The Emergence of Christ MassTLC
In Response to the Urgency of
Accelerated Global Transformation 

The Hermetian Matrix
'green pill' for
global healing in

The Resurrection Spirit.

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 - Medicine via TeLeCare
 TLC as self-healing medical processes
for sustaining our optimal health
with free online universal

"Let food be your medicine and
medicine by your food."
~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

If the body is to be a temple for the living, loving spirit of holistic health, then spiritual practicality warrants that the 'care' in 'health care' aspires to TLC that, above all, has pure intent to do no harm, providing well-informed choices for optimal health, honoring the sovereign right to own your own health.
Since a well-defined solution for optimal public health begins with the well-defined problem, consider the #1 problem is the health care system itself.

If that's hard to believe, watch this short video:

The 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. is
MD Directed Medicine 
by Dr. Peter Glidden

The glaring hypocrisy of the sick health care system is not so shocking when you understand the economics and politics that have privatized public health for a medical-industrial complex that 'cares' about as much for public health as the military-industrial complex 'cares' for world peace.
Free online Universal Self Care that features well-informed choice for optimizing holistic health may be uncommon so far, but it sure beats a system that plunders public health for profit.
Global holistic healing is the natural consequence of TLC at the heart of a global TeLeCare infrastructure whereby moral principle naturally checks and BALANCES corporate profits.

This TLC 'gift' is as real as your ability to conceive it, believe it and help achieve it:
Imagine a website, now in development by United Self CareTM, where anyone in the world can go to get highly personalized TeLeCare for free, no charge.  That capability is a real one.
Now imagine that you enter the website - without registration requirement - to freely access the database 'cloud' with a sequence of options in a process structured to optimize your well-informed choice, the first principle of TeLeCare as well as TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience and TeLeCommerce.
Once entering the website, your first option is to enter the 'gateway' to all humans who share your "metabolic type" as  corresponds to your blood type. If you don't know your blood type, there are a series of questions you can answer to determine your metabolic type; the laws of nature are indeed
written in our inward parts of biological individuality.

 Since your immune system is the result of
 metabolic balance, it is naturally essential
  to know how your blood type corresponds
   to your unique metabolic type in context of
   a massive database of knowledge showing
    which modalities of diet, exercise and ‘best’
      healing protocols will most likely provide the
  optimal results for a long disease-free life.

Each Metabolic Gateway provides the ideal diet for one's metabolic type as corresponds to genetic type; what your ancestors thrived on going back many generations. It's important to know how 'food' for one metabolic type can be virtually 'poison' for another metabolic type.
Once you've entered the Metabolic Gateway, your next major option is a current symptom profile regarding any health condition of yourself or loved ones. That can be the short version or the long version, with more options provided when more information is provided (anonymously, if you so choose).
Your 'Symptom Profile' thus becomes the gateway to a series of options regarding those modalities and remedies that will mostly likely get the desired results for YOUR metabolic type. There are general information options from a full spectrum of health modalities, and there is the database of empirical results - what works best - as self-documented by registered users of this open source research model for universal self care.
Those who register for the full database service must agree to care enough to share their protocols of treatment and record of results over a specified time. [free registration].
The more people sharing their TeLeCare results worldwide, the more it becomes self-evident which treatment protocols are most effective for different symptom profiles of the different metabolic types; a standard for self-correcting, self-perfecting TeLeCare for self-healing with a strong immune system.

Personalized TeLeCare on a Global Scale:
New standards create new industry, and there are unique principles and processes that distinguish TeLeCare as a gift for Christ Mass Enlightenment.
First, it is a non-profit organization whereby all income from contributions and the Health Provider Yellow Pages goes back into infrastructure upgrades for better informed choice.
Second is that it provides Health Assurance policies based on your well-informed choice... to own your own health.
Third is that TLC Support Groups for different health conditions will create social networks that are mediated with heartware, featuring a heart coherence interface for qualifying TLC.
Fourth is the 'Hermetian Matrix' as the Management-Media-Medicine-Market Matrix that distinguishes TeLeCare with a self regulating, self-correcting model for 'Universal Self Care'.
Fifth is an open system that welcomes public interaction to establish global holistic healing standards for Health Assurance policies that build health and prevent disease.

More info per request at:

Now is the time ordained for global conscious evolution
 via Christ-like 
resurrection in our collective conscience,
 rising up as the Family of Mankind in our global village of
instant-everywhere and 
interactive TLC at the heart of
the currency of conscience for the
Global Economy.

- Marketing: TeLeCommerce
as self-correcting market protocols
- cyberEthics E-valuation wholEness -
as the integrated "E" () standard:
culturing conscience currency for
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