2024 Quantum Quickening Series

Big Drama with the Tucker-Putin Interview

There was a 'tremor in the force' after my last newsletter:
 Gaza Genocide, Pole Shift, and the Solar Flash.
Some readers got as far as the Pole Shift videos, and
 then checked out - voluntarily excommunicated.
As one candid friend told me personally,
"It's difficult to make a shit sandwich taste good."

  In the same way, lamestream media is having some tremors
  over the Moscow interview between Tucker Carlson & Putin.
See: EU politicians look to impose a travel ban on Tucker.  
 Also: White House 'hysterical' over Moscow Putin interview.

This could well be Tucker's most viewed broadcast
which sometimes have a half billion viewers.

 The deeply entrenched Neocon agenda of demonizing Putin
- to take down Russia - is now outed and busted big time!
The World War III powderkeg is being diffused.

I realize that some readers have seen Putin in the
same way as Pole Shift; unspeakable dread.
So keep an open mind with yet another
'Believe It Or Not' Special Report.

The mind has a lot in common with an umbrella
and a parachute. It only works when open.

So open up to some healthy food for thought with
some amazing videos from this last week.
Enjoy the Show!

Host of Cosmic Show Podcast
16th year

Feb 9, 2024 / New Moon in Aquarius


Could Tucker's interview with Putin
save the world from nuclear war?

Why the Deep State is desperate to destroy Russia
and refuses to negotiate with Putin

Feb 9, 2024 / CLANDESTINE
5 minute excerpt:

Feb 9, 2024 / Tucker-Putin Interview
30 Years of Russia Seeking Peace with the West


Full Vladimir Putin Interview

Published Feb 8, 2024

EXCERPT: Putin on the US Border Crisis

TUCKER: Are you following what’s happening on the US southern border?

PUTIN: Actually yes. It’s part of my daily briefing. We Russians find it ironically amusing your Congress will spend billions protecting foreign borders but neglect it’s own. It’s quiet laughable but deadly. People are dying daily crossing your border in an uncontrolled way. It is a free-for-all. The world hasn't seen anything like it in the modern era - reckless for a country to throw itself wide open like that.

TUCKER: Is Russia taking advantage of the border situation in any way?

PUTIN: No. Why should we. We don't have to do a thing. America is self destructing. And as Napoleon said, don't stand in the way of your enemy destroying themselves.

TUCKER: So then you do see America as an enemy?

PUTIN: That was just a saying, but the current administration is definitely not a friend.

TUCKER: Can that be changed?

PUTIN: That’s why you have elections.

Tucker Carlson's 5 Key Takeaways
from the Putin Interview

Feb 9, 2024 / The Vigilant Fox
Carlson named five big-picture "quick perceptions"
following his interview with Putin.

 United Nations - Sabotaging National Sovereignty:
 The UN's Annual $8 Billion Budget
to Support Global Migration

Jan 31, 2024 / Robert Malone MD, MS
Public docs show cash handouts to help feed, transport
and house people headed for the U.S. border. Another
reason to stop funding the United Nations.

Click or tap on image for article and videos

  Personal note from CR: I need some help folks.
If you are a visionary with a golden age vision of
 how good things could be for everyone on Earth,
   check out the Society of Problem Solvers (above).
  It would really help if someone investigated them,
- to see if they are for real -
  by sharing the Aquarian Quantum Age Solution
- for global transformation with Light and -
  sharing the linked websites on Global TeLeComm
 and Global TeLeCare, to discover if they have the
bandwidth to process that much 'solution' for all
'US' ~ United Sovereigns of Earth,
Sovereign Individuals & Nations.

Pay it forward to reap the benefit:
 Just imagine the evolutionary ascent momentum
- for yourself and global civilization -
to the extent you assist our conscious evolution
 revelations with an Alliance of Lightworkers who
link the light of Cosmic ; networking for
the Net worth of Aquarian Net reality.

As the old order of top-down tyranny disintegrates,
a new order of bottom-up co-creation integrates.

Feb 7, 2024 / Reese Report
The Desperate Failing Plan of the Deep State
Transcript HERE

PLANDEMIC - The Big Lie Infamy in Retrospect
(outrageous satire plus enlightened commentary)

Jan 30, 2023 / Awaken With JP

  Mass psychosis hypnosis? Or,
  misdirected social conscience
that goes along to get along?
Or both?
CDC’s Own Scientists Found Masks Ineffective for COVID
But Agency Recommended Them Anyway

Feb 9, 2024 / ChildrensHealthDefense.org

"The thing with humans is they're social creatures. The majority go along to get along and don't want to ruffle feathers. It's why so many wore those stupid face masks despite agreeing with you when you pointed out exasperated that they were so obviously completely pointless. [Actually harmful - CR].  They'd nod their heads, mumble, and then put them on anyway. And what for? The 18-year-old pimple-faced teenager at the supermarket asking where your mask was, or the overweight middle-aged Karen at the gas station doing the same. Of course, the answer was to laugh at them and go about your business like the sovereign individual that you are, but most didn't and most won't. That's just how it is." ~ Doug Casey Newsletter


The brain ‘
holodeck’ is a transceiver:
transmitting and receiving


  Heart coherence - the frequency of
 as in frequently - is the key to personal and
 planetary mind congruence as a unified field
 of conscientious common sense along more
 enlightened 'lines' of universal law language
for upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms
 via heartware's universal interface for global
 mass-to-mass interaction as will quicken our
social conscience in global social networks.

One word frees us of all the weight
and pain in life. That word is
Geometric Ordered Divinity.

To Know Thy Self in the image and
likeness of a G.O.D. of
is the greatest of all wisdom.

You can't give to others what
you don't have for yourself.

To know our selves as “We the People”
- The United Sovereigns of Earth -
is the
TeLeComm Conne ion
as a universal interface for
global atONEment).

To 'Heal thy Self' for a Healthy Self
is the ‘
TeLeCare Conne ion’  
(online universal self care).

Abundant TLC is the Master(‘s) Key
for sufficiency of health and wealth.

"Self-sufficiency is the greatest of all wealth."


Keep the Faith - Aquarian Quickening.

See the Good - A Future We All Want.

Make it So - Our Evolutionary Ascent

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC'

 Pure geometry thoughtforms as
 Aquarian First Principles
Geometric Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
Five Core Net Freedoms
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
  via interactive TeLeCommunion:
 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

 Quantum Enlightenment
(Aquarian Quantum Age)

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.