary morphic grids with 'Galactic Alignment' -
as our solar system orbits into full alignment with the Photon Belt of the
'Galactic Plane' (hundreds of billions of solar systems in our Galaxy),
and what this means for our DNA, consciousness and world-at-large.

11 Articles on the Subject of the
2011 Conscious rEVOLUTION

by Christopher Rudy

 The Currency of Conscience
The business of evolution is not a mystery when known.
How we connect our God-given gifts and talents is how
we culture civility with the currency of Conscience at
the heart of our social networks and next economy.

2011 Mass Awakening
Understanding how and why conscious evolution shift happens,
 i.e., the initiation of a wholly new Conscience which translates to:
"The End of the World as We Have Perceived it".

Conscious Evolution Quotes
The divine spark has always kindled the spirit of freedom and opportunity with the
  currency of Conscience -- a moral compass -- at the heart of conscious evolution.
Now the divine spark at the heart of planetary conscious evolution is igniting the
Aquarian Dispensation of freedom-in-LOVE for a new Unity Conscience.

The 2011 Conscience Shift
Will the consequences of Galactic alignment in 2011 be spiritual transformation? 
Will the inordinate love of power be transformed by the ordained power of love?
   Will 2011 see our humanity finally wise up, rise up, and raise the quantum shields
(unified field of Conscience) to mitigate the portents of imminent Earth changes?

Conscience Convergence
Faithless fears in the collective unconscious of humanity are mitigated by
fearless faith in our latent subconscious intention for our divine destiny.
Collective awakening as conscious attention to our conscious evolution is
    emerging as the superconscious blueprint for planetary ascension.

The Great Human Leap Forward
Understanding the "Hero's Journey" (from and to LOVE)
as the 'blueprint' (archetypal mind map) that serves the
hero's journey (Conscious Evolution) with a typology
for navigating the last frontier of inner space with a
new 'Common Sense' for Unity Conscience.

Linking the Light of Conscience
The shift in cosmic energies is prelude to a shift in human consciousness.
Earth is a platform for the evolution of souls; global testing for every soul.
And that testing is reaching a grand finale climax.

New Conscience Emerging
Celebrating the 2nd Coming as a global rEVOLUTION
of, by and for the currency of social conscience in our
instant-everywhere and interactive social networks;
a new Net reality at the heart of social change in
  a new world that we are co-creating, ready or not.

Quantum Conscience
This is the opportunity which global Netizens now have?
a new revolution in higher consciousness that is as
profound for our collective Conscience as the
American Revolution was for a wholly new
paradigm of collective self-governance.
The Conscious Evolution Revolution
Global humanity is rapidly moving to the next phase of the evolution revolution.
This process has been dramatically accelerated by the computer/Internet revolution,
an extension of the brain and nervous system of global humanity.

 Conscience Convergence
WHAT?  Enlightened response to 2011 Galactic Shift Portents
    WHY?  A compelling call to Conscience for conscious evolution.
WHERE?  Earth as a platform for the evolution of sentient life.
    WHEN?  The power of now at the heart of eternal progression.
WHO?  It's all about your alignment with the power of love.

HOW?  Understanding ordained power as the holy Spirit of Love-in-action;
  Creating a prayer field of pure intention for focusing attention
         on the evolutionary ascension of consciousness;
         a Conscience Convergence at the heart
          of the Aquarian Dispensation via

The higher the concept of
in form and frequency
(as in frequently - the holy Spirit of love
the greater the results.
~ KoF Series

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, culturing TLC Conscience.