2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Blessings of a Gratitude Attitude

 via an Attitude of Gratitude:

It is not your aptitude, but attitude,
that will determine your altitude;
whether you soar with eagles
on thermals of gratitude…
or scratch with turkeys 
 on bugs of begrudge.

 These are amazing times of Revelations
as global ‘Net Reality’ matures with our
 new instant-everywhere and interactive
 response ability – the ability to respond
in local and global social networks that
increasingly reflect and perfect social  
with the attitude of gratitude-in-action.

So Keep the Thanks-Giving Going!

Skip to the bottom for a toast:
‘To Your Health’

'The Sound of Gratitude

Abundant Gratitude for
 the Abundant Life.

 If you are ‘right-brain dominant’
- in your heart most of the time -
you’ll get a lot out of this video
especially if you do your own   
  toning while watching the video:
Imagine living the rest of your life
in a frequent attitude of gratitude.


Add your voice to this group session
 toning the frequency of gratitude.

  If you are ‘left-brain dominant’
and prefer intellectual insight
into the benefits of gratitude 
  for your health and prosperity,

Nov 24, 2022 / Corbett Report
 As those in the reality-based community know,
    we live in dark times. But without acknowledging
the good in our lives, what are we fighting for?
 Join James for this week's #SolutionsWatch as
   he explores the whys and hows of giving thanks
to cultivate a prevailing spirit of
gratitude with
health and prosperity benefits.

For Upward Mobile Ascension…

 Always remember - be proactive:
  is for giving because   
hat goes around comes around
sooner or later.

 Service to others is Co-Creation’s game.
Power of … universally the same;
   Language of the Law of in name.

Heart Coherence as Co-Creation’s flame.

So Keep the Faith – An Attitude of Gratitude;
    See the Good – Mankind as Kind Men;
     Make it So!Evolutionary Ascent.

Full Spectrum Aquarian Enlightenment:

First Principles of the Aquarian Mandate;
Upgrading Five Core Netizen Freedoms;
Networking for Net Worth of Net Reality;
Universal Interface / Global Community;
Creative Ascension Process: CAPstone.

Bottom Line – It’s Healing Time
 ‘To Your Health’

I've added videos & articles to
 the recent compendium on the
Global Healing Crisis to focus
  on opportunity as well as crisis.

 One health solution that some readers of
  this list may find of interest is in regard to
  the accelerated plunge of male fertility by
62% worldwide as you can read HERE

   Not mentioned in this article is a solution
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  as herbalist, nutritionist and naturopath:
Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX.

 One side-effect of SPX ‘royal jelly’ that
 I rarely mention is a dramatic increase
in sperm count and sperm mobility. In
fact, Pollen Extract is the male sperm
    at the very source of the plant kingdom.
   SPX is the foundation of the food chain
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  ‘healthy swimmers’ (mobility of sperm),
and vitality in every cell of your body.

For 50+ years in Europe, Swedish PX
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   also ‘UTIs’ (Urinary Tract Inflammation).

For half a century…
 SPX has also been widely used in Asia
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  colds and flu since it rather dramatically
 optimizes the immune system to either
    prevent or recover quicker from disease.

For two decades…
   SPX has been used worldwide in drip IVs
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  restoring immune function after severely
  compromising it with chemo & radiation.

  This is the most advanced nutraceutical
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So if you want to 'get it up' with no big letdown
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 ‘To Your Health’
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