TimeLine Coordinates for
2011 Mass Awakening


The Galactic Alignment Portents for the
 2011 Mayan Calendar End Date


Understanding How and Why Conscious Evolution SHIFT HAPPENS J
i. e., The  Initiation of a
Wholly New Conscience  which translates to:
“The ‘End of the World as We Have Known it”

Christos Lightweaver

Prepare for the Great Initiation of the last 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar
March 9, 2011, Dawn of the Unity Wave, through to the
October 28, 2011,
the end date of the Mayan Calendar.

Excerpts from a  previous article by Dr. Calleman:
(for the full article, click here)

Following summary points are paraphrased, color-coded for emphasis ~ C:

We are now approaching the initiations of the final 9th wave of Unity Consciousness,
which begins on
March 9, 2011.  This wave includes thirteen 18 day periods which
propel a process designed to reboot the energetic (morphic) grids of matter with
the Spirit that matters -
an unprecedented Unity Consciousness - at the heart of
this “9th wave” (Universal Underworld, also known as the ‘Universal Field’ or
 ‘Quantum field’) now representing humanity’s highest state of

There are basic laws of the universe engaged at this extraordinary time.

As March 9th, 2011 arrives, we are called to begin co-creating with
Unity Consciousness:  the dawn of this initiation of mass unity.

"Thus, the year 2011 is not ordained to be just another year.
Very likely this is our last chance to live up to being
co-creators with the cosmic plan for this time."

"As this Gregorian year began, the messages that circulated reflected our heightened ambivalence to the passage of time. On the one hand there were the every year kind of messages like: 'Hope you will have a great 2011' or 'What do you want to create for yourself in 2011?' as if this would just be like another year; messages centered on the individual, based on a linear view of time made up from years following one after the other.

"On the other hand, around the New Year reports started to come about the 'aflockalypse'. Large numbers of fish, birds and animals simply died for no apparent reason.

        [See:Mass dying of life on Earth conveys urgent signs of the times ~ C]

This instead pointed to anything but a linear continuation of time in 2011. The aflockalypse is possibly due to the frequency increase that the nine levels of the Mayan pyramid undergoes combined with the extreme degree to which humans have now pushed the ecology of the planet off balance." [There are consequence for abuse to our global life support systems. ~C]

"If this is true, it would call upon us to adapt to this new frequency and also shift completely from asking for things for ourselves and what we as egos or individuals may want from 2011 to what our egos may do to serve the delivery of the divine plan.


"The ninth wave of unity would then be calling for a complete shift
in our way of being, to manifesting
unity consciousness,
which is the intended end result of the cosmic plan.

"If this is to happen, it may also call for extraordinary cosmic energies
[and our resonance with them ~C]
to fulfill the cosmic plan.

"In fact, maybe the ninth wave will be a Judgment Day that will save the world."




Cosmic rays can change DNA!  This is why a consciousness SHIFT HAPPENS J


YouTube/ Ten minutes long / 38,082 views

 Introduction by C:

Scientific research on the affect of cosmic rays on genetics has provided ample evidence to show that our DNA and consciousness are directly affected.  Furthermore, ice core samples from the Arctic have recorded the evidence of cosmic rays for tens of thousands of years, and have revealed that peaks in cosmic rays have corresponded to great leaps in human evolution. 


Just as fiber optics are the vehicle for laser light with carrier frequencies digitally coded with thousands of e-mails, phone calls and videos, and just as wireless transmissions also stream digitally coded frequencies to our cell phones, TV’s and computers, so are cosmic rays from the Great Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy – with Galactic Alignment  in 2011 – now streaming the coded intelligence of hundreds of billions of star systems in our Galaxy, all of which are aligning the energies of Earth as our solar system orbits into perfect alignment with the Galactic Plane  in 2011. Consider the portents for a peak in cosmic rays corresponding to a great leap in human evolution.



"2011-2012 Enigma: Blueprint for a Golden Age"

by David Wilcox (about 8 minutes)
Note from C: The Mayan Calendar references an ancient cosmic cycle of 28 million years
whereby every form of life on Earth spontaneously changes and upgrades from one
  type of creature to another, and David Wilcox provided the evidence of not only how
the DNA code itself is rewritten, but also, why we will soon see,
"We're all being challenged, and if we can phase through these challenges with positive attitude and focus,
then we actually have the potential to go through a multi-dimensional evolution of our being...
I'm talking about an on-going spiritual transformation
[beyond 2011 ~ CR] on Earth,
in which there is a much higher degree of the very energy that makes us psychic,
plunges us through these initiations, and quickens and revivifies
the very nature of our being."


The Mayan Calendar, Dimensional Shift and 5D Earth

by Dolores Cannon / about 6 minutes / 59,908 views
Note from C: The Mayan Calendar ends in 2011 because of a dimension shift
that goes beyond the paradigm paralysis of prevailing ‘reality’ perceptions.
As Dolores explains, this dimensional shift is difficult to comprehend and is
“the greatest show on Earth”, or what I call “reality TV for the ET’s” with
millions of cloaked ET vehicles from throughout our universe watching
to see what happens to our conscious evolution as


As the veil thins in 2011 with accelerated dimensional shift,
the role of
conscientious common sense for a new
Unity Conscience’ is becoming self-evident.
The power of a new freedom-in-love
is defining and refining our
Effective Sensory


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As the big shift accelerates on the 2011-2012 Timeline
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
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