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           The following will serve as introduction for what is to come. -CR

E-ComRules                                          4-17-2000
by Angel Fund Director, Christopher Rudy

The high touch heart of high tech E-valuation

   With HEARTware as the Rule,

Update notice, 11-8-2003: 

Over the last several years, the Angel Fund Network has gone through a lot of refinement in preparation for launch now.  More than $26,000 dollars worth of customized software has been developed for on-line “real-time” management of the chain-reaction “referral networking” that makes the Angel Fund self-funding.  For those new to the Angel Fund, we are the networking arm of the non-profit Worldwide  Foundation, providing 100% payout of all proceeds through our Net-centric incentive plan.  The Angel Fund is thus a self-funding prosperity program that also provides a personal growth “investment vehicle” along the lines of "Golden Rule Industries" described by Napoleon Hill in his last book, "Grow Rich with Peace of Mind"


Welcome to our on-line version of “E-Commerce Rules”!

Here's an overview of the non-profit "Angel Fund" for infopreneurs who want to catch, ride and define the e-commerce wave with an “angel support system” that gives wings to their personal or organizational growth and development.


If you've ever searched the funding options for your dreams or business, you've probably heard of "angel" investors.  Who are these embodied angels? 

"They are people who share your vision and provide wings such as emotional support, expert advice, and sometimes money... as a mother bird uses her wing to shelter her young.  By contrast, traditional investors and venture capitalists provide weights through their aggressive demands and desires for quick financial returns." --from SELLING YOUR DREAM by Guy Kawasaki

Just about every community has "angels".  What's been lacking is an organization that speaks their language and creates an environment for them to thrive. This is what we're introducing with extraordinary incentives for individuals, organizations and planetary civilization at large.

The heart of new rules for the Next Economy promoted by the Angel Fund is of course HEARTware;  rules with this interactive Net interface for defining, refining and combining (synergizing) our God-given gifts and talents at the heart of the integration of the hardware, software and netware components to HEARTware.

High Touch High Tech

In an increasingly depersonalized high tech world, there’s nothing more valuable than the vision of highly individualized, personalized and otherwise customized (“high touch”) checks and balances to the bottom-line dictates of impersonal organizations that sacrifice public safety and planetary health for their personal gain.

The unfettered InterNetworked world-at-large is only too aware of the historical pattern of collusion between big business and big government as defines a Big Brother fascism that profits from the creation and management of disease, terror, war and hell-on-earth.  

"Next Big Thing":  Golden Rule/Law Language at the heart of a Golden Age?

Technology, like money, is not intrinsically bad.  It’s how it’s used or abused.  Both can be abused to magnify and multiply our fears and divisions along “us vs. them” lines… or both can be used to involve and evolve our understanding and unity along “light and LOVE” lines. 

What we see in the world today is a superrich and powerful elite, much less than 1%, who profit from disease and war for power and control of the 99.99%.  They invest in the best enemies that money can buy, so they can then go to war for power and control over these self-created boogiemen. In the process, they milk the light and supply, health and well-being of the masses, to keep them so frightened, sick and tired that they have little energy to resist their Machiavellian machinations that make merchandise of the people.

Heaven knows that there have always been statesmen who champion the highest and best interests of their countrymen… and there have always been fork-tongued, two-faced politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouth and will sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver – the power elite perks of more prestige, more profit and more power to control more people.

The turning point has arrived

There is a global tension building that is now being released.  Many people are waking up to the plot out of hell of the power elite manipulators of all our social, political and economic institutions.  Some are waking up to anger and contempt.  But the more intelligent are waking up to understanding and resolve to make things better. 

Getting mad is going mad, simply feeding into the dark force of sinister intent that moves resentment to revenge, perpetuating the cycles of retaliation.  Conversely, those who truly know better, without the mask of spiritual or intellectual pride, will do better; understand and for~give.  They will care enough to share this higher vision of “TLC” virtue whereby the holy spirit of -in-action at the interactive interface of mass-to-mass TeLeCom will fulfill the “Capstone Victory” of U.S. Founding Fathers.

 is for giving… 70 x’s 70

It’s important to realize that there is a law of “cyclic creation” in nature and the universe-at-large that provide context and meaning for the laws and language of consciousness framed by the  Model.  These first principles of cosmic law and the “holographic universe” are holistic in nature and, in fact, define new standards (HEARTware) for a wholly new paradigm of holism at the heart of “high touch” high tech; computing with a heart.

Conscious awareness is the heart of true valuation and language is technology that provides the context and meaning whereby consciousness is most directly affected as explained at


There is a trend with the four waves of technology that define a trend-fit with HEARTware as an archetypal 4th wave integration of the first three waves.  These waves correspond “holistically” with the laws and language of consciousness as framed on all aggregate levels (dimensions) of the four initial stages of the Angel Fund’s’ “A-Team” made up of “Affiliates”, “Aspirants”, “Achievers and “A.D.E.P.T.s” :

AFFILIATES:  Free access to our website provides a non-committal orientation to the purpose and plan of the Worldwide  Foundation for establishing the “local/global” TeLeComm processes that will harmonize THE BIG SHIFT in the collective conscience, culturing civility and nurturing civilization with checks and balances (empowering wisdom with ) between “local” private rights (ownership & control’s “love of power”) in the “global” public sphere (public opinion’s “power of love”)… upgrading the Constitution of Golden Rule/Law Language coordinates for self/God governance… to finish what the U.S. Founding Fathers began 227 years ago via an electronic Net-centric upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system and Bill of Rights… of, by and for United Sovereigns (U.S. “Netizens”) Worldwide.

AFFILIATE PRINCIPLE:  An individual, organization or civilization can rise no higher than its concept of “God is Love”… and is “for~giving” (70 x’s 70)… to love God with all your heart and soul and might, and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.  In short, ”Let us love one another for love is God. And everyone that loveth is born of God and knowth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love.” -First Epistle of St. John

AFFILIATE COORDINATES:  The website (under construction) creates a “frame of reference” for the SPIRIT OF THE LAW with the first principles of universal law/language “process” (genesis effect) as represented in the “Powershift Chart” at and the holographic timeline coordinates at; the whole point being the ultimate meaning of integrity through the integration of all the keys to Higher Power and Wisdom with a special  at the heart of:

·        TeLeComm (TLC management)… G.O.D.~  Governance at the heart of communications that define our common sense atONEness and “Comm~unity”;

·        TeLeConscience (TLC mentoring)… Educating the mind of G.O.D. via the heart of compassion for higher consciousness at the heart of “higher education”;

·        TeLeCare (TLC medicine)… Holistic integration of health (body), wholeness (mind) and holiness (spirit) at the heart of health assurance processes & policies;

·        TeLeCommerce (TLC marketing)… Integrating all the above with HEARTcom Services that culture cyberethics at the heart of organizational Net worth.

AFFILIATE COST: Free affiliation with website gateways that credit referrals from Aspirants” (via referral ID), “Achievers” (via personalized website links) and “A.D.E.P.T.s” (via referral networking)… details below.

AFFILIATE TOOLS: $3 dollar audio tape (in production) that provides a 20 minute overview of the breakthrough “Next Economy” paradigm that is now reinventing cyberspace with cyberethics at the heart of Net worth.


to be continued