2022 Great Turn-Around Series

The Global Crisis and Opportunity
Time to Mobilize: Network Freely

 Realize that there is a global war
for everyone's heart and mind...
the existential crisis of our time.

 There are dark forces creating dis-ease
  and light forces culturing wholeness via
 holistic-healthy-holy Spirit that matters.

If you identify as a 'lightworker' or a
 'lightbearer' and/or a 'lightweaver',
then please care to share this 
with family and friends
over the holidays.

 So Keep the Faith - See the Good and
network for the net worth of net reality
  with an attitude of gratitude for freedom
and opportunity in the Cosmic
Spirit of the Light of God-Love-Source
that ultimately prevails.

Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic Show
Podcast in it's 13th Year.
Nov 23, 2022 / New Moon in Sagittarius

Skip to the bottom for a surprise visit  
of Saint Germain to Saturday’s
Cosmic Show.

Progress Report
2022 Great Turn-Around

From the Big Lie – The Propaganda Press
 To Whole Truth – Progressive Revelations

  As many of you know, I’m a Metaphysician with
  his finger on the pulse of collective ‘Net Reality’
(unified field of Internet memes & archetypes).

 I’m also a netizen journalist who curates timely
   truth-telling videos and articles that are typically
censored or discredited in lamestream media.

 I never ask for help – not your financial help –
 but I do send out alerts to prayer warriors and
servant leaders, community organizers, etc.  

 In terms of freedom and opportunity for Earth,
 THE CRISIS now is over global r
  to a Constitutional Republic that represents all
of ‘US’ – The United Sovereigns of Earth.    

"The cause of America is in a great measure
 the cause of all mankind. We have it in our
 power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776 

A Declaration of Inner Dependence on
The United State of ;
Upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms 

This is how ‘AMERICA’ – anagram for the ‘I AM RACE’ –
will shine for the world as a collective ‘We the People’
United Sovereigns of Earth –
just as that Flame of Freedom and Opportunity
sparked the American Revolution of ‘US’
(United States of America).
 So enjoy this Reality Report on the
 Existential Global Healing Crisis
- holistic systemic rEVOLUTION -
from Deep State divisive dystopia
 to a High State of united solidarity
   to finish what US Founders began.


National Propaganda Radio
How NPR Morphed Into a Voice for
the Power Elite (Deep State)

Nov 14, 2022 / ChildrensHealthDefense.org
National Public Radio originated as a publicly funded voice for
  all Americans, but media critics allege the shift to more private,
  corporate funding has bought off the station to become a voice
of, by and for elite leftists - not the public.
"The Media is the Message."
~ Marshall McLuhan
Media orchestrated crisis to compel compliance with
technocrat tyranny tactics for digital currency IDs
while discrediting/regulating crypto currency.

Nov 18, 2022 / Tucker Carlson
While Fed banksters set up their digital currency system,
investors didn't notice this red flag in the FTX scandal.

The bleeding edge of the FTX crypto scam is bigger
than you imagined. The timing was perfect for
discrediting independent cryptocurrencies
while laundering billions of $’s to dems
to rig the election from front to back.

Nightmare On G20 Street:
Biden Delivers US To A Chinese Social Credit System
Nov 23, 2022 / technocracy.news
Biden's handlers are bent on delivering the United States  
    into the global Technocracy being formed by the UN, China,  

   the World Economic Forum and events like the G20 meeting
 just held. The world is clamoring to implement digital health
    passports with digital IDs, and Biden has completely caved in

to global Technocrats.

But no worry. The Deep State assures us that
- with this totalitarian social credit system -
“You will own nothing and be happy”.
~ The World Economic Forum (WEF),    
 who wants to own/control everything

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution,
  James Madison, 4th US President

Thinks about it folks! Health is wealth.
Health profiteering -
making a killing -
  is as evil as war profiteering. And now,
 without conscientious common sense
- global Te
LeComm representation and
     and an ounce of
TeLeCare prevention -
millions are perishing worldwide! 

Covid Is Not An Epidemiological Story;
Covid Is A Crime Story

Nov 22, 2022 / LewRockwell.com

Uncovering Enormous Pharmacidal Bribes
To Hospitals and School Systems
Paid Via Our Tax Dollars

Nov 18, 2022 / ChildrensHealthDefense.org
“We’ve got to stop this insanity now.
are murdering a lot of people.”
   ~ Dell Bigtree, Children’s Health Defense

Pharmacide is the Deep State face
of a population reduction agenda.

Nov 21, 2022 / TheCrowhouse
Great covid satire the first 2 minutes ~CR

More Pharmacide Satire:

Nov 23, 2022 / Awaken with JP
What Big Pharma is like now.

The New World War of the West:
Weapons of Mass Distraction"
Nov 22, 2022 / GlobalResearch.ca
The media bombardment with weapons of mass distraction
intensifies. A few days ago, Poland announced that it had 
 been hit by two Russian missiles, the big media spread the
     news, the alarm went off, and Moscow announced that it was
a fake but nobody listened to it. Finally, NATO admits that 
    the accident was caused by a Ukrainian missile, but that's it.
 Just more distraction from the real story behind the scenes
 as banksters attempt to hijack the global digital revolution.

 Half the solution is always inherent in a
 well-informed definition of the problem.
Informed choice is the deciding factor
given pure intention to focus attention
 with love retention for one's ascension
  in a dimension of wise comprehension.
    There can be no healing of the collective
 'body of humanity' (Family of Mankind)
    without clear discernment of what vexes
 our conscientious common sense and
dis-ease devoid of healthy Spirit.

Keep in Mind as the Big Shift Hits the ‘Fan’
(Aquarian Frequency Shift)...


  It's all about finding the calm in chaos,
to still the waters of a turbulent mind,
  resonating with an
attitude of gratitude
   for the amazing opportunity we have to
manifest the world we all want to see.

The Sound of Gratitude
Imagine living the rest of your life
in the frequency of gratitude.

Add your voice to this group session
 toning the frequency of gratitude.

Bruce Lipton on Manifesting
Your Dream Future

2 months ago / 800K views
“How to REPROGRAM Your Subconscious Mind
To MANIFEST Your Dream Future!”
Dr. Bruce Lipton, PH.D is a stem cell biologist and
best-selling author of ‘The Biology of Belief’.

This interview with Lewis Howes is where
 advanced biology meets up with
‘quantum consciousness’.
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How to ‘Reprogram’ (Reset) Your Subconscious Mind
So Your Prevailing Consciousness Will Manifest
Enlightened Aquarian in the World.

I had a surprise guest on Saturday’s
 Cosmic Show interviewing   
 David C. Lewis about his new book
  Saint Germain came through with an
inspired message near the end:

Global transformation is clearly upon us.
This is like a global 'Reality Show'...
A Big Shift Storm
as the old paradigm paralysis and
‘SIN’ (Stuck In Negativity)
is increasingly neutralized naturally
by Aquarian frequencies of the
whole-holistic-holy Spirit of
as will harmonize global ascent of civility
with a universal heartware interface
for local/global interaction that
involves and evolves our
individual & collective
(gold standard).

Full Spectrum Aquarian Enlightenment:

First Principles of the Aquarian Mandate;
Upgrading Five Core Netizen Freedoms;
Networking for Net Worth of Net Reality;
Universal Interface / Global Community;
Creative Ascension Process: CAPstone:


Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity;   

Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
  (G.O.D.~ Constitution),
   for Effective Sensory Perception
   via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy.


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