Quantum Conscience
and the Big Shift

By Christopher Rudy


Planetary Earth is now poised on
 the brink of utter transformation.

 Life on Earth as we have known it is fast becoming unsustainable.
New opportunities make obsolete those old paradigms of
“life as we have known it”.

This is the opportunity which global Netizens now have…
a new revolution in higher consciousness that is
as profound for our collective
as the American Revolution was for a
wholly new paradigm of collective

This revolution in higher consciousness is also a
wholly “new paradigm” (revolution) in
collective self-education.

Ask yourself…

In a global village of all-connected knowledge power…

Is it true that the best education is self-education
just as the best governance is self-governance?

Would you agree that innovative solutions are needed
and a new paradigm of self education focuses on that?

And based on your answer to those questions…

Would you also agree that the Internet now gives us the opportunity
-- with our new instant-everywhere and interactive global village --
to pioneer the new frontier of higher education with the evolution of
Conscience as the future of higher education?

Think about that… what a novel ideaJ
Higher education for higher

Our collective destiny is not only summation of
individual choices that we collectively make.
 Our collective destiny is also the quality of
Freedom & Opportunity as is combined
with evolutionary & terrestrial forces
behind the cosmic energies as will
morph DNA and consciousness
via ultra-violet frequencies that
are now involving/evolving
 each individual’s BEING
and our new wireless
all-connected and


              Or as multi-dimensional researcher Judith K. Moore, MA writes, 
“Scientists do not realize the codes they have discovered in DNA are not mindless.  Rather, they are capable of consciousness and respond primarily to the Divine Plan of what can be called the Mind of God.  The so-called junk DNA is, in fact, inactive DNA time-coded to be activated when exposed to increased vibrations of enhanced Light fields.  The DNA codes are sensitive to ultraviolet frequencies. As the solar resonances
[resonant with the Photon Belt ~CR], are magnified by increasingly powerful solar flares, the ultraviolet light spectrum on the planet is being altered.  The increased megahertz of the planetary field activates a metamorphosis of the genetic structure, which will result in the rapid evolution of the species.  The new spectrum carries light frequencies that stimulate dormant codes within the DNA of
all life forms, preparing the planet for a quantum leap in evolution.”

Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Part 1 by Alfred Lambremont Webre, from the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

This evolution revolution (rEVOLUTION) may be beyond
our ability to control EXTERNALLY but we each
have the ability to align and harmonize with
the cosmic winds of change

 Both celestial and terrestrial forces include the involvement of
cosmic energy and intentionality from areas of the cosmos
beyond our local solar system and Milky Way Galaxy
because we are part of a complex cosmic system
 that is our universe.

Within the order of the universe is coded
the emerging blueprint for a golden age,
and at the heart of that blueprint is the
process of a global
transforming our new Net reality through
the InnerNet rEVOLUTION that is shaping
 the computer/Internet revolution with a
holistic all-connected upgrade of
 core Constitutional freedoms

for all global Netizens.

There are two paths of transformation
 that are before all global Netizens now.

One path fulfills the prophecies of global destruction
and purification of our planetary platform for evolution.

Another path transforms the status quo with collective
choices that mediate transformation with rEVOLUTION,
the evolution revolution of, by and for the collective
Conscience that will reboot the pure intention of
U.S. Founders who sponsored the Revolution in
representative self governance, self education,
self healing, and self-elevation for salvation;
a path of self determination and self-reliance
for all of "
US" (United Sovereigns) in a
United State of higher Conscience.

Where those two paths converge is
the transformation we will see.

Keynote Excerpts:

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

"It has become appallingly obvious that
our technology has exceeded our humanity.
"No problem can be solved from the same
level of consciousness that created it."
~ Albert Einstein

“The challenge of humanity is to quickly shift our collective focus
from human solutions that compound human problems
to consciousness raising solutions that engage
the angels of our more enlightened nature.

“This is global rEVOLUTION  from the "inside-out"
with our DNA changing in synchronicity with
cosmic cycles of “more light” (Photon Belt)
as our solar system aligns with the intense
concentration of energies in the Galactic
 plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.”


Quantum Conscience
and the Big Shift

We are in the quantum energy of the Universe
and the Universe is in us; it resonates in our
DNA and influences the holographic field
of consciousness between our ears.

As above, so below.
It’s ALL connected.

As our Solar System comes into full alignment
with the Photon Belt at the Galactic Center,
the concentrated light of billions of star
 systems in our Milky Way Galaxy...

 …the energies of Earth are being “repolarized”
  in 2012 with a cosmic reboot of the Great Cycle
known as the 'Precession of the Equinoxes”.

See the amazing 3-D animation of the 25,920 year precession-of-equinoxes at this
2 min. YouTube video:

The following graphic is one interpretation of
the stellar frequencies focusing the
“Christ-like light” at this time:

 As Earth comes into alignment with the Central Galactic Plain,
there is a repolarization of Earth’s energies, our DNA, and
our consciousness with the cosmic energies unique to
the  Aquarian dispensation of freedom in divine love.

 The higher the concept of global rEVOLUTION
(emphasizing 90% of the word),
the greater the results for one’s “thrival”,
surviving and thriving into a new world that is
the end of the world as we have known it.

Destiny comes to those who listen
and fate finds the rest.


From magnetic shift to physical pole shift.

The Earth is changing as never before
in 650,000  years.

 Massive rains in China and Pakistan with 20 million people homeless.
 Massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan with on-going radiation leaks
Drought, heat and unprecedented fires in Russia and western Canada.
2010-2011 is going down as a time of crazy, extreme weather.
 Is this just a wacky weather anomaly or a trend of things to come?

The Big Shift includes an electromagnetic shift which has been occurring at an accelerated rate in our solar system every since we entered the quantum electromagnetics of the Photon Belt more than a decade ago.  Mind-boggling earth changes and the atmospheres and physical nature of all the planets in our solar system have dramatically changed during this time, but this is not reported in the mainstream media as this would discredit the Nobel Prize winning “BS” (Belief System) of Al Gore’s thesis that global warming is primarily man made with human solutions (political BS).  The power elite behind political BS believe that the truth of the real cause behind the increased global fires, floods and earth changes, is too terrifying for public consumption… or at least would dis-empower the “PTB” (Powers-That-Be) who rule via covert terror rather than the truth that would set us free.

 The PTB are indeed terrified that the public will wake up;
they project the terror of mass awakening that THEY feel
onto “
U.S.”, the “Unity Status” of “United Sovereigns”.
It is this “
United Society” in our new global village which
self-corrects with the systemic LOVE that casts out fear.
This is the rEVOLUTION in the collective
Conscience as
will finish globally what U.S. Founders began locally.


Most people prefer to believe that human problems can be solved with human solutions, and the boob tube’s social engineers tell us what we want to hear to build credibility and trust so they can sell us on whatever “BS” solutions they want us to believe we need.


Mass illusion, delusion and denial of the real cause of the Big Shift
is the status quo’s chief method of continuation in power.
But this too shall pass with a New Heaven and New Earth.


Those who follow modern science regarding our Sun are well aware that solar flares can dramatically change the electromagnets of Earth, disabling satellites and typically followed by violent storms on Earth. This is the quantum reality of the Photon Belt in a much more subtle and all-pervasive way.  Indeed, we live in an ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as reality; it’s ALL energy.


Quantum Conscience is the quantum reality of
energy fields within fields, a universe of
energies and light that carries


Our Sun is like the billions of other stars in our Milky Way Galaxy, and you might say that there is a divine order of higher intelligence in this full-spectrum of stellar intelligence in the Photon Belt.  This intelligence is at the heart of the Big Shift… the nature of divine light-as-intelligence that frames the order of the universe.  Advanced astro-acoustics (stellar seismography) has discovered that every star has different frequencies with a virtual heartbeat that conveys intelligence as unique as the soul of an individual. 


Just as the heart of the Photon Belt is the collective soul of vast stellar intelligence,
your heart is the voice of the soul in relation to collective human intelligence.


Earth's quantum field is now aligning with the full-spectrum of that cosmic intelligence.  And as the veil thins to "O-Point" alignment with the Galactic Plain on the accelerated 2010-2011 timeline, the sense of separation from THAT intelligence is thinning to "O" -- the spherical all-connected continuum of full spectrum "light" (Conscience) that is the end of the world of lock-step linear "letter of the law" (left-brain dominant) consciousness as we have known it.

The concept of "One in God (Divine Love) is a majority"
is going mainstream at this unprecedented time.
The power of love as unity in our diversity
is infusing our DNA and 
with a Higher Power culturing
the sense of the sacred
via the inside out
and outside

In other words, the pendulum of cycles is swinging back from the status quo patriarchal values of centralized ownership and control; it is swinging towards to the matriarchal virtues of decentralized cooperation of a nurturing nature -- the angels of our better nature.  O-point alignment over this next year will give Earth's evolutions a "cosmic reboot" in this direction.  It could be messy, even cataclysmic, or there could be mitigation with divine intervention... depending on the extent that the morphic grids of planetary consciousness are morphed by alignment with "the sacred" (relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence).

Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

Numerous cycles of our solar system in relationship to the heavens are converging through 2012. This is the subject of the most sophisticated time clock yet devised by man, the Mayan calendar, which has ominous portents for “the end of the world as we know it” as the Precession of the Equinoxes reboots Earth energies with the Grand Finale Dispensation of Freedom in LOVE.  


From: “2012 Unveiled


Of course, the beginning of mass discernment for a golden age on Earth is the end of the world of mass deception behind endless terror, war, disease and dying as we have known it.  This is the personal “judgment opportunity” that we each and all have at this time… the freedom and opportunity to choose or otherwise co-create a positive understanding of the Big Shift… and prepare accordingly.

To prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
is to realize (with real eyes) what is coming upon the Earth
and to seek divine direction and perfection - perfect LOVE
 with your own personal rEVOLUTION in higher
as your ultimate protection in the eternal scheme of things.


There are those who are adamant in saying that the Big Shift will also be a physical pole shift with cataclysmic Earth changes through 2012, but you won’t hear any science validating that view on the boob tube.  More likely you’ll see a rerun of the globally syndicated “2012” movie that frames the possibility of pole shift with an entertaining mix of romance, humor and junk science.

The disaster movies of the past that have the government coming up with a solution
that averts the disaster at the last minute is an entertaining illusion
that is designed to educate you into doing nothing.


The truth of a potential pole shift physically is because of an electromagnetic and gravitational influence that is far more direct than the subtle energies of the Photon Belt. Some will argue that it is the primary influence behind change on all planets in our solar system.  This is the influence of “Planet X”, also called “Nibiru”, “Nemesis” and dozens of other names recorded in ancient cultures.

Modern astrophysics has revealed that most solar systems in our galaxy are binary, and Planet X is a dwarf brown star that is 6 x’s the size of Earth with 10’s times the electromagnets.  It has a miniature solar system of planetoids and space debris around it, orbiting around our sun like a binary twin approximately every 3,660 years.  Massive Earth changes have historically accompanied its arrival, which is why it was also known as “The Winged Destroyer”:

Planet X catch on  LASCO C2                Planet X photograph to the right of the Sun and sunset

Many people worldwide have been photographing Planet X and are now seeing it at sunrise or sunset right beside the Sun as it comes in on the ecliptic from that direction.  NASA and power elite leaders worldwide has been well aware of it since 1983 when it was first discovered and reported in mainstream media… and blacked out every since.  If you think that the truth of 9-11 and UFO’s and extraterrestrials is covered up for reasons that are truth-challenged, that’s nothing compared to the official blackout and debunking of the truth of Planet X .  Every other “hot media crisis” we see on TV is a mass diversion from the imminent crisis facing everyone.  The Earth is warming not just because of CO2 emissions burning fossil fuels but also because of massive undersea pressures that are pushing up volcanoes under the waters, under the ice caps and spewing out methane gas in places like the Gulf of Mexico.

There are many researchers who have come to the conclusion that Earth is far more likely to experience electromagnetic anomalies, solar flares, gravitational changes and Pole Shift caused by the effects of our solar system passing through the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, than by the effects of Planet X's 3,660 year orbit.

But perhaps it is the combined effect -- a double whammy --
that will prove the end of the world as we have known it.

Either way, the real story of the forces behind Earth changes
-- the combined electromagnetic and gravitational forces --
will not be reported on the boob tube for reasons which
are disruptive to status quo “BS” (Belief Systems).


Virtually NO ONE wants to believe it and the PTB want to conceal it… providing cover while they systematically use techniques to strip trillions of dollars out of markets to build secret “DUMBS” (Deep Underground Military Bases) as if there were no tomorrow.  Or a tomorrow they intend to rule now… when they come out of their shelters.

When (not if) a MAJOR crisis happens, the governments of the world will roll out police and military, implementing Martial Law "to maintain order".  But abject fear is no way to live, and the best way to prevent that eventuality is global rEVOLUTION - mass awakening in resonance with the cosmic energies of the Aquarian Dispensation -- the 'perfect LOVE that casts out all fear'.




Just as the good driver of a car must see the curve in the road ahead to steer in the right direction, your choice is to see the Big Shift coming and do what you can to prepare, or “crack up” when our worst fears come upon us.  Those who willfully ignore the curve in the road for global civilization just ahead are those who will most likely “crack up” if they don’t steer their “vehicle” (consciousness) in a proactive way.


The longer people wait to get their head around the Big Shift coming,
the more difficult it will be to keep their head while
all about them, people are losing theirs.

People fear what they do not understand. Many people won’t believe anything that isn't coming from their television, even though television is where the real fear and big lies are found.  The status quo PTB report the endless terror, war, disease and hell on Earth as though it is the justice that “just is”… with no change that would threaten the status quo.  American jobs and American homes have been lost to economic policies for the off-shoring profit of corporate stockholders and executive bonuses, and the corporate media offers no solutions to this unsustainable practice.


"When people have nothing left to lose, they 'lose it'."
~ Gerald Celente


No one wants to believe that a physical pole shift is imminent and the mass mind control media obviously don’t want people believing that or panic might create chaos and loss of population control.

All the Big Government policy changes we see are like band-aids on gaping wounds… like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  The power elite know what’s coming, and for the masses, there are plenty of signs of the times for those who pay attention.


Pay attention because attention pays
if you are pro-life for your life.

1- Something fundamental in our collective consciousness is about to change
People who follow the increasing frequency and intensity of earthquakes,
volcanism and extreme weather are well aware that Earth changes on a
far greater scale is probable if something fundamental doesn't change;

2-    People who watch the Moon rise and set have noticed a huge variation
in the normal pattern as the Earth’s wobble increases before pole shift. 
A five degree variance with the “natural wobble” has recently
become a thirty degree variance;

3-    Other signs of the times are becoming self-evident. 

Those who have seriously studied these signs of the times are well aware that trillions of dollars of funds have gone into “black operations” to prepare the government, military and scientific elite.  So are their
underground bases for real?  YES, they are - but they are exclusively for the elite in the respective countries.  That translates to: "the rest of us can twist in the wind, and they frankly don't care.  The overpopulation problem 'solved'."

If there comes an 'extinction level event' with massive Earth changes, the people hiding out in these underground cities may not be any safer than those on the surface who are paying attention to the warning signs and taking steps to protect themselves.


"The prudent see danger and prepare, 
but the simple keep going and suffer for it."

~ Proverbs 27: 12


The portents for imminent Pole Shift, once Planet X
becomes visible to the masses, are as follows:






"No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little."
~ Edmund Burke

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