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Compilation by Christopher Rudy

Leaked pictures of Nibiru inbound (Planet X) on course for mid-summer 2010 fly-by.

Marshall Masters, former science editor for CNN, presents: Someone from the U.S. Government's newly built secret "South Pole Telescope" leaked footage of incoming cometary Planet X (ancient name: Nibiru). At 25 seconds into this video, please PAUSE the video and observe the telescopic footage of this massive red cometary planet, engulfed in a ball of red glowing plasma, and trailing plasma, like flames coming out the back of a jet engine:
NASA Sights incoming doomsday comet, Planet X (Nibiru), via the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Satellite:
Marshall Masters presents: "Where is Planet X," part 2 of 7, wherein the person linked to the South Pole Telescope who leaked the telescopic footage of Planet X, is recognized as having provided "Highly Credible" evidentiary documentation:
Gov. Jesse Ventura presents a television broadcast wherein he descends into the elaborate taxpayer-financed deep underground shelter cities that will house the royals and rulers, magnates and moguls, politicians and CEO's, all of whom have been told that this Comet of Doom will provoke the Sun to spew out record-smashing flares that will scorch most living beings on the surface of Earth. The only ones who have *not* been told are 300 million shmucks, like you and me:
Astrophysicist, Prof. Michio Kaku, relays NASA's own report, stating that the Sun will soon go into hyperactive convulsions, spewing out record-smashing flares, destroying electric power grids, and scorching much of all life on the surface of Earth:

Gov't Underground Shelters prepare for Comet Incoming

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Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010

Excerpts from "Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection," by Greg Jenner (

[JD: text within {braces} are my explanatory notes.]

Foreword by Marshall Masters, former science editor of CNN: "It is a great privilege for me to publish this work, as it will establish a new benchmark for Planet X historical research. As a Planet X researcher and author of long standing, I believe Greg Jenner to be one of the best Planet X historians alive today -- if not the best. This is because his analysis reflects a lifetime of inquiry, which began for him in 1975 at the age of 13."

GREG JENNER: "Jeremiah, a prophet from the Old Testament, felt compelled to warn us of something he called 'the Destroyer.' He obviously knew {actually, God knew} the significance of its wrath, and that every place on Earth would be affected.  


From The Holy Bible (The New Century version) The Book of JEREMIAH Chapter 25:32 and Chapter 48:8 'Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation. They will come like a powerful storm to all the faraway places on earth . . . The DESTROYER will come against every town -- not one town will escape . . . The Lord said this will happen.' 

. . . . . Planet X is very real and known to the 'elite,' a hidden fact they have discovered from an ancient source and have held close to their hearts for quite some time -- until now.  . . . . . . . . . In 1975, I purchased my first astronomy textbook entitled 'The Universe' by Sampson Low Publishers. . . . . . One thing, however, jumped out at me and grabbed my attention. It was a little blurb on page 99 about an extra hypothetical body within the Solar System called Planet X.  . . . . . .'

. . . {from the astronomy textbook}: {an illustration with caption, reading:} 'the orbit of a tenth planet, Planet X, whose existence was predicted as a result of computer studies by American astronomer Joseph Brady in 1972 . . . .'

. . . Over the course of my investigations, I've perused countless esoteric books and ancient documents that give tantalizing clues suggesting that a large-sized planet exists within the far reaches of the Solar System. To the ancient Sumerians, it was known as Nibiru (which means 'Planet of crossing'), . . . It has a highly irregular {highly elliptical} orbit; . . .  it periodically returns; upon returning, it crosses Earth's orbit, causing havoc with our home world. . . .

. . . The Kolbrin {secular compilation} Bible is comprised of eleven books, the first six written by Egyptian academics and scribes after the Exodus {of the Israelites from Egypt, around 1,500 B.C.} . . . . . .  {reading from the Kolbrin:} MANUSCRIPT 3:9 . . . 'Then will the Heavens tremble, and the Earth move. Men will quake in fear, and while terror walks with them, the Heralds of Doom will appear.'  . . .

. . . . 'If the Kolbrin {secular} Bible contains startling passages that describe the return of Planet X, the {global} 'elite' would unquestionably want to keep this under wraps, whilst, at the same time, start preparing -- at whatever cost -- to survive into another age. According to the above verse, it appears a select few will survive.  . . . .

. . . Think about it. If a group of people possessed an 800 year-old document {I believe the Egyptian writings are closer to 3,500 years old, penned by the generation who witnessed God's ten plagues, described in the Book of EXODUS, in The Holy Bible} stating without doubt that a catastrophe would occur upon the return of a celestial object, then they would have the luxury to carefully plan out their survival by secretly building facilities, such as: underground bunkers, gigantic ocean liners, and future command posts. . . . . The {global} elite have taken the Kolbrin Bible's warning very seriously. . . .

. . . . {again, reading from the Kolbrin:} MANUSCRIPT 3:3 '. . . a great light appears redly in the skies.' "  {It is very important to note the word 'redly.' I will soon repost my analysis of the Holy Bible's Book of ISAIAH, Chapter 63, clearly revealing gross English language mistranslations from God's original Hebrew scriptures, and correcting verse 6 to prove that God is therein declaring that He will bring His 'glittering blood- red object from afar, to its goal, Planet Earth.'}

---------- END OF EXCERPT --------


See also: Deep Underground Shelters and Planet X Inbound

Here is a link to a televised broadcast, revealing the elite's underground city within the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain:




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