Light Language 102

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In-depth Dimensional Overview:

1st dimension:  In black and white photography, when a photograph is well exposed and developed, there are good details in both the highlights and the shadow areas. A concept that is likewise well exposed and developed with sufficient light/consciousness for definition of both problem(negative/film) and solution (positive print) will have a clear rendition of details and "depth of field" (focus in foreground and background) that makes for a "clear picture". 
       PATTERN RECOGNITION is the cognitive skill of this 1st dimension whereby we "get the picture" as a first impression on a scale from "above you" (too authoritative, patronizing, sophisticated or "head in the clouds" / out of the "box")... to "below you" (too simplistic, childish, or unimaginative "feet on the ground" / in the "box"). This is the dimension from SPIRIT (Father) to MATTER ("Mater"/Mother)... as in from conditional love as the love of power to unconditional love as the power of love.  
       Obviously, without a loving relationship (balance) between "Earth-Mother" and "Father in Heaven" (metaphorically speaking), the will of 
 cannot co-operate,
coalesce or otherwise manifest "on Earth as in Heaven". Harmony and balance are the first law "prime directive" that honors free will at the heart of conscious evolution.  This is the the 'as above / so below' dimension of pure intention for Universal CoCreation.

2nd dimension: The coloration of human thought and feeling likewise follows natural laws of light-as-consciousness. On one end of the spectrum you have the fiery emotional person whose thoughts follow his feeling; the archetype of this in popular lore is Scotty in the Star Trek movies. At the other end of the spectrum is the cold intellectual person who processes everything mentally with no feeling; the Vulcan Spock in Star Trek being the archetype. Right in the middle of the color spectrum in angstrom units is healing-green and the perceptually brightest color, wisdom-yellow. These are the colors that also assimilate the most light in photosynthesis. It is balance in this dimensional scale -- healing wisdom -- that discerns when to projectwith POWER  or cohere with LOVE; the archetype of "the Capstone" or "the Captain" in Star Trek. And as with the 1st dimension, there is always a point of reflex relationship between the two ends of the scale. The more emotional one becomes, the less reasonable, and visa versa.
       The ordained 
power of love is always a challenge to the inordinate love of power and visa versa. It's the balance of POWER via the WISDOM ofLOVE that defines good "color balance" in the full-spectrum of consciousness that "reflexes" (refracts) as white light... raising consciousness to the higher intuitive "3rd eye" faculties of proactive left-right brain co-operation (the language of the angels of our better nature) and win/win co-ordination (the law of the angles ordained by G.O.D.~).  Without that balance, the "low-light" (dim wit), reptilian brain (R-complex) will typically respond in reactive rather than proactive ways, reverting to primitive instinctual modes of competitive win/lose as "us vs. them", "fight or flight", etc.
 It is just such "reptilian" (selfish reactive vs. selfless proactive) behavior that will say and do anything to maintain it's cold-blooded, self-serving, narrow-minded "DUH paradigm" (Dumb Unconscious & Heartless) to survive with no regard to others outside it's "territorial imperative" to own and control people and things... to dominate through inordinate love of power rather than integrate through the ordained power of love.
       The 'balancing act' in this 2nd dimension of e-valuation criteria (heartware) is the focused attention of discernment as knows the difference between inordinate power and ordained love.

"Where love rules there is no will to power.
And where 
power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

- Carl Gustav Jung

3rd dimension: The patterning of light (1st dimension) and coloration of its meaning (2nd dimension) creates an "image" of overall "depth" (3rd dimension). These integrated 3-D coordinates cross-reference a "3-D cube" frame of reference geometrized by the archetypal law/language of -centered and connected meaning, value and purpose. Fact is, we are all created in the image and likeness of G.O.D. as the Geometric Ordered Divinity within our unique bioenergetic/DNA blueprint that outpictures (geometrizes) the universal law and order of the holographic universe... coalescing the energy of cosmos along these more enlightened "lines"... to the extent we are conscious via the language of consciousness.
        By making this 
LAW OF LIGHT the interactive interface for Net-worked Lightworkers (global Netizens), Net worth is raised to a wholly new "Gold Standard" that represents the Golden Rule/Law Language for every Golden Age. This Vision alone, networked person-to-person and heart-to-heart, can truly be the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy that links the light -- the language of light -- that involves and evolves our individual and collectiveconscience in co-Creation with a simple yet profound model for G.O.D.~LOVE self-correction, self-healing and self-governance. 
"high touch" qualifier at the heart of high tech "TeLeComm" will define and refine -centric "TLC" for a global electronic upgrade of theU.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for the United Sovereigns (U.S.) of Earth.  And provide a "Gold Standard" for conscientious common sense that makes the Power of Enlightened Love a compelling-synergized 3-fold flame whose primary attribute is love's retention for conscious evolution.

4th dimension:  This is the understanding of timeline perception in the 4 archetypal (Jung) correlates to 
4-dimensional time:
- a "linear" timeline that connects past memory to present awareness as relates to a vision of the future, i.e., "linear" as in "
ogical" according to one's linear 'Belief System Matrix'.
 - a "nonlinear" timeline with a more expanded sense of the fully present moment, i.e., a free spirit that lives for "more light" in the moment as intuitive KNOWING according to Source Field Reality.
 - a "creative" timeline that combines lessons of the past with an insightful vision of the future, i.e., creating 
the best of worlds here and now.
 - an "integrated" timeline whereby the "greening of conscience" creates an even greater "Movement towards wholEness" through synergistic integration of the ,  and  in the ) -- the components to the archetypal (Jung) 4-quad dimensions of Self and Civilization.
       Every 3-D moment in space is a "snapshot" of the 4th dimension we perceive as "time".  It's like the single frame of a "motion pictures" -- as they used to call movies -- which give the illusion of time-as-motion when sequenced with other "space-framed snapshots".  Another analogy is a single tone of a musical instrument that makes music when combined with other notes over time.  How we "keep time" with music is a natural function of one's 3-D memory of the sequence of experience from one frequency of sound to the next.  
       It's the same with a 4th dimensional understanding of one's soul as an over-all memory matrix that naturally acts as a lens for viewing the world through one's habit of believing, thinking, 
feeling and acting.  Each moment is filtered through that "habit".  One's "vision" is thus a natural function of one's spiritual attainment, mental lucidity, emotional maturity and cellular-physical memory-habits. 
       We all have "selective memory" in that regard.  We all have free will to believe what we want to believe, think what we want to think, 
feel what we want to feel and do what we want to do... at least, when freedom (free will) is healthy at a whole-holistic 4-D level.  That's when one's holographic window into the heart and mind of universal G.O.D.~ -- in form and frequency -- balances and heals all the bad habits that are trauma-linked to bad memories. For every soul on the path of the business of evolution, this is what is called, "Healing the timeline". 

5th dimension:  5-D Conscience as a color-coded frequency is the violet of the holy spirit "joy flame" – the key to higher integrity -- through integration of all 4-quad  components to the CAPSTONE VISION.  This is the “Key to the KINGdom" (conscience) whereby "all" (om) are sovereign “K-IN-G” with the "Keys to INternalization of G.O.D.~LOVE Conscience.  Mastery of human consciousness naturally follows divine co-measurement with -- and Universal co-Creation through -- this universal law language.  No one is perfect in this dense octave of incarnation, but you don't have to be perfect to have pure intent for the Power of LOVE in your world and the world-at-large.  Pure intent in what you REALLY want is not seldom the prelude of the revelation rEVOLUTION.  Energy follows thought and thought follows WILL (pure intention) in a free-will universe.  Those who are free to BE -- or otherwise fulfill their highest and best service to humanity -- are operating at a 5th dimensional level.  At this level, there is no disconnection from what is good for yourself and what is good for the Family of Man in our global village.  The key to integrity that distinguishes this level is naturally the integration of 5-dimensional Conscience.  In our social networks, the 'Constitution of Consciencenaturally results from --and is represented in -- a cyberethics upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms.  This "ethical bailout" of the economy  -- the currency of Conscience for social Conscience -- will culture the holy Spirit of -in-action which liberatesfull spectrum opportunity in our social networks.  This is one's free-will opportunity -- a choice -- through holistic mastery of the unified dimensions of one's consciousness. It's also our free will choice of, by and for enlightened Conscience in our social networks.

The Global Movement to a more enlightened 'Order of the Ages' 
is thus qualified by full-spectrum balance of this "3-fold flame" of:

 (Higher Conscience) via the Language of Consciousness
Love (Holy Spirit) via the Language of 
 (Higher Power) via 'Universal Laws' of Light & Love
in order to heal one's time-line in the 4th dimension, 
creating resonance in our collective consciousness;
culturing wholEness for healing in the "capstone" 
of a centered and ALL-connected unity nature;
fulfilling the prime directive for universal law
with intention for 'Universal Co-Creation'
as will transcend 'non-unity' (duality)
with a new unity in our diversity
of a 
5th dimensional nature...
a global rEVOLUTION as a
holistic, healthy and holy
upwising and uprising
 in the wholEness of

"There is nothing more powerful than
a vision which has found its time."

- Victor Hugo

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