KoF Lesson #1
The 1st
KoF lesson for Keepers of the Frequency
(of, by and for  , as in frequently)

To all who embrace the mind of G.O.D.
Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
with the heart of

(frequency of holy compassion)


Keepers of Frequency

A Lightworkers Guidebook for
Initiating the Foundation

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom framing
 "The Law of the Angles of G.O.D."
 (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern GeoNotes Wisdom framing
 "Language of the Angels of  LOVE".
(frequency of holy compassion)


Insight and Outlook for Understanding the Overview

Individuals, organizations and civilizations rise and fall according to immutable laws.
If you read the Bible or the Book of Mormon or the Bhagavad Gita or any such
compendium of spiritual literature documenting the rise and fall of people,
you will find the same spiritual message at the core of one's destiny.
When we all live according the first principles of universal Love
we are blessed with up-wising and uplifting enlightenment.
Individuals, organizations and civilizations fail and fall
when cherished illusions and willful ignore-ance
cultures pathological BS (Belief Systems)
rather than the vision of virtue for the
victory of the pure and simple
message of the masters;
the price of freedom
is the order of

Social media is rapidly evolving a new Net reality -- a new social conscience in our social networks.  This evolution will define e-valuation criteria as will refine a process of mass-to-mass interaction that involves the language of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance. As this new e-media cyberethics standard is utilized to mediate the mass media's mass consciousness -- any social network -- it will naturally define, refine, combine and shine full-spectrum conscience at the heart of e-learning (education of the heart), e-care (holistic healing), e-commerce (with a conscience) and e-governance (representing the public more directly).

The business of evolution with the spirit that matters
is the evolution of business, government, education,
health care and
at heart, the currency of conscience.

Perhaps you understand and agree that the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION -- emphasizing 90% of the word -- is now emerging as conscience-culturing cyberethics that will monetize the Next Economy, and all our social, political and economic institutions, with the currency of conscience.  Indeed, the authentic "gold standard" for every golden age is of an ethical nature.

It's a global issue now, and now is the time to think globally (1).   Our new instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality is no longer just local -- we're all connected as never before in history... and there's a new response-ability that needs to be understood and cultured.

The quantum reality is that it's All connected…
but never before as now with the Big Shift to
conscientious collective common sense via
co-Operative co-Ordination and co-Creation
with fresh innocence at the heart of a new
  inner sense (inner space), the last frontier.

The gateway from cyberspace to innerspace has always been the interface of consciousness, and now global humanity is finally becoming conscious of HOW we are conscious as a holy whole – the genesis of a new Net reality. 

"This we know.  The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth ...
Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

 The web of consciousness is our new instant-everywhere-interactive InterNet reality.  What we do to that web, we do to ourselves.  We shape our environmental communications and communities (social networks), and then those communications shape us.  Or as the media visionary Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The media is the message.”

How we mediate social conscience in our global social networks
is how we fulfill our divine destiny with unity in our diversity.
And the higher the concept of the “mediator” at the heart of
mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the “
the greater the results for each and all of us.

Global Internet media daily reminds on-liine Netizens of our new all-connected Net reality – the new social conscience emerging in our ubiquitous social networks.  The consequent response ability of global Netizens is to utilize our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities for global self correcting self-elevation (salvation) of a more enlightened nature:

   ~ Knowledge power, to know better so we can do better;
Wisdom’s adjudication, the “wise dominion” application;
Love’s expression, the holy spirit of Love-in-action;
Holistic integrity; synergy of the , ,  components to


 ~ The power of pure intention for inear, ogical (eft-brain) aw as a frame of reference for thoughtforms of  at the heart of the Law of the Angles of “G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  This is the Constitution of Cosmic , framing the simplest of formal constructs -- pure geometry -- that represents the fractal nature of the universe, the universal archetypes of conscious evolution, and the process of conscious co-Creation with all that
                                                      IS REAL
in G.O.D.~ .

 ~ The wisdom of focused attention with the spherical~ conscience that is unconditionally spiritual.  This is the non-linear right-brain conscience that has higher emotional intelligence with discernment of spirits as compares to the frequency of holy compassion, as in frequently. This is the spirit of the Law that trumps the letter of the Law, between the lines (the  framework) whereby what goes around comes around – the consequence of focused attention whereby attention pays with  more wisdom – the language of light.

 ~  The love of evolutionary ascension as the synergy of  and  in a whole that is greater than the sum of ordained power and enlightened wisdom.  This balanced 3-fold love between one’s ears is also the fulfillment of private “RIGHTS” () in the public “SPHERE” () as mass-to-mass TeLeComm cultures social conscience in our social networks.  This synergy of linear consciousness and non-linear consciousness is the holistic, holy, holographic and otherwise healthy consciousness whereby  heals all archetypal dimensions ().         

 ~ The four lower “bodies” – spiritual, mentally, emotional and physical – correspond to the inner family archetypes that govern not only the processes of consciousness of each individual, but also, the collective consciousness of the Family of Man in our social networks and global village.  These four “dimensions” also correspond to the 3 dimensions of conscious languaging in time (4D).  When framed with the Higher Power as the holy spirit of G.O.D.~ -in-action, this leads to the 5th Dimension as the Capstone of G.O.D.~  Conscience.

The HEARTcom Affiliate Model is Simple:

Organizing all information IN FORMATION.
(geometrized with  / Heartware™)

The e-valuation criteria for mass-to-mass TeLeComm is
heartware (cyber
ethics) - the genesis of integrated
hardware, software and netware whereby the
kind men among mankind can thrive and
the meek shall mediate the Earth
with mass2mass
via an interactive inter-
face for kind inter-
actions with


 as a frame of reference for heartware cyber
provides an interactive interface with the light language
that will involve & evolve our individual & collective
awareness of how to culture conscience via
the mass-to-mass
TeLeComm as will
link the light of our God-given
gifts and talents fulfilling
our divine destiny

The Business Model is Simple:
( is for giving)

The business of evolutionary ascent

"It's as if man had been suddenly appointed managing director of the
biggest business of all,
the business of evolution…. He can't refuse the job. 
Whether he wants it or not, whether he is conscious of what he is doing or not,
he is in point of fact
determining the future direction of evolution on this earth.
That is his
inescapable destiny, and the sooner he realizes it and
starts believing in it,
the better for all concerned.

- Julian Huxley (Anderson 1987, frontispiece


Calling all lightworkers, lightweavers & lightbearers
who would be “
Keepers of the Frequency”
by forwarding this vision of virtue for
the victory of  as in
frequently… as a self-
fulfilling prophecy
 to make it so.

Get the Vision of mass-to-mass TeLeComm for mass media with a heart.
Embrace the Virtue of
TeLeConscience via the currency of conscience.
Make the Vow for ethical TeLeCommunity with core Netizen freedoms.
Reboot the Value of moral
TeLeCommerce with heartware cyberethics.
Claim the Victory of global healing TeLeCare via universal self care.
Common sense at the initiation of Aquarius would tell us now that
freedom and opportunity for the Family of Man will be the
end of the materialistic world as we have known it,
and the beginning of a new world vision of
virtue that vows for the value of our
victory in the
defining and the
refining of the abundant
life with abundant

Time is of the Essence -- Make it Count;
Support the
KoF Network with your input.
Network for the Net worth that links the light
KoF with new social media tools and
processes that you can use to culture
  in form and frequency...
as in frequently.

For the Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience,
Mainstreaming the Message of the Aquarian Avatar




1 - think globally... mastermind consciousness in our new social networks:
"...Let us meet in caucus and say to one another. 'Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time. Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there, thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind consciousness that you are going to transform not only a nation but a world.' This is a global situation and nothing less, so you must think globally and you must realize that if war truly comes it will not come alone to the United States...  This is a pivotal moment. This is it beloved. There will never be a greater moment, a greater opportunity to solve the problems of Earth and to win stripes for your ascension..."  ~ Saint Germain via E.C. Prophet, Jan. 1, 1997

Continued with Lesson Two