2024 Quantum Quickening Series

Gaza Genocide, Pole Shift, and the Solar Flash

Either we quicken collective conscience
– mitigate Deep State madness –

Mass immorality has consequences. The in-our-face
Gaza genocide is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.
   And if you think Atlantian genetic engineering was bad
- whereby universe ordained pole shift & Biblical flood -
 then you appreciate how serious is the consequence
for genetic modifying organisms in food & 'vaccines' 

 (mRNA “gene therapy” featured on Phizer’s website),

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! [7 minutes]

Jan 24, 2024 / SuspiciousObservers
The Earth Will Turn Over / POLE SHIFT

Is it the mercy of the Great Law that the Earth
gets a 'REBOOT' (see Pole Shift video),
before the genetics of the remnant
are corrupted with afflictions?

'Safe and Effective' Study:
COVID Injections Caused Spikes in Cancer,
Heart Failure, Brain Disorders via 'V-AIDS'
Feb 3 / LionessOfJudah
    A groundbreaking study found direct links between the
injections and cases of 'Vaccine-Acquired Immuno-
Deficiency Syndrome' (V-AIDS), resulting in various
types of cancer, heart failure, and brain disorders.   

 Note from CR: But don't worry if you got injected;
    just hope you got one of the many placebo batches.
  And assist genetic repair with
stem cell precursors.

Conflicting Pole Shift Agendas
Between East and West

Feb 2, 2024 / Greg Reese
Is this why the world is being turned upside down?
[highly recommended! ~CR]

Or is there Mercy in the Great Law whereby
Great Awakening leads to enlightenment
and holistic healing on a global level?

Perhaps the divine plan of Earth's evolutions
is to wise up and rise up with a unified
conscientious common sense of
victory virtues to neutralize
media programming of
victim dictum as in
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
~ Tom Paine, Author of 'Common Sense'
 as sparked the American Revolution
(Now it's a global affair. ~CR)

  - There's a lot of "World War Three" in the news right now;
- Fed fraud, media deception and medical 'BS' is busted;
- Quantum upgrade of five core Constitutional freedoms
 - Final transition to the Quantum Financial System (QFS);

 - Quantum healing - Med-Beds - coming out of the closet.

And AI is harnessed by Geometric Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.)
for '5M' decentralization of global Media, Medicine, Military,
 Management and Markets

To paraphrase Teihard de Chardin:
Man can harness the winds, the sun and the tides,
   but when he finally harnesses the
Power of ,
   then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire.

Feb 6, 2024

Thoughtform Process
of the Month:
  Centering and connecting in the
 all-seeing 'eye' of the hurricane
where it is '
calm and coherent'
(concentrated 5D+ vortex vision)
while the fierce swirling winds 
of geopolitical transformation  
 morph the 3D matrix of reality.


"World War Three" in the News


 US Strikes At Least 85 Targets In Iraq & Syria,
Including From B1 Bombers

Feb 3, 2024 / zerohedge.com
Importantly, there've been no reports of US airstrikes in
  Iran this evening, and US officials say that the Pentagon
does not plan to hit targets inside the Islamic Republic.

Feb 3, 2024 / caitlinjohnst.one
Biden Says The US "Does Not Seek Conflict In The
Middle East"
While Actively Dropping Bombs There.


How Sad It Is to Watch America’s
Abandonment of Morality and
 Degeneration into Evil.

Feb 2, 2024 / Paul Craig Roberts
The Genocide In Gaza - Zionist Horror
"Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah"

The alleged 'moral democracies', the US, UK, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland, thumbed their noses at the International Court of Justice's verdict against Israel by suspending their funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the major source of aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

What does this say about the morality of the Western World?
Is it true that Gaza genocide is murderous in-our-face evil?
 Would you agree that U.N. power elite psychopaths have
over-ruled the sovereign rights of 99.9% of humanity?  

The Genocide in Gaza Is Illegal, Incomprehensible,
Inexcusable, Infernal, Inhumane and Irredeemable
... And Evangelicals Are Responsible

Jan 25, 2024 / Chuck Baldwin
Genocide is not a political problem. It is a moral one.   
       We cannot, no matter what the cost, support those who commit
  or are accomplices to genocide. Genocide is the crime of all
It is the purest expression of evil.
We must stand
   unequivocally with Palestinians and jurists from South Africa.
     We must demand justice. We must hold Biden accountable for
   the genocide in Gaza. The sheer amount of death & carnage
   that Israel openly inflicts upon Gaza (with Biden's blessings),
     dwarfs any and all military massacres of the 21st century.


Democide Party Says Bomb Americans
Feb 1, 2024 / banned.video
Tensions are high as a wide open border floods Texas cities with
military aged males, criminals and potential terrorists that has
citizens on edge as the Biden Administration demands the 
UN-NGO-Soros engineered invasion continue at all costs.

Tucker Carlson interviews Bret Weinstein
The Solution? (at 53 minutes):
"Every dark age has a small number of
Keepers of the Flame."

Feb 2, 2024 / InspireWisdom
  This is a very balanced and coherent discussion
 of those nefarious Deep State powers intent on
infiltrating and balkanizing the United States in
order to divide, destabilize and cause civil war.
6 min video - the dis-ease invasion:
The Chinese Population did not get the mRNA Vaccines
Feb 2, 2024 / Tucker Carlson 
    Bret Weinstein tells Tucker Carlson that taking three
mRNA COVID vaccines has been found to trigger
 a weakened immune response... and he says that 
   China did not give their population mRNA vaccines.

EXCERPT: “IGG4s biological purpose is to turn down an immune response. The Chinese did not vaccinate their population with any mRNA technology based on spike protein. Our two populations (America and China) are now different in this regard. And the message that was injected into so many people was like a firmware update that caused the immune systems of people to [change the response to spike proteins] In a nutshell, this equates to one population (China) immune to some new bio-weapon and one population (America) susceptible to it.

Health Factoid of the Month:
New molecule triggers burst of white blood cells
 to fight infections
Feb 5, 2024 / newatlas.com
White blood cells are important foot soldiers in the  
immune system, but their numbers can be reduced
by stress, sickness or toxic treatments like chemo.

  Note from CR: As I've documented over the years,
nothing raises your white blood count like 'SPX',
which is why it is now used by immunologists
in drip-IVs for the harmful effect of chemo.

The Medical-Industrial Complex Has Been
Fully Militarized

Jan 30, 2024 / activistpost.com
 The military-industrial complex is dwarfed by the
 medical-industrial complex which is weaponized
 to make a killing - profitting from public disease.

EXCERPT: The ill-conceived, toxic, gene-therapy injection, falsely billed as a "vaccine", was foisted upon the population by extortion ("the vaccine is how we end the pandemic"), and by the effective bribery of medical authorities and politicians, as well as other Deep-State directed psy-ops designed to divide the population and scapegoat dissenters ("pandemic of the unvaccinated").
     The end result even sounds like the aftermath of a gigantic military operation. Millions are dead, many millions more are psychologically traumatized, economies are in tatters, and a few 'warmongers' (disease profiteers) are fantastically rich. Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel - who, incidentally, oversaw the construction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology years ago - is a freshly minted billionaire. And not one of those who caused all the mischief are in prison.

The 7th Annual Fake News Awards
Feb 6, 2024 / Corbett Report

How did the disinformation specialists of the mockingbird media lie to the public this year?  What rich, creamy nothingburgers did they use to whip the public into hysteria over matters of no consequence whatever?  And what real scandals of earthshaking importance did they ignore?  So who walks away with the most coveted Dino of them all: the Fake News Story of the Year? Find out in this apocalyptically horrifying extravaganza of media mendacity known as the Fake News Awards! [Watch at least the last 5 minutes.~CR]

They Don't Want A Nation Of Critical Thinkers
Feb 3, 2024 / zerohedge.com
  When you read quotes from H.L. Mencken and J.D. Rockefeller
 from over a century ago describing how
government schools
- in conspiracy with Big Business, had the sole purpose of  
  matriculating non-thinking, non-questioning, standardized
  robotic workers into the workforce
you understand why the
  country is in such a state of degeneracy, degradation, debt, and
  dumbed down state of infantilism. This didn't happen over night.

Be Aware of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
 2 min video excerpt:
Former Blackrock portfolio manager, Ed Dowd, explains
why every last remnant of human freedom...
...depends on mass resistance to CBDCs and their
centralized communist style totalitarianism.

Feb 2, 2024 / Donna Hancock

The Globalists Want CBDC'S in 2024...
 What Comes Next Will Surprise Them

Feb 5, 2024 / Nick Giambruno
There's an excellent chance governments worldwide will    
force their citizens to use 'Central Bank Digital Currencies'
  (CBDCs), that enable all sorts of horrible, totalitarian things.
They allow governments to track and control every penny  
  that you earn, save, and spend. They are a powerful tool for
  politicians to confiscate & redistribute wealth as they see fit.

Was JFK murdered by the Deep State for warning us
about the secret war against our sovereignty?
"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and
open society; and we are as a people inherently
and historically opposed to secret  societies,
to secret oaths and to secret proceedings...
Our way of life is under attack.
Those who make themselves our enemy
[the Deep State ~CR],
are advancing around the globe...
No war ever posed a greater threat to our security.
If you are awaiting a finding of "clear and present
danger," then I can only say that
the danger has
never been more clear and its presence
has never been more imminent...
For we are opposed around the world by a
monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that
relies primarily on covert means for
expanding its sphere of influence     
by infiltration instead of invasion,     
guerrillas by night instead of armies
     by day, subversion instead of elections,
 intimidation instead of free choice.     
 It is a system which has conscripted vast
human and material resources into the
  building of a tightly knit, highly efficient
machine that combines military, social,
economic, intelligence, scientific and   
 political operations. Its preparations are
   concealed, not published. Its mistakes are
buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are
silenced, not praised. No expenditure is
questioned, no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed."
~ John F. Kennedy

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
 yet we have this consolation with us,
 that the harder the conflict, 
  the more glorious the triumph."
~ Tom Paine, citizen journalist

Our collective future with conscious evolution
revelations may be much different from
what we thought, and yet much
 better than we hoped for.

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC'

 Pure geometry thoughtforms as
 Aquarian First Principles
Geometric Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
Five Core Net Freedoms
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
  via interactive TeLeCommunion:
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

 Quantum Enlightenment
(Aquarian Quantum Age)

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.