Continued from: 2015 Global MegaShift

Part Three - Far Side: Planet X Arrival

This 'Far Side' article is at the 'Outer Limits'
Beyond the thresholds of 'Normalcy Bias'.

By Christopher L. Rudy, Host of
BBS Radio's Cosmic

Those who followed Cosmic over the years are aware that I've had several guests on the show who are experts on the subject of our Sun's binary twin called 'Nibiru' and dozens of other names for Nibiru in the ancient history of countries worldwide.
Popularly known as Planet X, or PX for short, I'm referring to a miniature solar system with multiple moons and asteroids that orbit in and out of our solar system in a wide elliptical orbit every 3,667 years or so.
Use your search engine for 'two suns' and you'll get an eyeful of photographs and videos by thousands of people worldwide. It's no big secret. It's just blacked-out in the media, like the subject of crop circles, UFO's, orbs and most things 'paranormal'.

Two Suns In the Sky Since 2012 - Planet X Update 2015:
This video by long-time PX researcher Marshal Masters has some interesting observations by two leading independent crop circle filmmakers, Patty Greer and Susan Taylor, whom I interviewed (Patty twice) on my radio talk show back in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.
In the beginning of this video, Marshall emphasizes a 2008 crop circle that prophesied the appearance of two suns in 2013-2014... which happened.
     Note the last part of the video where Marshal references the
     last part of his book on the 'Two Suns' prophecy. He called it
     the 'Intention Vortex' whereby global humanity could mitigate
     or prevent worse case scenarios. This is the pure intention
     that I often emphasize on my blog and Cosmic .

Since 2012, PX has been observed worldwide in our solar system. It has moved erratically as though intelligently directed into a holding pattern that defies scientific explanation. The powerful electro-magnetic field of PX is creating an exaggerated Earth wobble which is causing the jet stream to wobble in big loops north and south that dramatically effects Earth weather.
No TV weather reporter will mention this without losing their job and no chance of rehire anywhere. Consider why.
46 years ago, mainstream media reported PX inbound, using infrared viewing because PX is like a dwarf star that emits light in the infrared spectrum. PX has been a taboo subject since then. Governments worldwide have decided that it might cause panic and destabilization of normalcy, so they relegated PX to the paranormal realm of extremist conspiracy theorists and whacko's.
Meanwhile the governments of, China, U.S., Russia and other countries have diverted trillions of dollars in secret funding for massive infrastructure projects below ground and above ground, such a China's 'ghost cities'.
Several close friends follow this 'far side' PX stuff on websites like poleshift.ning and ZetaTalk and keep me debriefed on the BIG DRAMA... how PX is poised like a Damocles Sword to fly-by for poleshift... or not. It's not etched in stone, but current destruction of humanity by war and disease profiteering on Earth is not sustainable.
One way or the other, the current devolution depravity must end.
As I understand it folks, it's a 'Jonah at Nineveh' event. Either we self-correct decisively and quickly, i.e. "repent" by getting our act together through a systemic self-correction in our core social, political and economic institutions, or by default, a Higher Power will reboot Earth's surface with a pole shift realignment as has happened numerous times in Earth's ancient history.
In other words, either we unite as the Family of Mankind to self-correct our collective behavior, or Nature will reboot this platform of evolution for the remnant of souls following pole shift. It's ALL connected, and the 'Council of Worlds' that is directing PX is giving us time to prepare if not prevent the worse case scenarios.
You may not believe this synopsis or that public consumption of GMO's, vaccines, fluoridated water and toxic waste from petrochemical pollution in our food, air and water is killing us.  But in fact, there is no future for the human race if we continue making genetic crap out of our DNA while destroying our environment and health at the rate we now see.
Think global folks. We're ALL in this together. And for what I know of 'cosmic law', sins of omission - not doing anything - can be just as bad as any sins of commission. If you know better, ya gotta do better:)
Much of the depression that people pop antidepressant pills for is actually caused by a deep pain in the soul over desecration of the sacred on Earth. Spiritual disconnect from the sacred leads to disconnect in mind and body called 'dis-ease'. Mental dis-ease is often aggravated by neurotoxic antidepressant pills.
Did you hear of the German airline pilot who flew a plane full of 150 people into a mountainside? Turns out he was suffering depression this last year. Antidepressant pills were found at his home. When this was the case with numerous mass shootings in the U.S., the medical-media complex covered this up. They would lose profits from psyche drugs pushed relentlessly on TV, even though stated side-effects can be psychotic.
But that scenario, even if true, could be a big diversion from a more likely truth. See: Magrav Technology & Recent War Games Over Europe. That amazing article explains a lot. Not just what likely happened, but also why Iran has been in the cross-hairs with extreme Neocon pontificating such as nuking Iran. But I digress.
The 'collateral damage' for insensate evil in the world is always the Family of Mankind as a whole. We all suffer consciously or unconsciously for the sick profit-at-any-cost policies behind extinction of so many life forms on Earth, poisoning of the oceans, and massive unreported radiation still spewing from the on-going Fukishima meltdown.
All of that could be reversed, very quickly, utilizing suppressed quantum technologies that heal rather than weaponize the world. That begins with an  'Intention Vortex' whereby our collective pure intention focuses attention with love's retention for conscious ascension in a common dimension where universal cosmic naturally rules.
The problem, of course, is collective 'SIN' as in 'Stuck In Negativity'. Yes, it's hard to be positive in the face of so much egregious insanity in the world, but resorting to negativity is like praying for what you don't want. It always compounds the collective field of depravity that becomes a magnet for a negative personal and planetary 'judgment'; it's ALL connected.
A positive collective 'judgment' with mitigation of Earth changes is possible. Technology exists for clean free energy technologies that could be liberated for clearing the Earth from petrochemical pollution. Holistic healing breakthroughs also could provide free online Universal Health Care.
Web 3.0 TeLeComm could jump-start an enlightenment process that represents the Holy Spirit of -in-action at the heart of emerging social Conscience in our global social network communities.
For what I know, I'm as guilty as any 'sinner' if I don't care enough to share what I know of BOTH the core global problems AND systemic TeLeComm solutions for self-correcting, self-governing, and self-healing of a global "self-elevation" (salvation) nature; evolutionary ascension.
Either we're busy being reborn with a more enlightened concept of self-regulating self-governance, or we're busy dying. United Sovereigns of Earth know this to be true collectively as well as individually.

Be aware that FULL DISCLOSURE of major cover-ups is happening:
As this high ranking former world leader says (beginning at 23 minutes): "Universal practice of the golden rule would transform the world." FULL DISCLOSURE such as this ratifies my assertion that universal law language at the heartware interface for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will bring divine order to the Family of Mankind... sooner or later.
So do what you can do to forward a vision of virtue and valor for the victory of a conscientious common sense resurrection on Earth. Someone has to do it, and enlightened self-interest is self-motivated to win stripes for one's evolutionary ascension in the larger scheme of soul evolution.
This is do-or-die time for light and love folks. It doesn't matter how you may have failed the highest and best use of your unique talents and resources previously. Let the past be past. The Spirit that matters now is how you leverage your gifts, talents and resources to make a difference if not THE difference for a better world.
Just one person reading this could forward this to one person who links these 2015 MegaShift articles to a newsgroup or blog or social network where just one person awakens to their divine destiny in a way that serves global humanity with uncompromised integrity in a big way... a blessing that could be attributed to your proactive positivity that positions, packages and promotes paradigm shift for 2015 Enlightenment.
Who among you reading this has the spiritual fire to burn through mass illusion and delusion to power through the inertia that gets along by going along with pathological paradigm paralysis in core social institutions?
There is a divine destiny for Earth's evolutions that can only be grasped in context of the sacred sense of a Higher Power that frames the order of the universe with the Law of the Angles, governing the 'harmony of the spheres' with the Language of the Angels (heart coherence).
So See the Good, Keep the Faith, and Co-Create with More ... Easier and Faster! ~ Christopher

  "This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
 If you are still alive, it's not."
~ Sir Francis Bacon

With vision, global healing begins.
 Conceive it with intention to get it.
Believe it with attention to see it.
Achieve it: retention of .
One in represents a majority.

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of 
pure love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance
the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at
the lower weakening levels."
~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests utilizing behavioral kinesiology, 
documented in "
POWER VS. FORCE - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" 
by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

Without vision, the people perish.
The inability of global civilization
to wake up, wise up & rise up
is the dark night of the soul
 that fails to bring the light of
  Conscience to dark places.


Heartcom literally means with heart, and this network
community has its foundation on the frequency of
heart coherence, the Language of the Angels
of Love, and mind congruence, the Law of 
the Angles of G.O.D., the Geometry Of
  Divinity known as sacred geometry;
a unique frame of reference for
 the mind of '

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution
 with the Language of Light
(Currency of Conscience);
 heart of the Next Economy