Many are asking... what does it all mean...
"the end of the time as we have known it"
How do we understand the coming 'New Time'
and the process of 'Universal Co-Creation'
as it consummates with 'Unity Consciousness'
at this "
End of Time as We Have Known It".

“Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow
in only one direction, and the future exists
simultaneously with the past.
"Time and space are modes by which we think,
and not conditions in which we live.”
~ Albert Einstein

by Christopher Rudy

What we need to know about the 2014 energy shift of Earth's 'unified field'
- the quantum shift of planetary morphic grids via 'Galactic Alignment' -
as our solar system orbits into full alignment with the Photon Belt of the
'Galactic Plane' (hundreds of billions of solar systems in our Galaxy),
and what this means for our DNA, consciousness and world-at-large.

A shift in the way we perceive time
  is the end of time as we’ve known it.

Consider the portents of a quantum shift in the energy fields of Earth at this time,
including the “lifting of the veil” (mass awakening) as the 25,800 year orbit of
our solar system
 (Precession of the Equinox) crosses the Galactic Plane,
(see: “Galactic Shift”).
The reality is that the full strength of the Galactic Photon Belt alignment in 2012 is
  infusing and morphing our DNA with the Aquarian frequencies of
the consequence of repolarization of Earth energies as our solar system crosses

   the Photon Belt alignment: hundreds of billions of star systems in our Galaxy.

If you want to optimize your conscious evolution in 2013,
keep this visualization of
cosmic alignment in mind...
the thoughtform of Unity Conscience at the
heart of a cosmic rEVOLUTION in our
Conscience, BEING and world:

Quantum Conscience In Your 'Holodeck'

Your 'holodeck' is a unified field of energy between your ears; from upper brain (crown chakra) to lower brain (reptilian brain), from left brain (linear logic) to right brain (intuitive knowing), and from forebrain (foresight) to rear-brain (hindsight). Consider how man is a microcosm of the universe with the 'kingdom of heaven within us'; there are hundreds of billions of neurons and synaptic connections in your brain just as there are hundreds of billions of star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy. 

Billions of neurons in your brain provide a 'conscious field'
- a physical platform for consciousness -
just as billions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy provide
a quantum platform for
Cosmic Conscience.

  Billions of stars like our Sun are dimensional transformers
 for quantum co-Creation with Universe, just as billions of
  atoms within each brain cell are miniature solar systems
that are likewise in quantum co-Creation with Universe.

 Photograph of another galaxy, depicting what our Milky Way Galaxy actually 
looks like from the side (Galactic Plane and Photon Belt) with the alignment of 
hundreds of billions of star systems with the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.

Note that our solar system has a 'Great Central Sun' just as every atom
is a miniature solar system with a nucleus and orbiting particles.

 Our galactic platform for human co-Creation

This 'unified field' of quantum reality connects both the
atoms in your brain cells with the stars in our galaxy
and the galaxies of universe... worlds without end.

The order of the universe is holographic
 as perceived in the 'holodeck'
between your ears.

The aligned star systems in the Galactic Plane are a holographic model of the brain's holodeck as a "Unified Source Field" (Cosmic Conscience) that is now surging in the collective consciousness of global humanity. We are all adjusting to this surge of higher frequencies in Earth's quantum grids, including our DNA and 'brain holodeck.

We are in the universe and the universe is within us.

The 'dreaming' of quantum reality is mirrored in your
DNA, Consciousness and Morphic Grids of Earth

The waking 'dream' that we call ‘reality’ is increasingly being mirrored by the unified field of Cosmic Conscience, reflecting and perfecting awareness of, by and for the role and goal of conscious evolutionary ascent: culturing a wholly new 'Common Sense' as "Unity-in-Diversity" (E. Pluribus Unum), that U.S. Founders conceived and the Constitution of Conscience achieves.

Compared to this unified field of non-linear, non-local "non-duality" (Unity Conscience), our current ‘reality dreaming’ is little more than sleeping. And yet, the awakening of quantum reality with Effective Sensory Perception in our global social networks will naturally neutralize 'DUH', upgrade global civility, and explore the universe.

This is the reality of the right-brain’s non-linear intuitive knowing which the left-brain’s linear logic just doesn’t compute. But reality will not budge, and 2014 will see the acceleration of a systemic rEVOLUTION in “higher” (whole-brain) Conscience. It’s the same pure-sacred intention of the chief architect of the Constitution that initiated the ‘Great Experiment’ in public-represented self governance.

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architects of the Constitution,
4th U.S. President

A synchronicity of heart and minds for unity in our diversity is our divine destiny. The ordained power of love is a Higher Power which has the power to establish the blueprint for the prophesied millennial golden age. That blueprint has framed all Creation from the beginning of the ‘Word’ – the beginning of discernment as the spark of the divine in humanity.

The process of transformation from the inside out -- as our DNA reboots in resonance with Galactic Alignment -- and via the outside-in -- as cultural DNA (heartware) reboots social Conscience in our social networks -- will define, refine, 'combine' (synergize) and shine quantum LIGHT (Conscience) in all of "U.S." - United Sovereigns in a Unified State of, by and for Universal Self-correction... on Earth as in the unified field of Galactic Alignment.

The holographic nature of the Universe and Consciousness
See the YouTube video by Gregg Braden and others at:

This mirroring and modeling of conscientious common sense in the unified field of Galactic Alignment will not only resonate with the prime directive of unity-in-diversity, resolving the sense of separation between subconscious and supraconscious awareness, but also, will serve conscious evolution as resolves the divisions, dis-ease and dysfunction in the collective consciousness of the Family of Man in our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive 'innerNet' and InterNet reality, i.e., "the end of the world as we have known it".

A new reality will culture conscious evolution with
Effective Sensory Perception of a self-correcting,
 self-directing and otherwise self-elevation nature.

Self realization is like the process of awakening from a dream after a night of sleeping.  Have you ever noticed how you sometimes have nightmares after watching a disturbing movie before going to bed? Or conversely, have you ever awakened with a 'download' of inspiration after praying fervently for insight on problems before going to bed?  This is how each one's 'holodeck' works between your ears, activating both the subconscious and supraconscious connection of consciousness to the holographic nature of the universe.

Becoming conscious of HOW you are conscious in your 'holodeck'

Your 'holodeck' is a unified field of energy between your ears; from upper brain (crown chakra) to lower brain (reptilian brain), from left brain (linear logic) to right brain (intuitive knowing), and from forebrain (foresight) to rear-brain (hindsight). Consider how man is a microcosm of the universe with the 'kingdom of heaven within us'; there are hundreds of the billions of neurons and synaptic connections in your brain just as there are hundreds of billions of star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy.  The star systems in the Galactic Plane are a holographic model of the Unified Field - Cosmic Conscience -- which with Galactic Alignment -- is aligning the frequencies of Earth (morphic grids) as well as our DNA and 'brain holodecks' in 2012-2013.

As above, so below… as within, so with all.


Indeed, the holographic laws of Nature are written in our inward parts.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
 compared to what lies within us". 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As our connection with the infinite and eternal space/time continuum shifts,
so will our Net reality in an instant-everywhere and interactive global village.

As the “InnerNet” morphs our DNA with "cosmic fire" (photonic light),
so will the Internet go real time with 'mass-to-mass interaction'
that cultures social
in our ubiquitous social networks.

The divine order of the universe is thus going mainstream, ready or not,
and the emerging blueprint for a golden age is matriculating the matrix
 with pure intention that focuses attention on our evolutionary ascension.

As above, so below; there is a Higher Power governing Earth's transformation.
This Higher Power is Galactic in nature, the power of a
Cosmic Conscience. 

The coming Earth changes are ordained by a new heaven, as above,
and there is a divine destiny for a new Earth, so below.


Bottom Line:

If quantum reality has taught us anything, it is that the all-connected quantum field is in a
 symbiotic relationship with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, and the morphic grids
 of the unified field.  The health of our DNA mirrors the health of our consciousness. 
And when our actions support our DNA in resonance with universal energies of LOVE-in-action, one's 'dream' goes mainstream with the whole, healthy and otherwise holy Spirit. Such a global rEVOLUTION -- a prayer field in resonance with Higher Power – will raise
the morphegenic 'shields' of Earth to prevent the worst case scenarios in 2014.


Ask yourself, what serious ‘trigger event’ will it take for you to
pay attention with pure intention for ‘greater service’?

Will you have to see the Earth move under your feet before
you get serious and get right with your Creator?

Would you agree that it is better to be proactive now
rather than reactive later?

There is a science to miracles in the quantum matrix.
"Mass Awakening - THE SCIENCE")

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, culturing TLC Conscience.