Five Archetypal TLC Principles and Processes
at the Heart of Global

Continued from Part One

  G.O.D.~ Source has methods.
The order of the universe is indeed
 written in our inward parts and thus
holographically represented in our
 eyes (iridology), feet (reflexology),
and the acupuncture coordinates
in our faces, ears and body, plus
energy field in the brain holodeck.

The laws of universe are thus truly
  holographic with holistic integration
  in all manifestations of form through
  frequency of the Spirit that matters.

      - inear, eft-brain etter of the aw
     - Non-linear Spherical Spirit of the Law
  - + Synergy in the Trinity of the Law
          - WholEness Movement to 5-D

    Pure geometry thus frames the 1st principles of
  universal law language for global "TeLeComm"
TeLeCommunication) at the heartware heart of
    social conscience in our global social networks.

  Culturing five TLC gifts for global
Enlightenment & Power Shift
 with Light Language at the heart
 of interactive mass-to-mass TLC

          E-management: TeLeCommunity

         E-mediation: TeLeConscience

  E-medicine: TeLeCare and

     E-marketing: TeLeCommerce

 Four paths to the "Fifth TLC Principle"
 (CAPstone: Creative Ascent Process),
ascending the four sides of the

"pyra-mid" (fire in the middle)
to the CAPstone VISION of
universal law language
for global interactive

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered
~ Teihard de Chardin 

Making Cherished Illusions Obsolete

     It's all in divine order.  The 'illusion' is the problem:)
     It's the ego that sustains the illusion of separation,
     the soul that knows better, and the
divine intention
    that focuses attention with
love's retention for our
collective ascension in a co-Creation dimension
  where universal -
G.O.D.-Source rules.

 Just as we appreciate light within the darkness,
 so do we appreciate the full-spectrum conscience
 that creates the depth of field of enlightenment at
heart of a TLC process that will make it so with
    the vision of virtue and valor for the victory of unity
  in the diversity of the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Now is the time ordained for global conscious evolution
 via Christ-like resurrection in our collective conscience,
rising up as the Family of Mankind in a global village
of instant-everywhere and
interactive TLC as
TeLeComm capabilities for:

 - Management of TeLeCommunity:
as self-governing management for
directing, correcting and perfecting
local and global social network

    Most Americans are either unaware that the United States
 government has been taken over by a new “aristocracy”
 (corporatocracy), or they simply don’t believe it, or they
   feel powerless to do anything about the concentration of
 corporate power that has rigged elections with impunity
since that
infamous day of January 21, 2010 when the
Supreme Court ruled in favor of ‘corporate personhood’.

  See the Thom Hartmann Report on this day of infamy
   regarding the betrayal of Constitutional Government:


  It was the corporatocracy of the English monarchy that went to
  war with the American colony over creation of their own money
  for self determination with their own economy that was thriving.
"The refusal of King George 3rd to allow the colonies to operate 
an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from 
the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the 
   prime cause of the revolution." 
~ Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father
 And now we see the same war on American self determination

   as the international banksters and corporate sycophants assert
  their power to control government through the moneyed power
of, by and for the corporatocracy, NOT for the public at large.
The result of that betrayal is now self-evident
for all global Netizens who have eyes to see:

 More that 16 million views since 11-20-2012

The resolution of that core betrayal is also self evident when
    global hearts and minds unite with enlightened good will for
   the Hermetian Matrix of wholEness and Holistic Healing with:
    - The vision of Heartware for mass-to-mass TeLeComm,
    - The virtue of heart coherence for centering TeLeComm,
  - The valor of self-determination for healing TeLeComm,
 - The victory of self-management via + = 4 in
           towards the CAPstone as the Creative Ascent Process;

in our core social
network communities

 A TLC Upgrade of Core Constitutional Freedoms for
through interactive mass-to-mass
- Freedom of Speech: Originating content as a
Public Right;

  - Freedom of Assembly: E-valuating Content in
the Public Sphere;
- Freedom of Press: Recycling ( + ) for the
Synergy in the Trinity;

- Freedom to Petition: Voting of Conscience
with cyber
thics valuation for
wholness via
'Cultural DNA':
Freedom of Religion:
Net neutrality for well-informed choice
with fearless faith in spirit that matters
And why is religious freedom important
as the CAPstone
  of the four other quintessential freedoms?

  The Prime Directive in a free-will Universe
    is believe what you want but do no harm.
  To help a harmless loving belief system is
     to honor the free will choice of each and all
 to own your own life, learning, health and
     the business of global conscious evolution.
     Without G.O.D. VISION of the "CAPstone"
(Creative Ascent Process),
people perish through devolutionary
     descent in self-destructive dysfunction;
  downward spiral; chaos and tyranny.

      With G.O.D.~ VISION of, by and for
     the highest and best use of our gifts, talents
      and resources, the gift of gifts at the heart of
      all hearts keeps on giving; Spirit that matters;
      Universal Sovereignty for Global Civility.

 Connect the dots folks: the holistic, holographic and whol
  blueprint of a global enlightenment process for resurrecting
    (upgrading) core Constitutional Freedoms at the heart of our
     local and global interactive social networks; a new Net reality.
  A Real-Time Global Enlightenment Reality Show!

 - Media for TeLeConscience,
as self-learning media processes
for involving and evolving our
individual and collective

(Continued HERE in Part C)