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3-D Net working for Net worth
The Next Generation of Networking

     The global communication revolution that has been turbocharged by the Internet is shrinking time and space, bringing down localized, narrow-minded "walls in the mind" (lock-step, "linear"/compartmentalized, left-brain, letter-of-the-law stinking thinking), just as surely as e-mail and faxes across the Berlin Wall liberated the spirit of freedom and opportunity that  eventually brought the Wall down.  As those walls in the mind come down globally, the spirit of freedom and opportunity is challenging the same forces of entrenched power and control that Washington and his rag-tag band of revolutionaries challenged 223 years ago.  But now the issue in defense of freedom is "global".

     Clearly, the instant/everywhere cyberspace medium has expanded the thresholds of consciousness and accelerating the rate of changing cultural paradigms at an unprecedented speed… like 10 Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one. This mass movement onto the global Internet is virtually a religious movement in that people worldwide believe religiously that there’s something there; it’s just not clearly defined what that something is… or where.   Until now.

     The following article positions a "spherical" understanding of Net working that is virtually spiritual. It addresses the opportunity for self-governing systems in our "global village" as the Internet goes mainstream for the home, business and netizens worldwide. And it introduces the first principles for an economics of abundance with a vision of abundant at the heart of the Next Big Thing in the computer / Internet revolution after hardware, software and netware... i.e. HEARTware™.

For transformation and healing of
all our scarcity-based institutions.

     Truly, there’s nothing more valuable than a vision that has found its time. God knows that earth is at a very critical cross-roads of cross-purposes with extreme tension as new paradigms of global grass-roots response ability are confronting the old order where the vested interests of special interests place greater value on keeping control and power FROM the people rather than "of, by and for the people".  The world view of "scarcity economics" feels very threatened by the abundant information on the Internet that is exposing all the plots and ploys of power elite machinations to conceal, waste and outright destroy abundance of every commodity of value, and especially the truth of this "conspiracy" against the abundant life, light and love (health body, whole mind and holy spirit) of earth's evolutions.

     In short, the battle between principalities of light and darkness are coming to an archetypal head of confrontation that must be resolved.  A "New World Order" is about to be born... one way or the other.  We now have a choice which way and which "order" it will be.  And the truth is that you can make a difference if not THE difference as to the outcome... simply by net working the Vision/Mission introduced here.

     This conflict of interest that values "control more than love" can be seen in the culturing of the forces of anti-love (war) that creates enemies and kills people in the process of waging war - "collateral damage".  And as the stock market literally makes a killing on the military-industrial complex, mission creep threatens thermonuclear World War III.   Indeed, rather than lose control to the Internet empowered Davids of the world, the power elite Goliaths behind the scenes would rather have a  bloodbath, creating and managing hatred and wars to create the ultimate scarcity - death on a scale unprecedented before... if that's what it takes to create a new world order where the state is god and "freedom" is more akin to what we would call "slavery" now.

     This is why the extraordinary abundance of "Own Your Own Life" information on the Internet is moving people worldwide FROM: "A Declaration of Independence From the Power Trips of the Power Elite"... and moving them TO:
"A Declaration of Interdependence on the United State of
".  Such a VISION of ultimate VALUE for the VICTORY of self-governing / self-reliant living is not only critical to help PREVENT WWIII, it may also be the key to SURVIVE the plan and intent of wolves among us whose time is short and wrath is great.

     The top-down, centralized, one-way, command-and-control paradigm of the power elite (epitomized under war command), is diametrically opposed to the grass-roots, decentralized, interactive communicate-to-cooperate capabilities of the Internet.  Which is why Internet sites reporting the real story of warmongering that ramps up the rage is blacked out by the government, even as the Communist Chinese have blacked out the Internet sites of dissidents.  If people know better, they can do better; if not, they can be controlled by spin-doctored media propaganda that pushes our emotional buttons and pulls their (heart) strings.

    Without God Vision of love Values for unity-in-diversity Victory, the divide-to-conquer tactics of a depraved and desperate plutocracy will prevail; the people perish.  Conversely, to the extent that G-O-D VISION (Geometry Of Divinity) of
VALUES for the TeLeCom~union VICTORY is networked...  in terms that are whole enough, bold enough and told enough... this Vision can be the catalyst for self fulfilling prophecy, jump-starting a global revolution in higher consciousness and real community, gathering the tribes of "Is-Real" who conceive and believe what IS-REAL in "GOD".  This "Geometry Of Divinity" is the masterkey that frames divine love between the "lines" of at the heart of (interactive HEARTware interface for) mass TeLeCommunications.  The key to the "Kingdom of GOD" can thus be understood as the "Consciousness of " at the "TLC" heart of TeLeComm-unity (GOD Government), TeLeConscience (Education of the heart), TeLeCare (Holistic Health care), and TeLeCommerce (-centric business).

     This is how we are creating the Alliance of alliances on the Internetwork of networks with the most powerful incentive in the world; enlightened self interest  to Own Your Own Life in the way (with ) that answers the crying "SOS" to "Save Our Society".

     Properly positioned ("Tel All" incentives of the TeLeCom Alliance's Angel Fund Network), properly  packaged (for personal growth and organizational development), and properly promoted (heart-to-heart networking), we’ll be defining the 4th Wave in the computer/Internet revolution.  This next generation of networking will integrate all former powershifts of the Information Age -- from hardware/IBM... to software/Microsoft... to netware/Netscape.   Indeed this paradigm powershift will provide the gateway from cyberspace to innerspace ... using the universal language of the "angles" (angels) -- -- to geometrize the #1 problem of the Infomation Age (info-overload) with a language of the heart for organizing all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened "lines".   / HEARTware™ "outlines" a unique window for spherical consciousness that encourages and cultures divine love between the lines of a linear  () framework for "universal Law & Order". 

Click here for a "geometrized" overview of HEARTware ~

     As HEARTware™ opens the floodgates from cyberspace to innerspace, the  upward-mobile strivers "in the loop" with The Alliance will help network this vision of values for the victory of self and civilization via the Angel Fund Network.  This community Net working process will build on the WORLDWIDE FOUNDATION while creating The Alliance of alliances (community) on the network of networks (Internet).  And by God's grace, as more people discover the vast new frontier of their virtually divine potential, they will Tel All whom they meet how good it gets.  ###

"More powerful than standing armies
is an idea that has found its time."

- Victor Hugo


Reprinted from America On-line’s Your Business Newsgroup

3-D Net working for Net worth

The Gateway to the 4th Dimension
And Real (vs. Virtual) Community

by Christopher Rudy

Corporate business guru, Tom Peters has repeated the theme in his writings and lectures that if you want to own your own life, you've got to create your own network. Peters has been the leading writer of best-seller business books since he co-authored IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE in 1982. With his finger on the pulse of corporate America, his insight into the dynamics behind the downsizing of big, unwieldy bureaucracies and the upsizing of "the network" are reflected in this quote from his book, LIBERATION MANAGEMENT:

"It's over d'ya hear? Over! Over! Over! Act big. Stay
small. Create your own network. It's that or bust."

This of course is referring to "business networking" which is the strategic alliances between suppliers, distributors, clients, consultants, etc. that define the infrastructure of mission-critical business relationships. The thrust of any new business start-up or reorganizing effort must address the infrastructure of, by and for these strategic relationships - the who, what, and where that provides context for the "how to" behind Net profits.

This form of networking is virtually the blueprint for personal and corporate empowerment, and as computing increasingly migrates from the desktop to the Internet, paradigms of power are increasingly shifting from bottom-line based "front-end" thinking - where profit drives ideas - to the realm of the virtual where profit follows ideas on the "back-end"  A good example is how Netscape virtually gave away their software for a year and then raised a billion dollars with a public stock offering.

Also called "power networking", this is a key concept for the trend-fitting of any business serious about net profits. It's the core concept behind the rise of the virtual corporation that constantly reconfigures itself on a project-per-project basis to take advantage of fast changing market conditions.

At the heart of power networking is the "pattern recognition" that identifies needs and fills those needs by realigning all one’s resources for that purpose. This is also the first principle of the Law of Success that defines one’s "definite major purpose" according to Napoleon Hill who is widely considered the author of the #1 business book classic,

Think and Grow Rich

The ability of pattern recognition behind power networking is actually a skill that increases as we move away from the habits of data classification that are conditioned by Dewey Decimal Systems and other compartmentalized ways of "institutional thinking" typified by linear, left brain "letter of the law" logic.

A more "non-linear" right brain consciousness has grown up with babyboomers and the birth of broadcast TV (1949). Boomers are now coming of age, assuming the reigns of power with desk-top video production tools, the world wide web as their publisher and a more "spherical", indeed global consciousness that sees "between the lines" of localized, legalistic or otherwise "lock-step", left-brain agendas.

The new generation of business net-working is thereby shifting paradigms and power from a centralized, top-down, command-and-control "linear" mode" of networking… to a decentralized, grass-roots, communicate-and-cooperate model.

As we move from linear to a more non-linear "spherical" consciousness, what is best for the "bottom line" is increasingly coming into alignment with what is best for all; a new economics based on abundant win/win is gaining ground on win/lose "scarcity economics" where the interest of shareholders comes before the public when profits are at stake (corporate law).

The second archetypal dimension of win/win networking for net profits is Computer Assisted Networking or "CAN". CAN is doing for the networking industry what CAD - Computer Assisted Design - has done for the revolution in productivity and profits for manufacturing industries.

The trend of defining technology has shifted from hardware, to software, and its getting "softer" - netware - with the computer now linked-up to (as) the network itself. The next major move will be "between the lines" of all those "on-line" computer networks; the neural networking of the global brain is at a Neanderthal level without conscience.  High tech politically correct "might is right" is still dominating high touch   "right is might" (the morality of love is for-giving).    And it is HEARTware™ that will provide checks and balances for high touch/high tech, providing a "spherical" standard for non-linear, holistic and otherwise "whole" systems that define Golden Age Government, Education, Health Care and Economics.

Clearly, a wholly new spherical/spiritual model of inter-action (the holy spirit of
-in-action) is needed to transcend the doctrines and dogma of linear institutionalized thinking with a Vision of how everything is connected to the Law of BE ing ~ .

Just as there was a massive transfer of power from the corporation to the individual with the downsizing of the mainframe computer that now sits on the desktops of home offices in approximately 27 million homes in America, so are we now seeing an expansive transfer of wisdom from the localized corporate intranet to the global Internet connecting home PC’s worldwide.

Between the linear lines connecting all those computer brains on the network, new patterns of context and meaning are recycling general knowledge in the way (spherical consciousness) that discerns specific wisdom. It is this power of the "mastermind", as in the meeting of the minds in the many newsgroups on the Internet, that is nurturing this 2nd essential dimension of WISDOM NETWORKING. Note Napolean Hill’s definition of the "mastermind" as his second most important principle behind the Law of Success.

As economist Paul Zane Pilzer explains in his book, UNLIMITED WEALTH, the information about a product can be worth as much as 90 times the physical cost of distributing that product. Wealth follows the value of information that begets its creation; when you know better, you can do better. And with Computer Assisted Networking at it’s best, the mastermind alliance within one's network community can provide extraordinary wisdom for Net profits.

Computer Assisted Networking of Distributor Opportunities (CAN DO) is the key trend-fit that links the home computers role to the global economy and network community. By thus "thinking global/acting local", the smallest players can profit enormously on the home-direct network/community distribution revolution.

As the on-line masses become accustomed to ordering from the home "cocoon", department stores may well go the way of the dinosaurs. Fortunes will be made by those entrepreneurs with the CAN DO spirit who get "in the loop" between suppliers and customers by creating their own network.

The third quintessential dimension of networking is the highly personalized "high touch" aspect of heart-to-heart, name-and-a-face communicating. It's where the telephone connects better than a computer because audio information connects better through the right brain's intuitive "feeling". Anyone in sales can tell you that people buy on emotion moreso than via left brain logic. It's why the "personal touch" is so important and why Internet chat groups are so popular.

According to Investor's Business Daily, 18 Feb 97, "chat" on the Internet may be the "next big thing" for business building. "Chat comprises something like 7.9 billion hours of online use." One report said that, "Chat takes up one-fourth of all time spent online." This is a classic case of high touch/high tech.

And with the convergence of Internet phone technology with real audio and video, we will see Internet chat take teleconferencing to a wholly new dimension.

Relationship marketing is another name for this 3rd dimension of high touch net working.  Caring by sharing is the flame of this "love networking".   At a crude, high tech level, this is the realm of relational databases that carefully track, pace and lead the purchase patterns and psychographics of customers. But more important than the appearance of caring that connects with the right target market at the right time is the heart-to-heart connection whereby the seller "servant" has such sensitivity to the customer’s communication style and passion that it is as though the customer were talking to his higher Self.

The original person-to-person relationship marketing is called multi-level or network marketing as in AMWAY. This has become a major growth industry; according to the best seller, Third Wave by Richard Poe, this is one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street with numerous Fortune 500 companies putting in network marketing divisions. But you won't hear it extolled in the Wall Street Journal because the freedom and on-going income potential has lured many officers and footsoldiers in the corporate armies "over the wall" to own their own lives.

The culture of network marketing - where networkers have great autonomy on the front lines closest to the customer - is diametrically opposed to top-down corporate culture where decision makers at the top are so often insulated from front-line reality due to layers of bureaucracy and control-centric (vs. liberation) ideologies.

The organization man that values security and loyalty above the freedom and opportunity of self-determination will think of "network marketing" as MLM pyramid scams. But in fact, most large organizations are classical pyramid structures with decreasing opportunity as one rises through the ranks of lower-level management towards the top position. Conversely, network marketers start out at the top as President/CEO's of their own home business with expanding opportunity as their network expands.

In a world of top-down, one-way centralized print, radio and broadcast TV, he who pays the piper calls the tune.  That tune typically comes through the mainstream broadcast media as the "programmed" values and subliminal messages of the true "pyramids"  (control-centric institutions) that have little regard for win/win.  Social Security is a classic example of the bankrupt credibility of such "pyramid scams" that for baby boomers promises little if any return on their investment.

Clearly, you can’t expect people to be responsible for their lives without response ability - the ability to respond so as to encourage responsible behavior. One-way media conditions unresponsive passivity and submissive acceptance of the top-down command-and-control paradigm. This makes people dependent on and virtually slave to the opinions of experts, authorities and others who lord it over them. Rather than think for themselves, the sheeple become increasingly comfortable as passive consumers in highly specialized, mechanistic bureaucracies. Big government gets bigger.  Big lies get bigger.  Freedoms are eroded in the name of security.  Spherical consciousness of a spiritual nature is divided and conquered by the special interests of the vested interests (power elite) trying to "hold the line" on control-above-all.

But now with the interactive Internet providing the response ability that encourages responsibility for one's life, people are becoming more proactive and productive, taking command of their lives for self-determination.  Personal and planetary salvation is increasingly being understood as the same self-elevation process of "IN"formed choice that organizes information IN formation along more enlightened "lines" that frame universal win/win values. The potential for grass-roots, bottom-up, self-governing systems is obvious.

The masses are ready and willing to embrace the power of wisdom with love as a Declaration of Independence from the Power Trips of the Power Elite.

Where's it all going? The key to self-governing networks that beget Net profits for everyone involved is the integration of these three types of networking into a balanced whole. When the three-fold "flame" of POWER networking and high touch networking is balanced by the WISDOM of the mastermind via Computer Assisted Networking, the whole becomes far greater than the sum of the parts (synergy).

Indeed the key to integrity in one's network is the integration of all the 3-fold networked parts. It is the flame of POWER in one's network to define win/win rather than win/lose. It is the holistic, healthy and otherwise "holy" spirit of -in-action in one's network that cultures the well-round "spherical" best-for-all caring that is virtually spiritual. And it is the interactive WISDOM of the mastermind network that determines when to "thrust" with POWER or "cohere" with LOVE.

With this "balance of powers" - the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the self-governing network - extraordinary personal and collective growth and development can manifest; this is the 4th dimension (4th wave) where the divine spark in man transforms man in Godlike spiritual ways, defining higher consciousness globally as well as locally... at the heart of real (vs virtual or pseudo) community .

The big test of all organizations as we move to more holistic and non-linear methods of doing business in an interconnected spherical world is to transcend the top-down command-and-control paradigms that have so thoroughly demonized the independent action cultured by the spirit of "4-D Networking"; otherwise they will sabotage their own efforts until they finally realize that they will only thrive as a community network to the extent that they empower each member to personally grow… "own your own life" and "create your own network". 

Copyright 1998, Christopher Rudy


HEARTware -  the NEXT BIG THING  as "TeLeComputing with a heart";
Geometrizing  the high touch gateway from cyberspace to innerspace.

- Positioning E-Valuation Criteria -- HEARTware™ -- along more Enlightened Lines
- Networking the Vision of Spiritual Virtues for the Victory of Global and Local Civility
     - Framing Personalized Gateways from Cyberspace to Innerspace with HEARTware   
- Centering and Connecting
Higher Mental Christic Kindness at the heart of Net Worth
- Involving & Evolving Spherical~Spiritual "high touch" TeLeComputing with a Heart

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