2024 Quantum Quickening Series

Great Awakening via Tribulations and Triumph
The Crisis and Opportunity
Finally discovering that which was just beyond

the veil of awareness -
G.O.D. as ;
eometric Ordered Divinity.

 Individual ~ Collective Co-Creation Integration 
 Click or tap on the graphic above for codes
 regarding our personal and planetary sovereignty;
Universal Law Language for Global Community.
 A Higher Concept of LOVE for Aquarian Enlightenment
   We've all witnessed how blatantly corrupt corporatocracy
has used and abused Constitution-based democracy...
but there's a change in the hearts of and for the people
 when we actually see the evil that has been perpetrated
 by dark-side Deep State power elite potentates who are
 ethical infants with no power other than that which they
 have hijacked with deception on a massive global scale.

 You fooled us with 9-11 and Covid and Ukraine and also
     Big Media disinformation pushing Big Government tyranny
   that inverts, subverts and perverts common-united sense
    due to the divisive dialectic that has us squabbling among
  ourselves rather than refusing to comply with an agenda
   that sabotages sovereignty for Big Brother control of 'US'
      United Sovereigns of Earth in the new 'AMERICA' which is
an anagram - scrambled letters - for the 'I AM RACE').

The New Aquarian 'I Am' is 'We Are'
united with the same 'I Am' (ID) that
identifies with a higher concept of
unity in diversity via interactive
Web 3.0 'Heartware' cyber-  
ethics: -in-action
as the healthy & holy
 spirit that matters.

Common sense is uncommon because the dark-side
Deep State plutocrats, technocrats & bureaucrats
behind the scenes are making a killing, literally,
by creating and managing incessant 'CRISIS'
 (war and disease fear of death), to force our
compliance with sinister intent that lacks
 vision of virtue and valor for the victory
 of our Effective Sensory Perception 
 as conscientious common sense
These special interests in population reduction
have a vested interest in population control
by keeping common sense uncommon,

Representative government "of, by and for the people"
can be messy, but it sure beats tyranny from the top.

   Part 1 -
Cheap-clean energy power for the abundant life;
  Part 2 - Abundant social conscience in social networks; 
 Part 3 - Global Reinvention of the Health Care System.
  April 13, 2024 / Heartcom Network

Part 1 - Cheap-Clean Energy Power for the Abundant Life

50 years ago I attended Buckminster Fuller's month-long World Game Studies Workshop - July of 2074 - at the University of Pennsylvania. We did future modeling of the abundant energy capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell technology as utilizes specific frequencies to split the H2O water molecule and separate the Hydrogen fuel for burning with the Oxygen component to power cars and clean energy generators for home and industry. No toxic combustion side-effects.

Back at that time Stanley Myers and others were running cars across the country by simply putting water in the fuel tank. This simple quantum technology - utilizing frequency to split the water molecule - was demonstrably proven, and the implications were vast.

This is the book we published from our research:

In the foreword R. Buckminster Fuller writes, "This book makes it incontestably clear that it is feasible to harvest enough... energy... to provide all humanity and all their generations to come with a higher standard of living and greater freedoms than ever have been experienced by any humans and to do so by 1985, while completely phasing out all further use or development of fossil fuels, atomic and fusion energies."

Of course, this was disruptive technology, disrupting the Big Oil status quo monopoly. Stanley Meyer was assassinated after refusing to back down on a mass production facility. In Germany, Mercedes Benz produced some buses that ran on the water fuel cell, but they were shut down. In Japan, a company went into production of a small car that ran on water...

...but they were also shut down.


Hydrogen-burning Alpenglow hypercar
is about to go endurance racing

April 14, 2024 / New Atlas
  After a couple of hell-raising concept iterations, Alpine's hydrogen
combustion fire-and-ice Alpenglow super-racer is finally prepped
    and revved up for the track. It'll make its dynamic debut next month
at the Spa-Francorchamps 6 Hours endurance event in Belgium,
running its hydrogen combustion engine on its first public outing.

The denial of abundant H2O energy for all
is not for lack of the how-to science.


Trillions of dollars are at stake for Big Oil. So they bankroll the climate crisis industry - controlled opposition - blaming bogus CO2 emissions like they blamed an invisible virus with the same hyped up warnings of mass casualties if we don't take the shot, lock-down society, and surrender sovereignty for security until we have neither.

Look how that has worked out! The pharmacidal medical-industrial complex makes a killing on vaccines - in the short term - and profits ten-fold on a life time of harmful side effects. They lied that they were safe and effective, and now they deny there are millions worldwide who have been killed or severely harmed.

"Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on, we've had
1.1 million
 Americans die excessively,
4 million permanently disabled

  and another 28 million injured."
~ Article by Edward Dowd HERE

Personally, I had my children 'vaccinated' with nontoxic homeopathic nosodes by a medical doctor who was also a homeopath. Now they have their own children and I strongly advise them to avoid the highly toxic new mRNA shots that are genetically modifying kids with an insane injection schedule of 64 shots.

Listen to what Joe Rogan clearly stated recently - 2 minute video HERE - about the medical hypocrisy of mass pharmacide via mRNA shots.
But I digress...
While I was at Bucky's World Game, I gave a lecture on the trending future of breakthrough communication technologies for upgrading our core Constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly, etc.

That's the Subject of Part Two:
Abundant Social Conscience in Social Networks

Some of the attendees of World Game were members of the World Future Society and Barbara Marx Hubbard's Committee For the Future, and after my lecture, they asked me to give the highlights of my lecture to 10 agencies of the Federal Government a few months later at a 'Futures Summit' that debriefed the U.S. Government on scenarios for celebrating the Bicentennial Era from 1776 to 1789 - the 13 years from the Declaration of Independence to ratification of the Constitution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard / 1974 'SYNCON'
(SYNergy CONvergence)
on Capitol Hill

Photo by Christopher Rudy / Click on image for full article.

After 3 days of presentations in the Science and Astronautics Chamber of the Rayburn Building on Capitol Hill, I gave the concluding address, summing up a systemic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation systems with an electronic 'space age' update of our core freedoms to shine for the world as the American Revolution once did.
In about 10 minutes I explained how all social problems are - at core - communication problems with a communications solution.
At that time - 50 years ago - cable TV systems with satellite downlinks had just wired the nation with mandates for public access channels open to citizen interaction. I explained how that interaction could be optimized with update of our core Constitutional freedoms, utilizing minicomputers at public access stations that could process instant evaluation of content by hundreds or thousands of viewers simultaneously - an electronic town hall meeting that qualified consensus with a 'universal interface' (light language), as represents the language of consciousness itself.
50 years later, the 'head-end' for that 'public access channel' could be one's smartphone, laptop or desk-top computer, utilizing the 'universal interface' (heartware), as the next major phase of the computer-Internet revolution after the emphasis of 'hardware' (IBM), 'software' (Microsoft) and 'netware' (Netscape).
This opportunity - to upgrade our Five Core Internet Freedoms with enlightened social conscience - is for the evolutionary ascent of the Family of Mankind in our new all-connected global village.
The 'final frontier' for 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth will thus be explored with our new ability to navigate 'inner space' on the InnerNet with the interactive capability of web 3.0 cyberEthics (Heartware).
This has been a work of for me - 50 years developing the Heartware Project for cooperative communication coordination between East and West... providing
unity consciousness for global rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word.

The Unified Field of Consciousness

“Consciousness is never experienced
in the plural – only in the singular.
The total number of minds in   
the universe is one. In fact,
 consciousness is a singularity

    phasing within all beings."
~ Erwin Schrodinger,
Nobel Prize in Physics


By culturing social conscience in our ubiquitous social network communities, we are in fact 'comm-unity building' (coming into unity), with decentralized open-transparent communications for a New Common Sense of 'We are One'.

The Aquarian Quantum Age has arrived;
energy fields within fields now realized. 
TeLeCare is a function of TeLeComm;   
our global holistic healing supervised.   

This come-into-unity process - emphasizing the TLC in TeLeComm and TeLeCare - is a form of sacred communion with Cosmic Law as Universal Law Language framing the Constitution of natural law principles and quantum processes operating from the atomic to the galactic.

This process of identifying with - resonating with - more frequent frequencies of global TLC is the 'Creative Ascent Process' (CAP), known as the CAPstone of our individual and collective identity.

This conscientious evolutionary ascent process is also known as a process of 'information's ecology' - recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom; heart coherence with mind congruence; a higher concept of as the Language of the Angels and Law of the Angles; the heart and mind of 'G.O.D.' (Geometric Ordered Divinity)... for the Aquarian Quantum Age of Light and ...

...Defining, refining and shining a 'New Common Sense';
  combining the
Creative Ascent Process (CAPstone);
involving and evolving our individual and collective
Effective Sensory Perception
dedicated to the
One Eye


East Meets West with a Universal Heartware Interface for
 the Family of Mankind in our All-connected Global Village.

 This is the intent of the Heartware Project
for conscientious evolutionary ascent of
  social conscience in our social networks.

Part Three:
Global Reinvention of the Health Care System

Click or tap on image for article published in Natural Life News

  Having developed and operated four holistic health centers
 over the last 45 years, I speak with experience when I say
  that the Internet is a game-changer as will eventually make
pharmacidal drug-pushing 'obsolete' (as we've known it).  

The Global TeLeCare article above was actually published nine years ago. It didn't gain much traction because the deeply entrenched 'disease care system' (called "health care") has become like an orthodox religion with the high priests of medicine beyond reproach. But that was before COVID.

Anyone who has followed this newsletter over the last three years is well aware that the fraudulent and criminal plandemic was a concerted globalist effort to suppress core freedoms and institute a totalitarian New World Order... because their time is short and fear of demise is great.


Edward Dowd: Government & Media Pretending
Massive Health Crisis Not Going On

April 14, 2024 / Lioness of Judah
"Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on, we've had 1.1 million
 Americans die excessively, 4 million permanently disabled
and another 28 million injured."

If you have any doubt that there has been a REAL conspiracy to enslave humanity with pathological pharmacidal policies... and if you want some brilliant insight into this criminal conspiracy that is silently harming if not killing millions of people worldwide, the following two videos are MUST VIEWING:

VIDEO - The Great Setup - Dr.David Martin (Part 1)
April 10, 2024 /
Dr. William Makis MD

The origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

VIDEO - The Great Setup - Dr.David Martin (Part 2)
April 11, 2024 /
Dr. William Makis MD
The unabashed truth of a murderous dystopia.

Note from CR:

Dr. Martin is like an Edward Snowden
exposing the health care debacle.

 Watch this powerful 8 minute overview of the pandemic
 as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations to
all people worldwide.
4.4 million views in four days:   
A Message from Japan to the World
April 11, 2024 / aussie17.com
Delivered by Prof Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of
Osaka City University Medical School.

Huge rally in Japan TODAY against genetic vaccines
and the World Health Organization
 April 13, 2024 / 3 minute video
 Thousands rally against WHO and mass pharmacide in Japan.
News of this mass uprising is being blocked by Google, Duck-
 DuckGo and other search engines... as if it's not happening!
Children worldwide are being shot with toxic vaccines
with more dying than from the bullets in Gaza.

"Yes, Mr. Hedges, that's so true, and horrible what is happening in Gaza.  But tell us, Mr. Hedges, what are you saying about the children who were 'shot' with vaccines after being "enticed like mice into a trap" by corporations and the banks and then were left to slowly die? Or is that 'quiet war' - waged with 'silent weapons' - one that you are not allowed to report about?" ~Emanuel Pastreich, April 12, 2024

How NPR became National Propaganda Radio

Article link HERE, or click above.

The best enemy that money can buy!
(Militaristic economy is thriving)

More Dirty Power Than Ever!
The Electric Car Scam:  

 True ignorance, whether by indoctrination or cherished illusion,
is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.

The Wages of Perpetual Fear
Paul Rosenberg / FreedomsPhoenix.com
 I've gone on for a long time about fear making humans stupid,
 and even about it being a weapon and a brain poison. But I've
also wondered whether people would hit fear-fatigue whereby
 they have simply had enough and either wake up or be stupid.

The Great Awakening Is Gaining Traction
"A Fractal Hologram of Good News"
April 14, 2024 / Foster Gamble / freetothrive.com
Here's some glorious recent examples of
human beings
finally awakening to what's really going on.

Common Sense is like Spherical Consciousness;
the '' in the Codes.

Aspire to inspire before you retire or expire!
Spiritualizing matter on Earth as in Heaven
is an uplift process that acts as the leaven
for the bread of life’ - -in-action -
to neutralize evil and transcend all faction.

The Aquarian Quantum Age has arrived;
energy fields within fields now realized.  
TeLeCare is a function of TeLeComm;    
our global holistic healing supervised.   


This is a big picture overview for new readers as well as long-time subscribers. It provides the backstory on the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution – Web 3.0 Heartware – as will empower 'wisdom of the crowd' (common sense) with self-governing 'CONSCIENCE' (good consciousness) in local and global social network communities.

Conscientious common sense 'SOVEREIGNTY' – Self Rule via Common-Universal Law Language  – will make global governance possible with a universal TeLeComm interface for personal and planetary homeostasis and healing; global TeLeCare.

Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare are thus the Alpha and Omega of Aquarian Reset Transformation – advanced alchemy whereby the vision ‘alone’ (all one), can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy of humanity’s conscientious evolutionary ascent from 3D ‘DUH’ (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless), to 5D COMMUNITY… just in ‘time’ (4D)… building momentum from moment-to-moment... fully present and prescient with pure intention focusing attention with retention for conscious ascension in the 5th dimension with full spectrum comprehension.

All social problems are basically
communication problems;
how we come into unity;
intentional unity via
real community
Light’ and

Full Spectrum 5D '
 Pure geometry thoughtforms as
 Aquarian First Principles 
Geometric Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ Constitution);
Five Core Net Freedoms
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
  via interactive TeLeCommunion:
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.


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