Interviewing Richard Omura, Author of
The Whole Universe Book

Navigating Time, Space and Spirit With the Awesome Human Vehicle

This book achieves a sweeping wholistic view of the universe
from both the scientific and spiritual viewpoints.
Using the metaphor of the human being as a vehicle,

The Whole Universe Book discusses
who and what we are,
where we are going
and how to get there.

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Introduction by Christopher Rudy, host of Cosmic
[Cosmic LOVE for August 14, 2010]

The Great Transition, Transformation and
 "Tribulation" Coordinates

Earth is a platform for the evolution of souls who have
incarnated from worlds throughout the universe for
a singular purpose... to learn the lessons of life
in this dense octave for mastering the Spirit
that matters, Spirit in matter, etc.

This is the "test that's best" for all souls,
and that testing is reaching a climax of
change in the world as we have know it.

Change has been called "the only permanent condition"
but the universe has methods that are truly universal,
and in the context of inexorable change there are
rules, principles, guidelines and frames of reference
that contextualize one's perception with "more light"
of a higher
Conscience nature.

There are no human solutions to human problems,
only divine solutions to human problems.

The upward path to higher
is the only way out of the "box" of the
paradigm paralysis and victim dictum
maintained by one's "only human"
sense of limitation and separation
from higher

This is discomforting to the comfort zone of
the ego's stinking thinking that believes it
knows better with "BS" (Belief Systems).
This tribulation ultimately finds comfort in
divine harmony that centers divine order.

The Mayan Calendar signs of the times for 8-13-2010
"1-Storm (Cauac)":

"Tempestuous energies, emotional energies, the storm gathers within.
Separate thinking and emotions from awareness.
Watch the storm wash away the ego,
allowing room for the new consciousness.

"Many of us may feel overwhelmed by the tumultuous times that we are living in.
Storm can also be seen as a dynamic energy of change and karmic resolution.
So, although this day sign can appear to be a troublesome sign with many challenges,
it is also a good sign for experiencing life’s lessons and seeing those lessons as blessings."

Universal law language has always framed the
first principles of Cosmos, the Prime Directive,
bringing together the intuitive and the rational,
the scientific and the religious with intention
of, by and for the Spirit that matters.

This unprecedented time in modern history has long been prophesied as the end of time as we have known it -- the beginning of a new time which a wholly new consciousness defines, refines, combines and shines as a new enlightenment of full-spectrum Conscience for global humanity.

There is a quickening of mass awakening at this time.
 There is a thinning of the veil via inspired
The sense of separation in time and space lessens
with the lessons of life at this amazing time in history
as the instant-everywhere Internet connects us all, and
Effective Sensory Perception (ESP) goes mainstream.
There's nothing '
Extra' about it when you get it

This amazing time is when all things are being revealed -- a new unity in our diversity with a new awareness of the Family of Man in a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power, wisdom and love without end.  This is the time of the Great Purification when the free-will factor of pure intention reaches a critical mass of conscientious attention, retention and ascension of, by and for a new unity consciousness.

This is a singular movement with many faces
but one holistic all-connected nature.
It is a movement away from the dominant status quo of
a centralized mass media mind control matrix.
It is a movement towards the prevailing presence of
 a decentralized conscientious common sense with a
  new social
Conscience in our global social networks.

The beginning of a new world of enlightened Conscience is obviously the end of the world of divisions, delusions and dis-integration as we have known it.  Understanding the nature of this Big Shift is not seldom the prelude of the revelation at the heart of personal and planetary transformation.

The higher the concept of this Big Shift,
the greater the results.

The Whole Universe Book is an exceptional guidebook for navigating time, space and Spirit with the awesome human vehicle.  For many this will provide the best orientation to those principles and processes at the heart of the next Big Shift in the computer/Internet revolution with Heartware: navigating inner space at the heart of cyberspace... the mass-to-mass interactive portal from the Inner Net at the heart of the Internet.

Centering in the Capstone Conscience,
the central "Circle of wholEness"
at the nexus of the "Cross-Roads" 
- 4 archetypal paths to the center -
that all lead consciousness in the
 Movement towards WholEness.

Earth's rEVOLUTION is indeed at the "Cross-Roads".  Technology has unleashed power without principle, the first principle of Conscience.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.  No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
~ Einstein

The higher the consciousness of real solutions,
the greater the results for an optimal future.

A great material civilization has risen but it has yet to place the "capstone" (G.O.D.~LOVE Vision) -- on the "pyra-mid" (spiritual fire in the middle) as the purpose and "PLAN~" (looking down) with the five dimensional Conscience that has holistically CROSS-REFERENCED the four archetypal "sides" (dimensions) of an integrated Self-evident nature:

(1) "Self-governing" (pure intention)
   from the top, higher
  as the way one sees one's Self   
in the image and likeness
a high "
Self image" that
reflects and perfects

(2) "Self-perfecting" (focused attention)
from the right brain, intuitive “
Effective Sensory Perception
whereby one's high
high Self-esteem
as a good feeling about
one's Self in the fully
Present Now;

(3) "Self-elevation" (evolutionary ascension)
    as the divine
Energy-in-motion behind one's
E-motion” as upward-mobile devotion
that is synergistically greater than
the sum of
high Self image
high Self steem
for the
+ ;

 (4) "Salvation" (the holy Spirit of -in-action),
the "Whole Brain Model" of energy fields between our ears,
integrating one's upper and lower brain
Conscience as the
white light descends into the brain's prism of awareness,
  refracting into the full spectrum between both hemispheres)
 from the
eft brain's inear~ogical thought framework
to the right brain's
nonlinear~ intuition, with the central
color spectrum frequency of
emerald green (blue + gold),
the spectrum of "left or right" ways of knowing
with energy frequencies that
mediate "left and right" with
the frequent momentums of
 wisdom for healing at the
heart of conscientious common sense Conscience as
centers and connects the processes of consciousness
individually with a
TLC process of mass healing wisdom
in the continuum's depths of individual/collective vision
from forebrain (foresight)
to rear brain (hindsight);

What has been called the “5th Dimension”
may thus be understood as the healthy,
holistic, holographic or otherwise holy
whole that is synergistically greater than
the sum of the
, ,  and  parts
at the heart of interactive

The higher the concept of mass-to-mass TeLeComm
to culture social
Conscience in our social networks,
the greater the potential for mass enlightenment.

With  as the rule at the heart of the
 global powershift to wholEness and
the evolution revolution culturing
global holistic healing,

All Ways , Always...

~ Christopher


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