Who is Christopher Rudy?


Christopher Lee Rudy is a prolific netizen journalist
500+ free online e-books beginning with the 
'Aquarian classic' (photo-journal true story), called:
And more recently,
50 Years... Pioneering an Aquarian Vision

  Over the last 50 years, Christopher has continued
  to 'imagineer' (develop) Information Age principles
   and organizing processes as represent a systemic


 Christopher's message today as a Metaphysician
- who pioneered quantum healing in 1991 -
is that global holistic healing is our
divine destiny with tools and
processes that will soon

conscious evolution revolution

  According to Christopher, this is now the
    time ordained when enlightened Netizens
 worldwide will claim the victory of global
  'up-wising' (Great Awakening), with the
 shift of the computer-Internet revolution
   from an emphasis on hardware, software
   and then netware to Web 3.0 Heartware;
     a universal interface for global interaction.

 As the author of the free online e-book,
 The Aquarian Book of Cosmic ,
Christopher is promoting personal and 
 planetary sovereignty with the Aquarian
  Language of Light and Law of
at the heart of
Global TeLeComm that
  is mediated by a universal interface via  
Language of the Angels of Love 
and the
Law of the Angles of 'G.O.D.'
  (Geometric Ordered Divinity: ).

This is the pure intention of Christos Lightweaver
the Higher Self that Christopher aspires to -
focusing attention with  retention for our
conscientious ascension in the 5th dimension of 
full spectrum heart coherent comprehension...  

3D egoic reprehension.

  Christos brings light to dark places,
    weaving the self-evident truth of our

   personal and planetary sovereignty
 with a global holistic healing vision

  whereby the emerging blueprint for
 the Aquarian Quantum Age can
now be conceived and achieved: 

 Freedom & Opportunity of, by and for
   ALL of
US' (United Sovereigns of Earth).

 This is the TeLeComm Conneion
as the heart, mind and soul of the 
 Worldwide Foundation
for the Aquarian Dispensation of
with the 'holistic' (holy) spirit of
-in-action culturing
social Conscience in our
global social networks.

Aquarian First Principles of and for
Full Spectrum TLC Enlightenment:
Pure geometry thoughtforms as

Geometric Ordered Divinity 
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and


Components to the 'CAPstone'
Creative Ascent Process:

  - Universal Law: Aquarian Light Language;
 - First Principles of the Aquarian Mandate;
Upgrading Five Core Netizen Freedoms;
Networking for Net Worth of Net Reality;
Universal Interface / Global Community
    (history behind the heartware interface)

This Process is Dedicated
To the One Eye...

This is the core message of Christopher Rudy:
keep the faith, empower wisdom,
and welcome the
Aquarian Quantum Age
with instant, everywhere and interactive
quantum conneion and whol spirit
 via enlightened
...all ways and always.

# # #