As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
(Fake News Exposed)

5-D Conscience Integrates
(Whole Truth Disclosed)

United Sovereigns of Earth

"Activism without spirituality is blind, and
spirituality without activism is lame...

  What we need now is a new form of 'spiritual activism'
 as combines both spiritual and social transformation.
      Nothing less can marry the heart's longing to the world's
   need, and give birth to a truly compassionate society."

~ Will Keepin

 The Family of Mankind in a global village
a ‘Unity State’ (Universal Solidarity)
of, by and for '
US' (United Sovereigns);
the TLC
-connected Netizens of Earth. 

 A pure geometry framework for the
  'Constitution of Conscience':

Individual             Collective          Co-Creation         Integration


Linear               Nonlinear             Trinity                Four-in-One

Left-brain Logic + Right-brain Intuition + Coherence = Congruence

Universal RIGHTS  +  Public SPHERE  +  SYNERGY  =  WHOLENESS

   Self Rule      Self Knowing     Self Healing     Self-Mastery

Government    Education     Health Care        Economy

   Spiritually       Mentally       Emotionally       Physically

Qualifying 'TLC' with a universal  for
interactive TeLeComm, TeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce with the currency of

All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy-whole (
in all 'five archetypal dimensions' of universal-cosmic


In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
   and common language for inspired direction
    centering love within, so when we all enter in
    we find a unity state with one clear mandate:
  either we optimize unity or we’re insensate.

 There are universal principles of, by and for
conscious evolution that will not budge.

There are rules whereby Creator's  intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
United State; Co-Creation's Dimension: 

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

A Big Picture perspective of 'The Field' that we live in
helps to
empower the wisdom of .

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
  with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution), for
  Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
   via enlightened
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

Establish 'The Foundation' with your individualized 'light'
   that lights every soul that incarnates into a physical body,
"I Am my I Am Presence"... I Am THAT I Am.

      "I Am one with the I Am Presence of all humanity"...

       "I Am one with the I Am Presence of all Creation"...
Universal in the name and the flame of the same...

    Affirmation and Confirmation for Co-Creation with 'The Field',
the Unified Quantum Torus Fields from Atomic to Galactic:

       AFFIRMATION: Heart Coherence... pure intention at heart;
                          Language of the Angels of .

      CONFIRMATION: Mind Congruence
... focused attention;
                      Law of the Angles of .

DETERMINATION:  +  =  in all 4-quads of ;
                       Co-Creation with .

   INTEGRATION: Connecting in Unified Torus Fields...
                  Global TeLeComm via .

Global civility of, by and for global civilization may be
much different from what you imagined, yet
better than you ever thought possible:

'Global TeLeCommunity'.

The Heartware Project

The Business of Global Evolution and
The Evolution of Global Business

In the 2D matrix, everyone once believed the Earth was flat.
We now call that The Dark Age: old "BS" (Belief System).
3D enlightenment gave us a round-global world view.
A new 4D
 Net reality with the Internet has virtually
eliminated time and space. And a global village
with 5D capabilities is now emerging for the
 Family of Mankind as a sovereign whole

Whatever we do to the web of quantum reality
we do to ourselves, co-Creating '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

What we think about, we bring about.

Energy flows where attention goes,
and grace flows, as virtue knows,
 when co-Creative shows
how claiming the victory grows
what pure intention bestows.

Seize the Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of
Co-Creation in the Circle of wholEness:

We are what we believe spiritually,
becoming what we believed.

We are what think mentally,
becoming what we thought.
We are what we feel emotionally,
becoming what we felt.

We are what do physically,
becoming what we did.

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure
love and reverence for all of life
 will counterbalance the
negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at 
the lower weakening levels." 
~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests 
utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in 
The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior 
by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect 
of intelligent and active understanding, 
and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion, 
which desires the greatest good of the greatest number 
are beyond belief. 
This dynamic power has never been employed.
 It can today save the world." 
~ Master Djwhal Khul

Look to SEE - Know to BE - the Nature of Spiritual Geometry:
The Law of the Angles of
G.O.D.” (Geometry Of Divinity)
framing the
Language of the Angels of
(our better divine-humane-loving nature).

More Spiritual Power, Wisdom and Love to You and Yours
in the Quantum Field of Cosmic Without End,
~ Christos Lightweaver

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~ C.

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