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The 2015 Frequency Shift – A Revelations Revolution
In Open Source Everything

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The Earth and human consciousness is shaking off the chains of the past as celestial and terrestrial frequencies shift dramatically throughout 2015.

The core concept of self-government has already shifted with the Internet, and as this article explains, the frequency shift now surging in ‘The Field’ has the power to upgrade our Net reality with universal rights in the public sphere, empowering collective wisdom by culturing social consciousness with 'Open Source Everything' in our ubiquitous global social network communities. 

How we do that depends largely on Internet openness and willingness to culture Net reality capabilities for evolution of global enterprise with the business of open systems for conscious evolution beyond the systemic paradigm paralysis that resists shift to common cooperative ground.

  Understanding the Big Shift is prelude to a global
Revelations Revolution from the Inside-Out.

Now is the time ordained by the 2015 frequency shift.
Earth is quickly moving into her rightful place
in the unified field of cosmos... within.

by Christopher L. Rudy,
Host of Cosmic LOVE

Concluding with an inspirational


2015 Frequency Shift Highlights and Keynotes:

Three Parts:
The Science, the Prophecy and the Application

Frequency shift is accelerating with dramatic affect on our individual and collective consciousness, and the big picture of what that actually is – and where it’s going – is the vision that compels an optimal ride on the wave of transformation.


The quantum field of Earth and our consciousness is now being morphed in resonance with a combination of cosmic energies ranging from Galactic Alignment to the huge April gamma-ray burst of light from an exploding star, captured by the ROTSE-Illb telescope at McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis Texas, and it was also clearly visible in the night sky.

Gamma-ray bursts are not well understood by astronomers, but they realize that they are very important. Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. These bursts release more energy in 10 seconds than our Earth’s Sun will release during its entire expected lifespan of 10 billion years.

Scientists now know that our RNA and DNA are shimmering, waveform configurations that are moment by moment being modified by Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, thoughtforms, emotions, and most profoundly, GAMMA-RAYS.
The massive influx of gamma-rays we received in April have recalibrated the etheric matrix of our genetic codes as well as the morphic grids reflexing with the tectonic plates of Earth.
Quantum science is just beginning to understand how gamma rays activate DNA and spontaneous evolution in our consciousness, raising the frequency at an atomic and cellular level in resonance with the intelligent design of Cosmos for a more intelligent co-Creation with Creator-Source in the unified source field.


Whether you know it as Biblical 'Revelations', as ‘Shemitah’, or as nature's 'prophecy' in Galactic Alignment surge in the Source Field, or as crop circles speaking to humanity with 'source code', or as the prophetic DIVINE FIRE vision of Peter Deunov for this time, or as hosts of heaven stepping through the veil with spiritual guidance as in the heartstreams (video) below... you can clearly see a prophetic big picture now emerging with the 2015 ‘Frequency Shift’.


The computer/Internet revolution has brought global humanity to the threshold of a quantum science revolution in quantum computing - open source everything - with new heartware capabilities for culturing Effective Sensory Perception of a nonlinear nature that reflects and perfects 'Source Field Conscience' at the interactive interface heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the TLC for self-regulation at the heart of self-learning, self-healing and self-determination for a new economics of abundance with TeLeCommerce that natural follows from cyberEthics-integrated TeLeConscience, TeLeCare, and global TeLeCommunity for TLC unity in diversity... as explained HERE.

Common sense Effective Sensory Perception
the ultra-violet frequency of wholEness -
   is morphing the matrix with open ‘Source Code
 that corresponds to universal law language for
  enlightened full-spectrum global

 Divisions in the ‘global mind’ are disintegrating
  while new heart-mind coherence is integrating
 nonlinear “spherical” (global) common sense.

Caution re: Revelations ‘Prophecy’ Unveiled:

Nonlinear perception is going mainstream: That revelations revolution translates to recognition of the vital importance of centered and connected ‘heart coherence... realizing that there will be some collateral damage for “linear”
(left-brain) rigidity of a lock-step nature. And as nonlinear spherical conscience is up-wising, big egos are down-sizing.
Many otherwise normal people will thus be ‘losing it’ as their egoic "BS" (Belief Systems) are ‘disrupted’ or otherwise ‘humiliated’. That could be 'Joe Six-pack" or powerful sociopathic leaders in Church, State, and Corporatocracy.

"The liberation can no longer be postponed. Humanity must prepare itself for
great trials that are inescapable and are coming to bring an end to egoism.
~ Peter Deunov Prophecy

Pride goeth before ego’s fall.
       Humility ascends with '
I Am's call.
       remains as ‘best for all’.

Shift trends towards the September ‘reckoning’:

 As I’ve been saying for some time now, shift happens.
How that is happening helps to understand that it now
 is clearly happening...
big time in 2015; a clear trend.

The cycles are converging for ‘perfecting’ the Earth.

Global Netizens are highly motivated to culture social networks
as a common space for truth, the new ‘public commons’ where
 we can get our act together; common sense for enlightenment.

“The government is merely a servant -- merely a temporary servant;
it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is
wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't.  Its function is
to obey orders, not originate them.”
~ Mark Twain

Time is a test of truth. If it is true, it will last. And lasting truth that is truly universal will become self-evident in the ‘cycles’ now converging with natural laws of truth through September.

Everything is cyclical from the circadian rhythms in the brain to women’s menstrual cycles, lunar cycles, solar cycles and economic cycles. When analyzed with conscientious study and discerning common sense, you can connect the dots to 2015 shift dynamics with high probability of likelihood.

All energies of cycles within cycles are connected, and what we see in earthquakes, volcanism, tornadoes and extreme weather in general are all directly connected to electro-magnetic energies of the ‘cosmic quantum field’.

In this article on ‘The Field’, you can see the video on Earth’s magnetosphere that is always connected to the larger cycles of the heliosphere of the Sun and beyond, specifically the ‘Great Cycle’ of alignment of our solar system with hundreds of billons of suns in the galactic plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Hubble photo of the Sombrero Galaxy, depicting what our Milky Way Galaxy looks like from the side (Galactic Plane Photon Belt) with alignment of hundreds of billions of star systems around the Great Central Sun.

The 2015 surge in the quantum ‘Source Field’ has profound implications for a Big Shift in the morphic grids of Earth energies as are directly connected to not only weather patterns, but also the Schumann Resonance (heartbeat) of Earth that directly corresponds to our brain waves in the Alpha-Theta range.

The last 3 decades have seen a big increase in the previously stable Schumann Resonance, and alpha wave frequencies in the brain have shifted from the 7.8 Hz historical standard to the higher range of 13 Hz, a Big Shift in the "global mind" (collective Earth field) as corresponds to each one's brain field holodeck as a whole.

Connecting the Dots Intuitively to the Big Picture

According to Dr. Simon Atkins, the CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation (AFC), Earth's energy shift is accelerating through the 3rd-4th week of September with serious portents for Earth changes as well as a big shift in human consciousness and the economy.

May 9, 2015 / 6 min.
Dr. Simon Atkins has been an expert on
  planetary risk management for 26 years.

As Dr. Atkins explains, we live in an intelligent universe that operates on ‘sacred geometry’ (mathematics) and not by chance, or as I’ve often explained, there is common natural-universal law geometrizing the fractal order of the holographic universe.

As explained by the Heartmath Institute and their video on heart coherence, this is why your thought patterns are so decisive in determining your life’s outcomes. For example, if you are thinking pessimistically frequently - a negative frequency - life is just a great mirror of the universe for attracting your own negativity. But when actually thinking positively, you can end an influenza virus in 40% less time, or attract more money, or many other beneficial outcomes that overcome negative results. 

Remember September as ‘Collective Initiation’

Gregg Braden refers to this global process of mass awakening as ‘Collective Initiation’, the process of consciousness growth to where we are evolving… an awareness of the order of the universe that conveys universal law language in the pure geometry frames of reference for sacred meaning behind all creation and divine co-creation.

A new world of scalar electromagnetics  is now being recognized as filling the vacuum of quantum space with ‘0-point energy’ called ‘free energy’ that could now empower a world never before dreamed of… but there are negative forces and influences in the ElectroMagnetic spectrum, like ‘smart meters’ and other EM pollution that suppresses the positive as does endless terror war for tyranny tactics.

Why Jade Helm – Preparing for Social Chaos

As Dr. Simon Atkins explains in his recent May 7th interview on Phoenix Rising Radio HERE, there will be an increase of severe Earth changes in 2015, plus anomalies in mental states with many people going “bonkers” (nonlinear perception) with normal brain waves disrupted by the ‘thinning of the veil’ as the energetic shift reaches critical mass for spontaneous evolution - the hundredth monkey effect of quantum field consensus... common sense... unity conscience... intuitive knowing... mass awakening.

It's an energy frequency shift,
a Schumann resonance shift,
full spectrum brain wave shift
 what's going on through to the
  3rd or 4th week in September.

Deep Shift!

As the frequency shift accelerates, it’s all connected in the quantum field to cosmic cycles, like Planet X, as well as market cycles that are converging through September. As this energy intensifies, it gets more and more stressful with more intense earth-shaking changes as affects more people, some whom are becoming negative and acting out negatively as seem in social chaos.

This is the ‘excuse’ for martial law preparations in case of mass public awakening to the cause of dysfunction in our core social, political and economic institutions that have been privatized for the profit of a relative few intent on ownership and control of the physical and human resources of Earth. Fortunately, PowerShift happens!

Disruption of Deception and Corruption

The higher the concept of a positive future and a
    positive timeline progression, the better the result.
    That includes a counter-intuitive paradox whereby
    the more that centralized powers try to force their
 control over people, the more that decentralized
     Net reality surges to expose deceptive corruption.

   Open systems are virtuous, for our evolution.
 Closed systems are vicious - devolutionary.

 Indeed, many people are aware of the disruptive
 devolutionary affect of cognitive dissonance and
 social chaos caused by overt mainstream media
  propaganda that is easily refuted on the Internet.
Open truth-telling disrupts the corruption of lies,
 and the power of wisdom with the
love of truth
 neutralizes ‘closed’ mass media mental memes
    that are not open to conscious evolution for self-
   correction of overt deception and disinformation.
But that too shall pass with frequency shift
as enlightens vision of open communications...
culturing social conscience in social networks.

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body & mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816

With more people now getting news from Internet sources rather than the MSM mind control matrix, the ‘truth genie’ is out of the bottle and the veil of mass deception is lifting to expose the systemic corruption that challenges all our ‘comfort zones’.

The frequency shift will accelerate this process.

The ‘back-lash’ of mass enlightenment is thus the fear of the unknown – beyond the old paradigms towards a more enlightened ‘normal’.

A lot of people are riding the wave of frequency shift with mass awakening to the true nature of a global opportunity to wise up and rise up with systemic holistic solutions to corruption in all of our social, political and economic institutions.

There are no human solutions to human problems.
 There are only divine solutions to human problems.

Those who are enlightened as to this divine reality
 appreciate the divine
revelation, illumination and
   initiation in the fiery spirit of G.O.D.~LOVE Source
   when you see it with eyes wide open and receptive
   to 'source code' for the Spirit that matters on Earth,
in you, as in Heaven's quantum Cosmos-at-large.

Bridging Science and Spirituality

For the Holy Spirit of the 'Divine Matrix' as Braden calls it,
Tuesday May 12th /
 David Christopher Lewis in
from 8 ascended masters;
the Maha Chohan plus the
7 Chohans of the 7 Rays
as represent the 7 chakra
 energy centers of BEING:

 So embrace the 'Holy Spirit'...
to prepare your body 'temple'
 for the 2015
Frequency Shift.


As the Big Shift accelerates now on the 2015 timeline
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
'The Foundation'.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

Or as an enlightened 'Forest Gumption' might say.
"Enlightenment is what enlightenment does"
to bring a new radiance of the divine upon Earth.

Bottom Line:
Understanding the Highest Meaning of


The 2015 frequency shift is a big shift, a quantum leap of mass awakening
with conscious evolution revolution from the inside-out; open source
relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence of, by & for
universal-natural law language governing ‘The Field’ and
grand orchestration of humanity’s co-creation with
interactive TeLeComm tools and processes
for culturing the light of
TLC unity in our
 open-connected social networks.

Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
with universal law language at the
interactive interface
heart of our

DUH frequencies with balancing-
higher self-correcting
frequencies of
‘Open Source Everything’

Consider the future of Earth with open transparency,
truth and trust with open elections, open power and
‘Open Source Everything’

Hear the Sat. May 16th interview with the author of
The Open-Source Everything Manifesto:
Transparency, Truth, and Trust

HERE on BBS Radio.

See Robert Steele's enlightened on-going work on his
Public Intelligence Blog

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