Continued from Part D

- Marketing: TeLeCommerce
as self-correcting market protocols
- cyberEthics E-valuation wholEness -
as the integrated "E" () standard:
culturing conscience currency for

Integrating the Currency of Conscience:

We now have the unprecedented opportunity of
TeLeComm-Unity Co-Creation
for all of
US United Sovereigns of Earth.

Raising the Standard of Conscience in
Global Social Network Communities.

   The power of optimizes enlightened conscience
 with Heartware’s universal law
Language of Light as
 involves and evolves conscientious common sense
   e-valuation criteria for
global interactive TeLeComm:
 e-Management TeLeCommunity
e-Mentoring TeLeConscience
 e-Medicine… Global TeLeCare
e-Markets TeLeCommerce
Claiming the Victory of
at the heart of Net reality.

The article on 'Global Economic Transformation' makes it obvious that global Internet values - where information wants to be free and open to all - is a severe challenge to monopoly capitalism that wants to own and control the physical and human resources of humanity at the expense of personal and universal sovereign rights in the public sphere.
In the Soviet Union, we see that capitalism
            has triumphed over communism.
     In the United States, we see that capitalism
            has triumphed over democracy.

This is why the 'old economy' based on the "value of scarcity"(scarcity economics) is severely challenged in its habit of creating and managing scarcity to profit from debt, disease and disinformation - a scarcity of truth about the cause and cure of dysfunction in core social, political and economic institutions.
This is also why the Next Economy is emerging with an economics of abundance based on current capabilities for liberating the
POWER of WISDOM with TLC at the interactive interface heart of social conscience in our local and global social networks.
Common sense would say that an abundance of TLC is the prelude of an economics of abundance in harmony with the  golden rule/law language at the heart of the Aquarian Age of Freedom in for all of US: United Sovereigns of Earth.

Sovereignty is having a plan to own your own life. Subservience, by default, is being part of someone else’s plan for owning your life... at the expense of life, light and liberty to love more, easier and faster with the wholEness spirit of mass-to-mass TeLeComm -in-action.

Because of the subversion of sovereignty by the privatization of the public commons by the out-of-control corporatocracy, we have all witnessed how corporate law (stockholders first) has eroded Constitutional law (of, by & for the public) to plunder both the public purse and general welfare.

There’s nothing more valuable than a vision for culturing global sovereignty with the Constitution of Conscience.
Or as James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution said, "Conscience is the most sacred of all property."

It is the
Power of Love that provides the Divine Feminine checks and BALANCES on the inordinate love of power within our selves and the global consciousness that is maturing to establish the Next Economy with Christ-like enlightenment.
The practical application of TeLeComm with a 3-fold balance of powers in all 4 categories of the
Management-Media-Medical-Market 'Hermetian Matrix' is a process defined and refined by heartware cyberEthics valuation criteria for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeCommerce.

The Hermetian Matrix is the most powerful
thoughtform in the collective conscience
(Jung) and the Master(‘s) key to the
evolutionary ascent of morality
in form and frequency as in
frequently with the 
-lightenment spirit of
at the heart of
Net reality.


 It’s one thing to be the richest man in paradise
with little money but lots of love.
It’s quite another thing to be the poorest man
in hell; lots of money but little love.

You’ll know the signs of the times herald global paradigm shift with Christ-like enlightenment when those who have lots of love pay it forward, networking for the Net worth of worldwide TLC  and those who have lots of money will begin to  redeploy their assets into global infrastructure for TeLeComm that resets the universal standard of natural law language for quantum computing at the heart of core social network communities governing Management, Media, Medicine and Marketing: the ‘Hermetian Matrix’ for initiating Aquarian values of universal freedom via global standards.

Framing the 3-fold synergy of the trinity
in all four quads of

If we use it - heartware capabilities at this time -  
 global civility can go mainstream in ways that are
    much different than we may have thought, and yet,
 far better than we could have ever hoped to see.

 Liberation of Global Freedom-in-
for the 
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Seize the vision, embrace the virtue, commit with valor, and
claim the victory that is ‘winning from the beginning’ of
a “Co-Creation Process” (
Creative Ascent Process)
 that puts the 
CAPstone, TLC Social Conscience,
on the ‘pyramid’ of local/global sovereignty
as is highly decentralized yet centered
and connected in the grass roots of
global Netizens - our Net roots -
as we network for Net worth
with a more enlightened
'network' model for
Net neutrality

Co-Creating a ‘Prayer Field’ of
Expectation & Anticipation for
Christ-light Resurrection


Lord's Prayer 3.0

Our Father-Mother G.O.D.~
whose art is heavenly…
hallowed, whole and otherwise holy
be thy name &
Alpha-Omega flame.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
 as thy conscience is magnified and
multiplied in the
quantum field of a
millennial Aquarian golden age in
the continuum of heaven on Earth

Give us this day, we pray, our daily ‘bread’,
kingdom conscience whereby all are
sovereign ‘
K.IN.G.’ with the ‘Keys to the
INnernet of G.O.D.~.
And lead us forever into coherence
beyond any temptation of ‘
as the
energy veil of separation
from heart coherent intelligence.

And forgive us our karmic debts, even as
we forgive the karmic debts of others,
remembering that is
for giving,
for getting.

  For thine is the kingdom conscience,
and the power of
Christ-like Light,
 and the glory of
on Earth in our social networks
as in the cosmic web of light.

All Mankind as Kind Men
in the
Light of ,


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