Evolution Revolution Revelations

Claim the Victory of the ‘Web’ We Want


"The safest course is to do nothing against one's Conscience.
  With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear of death."
 ~ Voltaire

Time for culturing conscientious Co-Creation Co-Operation 
through universal 
 at the heart of the golden rule/law 
gold standard for a golden age of global TeLeComm.

The Family of Mankind in a global village;
 a ‘Unity State’ and ‘Universal Solidarity’
of, by and for “
US” (United Sovereigns),
the global-connected Netizens of Earth.

  A pure geometry framework for the
  'Constitution of Conscience':

Individual          Collective          Coherence         Congruence


Linear                  Nonlinear              Trinity               Four-in-One

Universal Rights Public Sphere = Co-Creating  Global TeLeComm 

All “Rights” ( ) Well “Rounded” ( ) & “Synergized” ( )
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic


1- THE VISION: Universal Law Language for global atONEment...
             One Earth with one at the heart of our
            instant-everywhere-interactive global village.


         In the larger scheme of eternal progression
           there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
            and common language for inspired direction
 centering love within, so when we all enter in
             we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
           either we optimize unity or we’re insensate.

 2- THE VIRTUE: Polarity as the Two-in-One Spirit that Matters...

Balancing divisive degenerate 'duality' dysfunction
and the suffering sinner/saint separation syndrome.
Beyond duality is the polarity whereby pleasure and
pain, loss and gain, fame and shame are all the same;
two sides of the same "coin" (Currency of Conscience).

Spirit - Alpha Thrust: pure intention & attention of & for  
Matter - Omega Return: sustained retention & ascension via

3- THE VALOR: Co-Creation Synergy in the Three-in-
One Trinity...

The creative learning and healing process is an ongoing
'Co-Creation' process as 
inear  ogic is centered with
non-linear heart-coherence to synergize a new whole
that is greater than the sum of the 
inear (Left-brain)
and n
on-linear (right-brain) processes of consciousness.

4- THE VICTORY: Integration in the Four-in-
One 'CAPstone'...


The "Creative Ascent Process" (CAPstone) whereby
the golden rule/law language for every golden age
centers and connects the first principles of virtue, vision and valor for the victory of evolutionary ascent
along more enlightened lines that frame wholEness.

Seize the Vision: “The Law of the One” (heart of G.O.D.~ );

         - Embrace the Virtue: “The Law of the Two-in-One” (polarity of one);

- Vow with Valor: “Throne of G.O.D. (THRONE = THRee-in-ONE
                                          of the “
holy trinity” (synergy)’ with -in-action.
        - Claim the Victory: “Integrity of G.O.D. as integration of ,  and
                                              archetypes for a 4-
synergy of wholEness-
                                               that is far greater than the sum of these separate
   Vision, Virtue and Vow-Valor components to the
 CAPstone Victory of the Creative Ascent Process.

Co-Creating Net Realty:
of, by & for
 Sensory Perception
(unity in diversity)
 with the universal

 Law of

How Global TeLeComm will Co-Create
All-Connected Net Realty with

          All of history brought us to this point of accelerated change.
     The worldwide web has created a global village of instant
       interaction capabilities for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

“For millennia, mankind had wandered
 in the darkness, but now,
as had been prophesied,
 there was a change coming. 
“After hurtling blindly through history, 
mankind has reached a
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
The Family of Mankind is now awakening to a new world
      of conscientious common sense capabilities to co-create

The Web We Want – Global TeLeComm’.

“Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective
to see something familiar in a totally new light.” 
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order.
When we know better with divine order via ‘
Geometric Ordered Divinity’,
 we tend to do better with intention and attention in a dimension where
  rules with the golden rule/law language of one .

With all our knowing, the web of vast knowledge power,
either we organize information with wisdom in
-- the heartware interface for Global
TeLeComm --
or we forget who we are in the eternal scheme of soul
evolution, worlds without end, on Earth as is cosmos.

“The only difference between you and God is
that you have forgotten you are divine.” 
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol  

This will accomplish four very important things:

- For a common-universal symbol language interface for culturing social
 conscience in our ubiquitous social networks via

  - For wholEness and healing in our core social institutions, rebooting the
         Currency of Conscience with update of 5 core Constitutional freedoms;

- For up-wising and up-rising as the United Sovereigns of Earth, utilizing
          interactive mass-to-mass 
TeLeComm as shapes major ‘MegaTrends’ of,
      by and for more social 
Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks. 

          - For global holistic healing with free on-line TeLeCare - Universal Self Care -
          as will demonstrate which healing modalities and protocols work best for
      each one's unique metabolic type and current holistic wellness profile.

Realize (real eyes) that the Internet is the installed and
operational tool whereby we can culture Net reality of
a more enlightened 'Universal Sovereignty' nature:
Effective Sensory Perception.
(BEYOND technology as we know it)

'Cosmic Keyhole-Capstone' Crop Circle

May you freely discover the 'cosmic key' to your own
wholEness -- the 'Circle of WholEness' -- as the
CAPstone" (Creative Ascent Process)
at the apex of your personal
pyramid of "


The Creative Ascent Process

Creative ascension is a process for involving and evolving our
universal co-creation,  global sovereignty, personal freedom,
   connection with the divine, worldwide love and unprecedented
  opportunity to create the wwweb of Conscience that we want.

·      The future is what we make it;
Co-creating a new Net reality;
Global TeLeComm standard.

  The sense of separation from a G.O.D. of
   is the cause of the suffering sinner syndrome that
  is “
Stuck In Negativity” (SIN) behind devolution of
spirit that matters for our conscious evolution.

    Blessed is the civilization that gets its act together,
uniting for the purpose of greater .

“The human adventure has become the cutting edge of cosmic destiny...
Our minds will unite like the fragments of a 
~ Terence McKenna at: 'Timewave Zero'

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

.· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ There are miracles left for you to do ... -:¦:- -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* It all begins inside of you.

  All Ways ... Always,
~ Christos