Quantum Conscience
and the Big Shift

Part Two, continued from Part One


"No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little."
--Edmund Burke


1- Questioning humanity's collective focus:

Let’s assume that Planet X will NOT appear
and/or will NOTcause a
Let’s assume, as many people want to believe,
that God or government will save us even though
we take no personal responsibility to prepare or
otherwise confront reality-challenged illusions
that offer no official policy of public preparation.

There is a video on YouTube called:
 “The most terrifying video you will ever see2”
(note: the 1st version had more than 3 ½ million views)

This is an excellent video by a science teacher who
makes a good case for the choices facing humanity.

He doesn’t mention Galactic alignment or Planet X
but if you add these factors to what he is saying
- the trajectory of Earth changes that he sees --
you may well agree with his basic premise that,
“This is likely to be the greatest threat
that humanity has ever faced.”

Of course, there are no human solutions to human problems.
There are only divine solutions to human problems.

Einstein once said that,
"It has become appallingly obvious that
our technology has exceeded our humanity.
"No problem can be solved from the same
level of consciousness that created it."

The challenge of humanity is to quickly shift our collective focus
from human solutions that compound human problems
to consciousness raising solutions that engage
the angels of our more enlightened nature.

This is global rEVOLUTION  from the "inside-out"
with our DNA changing in synchronicity with
cosmic cycles of “more light” (Photon Belt)
as our solar system aligns with the intense
concentration of energies in the Galactic
 plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

              Or as multi-dimensional researcher Judith K. Moore, MA writes, 
“Scientists do not realize the codes they have discovered in DNA are not mindless.  Rather, they are capable of consciousness and respond primarily to the Divine Plan of what can be called the Mind of God.  The so-called junk DNA is, in fact, inactive DNA time-coded to be activated when exposed to increased vibrations of enhanced Light fields.  The DNA codes are sensitive to ultraviolet frequencies. As the solar resonances
[resonant with the Photon Belt ~CR], are magnified by increasingly powerful solar flares, the ultraviolet light spectrum on the planet is being altered.  The increased megahertz of the planetary field activates a metamorphosis of the genetic structure, which will result in the rapid evolution of the species.  The new spectrum carries light frequencies that stimulate dormant codes within the DNA of
all life forms, preparing the planet for a quantum leap in evolution.”

Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Part 1 by Alfred Lambremont Webre, from the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

2- Catch the wave of the Evolution Revolution
    with Pure Intention that Pays Attention to
our Evolutionary Ascension with
        Quantum Conscience as a Conscious Movement.

It's better to believe nothing
- no "BS" (Belief Systems)
and either KNOW (with surety)
or not KNOW (quite honestly).

All surety comes from purity,
the pure intention to know better,
and there's no security without
knowing better for doing better.

In the ocean of vibrational actuality
that we subjugate as “reality”,
discernment is the gift of perception,
the 1st gift of the whole, holistic,
healing or otherwise holy Spirit of

 Conscience IS
what G.O.D. Conscience DOES;

G.O.D. is  and is
for giving (

Look to SEE… Know to BE
eometrically Ordered Divinity.
the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
framing the Constitution of the
Language of the Angels of
the Angels of our better nature.

As the lights of heaven converge in our Conscience,
 an Aquarian Dispensation of freedom-in-love
is weaving the fabric of space and time
with the continuum's singularity of
sacred purpose -- a new unity.
 And as we come into unity
  with mass 
the rule of LOVE
by this 

   This is the Big Shift from ego’s victim dictum to victory virtues,
a shift to the conscientious common sense of rEVOLUTION
that aligns with the divine prime directive of the Universe
that is the light of
Conscience at the heart of our Galaxy
and the language of light at the
heart of mass TeLeComm
as will quicken higher
Conscience in our global village.

This is the sacred path of
hope, faith and charity:

The hope is that humanity will unite with a rEVOLUTION  in higher Conscience that
warrants divine intervention to mitigate or otherwise save us from our own myopic
crisis management reactions that defer to status quo control at the expense of
proactive public
Conscience of, by and for our common health and thrival.

faith is that enough good people will wake up, wise up and rise up,
 like public response to the reluctant prophet Jonah at Nineveh,
to conceive, believe and achieve a vision of salvation as will
at least establish the blueprint for a golden age on Earth.

The charity is the holy Spirit of mass-to-mass LOVE-in-action
as will most likely resurrect Earth’s physical platform with
holistic “purification” for the evolution of sentient life
whereby at least the remnant will have the blueprint
of, by and for an emerging golden age on Earth.

The pure in heart will inherit the Earth after the “Great Purification”
because they are the ones who have earned the right to reincarnate.

To those who have proven their merit in good
even greater opportunity to serve others shall be given them.
But for those who have profited at the expense of
even that which they have been given shall be taken away.

What goes around the circle of wholEness,
comes around with greater wholEness
of a self-correcting salvation nature
that distinguishes soul rEVOLUTION.

To the extent you serve the Great Law (prime directive)
-- networking for the Net worth of Net reality-in-LOVE --
the Great Law will inadvertently serve you;
it’s “The Law” of, by and for a Higher Power
at the heart of Universal LOVE’s Constitution.

Global TeLeCommunity is rapidly decentralizing our Net reality
with response ability culturing responsibility  for our
individual and collective 

A new global judicial system (love of wise dominion)
is culturing our common sense Net reality with
open systems of public representation
- a new global legislative system -
that cultures
with the power of

The higher the concept of “LOVE”
at the heart of all that IS REAL,
the greater the results.

~ from: Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

We have all heard the expression that "love heals all” -- the Spirit that matters for the path of peace in a world of accelerated transformation.  The power of love in the few has always been a Higher Power that our new Net reality -- the inner Net at the heart of the Internet -- will naturally magnify, amplify and qualify with the holy Spirit of -in-action

This inner Net is the cosmic web of light transforming our DNA and Conscience
which has a symbiotic reflex relationship with the outer Net (Internet)

The genesis of the planetary powershift from the inside out is -centric, the higher Conscience of a Higher Power whereby  heals our "social networks" (communication communities) that have the unprecedented potential for up-wising, uplifting and otherwise culturing "TeLeConscience" (TLC Conscience)  at the heart of TeLeCare (global holistic healing),  TeLeCongress (upgrade of core public freedoms), and TeLeCommunity (local/global unity convergence).

This is the divine destiny of Earth’s evolution,
a global rEVOLUTION in higher

3 ~ Prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically;
      assemble the
,  and  components to the “capstone”

Spiritually… The first principle of, by and for pure intention as Conscience.
                         If you have pure intention for global freedom in the holy Spirit
                          of LOVE-in-action, a frequency as in frequently, then you will
                            pay attention for the simple reason that attention pays with the
                               new currency of
Conscience at the heart of global rEVOLUTION;

Mentally… Focused attention on G.O.D.~LOVE as thought forms for the
                       framing and expansion of
Conscientious Common Sense with
                  the Law of the Angles and Language of the Angel whereby
                 education of the heart meets higher cognitive

Emotionally… Upward-mobile intention + attention for the ascension
Unity Conscience as “Energy-in-motion” (E-motion),
                          the affirmation, confirmation and determination of, by
                       and for a global rEVOLUTION in higher

Physically… Practical spirituality synergizes intention, attention and
                    ascension momentums with moment-to-moment retention
DO what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to DO...
anchor the Next Economy with the currency of Conscience.


We can't change what is cosmically ordained.
The best we can do is the spirit of innovation
and application of our highest and best gifts,
talents, tools and resources for a global
rEVOLUTION in higher
Conscience of a
whole, holistic or otherwise healing nature.

During the Great Depression, people were put back to work
with government funding for rapid deployment of massive
physical infrastructure projects including roads, dams,
levees, National Parks, etc., across American.

Today, the physical infrastructure most needed will serve
the purpose and plan that U.S. Founders well understood,
but now in a global village of mass-to-mass interaction
capabilities that can well establish the future of freedom.

Nothing less than a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience will
transform and transcend the paradigm paralysis of the status quo.

This is the divine destiny of the Aquarian Dispensation
and the Big Shift of energies of our solar system as we
intersect the Galactic plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Welcome the currency of Conscience at the heart of mass
enlightenment with an upgrade of self governance,
higher education for self education, holistic oriented
self-care and the Next Economy that will bless future
generations with all these benefits of Net reality
based on the infrastructure for culturing

"I love the man that can smile in trouble, 
 that can gather strength from distress, 
and grow brave by reflection." 
~ Thomas Paine

For Meeting the Challenge of our Times,

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for optimal genetic/DNA repair and
immune system enhancement;

Director, Worldwide  Foundation

 To  with
all your heart and all your mind and all your strength, and
your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

~ the “2nd Coming” (Christ-like light) in our collective