To:   Those who Love Truth and Freedom
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From:   The "Watchman On The Wall"
Subject: Urgent Alert to War Plans and Intent of Wolves Among US

Part One: The Agenda of Wolves Among US
Ramping-Up Fear, Panic and Terror(ism) as Economies Collapse

By Christopher Goodheart

[Note: It’s the responsibility of mature adults to do better when they know better. Please network this urgent report to friends of freedom. The "dark force" of tyranny is on the move and it may well take divine intervention in concert with the best efforts/prayers of patriots to stop the sinister plans and intent of wolves in sheep’s’ clothing whose time is short and wrath is great.]

Notable Quotables:

"We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest -- which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive.  If they once become inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors would all become wolves." - Thomas Jefferson

"´Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." --George Washington

"It flows and flows and flows. It´s a never ending flowing sewer and you know it." -- Former Press Secretary Mike McCurry´s parting words on media headlines about his boss.

"But if the watchman see the enemy come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, the watchman must be taken away in his iniquity; his blood will I require."    -Ezekial 33-6


Keynotes from the following article: (written re: Bill Clinton but even more relevant today)

Slick Willie's provocateur WAR ON TERRORISM may be his final solution to:

· Serve his power elite bosses and their population control/reduction agenda,
· Create/manage National Emergency, Marshall Law and a FEMA/UN take over,
· Make himself a "war hero" as Commander in Chief of the occupation forces,
· Silence those pesky Patriots, Constitutionalists, Militia and Christian resistors,
· Satiate his lust for power that has only been appeased by his predatory sexual appetite.


Dear Keepers of the Flame of Freedom and Truth:

     At this critical nexus in history where every little bit of conscientious common sense is needed to read the signs of death and hell that are bound for the physical, I see the psychological warfare (addressed in this article) being lost with our attention diverted by titillating news of Presidential perversions and by the fork-tongued, two-faced duplicity of other corrupt politicians who have sold out principle for the perks of power, prestige and profit.

     Unfortunately, most Americans are so immersed in the mainstream media "cults" of success, glamour, sex and violence (the "cult of materialism" in general), that they fail to notice the haunting specter of sinister agendas working through White House and Capitol Hill.

     Dark forces are moving quickly to take America down spiritually and mentally so they can take over physically. Pray for the help of Almighty God like our lives depend on it. It may.

     America has come full cycle from strong spirituality and independence to immorality, materialism and dependence. The fallen ones know that a spiritual people are fearless and undefeatable in the face of tyranny. So they have done everything in their power to slowly but ever so gradually take God out of the schools, out of public meetings, out of the media, out of government, and even out of mainstream religion (taking the sin out of sin).

     We’re starting to see a lot of confusing signals from people whose God is fear since they’ve lost their faith in, and reverence for, a God of absolute faith.  And there are dark forces in the "shadow government" lurking behind the Presidency that would leverage the fear and panic of collapsing markets with abject terror from domestic provocateur terrorism. This dark force is hard at work to sabotage absolute Truth that would alert US to this impending danger.

     Remember that the agenda of darkness is always to make victims, rather than victors, of the lightbearers.  And its favorite tactic is to "buy-off" lightbearers with the perks of prestige, power or profit, compromising principle in the process.  Those of light who have taken the left-handed path, like the brilliant archangel Lucifer, are extremely dangerous. And they are masters at inverting, subverting and perverting reason, logic and the use of words to make "absolute Truth" look relatively evil. They have always crucified threatening Truths (and Christ-like behavior) through intimidation and character assassination if not trumped-up legal charges that imprison or kill the lightbearers.   Look how they have made words like "patriot" or "Constitutionalist" a "right wing extremist". And how they overlook Clinton’s treasonous behavior.

     It’s always the intent of fallen ones to subvert concepts with the highest meaning, like the name and "flame" of God, "I Am" (the flaming Presence of God in the burning bush who gave Moses his name as "I Am").  Likewise do we see the meaning of personal Christhood (once called "manhood") removed from culture or otherwise crucified in those who would raise high this standard.  Indeed, the dark force does not want people to declare their independence from the fallen priestcraft anymore than the corrupt politicians.  Higher consciousness is a direct threat to the agenda of the dark force; the intent of corrupt leaders is always to lower the standard of consciousness so people don’t know better and can’t do better to challenge the corruption. The power elite in Church and State want control and power over people above all.  And the brighter these "fallen ones", the slicker is their subversion to divide and conquer the best efforts of Lightbearers. Slick Willie has become the archetype of those who would subvert Truth and freedom.

     There are clear signs that Clinton’s agenda is tyranny, like the secret executive order he recently wrote that would federalize state powers under central control. Through stealth legislation and provocateur terrorism (Oklahoma City bombing), Clinton has advanced a huge amount of invasive laws that were once considered an outrageous invasion of privacy. Secret courts, and surveillance of phone, fax and e-mail are now being used to create computer databanks of "possible terrorists". And who might those political enemies be?

     Beware the agenda of a corrupt and godless power elite who clearly have plans and intent to create and manage a War on Terror to dramatically reduce world population on their way to their New World Order.  And beware the selection process for "eliminating undesirables".

     If it’s true that 60% of US support Clinton, as opinion polls supposedly indicate, then it’s clear that the "common sense" of absolute right and wrong, good and evil, etc. is uncommon.  "Right" becomes relative, and absolute evil is humanized with fork-tongued, serpentine double-talk like the pro-death bias (anti pro-life) that is sanitized with "pro-choice" packaging.  Buying into such deception, the sheeple lose absolute fearlessness in the face of absolute evil.  As the scriptures say, "They believed the lie and their damnation was just".

     Wolves in sheep’s clothing among us have already subverted a sacredness for life that would be pro-life for our own lives, a virtual "death wish" that is the first step to self-sabotage and national suicide. The "choice" to KILL unborn babies (the holy innocents) has already taken the lives of 36 MILLION Americans. It has subverted the worth-ship (sacredness) of life itself by making an insensate pro-death philosophy legitimate.  Passion without principle has infiltrated the fabric of society like a cancerous dis-ease in the body politic.

It was easier to rationalize the ultimate perversion of Motherhood and breaking of the first Laws of God before babies were "viable", even though independent brain waves and heart beats would display a "silent scream" at the time of almost all abortions. But Clinton has championed the killing of full-term babies, dominated by a barbaric abortion procedure that sucks the brains out of live babies before dismembering and aborting them.  And you think he’s pro-life for YOUR life?

     With the law of the land now "death on demand" for innocent babies, all Americans under our system of "representative government" are accountable. God will not be mocked and America may soon reap the whirlwind for this "child sacrifice" on the altar of death and hell. And what is considered a victory for Satan (every abortion), may soon step over that very thin line from infanticide to genocide.  Or as the extraordinary prophet Nostradamus warned from the astrology (karma) he foresaw for this time 500 years ago, "Satan will rule in ’1999". (Note: the 3 Wise Men were no dummies; they found the Christ through the astrologic of heavenly coordinates.)

     Due to the assault on our sensitivity and sense of outrage over abortion and a pervert President, we see how a darkness of insensitivity, depravity and denial has come over America like a death pall. Accelerating change has numbed-down Americans with "future shock" from the increasing rate of change. And we are incessantly dumbed-down by virtual insanity in the nightly news that calls evil "good" via politically correct but morally wrong messages. Common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon as we betray absolute truth.

     People who are afraid that Clinton’s impeachment will be bad for the economy have got it backwards.  An economy in agreement with immorality and evil will self-destruct sooner or later.  Only an economy based on the "gold standard" of the golden rule will thrive and survive.  And Clinton has betrayed that standard with the "nearest and dearest" (Hilary and family) as well with the entire nation which is now targeted with Red Chinese nuclear missiles thanks to millions of dollars of campaign contribution pay-offs (read BRIBES) from the Communist Chinese.

     This is a clear-cut outrageous example of the highest level of treason, perhaps in American history. Yet the controlled mainstream media largely ignores it, while full attention is given to Clinton's unpunished sexual escapades in the White House. Like a plot out of hell, were being desensitized (anaesthetized) to be "put under".  Mark my words, it’s the harbinger of, by and for treachery!

     In another more "innocent" (God-fearing) era, Clinton would immediately be taken out and shot for treason. Islamics today would behead him publicly as a statement to all such traitorous blaspheming adulterers. Which may be why Clinton recently bombed Islamic "terrorist" targets, turning even moderate Islamics against the U.S. with almost "Holy War" (Jihad) furor. That conveniently sets-up Islamic terrorists as the patsy for domestic terrorism of a provocateur nature, as with the Oklahoma Bombing. If you remember, Islamic terrorists were the first one's implicated after the OKC bombing. Quickly followed by the militia and patriots. That was a very successful formula that dramatically elevated Clinton's ratings in the polls.  Would he use such a nefarious success formula again? (See recent posts that expose the Big Lie on the Oklahoma Bombing)

     Acceptance of the evil we see is a passive endorsement of it. And the righteous would not put up with it. Or as Thomas Jefferson once said, "Rebellion to tyrants (resistance to evil) is obedience to God."

     So where is the outrage? Or is that also the plan of the social engineers... to dis-empower us emotionally as well as mentally and spiritually? So we become passive and apathetic to the outrage upon outrage that is deadening us to far the greater outrage of domestic provocateur terrorism as WE KNOW happened (OKC bombing) and is now being planned. (The 9/11 World Trade Center "whack")

     The signs of the times are screaming at us like billboards with loudspeakers for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The timing and context of Clinton's announcement of his "War on Terrorism" is a prime example. Here's the guy who twice tried to get American forces involved in a Middle East war with Saddam Hussein to divert attention from his domestic outrages. He's been chomping at the bit to create an enemy he would save us from. And just as the sex scandal "soap opera" gets hot enough to scorch his fraudulent innocence, he announces a "War on Terrorism" to the standing applause of the UN General Assembly. Which of course is the internationalist constituency that globalist Clinton TRULY serves.

     Thanks to the Internet, the world is waking up to the fact that the UN is a Trojan Horse intended to destroy the sovereignty of nations and make us all slaves to the godless fallen ones (power elite) who have used the UN for 50 years to gradually advance their subversive agenda.  That agenda is now accelerating with the increasing US occupation of UN military forces who have no allegiance to the Constitution or American lives. Even strategic waterways are now UN controlled thanks to Clinton’s "Heritage Rivers" Executive Order.

     Those of you who have read the "Iron Mountain Report", or have seen the video on it, know that this Kennedy era think tank study by intellectual elite minions of the global elite actually set the agenda for all the "Wars" that have been created in peacetime since then. That agenda of the elite’s social engineers has been no less than to create and manage social crisis (the Hegelian dialectic) to control population and move their takeover plans forward. In a nutshell, this agenda plans to dramatically reduce world population to as much as 10% current levels (in Global 2000 Report, Foreign Affairs and other CFR publications). And in the process it further empowers the elite while reducing the power and control "of, by and for the people." In effect, it brings America down, brings the 3rd world up, and where they meet is their (global elite's) New World Order.

     There no one more enslaved than those who think they are free but whose choices are carefully "set up" due to ignorance, fear and susceptibility to manipulations by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

     Following is the clear record that shows how Clinton's War on Terrorism has long been planned as the "final solution" for solving the population problem while dealing with the Patriot, Constitutionalist, and Christian "resistance" even as Hitler's "final solution" targeted the Jews. 

-- Continued with Part Two Below–


Part Two: Beware Clinton’s "War on Terrorism"

Ramping-Up Fear, Panic and Terror(ism) as Economies Collapse

By Christopher Goodheart

Notable Quotables:

´´Patriotism means to stand by the country.  It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country.  It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country.  It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country.  In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.´´   --Theodore Roosevelt



The Creation and Management of Foreign and Domestic Wars Has Been the Plan and Intent of Power Elite Social Engineers for Many Years. HERE’S HOW & WHY:

Remember the VIETNAM WAR? Unofficial history has clearly shown how Kennedy tried to stop this war that was created and manipulated by power elite vested interests from the beginning (Gulf of Tonkin incident).   There’s no question that the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about "made a killing" on the Vietnam War, including on "resistors" like Kennedy. The war achieved several keynote UN/NWO (New World Order) objectives. It reduced the population of baby boomers (sacrificing them to the "God of War"). It began to desensitize Americans with a sense of powerless in the face of horror on their TV screens. And it clearly undermined US sovereignty in the face of UN directed "no win" policies for the military. Henry Kissenger’s fork-tongued "Peace with Honor" betrayed all the military, POW’s and American people.  The resistance to this type of "hot war" thus required a shift to domestic "cold wars".

Remember the COLD WAR? Kennedy was a realist about the danger of nuclear war and encouraged everyone in America to build bomb shelters. But after Kissenger and the insiders got rid of Kennedy, they built up Russian nuclear missile capabilities (as Clinton has done with Red China) with technology transfers that included the MIRVing of ten independently targeted nuclear bombs on each missile. This was to create a "balance of power" (of nuclear terror) with Kissenger’s MAD policy of Mutually Assured Destruction that targeted civilian population centers, holding them hostage to the power mad agenda of the power elite. Now the Soviets have their missiles loaded with genetically reengineered virulent strains of anthrax, smallpox and black plague. And the Red Chinese have nuclear missiles targeted at US cities. Clinton has raised the tension of global "balance of terror", priming the pump for TERRORISM in the US, and cocking the trigger with cruise missile strikes at Islamic terrorists at the center of the Middle East powderkeg. The wolves among us would eat the sheeple (kill them) if they resist the intimidation of terror that would enslave US with their totalitarian New World Order agenda.

Remember the WAR ON POVERTY? This war was launched under Johnson’s "Great Society" policy initiatives to socialize America with massive government spending on social programs that make people increasingly dependent on big government handouts. The psychology of such dependence is a willful surrender of the first principles of freedom and personal responsibility in exchange for security or safety. Of course, the giving up of freedom for security compromises both until you have neither. Until one day we wake up to the realization of how bondage is called freedom, falsehood is called truth and evil is called good.

     Here’s an extremely relevant quote on this that I just received in a post, Oct.23rd:

"Medicare and Medicaid, those greatest programs of what was to be a Great Society, more than doubled the cost of every medical service in America within three years of passage, forcing more and more Americans onto the dole and rocking the greatest health-care system on Earth to its foundations.  The Social Security trust fund, always a Ponzi scam, became a complete and total fraud as the Johnson Administration began to use it to hide the true federal budget numbers and thus produce a sham surplus for fiscal year 1969 (a fraud continued by every administration since). 

"Welfare programs such as AFDC spawned a hopeless cycle of dependency and illegitimacy.  Abortion became birth control, and sex became free, and we all became hardened to integrity and vows and even the preciousness of life.  And in all of this, government kept growing, enabling the depravity, sucking ever greater shares of income from the productive -- and even the productive poor -- so as to supplant those institutions which could really help, and create new ones which merely fed on the ruined lives it spawned.

"The "War on Poverty" was certainly a war, BUT NOT OF THE SORT IT CLAIMED (emphasis added).  It was a war of interests:  the special interests of the bureaucrats, versus the general interest of the people.  It was a war of economic theories:  the theory that the state can and must engineer society, versus the theory that man left alone, acting in his own self-interest, will best create wealth and escape poverty.

"It was a war of moralities:  the "morality" that says man is basically good and can be "educated" into "perfection," versus the morality that says man is born in original sin (basically evil), and will thus take advantage of foolish "help" so as to fall into corruption and depravity.

"And on the most fundamental level of all, it was a war of gods: the Marxist/Leninist/Keynesian god of the omni-competent state, versus the true God whose predictable blessings and curses fall on those who obey or ignore His wisdom and law."
-- by Rod D. Martin, "On Poverty" 10/23/98 at

     Indeed, the War On Poverty accelerated the deception that has undermined a great society in the name of the "Great Society", creating poverty while supposedly eradicating it. And by the 1990’s this subversion of common sense intelligence has corrupted thinking of Americans enough to form a core constituency sufficient to elect the Clintonistas to the highest office in the land, TWICE!  By now the socialist "republicrat" merger of both parties has thorougly betrayal the first principles of God Government that "US" once stood for. The infiltration of the CFR/UN/NWO agenda is almost complete.

"A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government.  It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.  From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a Dictatorship."  -- Written by Professor Alexander Fraser Tytler, nearly two centuries ago while our thirteen original states were still colonies of Great Britain.  At the time he was writing of the decline and fall of the Athenian Republic over two thousand years before.

Remember the WAR ON CANCER? It was a "medical Vietnam". In fact, Dr. Len Horwitz has documented in his book, EMERGING VIRUSES, and on his BioWar Connection tapes how Hitler's chief biowar virologist was brought over by "Nazi Hunter" Kissenger after the war (Project PaperClip), and put to work at Fort Dietrick biowarfare labs to perfect retroviruses that would reverse engineer the immune system and cause cancer with select genetic types. When Nixon announced the War on Cancer, Fort Dietrick became part of the National Institute of Health from which different "required" vaccines came forth to inoculate the huge population bulge of "baby boom" offspring with seeded retroviruses that act as biological time bombs, triggered by deficiencies in the immune system typically caused by aging or other health afflictions. So one-out-of-three Americans are now getting cancer, a rare disease early in this century. This silent war has probably made one of your family victim already, either indirectly through retrovirus seeded pathology or directly through chemotherapy; chemo is in fact a form of biowar (within you) composed of chemical poisons of the same "mustard gas" family used in World War I and outlawed by International Law governing warfare. The intent of chemo is to poison the enemy within you (cancer) hopefully before the poison destroys your immune system and kills you. Long term studies show that doing NOTHING for most cancers gives you a better chance of living than does chemo. And of course holistic biologically correct remedies for cancer give you a far better chance of recovering fully than "politically correct" chemotherapy. In fact, chemo is the epitome of the Rockefeller-controlled medical-industrial complex that, like the military industrial complex, "makes a killing" on the treatment of disease, thus reducing population. Such insanity targets holistic cures for cancer as the enemy. (For in-depth documentation on this and other "conspiracies" against common sense, order videos from the Prophecy Club website at or Dr. Howowitz's website at )

Remember the WAR ON AIDS? Dr. Strecker's Memorandum on this 18 years ago exposed how AIDS was created and deployed by secret government contracts through agencies such as the UN's World Health Organization (WHO). The article "WHO Killed Africa", by William Douglass, MD is a classic. And Dr. Horowitz's book EMERGING VIRUSES further provides definitive proof, with copies of contracts and the paper trial on funding as well as the key players. His BioWar audiotapes on the Hitler, Rockefeller, Kissenger, Bush Connection goes into much more detail that dovetails with numerous other "black operations" in America. The fact is that the entire medical-industrial complex has reverse engineered "health care" to make a killing on the indirect cause of disease (foodless, nutrition-stripped, chemical-laced "food") and the direct treatment of disease (drugs for whatever ails you). From cradle to grave, this backwards "health care" industry (97% disease care) undermines the health of Americans as a subtle pervasive form of population control, weakening our bodies and minds for greater compliance to the power elite’s agenda. This deeply entrenched disease care system is the last major industry monopoly in America that has failed deregulation attempts, thanks to America’s first billionaire, John D. "competition-is-a-sin" Rockefeller and his family’s on-going big business/ big government collusion (Big Brother) that has sponsored population controls programs ranging from Planned Parenthood and the original abortion laws to the seeding of vaccines with retroviruses that eliminate undesirable genetic types. More than a 2 million Americans die prematurely ever year due to this disease care system that cares more for disease than health.

Remember the WAR ON DRUGS? Those who have seen the now infamous CLINTON CHRONICLES video know that Slick Willie headed up what is perhaps the biggest drug smuggling operation in US history with C-5 transports of cocaine flying into Mena Arkansas while he was Governor and Bush was President. There is an in-depth article in this month's issue of Nexus Magazine that reviews the definitive book on the CIA's management of this "war" from the time BUSH was head of the CIA (Vietnam War) when CIA chartered planes were flying tons of heroin out of Cambodia. If you want some insight into how the Medellin Drug Cartel was set up by the CIA and how Clinton and the CIA have worked with the mob to manage drug distribution in the US, and WHY (secret funding of black operations and public funding of, and laws for, a police state), I encourage you read this excellent article by Uri Dowbenko.

Consider the WAR ON TERRORISM Desperate people do desperate things. Realize how Clinton's power elite handlers are being exposed on the Internet (as above) like never before. If you would be "wise as serpents", consider why the snake-handlers of Slick Willie (who are snakes themselves) have given him an ultimatum to jump-start the War on Terrorism or "else". It’s a simple matter that they are up against a wall of public opinion that is crumbling on them. So their time is short and wrath is great. These fallen ones know that if they do not get sociopath Clinton in revenge mode to create an enemy to US from, then by default, when people start looking for a scapegoat due to economic collapse, Clinton and his corrupt cronies will go down as the real destroyers of America. In God’s time, they’re all history anyway!

     Clearly if enough good people don't do enough NOW to expose the nefarious intent of these fallen one, then by default, you can be sure that our worst fears will soon be leveraged with terrorism when collapsing markets brings people out of denial and into fear and panic.

     These power elite and their social engineers have long ago thought through the unthinkable in their population control think tanks. They know it would be easy to push our panic buttons with a little terror (ism) when push comes to shove (economic collapse). A generation that has never known want would be very susceptible to suggestions for emergency need. And the fact that unscrupulous leaders have been setting us up for the kill, if not killing us already with their WARS on CANCER, AIDS, and DRUGS (to name a few), clearly indicates that they are indeed planning the worst with their War on Terrorism.

     Fallen ones are what fallen ones do.  And we should know them by their fruits by now!

     Slick Willie's War on Terrorism may thus be his final solution that creates and manages terror in the U.S., triggering Marshall Law, FEMA/UN take over, and satiating his LUST FOR POWER that has only been appeased so far by an insatiable sexual appetite.

     Now that the major mainstream media (owned and controlled by the Rockefeller cartel) has brought us down psychologically, dragging US through the godless-as-hell sexcapades of the highest elected official in the free world, the real perpetrators of this diversionary tactic are moving fast on all fronts to take us down physically. It's almost as if these power elite "Olympians", as they call themselves, intend to disengage the people from REAL power-in-God before they jump-start their takeover power play. And terrorism is their "jumper cable".

     If we are not pro-active now to alert Americans to the danger on the horizon, people will be too reactive under fear and terror to think clearly. Spread the word! (copy and share)

     Clinton was elected as the first baby-boomer President because the economy was good and materialism has become the predominant God of the baby boom generation. This affluent society has seen little of the "world war" adversity that ties one to God for overcoming.  As a people, we’ve become "fat" and dense, in body, mind and spirit.  Clinton is "going down" as much because the economy is going down as anything.  He’s just a symptom of a far worse materialistic dis-ease in the body politic that, as a representative government, indicts us all.

     Materialism is as debilitating to the soul as communism is.  And Bill Clinton is both, having been trained many years ago by Grameci Communists (social takeover strategists) in Italy with more training in Moscow as McAlvany detailed in depth in his excellent Intelligence Advisor Newsletter.  And the socialist policy Clinton has been advancing is all part of the New World Order agenda for merger of socialist (communist) and capitalist systems. 

     The God of the power elite is moneyed power above all, i.e. "He who has the gold, makes the rules".  And faithful to his power elite masters, minions like the Clintons are paid well in coin of their realm to put their best spin on a nefarious agenda for ramping up terrorism amidst collapsing economies.  And like the 2 billion dollar "War on Drugs" ad campaign that Clinton recently funneled (our tax dollars) to compliant media partners, the "bottom line" driven media is well paid to put a liberal amount of spin on the "widespread support" of Clinton’s job performance.

     The god of materialism seen in the economic boom is falling off the altar of "worth-ship" and Bill Clinton is the "sacrificial (hedonistic) goat"... unless of course he tries to make himself a hero that would save us from a greater enemy - TERRORISM.  Actually, he’s setting the stage for all who have eyes to see.

     To what extent would this corrupt and treasonous President leverage the fear of crashing world markets that will turn to panic when it happens here to US, the last bastion of freedom and opportunity?  Do you think this socialist in the White House would actually ramp-up panic with domestic provocateur terror (like the Oklahoma City Bombing) in order to create enemies to save us from?  Clinton’s popularity polls soared when he demonized patriots and "right wing" (Christian, etc.) "fanatics" following the OKC bombing.  Will he use that scary formula for success on a much bigger scale as a final solution to those pesky Constitutionalists, Patriots and Religious "extremists"? Will the controlled media go along?


      Note how all the previous domestic "wars" were announced with great fanfare as a cover for their nefarious intent. Now the Great Prevaricator is likewise setting up his War on Terrorism .  Newspaper headlines read, "Clinton says terrorism a threat to everyone".  Is he in fact trying to put the fear of a godless agenda into us? Is he setting the matrix for self-fulfilling prophecy?  Could there be a method to his madness?  Would you now agree that the last several administrations always announced their domestic wars as a Big Lie cover that is so big and so bold and so often told that the sheeple believe it?  Isn’t this the same strategy that Hitler used "Big Time" to whip up war fervor in the German people before this "2nd anti-Christ" began his murderous polices all over Europe?  For God’s sake REALIZE, it’s by design and intent folks! These pathological sociapaths want everyone as miserable as they are.

     The media spin-doctors make Clinton look like a caring President who is taking a preventive stance.  This message is reinforced by opinion polls that suggest "majority agreement" with Clinton.  Is this "mobocracy" by an immoral mob?   Supposedly the polls are showing approx. 60% approval rating in support of an immoral President.  Actually, this is major deception approaching "mind control" of the masses.  One technique of the polling agencies contracted by the White House "propaganda team" is to "pre-screen" their samples by asking a select psychographic" (liberal profile) target audience or by asking a few leading questions to qualify whether or not the person is too conservative for the survey.  In short, their polls are skewered to fit what they want us to believe.  And the sheeple often do. To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, "God must love the sheeple cause he made so many of them".

Now Is an Extremely Urgent Time For Your Fervent Prayers/Action On This Issue.

     Be the good shepherd and alert the sheeple with the compassion that dispels their ignorance and prepares them for come what may.

     Stick to your guns (God 1st in all things). Pray for the best (God’s grace and mercy).

     And prepare for the worst. (Get food reserves, biowar preparations, guns, ammo, etc. ASAP)

     Christopher Goodheart

PS –   The best defense is a good offense... without being "offensive".  Ask how you can network an unprecedented Vision of universal win/win Values for global/local Victory "of, by and for the people". This is an extraordinary way to become financially independent with all your food reserves and preparedness supplies covered as part of your compensation for helping us jump-start a global revolution in self-reliant living that answers the crying SOS to Save Our SocietyGod knows it's time!   


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