Continuum Co-Creation Series
Heartcom Network

The 2nd Coming of Christic Fire

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin 

by Christos Lightweaver
    Upgraded July 4, 2015

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Five Archetypal TLC Principles and Processes
at the Heart of Global


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  Global TLC Upgrade
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Part B

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Part C

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 Part D

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Part E

Each of these archetypal directives for
The TLC Movement
have this universal
3-fold nature:

 1 - Intention for Sovereignty: to own and control your
own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.
You don't see the universe as it is.
You see the universe as you are.
2- Attention on Conscious Evolution: to empower
   wisdom with a moral compass of conscience.
You are the lens through which the
universe is experiencing itself.
3- Retention of Universal Love; culturing TLC as
    the standard for Christ-like heart coherence.
You are the measure of Universal Love
by the heart coherence you keep.

Part One, Part Two & Part Three
are each integrated in all four
archetypal dimensions of
'Hermetian Matrix'
for 'global reset'.
Part One
It’s been said that the more information we have,
the greater is the need to get it all in order. That is especially true with new Internet capabilities. Information overload can be just as disruptive to cognitive equilibrium as sensory deprivation.

In the Internet Age, there’s nothing more valuable
than a vision of interactive communication that cultures social conscience in social networks.
Global civilization depends on that for civility along more enlightened ‘lines’ that ‘frame’ core processes of consciousness with ‘light language
as will involve & evolve our individual & collective
awareness of HOW we are conscious as a whole.
The holistic, holographic and otherwise holy whole in this process is greater than the sum of five
TLC components to the CAPstone VISION (Creative Ascent Process), empowering wisdom with TLC to wake up, wise up and rise up in wholEness.

Obviously, the higher the standard of universal
law language for global mass communications,
the greater the result as unity in our diversity.

Common sense of this truth may be uncommon,
but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that the
Family of Mankind in our new global village has now transcended limited space-time relativity via
instant-everywhere & interactive communication
capabilities that REQUIRE a universal interface
for local and global
mass-to-mass interaction.

How else could a million people respond to the
same video at the same time without creating
‘noise’ that is incomprehensible? Obviously a model of standards for real-time interaction is required to represent full-spectrum conscience. 
A universal standard such as 'light language'
provides evaluation criteria that corresponds
to the biological model (biomimicry) from the
“upper brain to lower brain” (brightness scale)
and “left brain to right brain” (color spectrum)
as well as from one’s “forebrain to rear-brain”
(foresight to hindsight).

The higher the concept of the language of light-as-consciousness, the greater the result as involves and evolves our individual and collective 'light' as the Resurrection Spirit; the heart coherence gold standard for civility at the heart of a millennial Aquarian golden age.
This is the place in “space” (between your ears)
where the infinite and eternal ‘quantum reality
meets the here and now nexus of the moment
in the continuum of choice, moment-to-moment,
as builds momentum to define, refine and
combine belief, thought, feeling and actions
to ideally shine along more enlightened lines
of the universal
“Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity; sacred geometry)
framing the
“Language of the Angels of (our better loving nature).

Organizing Information
with the highest standard representing
the harmonic order of the universe
by which everything is to be
measured, understood,
determined & built
to reflect and

the inner sense
pure intention to
  involve~evolve innocence;
the purpose of
light language;
  awareness of how we’re conscious;
   culturing public civility with a conscience.

 Jim Carrey’s Revelation of ‘Self Conscience’
(less than two minutes)

"At least I know where I want to go."

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